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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-10-27, 12:35:23
Clark from Germany  
2009-10-26, 22:58:34 (updated: 2009-10-26, 23:29:06)

Please listen to Agent 86.
I was scammed very hard too. I know your anger and everything about lost something. Money, feelings are freezed and desperately. I lost friends and also the respect of some of members of my family. I know best how do you feel!!!!!
But in the end of all you must cool down now and please post the header of this Scammer. Here are specialists to explain you, how you can get the full header of your received mails of this scammer. It would to be very helpful also for you to have the knowledge, that your scammer was 99,9999999% a man. Ip addresses are posted here many times. Friends here are willing to help you, to find out what for scammer it was who was scamming you. I think everybody here on Delphi understand your feelings now.
And believe and listen to Maxwell...!!!!!
99,9999999999% of africans scams their are men´s behind, they working in good organisated gangs. The lady on your posted pic ( i bet my ass ) is 100% innocent and has not the knowledge that her´s pic is used by such criminals.
If you would see the reallity of Ghana than you would see that Ladys with onour of this country never contacting men´s to ask for money. Most of african ladys are not having the property of an computer. This scams are coming from cybercafes. In Accra the cybercafes are full of 99.999% of men´s where it is a sport to scam innocent peoples worldwide. By the way!!!!!!

I know some ghanaians. And it is not so much difficult to getting a visa and documents for travelling out of this country. And NOT so much expensive too. A passport overthere is only about 10 dollar. That´s about 7 euro in my country.

At all be careful to chat with westafricanic countries likes Ghana; Nigeria Ivory Coast Benin and the rest of this Part of Africa. A computer is a weapon for men´s in this countries against us White people, whiles they are thinking we are earn our money here on tree´s likes an appletree. They are lazy persons.

2009-10-27, 12:55:59
Clark from Germany  
2009-10-26, 22:58:34 (updated: 2009-10-26, 23:29:06)
@anonymus again!

I am alert now because ir read your comment again....Please post the header here. The name MENSAH is often used by scammers. But i feel a smell of low life scammer shit of one scammer group. These are a name, often used as surname of this group of low life assholes. If i am right than you was scammed by very scruples scammers. I was alert also when you wrote about Christian and going to Church.
Very common to my story
Try to send the header please!
I am sorry that you was being scammed likes me

Kind regards Clark Kent
2009-10-27, 15:26:24
anonymous from United States  
Good job anonymous 2009-10-26,20:34:35; that is good & accurate info.,my brother.As for u clark,u is my brother & not just in this fight against scammers. Take it u had a bad night. Besides Mr.Mummuni they use name of Varmas at Amsterdam customs. All fictitios characters,even the ph# in Amsterdam is bogus. They manipulate ph# so u call netherlands but the 'agent ' u talk to is actually in Ghana. Telecom univ.,is main but not only place they learn the technology. As long as we work together,we shall crush this organization. Like wise,as u touched upon,all calls are not from Ghana. They originate in USA,UK & Africa. Headquartes is Africa. They are blacks, philippinos & whites ( usually met as classmates & teachers in their recruitment). Thanks for WU location.I needed that info.,as well as info., requested 2009-10-20, 02:54:59(pg 218). Thanks team & my brother Clark !
2009-10-27, 19:42:10
follow up to the nura rahman scam
i appreciate all of your assistance and support / yes i am in a very bad way but I am resolved to see this through. I have my own means of doing things too
the originating IP address = which shows sunnyvale california and I think that is a public domain computer from internet cafe or they changed it somehow from that GHANA TELECOM UNIVERSITY in fact I am almost certain they did because the last IP address on the header showed it to be a known proxy server @ which put it out way in western GHANA / Ill post the email header tomorrow because I am very depressed and dont want to look at it any more today. these are clever bastards from that school in fact I am relatively certain this is where it is coming from / anyways ... please below the picture sent by her associate ALBERTA MENSAH (a man pretending to be a woman) / and in the beginning they were both yahoo messengering me. All of this started from afroromance dating sight. I know also somehow they have a connection in this because they have been in trouble before I had heard for scamming
Peace my brothers, I cant deal wirth this anymore tonight.
2009-10-27, 19:48:31   (updated: 2009-10-27, 19:50:57)
I tried to send the pic of ALBERTA MENSAH but for some reason it just wont go thru ... I'll try again tomorrow or the next. Also I do have family who really are in the FBI and they are getting help for me.

2009-10-27, 20:06:54
anonymous from Malaysia  

2009-10-27, 20:11:35
anonymous from Malaysia  

2009-10-28, 00:05:07 from Loveland, United States  
i talk to her for a while she or he is wainting for the money till friday i ask her where to send the money she told me this
she dont even know who she is talking to because i talk to her several times

2009-10-28, 18:37:25
Vinny428 from United States  
I was approached by a girl with the email Her name she said is Mariama Wood She lives in Ghana. She says her husband died when she lived in California and is a registered nurse. She moved back to Gahna after her husband died. she has a 4 year old son and she really wants a christian man to raise her son. I have emailed a few times and she loves me. Now I got on yahoo instant messenger and the first night talking she ask me to get ghan airtime card so she could call me. I tried to do it and pay pal rejected it and completely refunded each transaction. LUCKY ME! She keeps asking for credit card I said no I would get my own card and call her. all the sudden she had to go talk to her uncle. Let me know if anyone has ever seen her or heard the name. I want to know what the deal is. There is so much more to say about this and maybe I will say more later. I hate when women use Christianity to scam with you

