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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-09-25, 18:55:32
anonymous from United States  
Is she in your data base?

2009-09-25, 19:23:13
rock,star from United States  
@ anon
about GIFTY - it is total BULLSHIT and a scam
the uncle
the borrowing money from the uncle
the passport
the visa
the pictures
are all a scam to steal your damn money
fuck the Uncle ok - he will be the perpetrator behind the scam / I know bec they had tried to do it to me
GHANA TRUST BANK - in GHANA have the WESTERN UNION offices to collect your money - one of which is in ACCRA / yes that is a very busy little office there indeed...that gifty name is BULLSHIT and synonymous with scammers - you can even go to myspace and browse for friends from 18 to 50 years old and see gifty's all over (what a tragedy) they use this stupid ass uncle story to make you feel threatend or jealous or is an old story and I dont care about the pics the scammers do that - that is their job and it doesnt surprize me they look somewhat like each other - that is there new evolution to combat us - is now to get someone that looks like them / it smells like a stable full of dung right now and a classic scam
you may contact the GHANA embassy closest to you and get them involved but take a number or have your facts totally right / to not waste their time
but the quick advise is DONT GIVE THEM ANY MORE MONEY

its a scam / gotta be


2009-09-25, 20:05:41   (updated: 2009-09-25, 20:06:34)
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States,


2009-09-25, 22:43:04
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
2009-09-25, 18:11:46

How anyone who claims to have been fallowing the Rhoda Naa
thread could come on here and have to ask if Gifty is a scammer
completely amazes me.

I mean really if, You actually read the postings even about Rhoda Naa
You should have discovered some facts that prove Gifty is a well known
fake name used by scammers many times.
Rock Star told, You all, You need to know about Gifty and how the scam works.

I am here to tell, You get off the Internet completely until, You
are no longer a Hazard to, Yourself.
Learn about scams and scammers first otherwise, You will be back here
reporting how, You were scammed.

To begin with You should have learned way before now.
That anyone on line from West Africa at all is a scammer.
There is not one single White or Black, Woman or Man on line
from Ghana, Nigeria, Dakar, Senegal, Benin Republic, Refugee Camp,
Gold Cost, Ivory Coast, All of West Africa that is not a scammer.
If, You keep allowing anyone at all who is from, West Africa
or just has a connection to it for any reason, Your being scammed.
There are no students looking for help at all.
Chasing Down the Stolen photo's and the Fake names all
lead to the very same fact there are 100% Scammers by the thousands
working out of West Africa right now. Its a Factory of Scammers now.
You did not get Lucky, You got a Scammer who feels, He is Lucky.
To have a Gullible guy to scam on the hook.
Thats Right the other Fact, You have ignored on the Rhoda Naa thread.
Nearly 100% of all scammers are in fact Men.
Unless, Your Gay, You should be sick to, Your stomach.
If by some miracle, You connected with a Woman scammer those are not, Her pictures.
Gifty is a fake name used so many times it is common knowledge
with anyone who knows anything about scams at all and You should
have learned that by now if in fact, You were learning.
The He / Shes can fake a Webcam and yes, You may have spoke on
the phone to a Girl but she is part of the scam.
Never tell a scammer about this site.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site.
You have been lied to with every single word and if, You try to confront the
scammer now that, You know the truth. What makes, You think someone
who Tell's lies all day long for a living is going to ever say the truth ?
This is only the beginning even after, You end it with this scammer.
They and, I do mean they have every bit of information, You
foolishly gave up. The very same scammer may come after, You again
using another fake name, another email address the works, More stolen
photo's. Oh that's right, You already mentioned Rhoda Naa.
Well that's what, I'm talking about, You learned nothing and
are in Danger and need to get off the net until, You take the
time to learn whats going on.

Good Luck with that if, You do not listen to Bad Dog or, Me.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

Take a good look at who, You really are talking to when, Your on
line with anybody from or in West Africa. They have the Worlds Best
Customer Service Department. LOL
These scammers are in Nigeria, Same thing happens in the rest of West Africa.
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2009-09-25, 23:25:51   (updated: 2009-09-25, 23:28:10)
rock,star from United States  
good show! !!!
that is why I say erveryone listen to A86 / there is no grey area betwween the black and white - there is no mulling it over - there is no time or space to quesrtion it ...there is just the sraight skinny

thanks for the help to anon with - is she in your data base ?
I know I had seen her and couldnt place her

these poor newbies... damn I can spot a scammer and now smell them a mile away / in this case several thousand miles away with their pics - they always look fake as hell / like models

@anon Rhodaa naa thing - do you know how many uncles I have talked too that had turned out being sugar daddies, pimps, partners, husbands, boyfriends ??? in my lifetime and not just on internet dating - OMG !!! I dont want to give them all a bad name but gee-wiz

well because of these scammers I had fallen in love with a big porn star / I just didnt know it - imagine how bad it felt seeing the woman I love in the throws of passion for the whole world to also see / and I had to pay for the scam - those scamming shitheads --- they are the lowest scum on the earth - not the porn stars but the scammers using their pics - a bunch of crack heads or something - twisted pieces of rat filth

