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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2010-02-26, 16:46:32   (updated: 2010-02-26, 16:48:51)
OJAS from United States  
2010-02-26, 21:55:59
Scambay Terr

First my Nasty Love cheats on me, now my Irina! Can't a man find a couple of faithful gorgeous Russian supermodels on datemefree anymore? It's getting so you just can't trust a girl who says she loves you after 2 emails.
2010-02-27, 13:16:15
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Scambay!

That is exactly what was in the broken link video.
You beat me to
I planned for the weekend, Congrats!
2010-02-27, 22:25:15
Scambay Terr  
Didn't notice the video links beside the article before. They don't seem to be working for me - looks as though they've been removed.
2010-02-28, 16:43:51
anonymous from United States  
Hello any body know this women; she claimed to be in Accra Ghana her mail address is and goes by the name Esther Pokua. See picture
2010-02-28, 16:43:57
anonymous from United States  
Hello any body know this women; she claimed to be in Accra Ghana her mail address is and goes by the name Esther Pokua. See picture

2010-03-01, 13:07:01   (updated: 2010-03-01, 13:14:56)
anonymous from Netherlands  
Ok, i have another one on my tail from Ghana. Goes by the name of Mercy - Refused to send me some pictures as she found out i was kinda hard to play with. Claims to be from Koforidua, born in South Africa. A white girl of course, but speaks shitty English. I know for sure i've seen 'her' pic before here but really don't feel like going through the 253 pages again. 'She' asked me to send her a picture of me so this is what i've sent her. Lol. Also told her that 'her'name better wasn't Kwame, otherwise my advice to 'Her' was to don't drop the soap. So be aware. Regards my fellow warriors.

2010-03-02, 03:59:15   (updated: 2010-03-02, 04:20:03)
Scambay Terr  

Still can't track down the CBC video, but found the same story from the French CBC:
Scroll down to 'Fiancée russe'

My Irina really gets around. And she's mad at me for asking about milfy Auntie Lena.
Oh well, off to the airport.

This image was also posted here:
Humorous ideas how to deal with Russian dating scammers

2010-03-02, 04:08:05   (updated: 2010-03-02, 04:49:20)
Clark Kent  
@Shaft--2010-01-31, 07:41:35
Thanks my friend.
It was a bit helpfull for me. It seems that this scammer has a good tool for hidden the IP address. The analyze says only that this scam comes from California only. But i has had a discuss here with Gilligan and he told that scammers operating worldwide and that they have relatives worldwide. Afro-American scams are this kind of scams!!! I think that your incoming emails are sent from Africa to US and than they sending it to you. They using such a way because they thinking that the victim has not knowledges about IP`s, likes me before i was scammed. Thanks to all Delphians for the lessions about IP`s. I read something about students from the University of Accra, that there are persons scamming in groups, too!!Because some of this scammer are very kind and also sophisticated. But at all this person has knowledge because of Ghana! And the IP is only in US to find!Or they using a stealth tool to hide the IP. In my scams the incomings of MSN hotmails was only coming from US. The Yahoo emails was from Ghana, Benin and SPAIN! I was scammed from 3 Continents and 5 Countries from my special scammer. In the end of this, was that swedish hackers broken in the Computer of this scammer. The scammer organisiation used so much Identities that a harddisk drive from 500 Gigabyte you could filling with! We all know that scammers using thousands of addresses. This scammer organisation is still active, i know it! The right instances must working better together worldwide to crush the organisations behind this scams.
But it is not easy to do that for the instances, because we know that the politics from scammer countries are sleeping, lazy and they are all corrupt in this Scammer Countries.
But i am very grateful for your efforts. Here the Delphians needs each other for crushing the nuts from this pussyasses called scammers!
@Wan Wan - 2010-02-26, 16:46:32
Hahaha...What a nice lady. Please give me the email address.
I am sorry i wasn´t for a while!
I had to do in privacy...smiles! Bom dia amigo
2010-03-02, 09:46:00
anonymous from United Kingdom  
this girl is useing raven rilly pic her name abigail ann 3 and her email address is abigail ann

2010-03-02, 10:32:58
OJAS from United States  
Another broken-link
At least not as bad as a broken-heart when Irina cheats ;)

Thanks for the special sign you made for the Trudeau International! :-D))

2010-03-02, 12:38:40
OJAS from United States  
@UK 2010-03-02, 09:46:00, (previous page) update Raven Riley Thread http://www.delphifa..=30#137245
2010-03-02, 21:18:55
Scambay Terr  

Is there an international conspiracy to erase that video? I have a Canadian friend looking into it.
2010-03-02, 23:07:13
anonymous from United States  

2010-03-02, 23:08:44
anonymous from United States  

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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