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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2009-02-18, 16:23:06
Steve_dux from Australia  
99.99% of anything coming from any West African country is a scam. It's not just a cottage industry there. A few years age scamming beat even the revenue form their oil exports in Nigeria in that year.

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2009-02-18, 17:07:11   (updated: 2009-02-18, 17:09:22)
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ anonymous from United States 2009-02-18, 16:19:50

For your own sake you'd better stop or you will be drawn into the scam and the police will be calling on you. Remember ignorants in no excuse for not knowing the law.

The scams that are coming from a number of West African countries are varied, but they have the same result, you lose money and some dignity.

Her promises are as empty as your wallet will be!

You already have that little voice inside you telling you the truth! 'i am haveing my doubts'
2009-02-19, 00:28:18
anonymous from Canada  
If its from Ghana its most likely a scam ..Dont trust them..It takes weeks for a cheque to clear a bank..They will have the money and you will be in shit..Dont trust anybody from Ghana..
2009-02-19, 05:40:48
anonymous from United States  
Let me chime in here. First off, the check you have in your posession is counterfeit. You have already discovered that the first one was, and the second is no different. Also, if you continue trying to cash these counterfeits, the law will NOT be kind to you. You can and very possibly will be arrested for it. Ignorance is not an excuse. Simply having it in your posession is a crime so here's what you need to do.
Put it back in it's original envelope, then put it in another envelope and write 'FRAUD' across the seal. Take it to your local postmaster and hand deliver it straight to them. Do not give it to a teller. Hand it directly to the postmaster, explain that you are a victim of mail fraud and get a receipt. It doesn't matter if it came to you in the mail or by Fedex, DHL, etc. The postmaster is responsible for all mail fraud, regardless of the carrier. You need to do this to protect your own freedom, as you have already attempted to cash one fraudulent check. By continueing to do this, you will be seen as an accomplice and not an innocent victim.
Now, some facts. You are not speaking to a woman. You are communicating with a male scammer, somewhere in Ghana. When you are on the phone with a woman, it is a girlfriend, wife, cousin or even someone they hired off the street to do their bidding. The truth is that the average Ghanian does not have the money to be sitting on the internet, looking for love, and the women there are NOT the ones behind the emails. You need to stop communicating with her/him immediately or he/she will bleed you dry. The pictures you have are either lifted off a modeling agency or are that of a prior victim. The name is fake, the story is made up and the pics are stolen. Get rid of the criminal NOW or you could face much worse things than the hearbreak you are already facing.
2009-02-19, 10:06:20   (updated: 2009-02-19, 10:19:13)
anonymous from United States  
How many times must you be told not to send money before you get it? DO NOT SEND MONEY! DO NOT SEND MONEY! DO NOT SEND MONEY! It doesn't matter what the story is, what the circumstances are, what the situation is, DO NOT SEND MONEY! The pic can be all that you have been dreaming of, the profile can be perfect, the timing of you meeting your potential spouse could be so perfect that it could only be an act of The Great God above intervening divinely, DO NOT SEND MONEY! Ask yourself whether your relationship with the pic you see would exist if it were not for the need for someone in the relationship to have some money. If you delete the money from the equation, what would be left? I will venture to say that there would be nothing, and I am 100% positive of that. If you want a real relationship with someone that you have met on-line, you will have to travel to see the person for yourself, and that will have to be the real first order of business. DO NOT SEND MONEY BEFORE YOU DO THAT!!! You will then have to spend some time with that person, and prove it with plenty of pics, and intermingling with the family and friends of your interest. That will include SPENDING MONEY everywhere you go, and SPENDING for everything that you do. Make sure that you bring PLENTY OF MONEY to SPEND, for that will be the time when you will need it. If that person needs money, you will have to hand deliver the money to that person, then see that your money is spent in the intended fashion. Anything short of the listed recommendation will result in fraud, and scam. You will also have to invest yourself in learning about the culture and surroundings of the person that you are interested in. All of that takes real time, but it is nothing compared to the desired results, so investing in that fashion is no real debt. When you learn about the culture, you will see that any self respecting person will not ask for MONEY so boldly! You will see genuine embarrassment if the subject of MONEY is ever hinted about. Look into the GDP of the country that your beloved is from, and look into what the average income is for a person. Compare that to what the person is asking for. Odds are that when you send MONEY, you will usually finance your beloved for years. $100 may cover expenses for a month. $100 is the income of a skilled person with some kind of training. Lap tops, PC's Digital cameras are luxury items for the rich. There is a great expanse between the rich and the average person in most countries that are known for scam games. There is just so much to cover, that I cannot touch all bases, but I will leave you, dear reader, with this bottom line; DO NOT SEND MONEY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!!
2009-02-19, 13:55:27
anonymous from United States  
Anonymous from US
For the Love of God and Your Sanity stop being scammed.
You very well could be hooked up with the same person, I was.
I never accepted the check ploy. I was given some poor person's credit card info
after refusing the check's. Yes the credit card info was stolen.
You are being straight forward lied to your face about everything.
The pictures are stolen the names are all made up the only thing that is real is
your being made a fool. I lost $1500.00 USD and, I'm homeless.
But if you want you can continue and really get your ass kicked for all your trouble.
You should be mad and ready to rip the scum's head off at this point.
You owe them nothing but contempt.
Why are you allowing yourself to trust someone you never met ?
They have woman that can come on the cam for you but, I bet you anything she is
not who you are talking with the rest of the time. Its guys and they will tell you any lie
to keep you hooked. I confronted mine over the stolen pictures only to be sent new
photo's of who, I was told was the true person. Wrong !!!!!!! More stolen pictures.
Just remember they don't give a damn about you and don't care if you live or die or
commit suicide. They are cold blooded thieves. Do what the other American said and turn
any check's over to the Post Master. After being scammed and being a victim why should
you end up holding the bag and get in trouble. Cut the scammer off just as cold hearted
as your being treated. Its your life and its up to you. Who you going to believe ?
I have nothing to gain by trying to help you. You on the other hand are losing money
already and just maybe your freedom. Find someone in your home town.
There are no woman in Ghana that can be trusted. If there are, I have never seen
one yet. The real woman there don't need to be on line. Scammers are all that are
on line. Kind Regards \\'^o^'//
2009-02-19, 17:30:37
yes i know NANA SERWAA BOATENG i got pic's from her but she got nothing from me
2009-02-19, 17:32:09
yes i know NANA SERWAA BOATENG i got pic's from her but she got nothing from me