I reserve right to privacy and not comment about porn stars bec this is about scammers - not a moral debate other than scammers are bull shit artists

Dont be involved with a monkeys Uncle - because I have been before ... or should I say dont the monkey of the Uncle

2009-09-26, 02:19:25   (updated: 2009-09-26, 02:28:30)
wanwan from Japan  
@all boys

Please see this picture below.
I posted this stuff on Delphi.
It has no '' political meanings ''.
So never get angry with this picture.
This picture doesn't mean political meanings on Delphi.
When I googled on internet,then I found this photo.
When I found this,I fell into love with this photo.
'' I love it ''.My intention(this photo)is toward only our lovely scammers.
'' Bring me on ! ''She is a scam buster & one of my friends.
Please don't take things too seriously.

And our BadDog has put an only American Joke on here.
It is just only a joke.
So if you read his post and take it as serious,,,,,
please don't get angry !!
It is a joke and his american humor.

It is an only joke,,,,,.

it is 16:15pm ,9/26 in Japan time zone,,,,,,,,

All boys !
I hope you had a nice weekend there in your hometown.
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2009-09-26, 04:25:04
anonymous from United States  
hey guys thanks for this great site --i was very suspicious of this girl she goes by the name of lovia grace also and live messenger been trying to get me to pay for her visa passport medical check up etc lives in accra or 45 minutes west ---bullshit---- found her on badoo site said she was from malta portugal well i found out there is no place there than she said she meant malta ---the country malta but she moved to ghana after her father died. I also asked her [not to insult anyone but was there alot of white girls with out a tan in ghana? It is very hot there but ofcourse she had all the answers and said yes now she justmoved her picture in badoo to bombay india no more in portugal or malta she has send me all kind of pictures nude school pictures. Thank you for telling me to google her as lia 19 ---well all the pictures there are the one that the scum bag has been sending me. Hope you burn in hell at least you did not get nothing out of me. But this will help others will also contact badoo mangement nd tell them of this scam. Boy i was always wondering where she got the money for those pictures and cloths? Asked her few times and she said when her father was alive they were rich and traveled---ha ha great story. The scam bag also des not write english very well it almost sounds like someone i russia. So good luck guys stay aware i'll be having my fun with this one later on. Lovia grace scumbag low life for playing with peoples feelings.
2009-09-26, 20:37:17   (updated: 2009-09-26, 20:44:09)
rock,star from United States  
scammers are people who feed on your hopes only to keep destroying it...all for the love of money and greed. who act like they love you and you can trust them only to keep destroying you and your true core of love and trust / hope...they attack you in the lowest forms of indecency. One hating his fellow man / brother or sister, They are filth, schemers, disgustingly wicked ass people who deplore you and anything good you have. They think they deserve something for nothing bec the world has been cruel to them. They take no responsibility for their actions. Only the want to hurt and cheat, hustle you so more. And they do this even on Sundays. Then using words like Jesus and love and faith in their vocabulary. They are empty words to them. But it will catch up to them some day - you may not see it but it does. I am a christian and I am taught not to hate anyone but their evil pull is so much that it constantly makes you want to hate. It is a constant battle personally for me. Because they are just rotten and evil to the core. Each time you believe them and they screw you / you sink into a deeper level. Like a chain reaction of hurt - it just keeps coming and coming. Dont believe anything they say and really the best thing to do when you have the flags or warnings of these scammers is just dont question it - run the hell away from it knowing you will be way better off in the future for it. They try to bring smiles to your face only to keep changing them to tears of frustration and hurt, dissappointment. THey are sick bastards. They cause descenion even amongst the best of friends and confusion everywhere they go

anyways / I need to take a break for a while ...


2009-09-27, 00:26:02   (updated: 2009-09-27, 00:28:00)
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
From Page # 211

Wanwan and others I think the picture is funny nothing more nothing less.

By the way the hat is Blue not Grey, Its a Union Soldier not Confederate.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-09-27, 13:00:28
DOC from United States  
From: james10
Date: 2009-09-26 10:22:06

Hi dearest one, Compliment of the day

My name is Miss Augustina James, a young girl from Abidjan in Ivory Coast. I know that
you may be surprise while I send you this mail, because I have been in hell since the
death of my parents and what my eyes have seen through my wicked uncle made me
to fear any one I come across and i even questioning my existence on earth, please
consider my situation and help transfer my inherited money to your country. I am the
only surviving child to late Mr/Mrs James Kone. My parents were famous farmers
specialised in cocoa and gold business when they were alive. Before the death of my
father in a private hospital when i came back from Ghana where am schooling, he
called me and told me about the sum of six million three hundred thousand US dollars
($6.3 million) he left in a fixed account in a bank here in my country, It was the money
he intended to transfer overseas for foreign investment before he was poisoned. I have
been severely attacked by unknown gun men in the formal hotel where i been hiding,
right now two young girl had been killed by this assassins in that hotel as a mistaken of
identity. You will invest the money in any business you know well in your country, I am
willing to offer you 20% of the total money as a reward for your assistance in the
transfer and we shall discuses your percents in any profits of the investments.
Thanks Yours, Augustina.
Please I want you to contact me
at ausjames_45@yahoo.c