2009-10-29, 00:33:29
anonymous from United States  
Keep heart my brother. Yes they is smart,seelfish, greedy,& bloodless, but their downfallis arrogance & gteed.That is how they will go down.
2009-10-29, 03:44:29
anonymous from United States  
tantie_nina @ isp address on 28 oct.09
2009-10-29, 05:40:34   (updated: 2009-10-29, 05:43:04)
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2009-10-28, 18:37:25 Vinny428 from United States

Hello straight up front Your being scammed and have lost moneyalready that You have no way of ever getting back.To begin with there is not one single person Black or White,Woman or Man on line from West Africa at all that's not a scammer.Secondly Nearly 100% of the scams are done by men.You were scammed by a man.Julie the Porn Star is who's pictures You have.They are one of the most common used by She has nothing at all to do with the scam.She is a victim of theft. Scammers can fake a Webcam appearance, they have Girlfriendstalk on the phone.But the real scammer is the Uncle in Your story and He most likely is not related at all He's a Young Black guy.The 4 year old boy is nearly 10 now, Julies real boy.Not one single word You were told is true.Scammers use fake names and change them often.So good Luck trying to find a Fake name.Let Me know how that works out for You.I am not wasting my time chasing a name that is fake.Post the header from any e mail You got and that can be traced back to the source. But in this case You already know its out of Accra, Ghana.Again its a scam and there is not one chance in a Billion its not.Never tell the scammer about this site. Never !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Never post any of Your personal information on this site.If You foolishly confront the scammer with the truth.First off scammers never stop lying no matter what is said to themand they already have a story ready for You if You confront them.In this case the scammer would tell, You those photo's are of Her the He /She and they have been stolen from them but they are the real person.A complete lie and it will just keep going as long as You believe the lies.Then like with, Me I was sent different pictures saying sorry for fooling Youhere are my real pictures. It wasn't until after, I found out the second set was stolen also before I learned the hard way I was being scammed.I ignored warnings from Friends just like the one, I am writing You now.That cost me more than money and I am still struggling.You can believe, Me now or I Guarantee You will be very sorry You didn't.Scammers use Fake names, They have many e mail addresses andPhone numbers. If You block them they just use another e mail addressand contact You anyway. Plus they never stop.Just because You may end this episode be ready to be contacted again. it may even be the very same scammer using yet another fake name and everything. You are only at the beginning of Your nightmare.Scammers collect information from their victims. Your photo's can be used to scam someone else. Plus any account information can be used.My scammer opened up new listings on dating sites with justMy e mail address. You can wait until You find matching information that never happenedfor me yet.So You see please learn that out of West Africa is a factory of scammers.There are thousands working every day 24 / 7 / 365I hope You end it now and please stop believing the manipulationthat has been used on You.You are connected with a man and there's nothing sicker thantalking Love and Sex with a guy.Your not the first and You are from being the last to fall for thisvery scam.Scammer use Religion all the time and God Himself they will tellany lie and use Children anything it takes to get You to send money.Rule number on the Internet that You missed.Never no matter what You do ever send money to anyoneYou do not know. People You meet on the Internet are not who You know.Someone You just met that looks like that and suddenly falls for You. LOLUnless that has happened all Your life what makes You think any Girlthat looks like that would have any need to ask on line for anything ?Its just common sense that You threw out the window for a good lookingset of stolen photo's.Julie the Porn Star has enough money and lives in Florida that shecould buy Ghana the entire country. What need does she have to scam.Please save Yourself now.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2009-10-29, 18:02:49   (updated: 2009-10-29, 18:05:57)
here is a pic of a new scammer picture I have seen her on different dating sites and she is copying the logging house / originl michelle lim (tucker) nkansah falahat theme. Gee funny thing she started out in Indianapolis then suddenly within a day lives in GHANA - the tramp (the person using the pic) but this one gets passionate and I know it must be a she somewhere in it - bec i said in a dating site profile pls dont just only send a flirt and she sent about 10 flirts to me one day to the next to the next, etc. and never responded to my messages to her, it showed she was pissed off at me for getting the fuck away from her. so now that tells you, typical of alot of african people (nigerians in particular) they are control freaks / actually some are just a bit fucking insane - she sure is and if they are control freaks then they can be controlled too which means there is someone controlling them / a man you know. the ugly ass monkey uncle who is really their boyfriend, husband or some shit. I just dont see how these people say they go to church and do such evil, they are purely the work of the devil / without getting religious here. but by following the story line and then how they must then follow you - they are clever and know how to work computers / aka GHANA TELECOM university where they become computer experts. Beware this one she is also i think on a proxy server. then if you know my story she is also using the alberta mensah pics i cant seem to uphold onto here...this is a GHANA TELECOM UNIVERSITY SCAMMER - must be

2009-10-30, 03:08:28
anonymous from Malaysia  

2009-10-31, 07:44:54
anonymous from Norway  
wacth out for this one she calls here self monica taylor and from usa,but living in ghana and she uses thise yahoo mails that i know off:

and she uses pictures off raven riley
and user mane on adultfriendfiner is: pentsuah
and says she is from drammen norway.
there was a swede that alsaw have been in contact whit here in here and must say thanx to him :-)

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