2009-02-19, 17:34:19
2009-02-19, 18:53:03
2009-02-20, 12:22:28
Nana from Accra, Ghana? Beautiful! akwaalove@yahoo. Anyone heard of her? Claims to have been married to a Ghana minister. Also says she has the Christian name of Jennifer. Is she for real?
2009-02-20, 13:52:50
anonymous from United States  
Met a lady from accra,ghana. She says she loves me wants to be my wife. She goes by the name of jen seward but she has told me she also goes by the name of melissa roy. Her email address is Avoids this woman.. she is the one and the same as this rhonda naa. She will ask for money avoid this woman.

2009-02-20, 14:21:45
anonymous from United States  

The person that has Melissa Roy's pictures is also trying to scam me and has emails true1251, good1087 and first she said her name was Mary Baah then she said she was using her mum's name and hers is Joyce Fordjord and that her dead father is due monies from some man named Kevin and all she needs is my acct.# so he can put it in there and she can come here and marry me. I might have been born at night but not last night, lol.
Just keep them busy til they get tired of you and have fun with them but don't give them a red cent.
2009-02-23, 10:02:22   (updated: 2009-02-23, 10:11:18)
She calls her self floence danso from Accra. Ghana. And I just got another picture froma different person who calls themself Mary but found photo is of porn star Meliss midwest. they used the same account but I guess they forgot one spoke to me a few months ago. the story is her father past away and she sells fruit/vegatables with her 'MUM' who is now sick and in the hospital and she needs money to help pay the bill and buy medicine.

2009-02-23, 10:12:34
Here is another so call photo of florence danso from Accra, ghana

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