2009-09-27, 16:34:19
anonymous from United States  
that posting anon made above this about miss augustina james is beautiful ... meaning a beautiful thing to post in how a scammer works. what a scamming piece of crap they are:
famous farmers (hince all the money)
cocoa and gold ( a look on google can tell you what is big in west africa in the econmy)
dead parents - you cant trace
wicked uncle
(now the story is changing by the scammers from kindly uncles to wicked uncles)
private hospital one cant trace
came back to ghana
assasins in a hotel so she cant communicate but can email someone?

they really covered their bases didnt they / supposed nigerian scammers but Im not sure this could actually originate from USA / UK / Germany / Russia / Nigeria / Ghana itself hell who really knows...

but what we do know is this scammer is a lying piece of shit -
that is what we do know

2009-09-27, 20:32:00
OJAS from United States  
Thanks DOC 2009-09-27, 13:00:28
@Newbies, In the email address, the domain br is Brazil http://www.delphifa..1313.shtml
2009-09-27, 23:39:42
anonymous from United States  
Hello everyone & thanx Doc for id that photo for me. I want every one on this site to believe everything that dog,doc,86,ojas & all the other vets tell u. I has 'played' foolishly with a scammer last year (1st) & learned alot. This year, wise as I may be I got caught agian with 1 that did not go according to scammers protocol. My thing is alittle different from the other guys in the sence that i want scammers in jail or else. Follow these guys advise. Best yet,if they is not in your city u do not want to talk with them. Point is if u can not get love where u live what makes u thinku have it on another continent sight unseen. No matter what, as the BIG BROTHERS been saying, do not communicate. Shut down immediately.Do not thinku will have entertainment. We call scammers done,but really who is the dumb 1. I amnot being crueljust trying to hit home with u. Remember I got burned 2x. Thought I knew 1st. What u learn here is not EVEN the icing on cake. it is danger. Big Brothers to know who I am, I am 1 who intentionalput my address on here because I want these sob to contact meso I can put them away. These are organized criminals not individuals& the majority u chat with R gay guys. women (usually 18 year olds for $10 to talk with u on phone for 3 minutes. Be fooled nomore.dealwith in ur city only & still be aware. My issue now is the legal system/govt who does nothing but collect data. U give them physical address etc & they do not arrest. Embassy/police/ lawyers do not care. Thank-you & put ur love & trust in God. Vegas,Ghana,Russian women Nadda ! By the way my brothers,any assist with legal/embassy.
2009-09-27, 23:49:04
anonymous from United States  
By the way,for the 2nd case I am working on is the 1 that did not follow protocol. I willlater this weeksend ip address,names& ph# they used sou can be aware. This will include fake lawyers, custom agents etc. What i will say is that they specialized in using Yuliana & her son stolen pics & video. gay guys & 2 women are main characters. This 1 has a danger rating of 35. She has been knew thru the system as AVOID ASAP, HIGHLY DANGEROUS. They will invite u to a 1 way trip to Accra. Now u know me. Diamondeel
2009-09-28, 06:02:14
anonymous from China  
to anonymous who wants send money trought WU to pick her/him:
I reported about one month ago from Audrey Parker Dankwa, I have been scammed for about 25.000 Eur, and I´m from Germany. I had the same idea as you, but I didnt send money to catch her/him, I sendet a parcel for picking up. At the same time I tought to contact a guy who works on Accra radio and talks about the bad things in Ghana, he gave me a promise to help me catch that scammers. At the end he told me he was able to catch the scammer with four police mans and asked me what I want to do with this guys, I told him I want to get back my money and for the rest is the police there and the law, he got back 3.500 cedis and the guys are around again, 2.000 cedis he needet for him and the police and 1.500 I got back. I was not happy about this and wrote a letter to the Ghana Jurnal, the man was interested in this case and promised to help me get the money back, I got some informations from him, for exempel that the scammer works with police together, and that I had informations that the scammers bought two cars with the money. After one week I got a mail from the man the guys soldet the cars and they dosnt have any money, and I have to pay 3.000 cedis for the lawyer and the police if I want this scammer in prison. Is this thrue or is this a new trial of scam??? Is any one here who has the same experience? Now I want contact the Ghana Embassy in Germany and the German Embassy in Accra and inform them about this PLAY and in the same time want write a report to the BNI in Ghana.
Is any one here who can give me a info what to do?
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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