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Dating scammer Angelica Semenova from Cheboksary, Russia


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Name: Angelica Semenova
City: Cheboksary, Russia

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2012-12-30, 20:41:22
anonymous from United States  
How could i have been so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2012-12-31, 01:14:15
anonymous from United States  
2012-12-31, 01:14:17
anonymous from United States  
2012-12-31, 09:39:40
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States
How could i have been so stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry you were scammed!
Don't be so hard on yourself, everybody makes mistakes, we just have to learn from them.
Your doing the right thing reporting this scammer, posting all the info you got from ''her'' can save another guy from making the same mistake you made.
2013-01-01, 02:59:09
anonymous from United States  
My Mariya Sofronova Is saying sheis not natallya or Angelica semenova??? I don't know they look alot alike??? I wish it were True???

2013-01-01, 09:28:20
DOC from United States  
anonymous from United States,

Stop any contact with and block this scammer now! Of course when you confront the scammer they will deny the proof, and never stop trying to convince you she is real!
2013-01-01, 22:14:17
anonymous from United States  
My Beautiful Mariya What a shame!!!!!!!
2013-01-29, 07:41:32
anonymous from United States  
From: Lynne Rice <>
Received: from [] by via HTTP
Lagos, Nigeria

Both are the same who use the photo of Lana Brooke

States that she is from North Carolina and works from home as a Baker who caters weddings and special events. Attempts to get you to send her money so that she can be with you for the weekend. Hookup and have a really good time.

Have completely let this one off the hook just yet. Want to have some more fun with this scammer.

2013-01-29, 08:34:14
anonymous from United States  
Scammer: Mary Lawson
Yahoo IM tag faithjohn100
Received: from [] by via HTTP

Have been playing with this one for a little while now. See Chat log for 1/29/2013

faithjohn100: Hello you t here long time
pacman4u309: My love. . . I have missed you so
faithjohn100: and me too and how you doing ?
pacman4u309: You would believe it. Been here in Minnesota having a great time.
faithjohn100: that good my love and have a great love when am with you
pacman4u309: I knoow you do Faith. You have no idea how much I miss chatting with you.
faithjohn100: i dont but know you miss me honey
pacman4u309: You don't miss me?
pacman4u309: Why? that makes me sooo sad to hear that
faithjohn100: okay my love i really miss you so ba d
pacman4u309: how bad my love?
pacman4u309: I figured you moved on and have forgotten all about me
faithjohn100: Really bad baby
faithjohn100: nope never
pacman4u309: these are the things I Love to hear from the woman that I love
faithjohn100: Really love Reading form you ?
pacman4u309: Well then I will have to send you an email soon
faithjohn100: that good honey
pacman4u309: what do you do when you're not chatting with me my love?
pacman4u309: Tell me I what to know'
faithjohn100: nothing went to work
pacman4u309: and how was work
faithjohn100: cool and good
pacman4u309: what do you there for work
faithjohn100: Am Hair Slylist here in one small Beauty Shop??
pacman4u309: Do you make a good living doing that living over there?
faithjohn100: Nope here is Bored just making atleast 200 per mouth
pacman4u309: Faith. . . . you should come here and make good money.
pacman4u309: If you came here I would make and honest woman out of you.
faithjohn100: Really just that i dont wanna be hurt any more
pacman4u309: You'd be living so much better than you are there.
faithjohn100: yeah i know and i will like to take good proper care of you ?
pacman4u309: OGM that sounds like so much passion and pleasure
faithjohn100: yeah my lovely one ? baby i really need you bad in my life ..just i dont have enough money to come down to you there
pacman4u309: I kow and that is the only thing keeping us from each other
faithjohn100: yeah honey ? and i need your help for that
pacman4u309: How ma I help the woman that loves me
faithjohn100: for the Flight money honey
pacman4u309: Flight money and that's it?
pacman4u309: And how much will it take to get you here
faithjohn100: Is 1;45$.....
pacman4u309: well send me you address and I will send it to you
faithjohn100: okay baby ?
pacman4u309: You are not fooling me are you?
faithjohn100: Nope not baby trust me
pacman4u309: I've sent money before and I have never heard from the woman that told me she loved me.
pacman4u309: She broke my heart and I don't want to be hurt again
faithjohn100: i will never did that to you ?
pacman4u309: How can I believe that? time after time I have sent money and get nothing in return
faithjohn100: My Love here is the Information you need to get the Money Sent to me ....HERE IS GOES
NAME: Mary Lawson
ADDRESS:102 akoka road
ZIP CODE:23401
faithjohn100: baby bellive me i will always be with you tired of been here honey
faithjohn100: baby bellive me
faithjohn100: am here for you my dealing ?
pacman4u309: I know you are ethere, and I am here.
pacman4u309: I long to be held by you Faith. I just don't know if I send you this money if you will come.
faithjohn100: Baby bellive me honey am all yours ? i will never do such ...and i knwo you will not hurt me honey
pacman4u309: I bearly knooow anything about you.
faithjohn100: honey try it ..i will come to you there and nothing will ever change my you know i love you bay
pacman4u309: I don't know the foods you like, the music that interests you, the places and things you enjoy doing.
faithjohn100: honey that will be good if am with you and you know eveything honey
pacman4u309: Your favorite color, flower, song. I know none of these things about you.
faithjohn100: baby i will never hurt you ......have you wrote the Infomation down some where
faithjohn100: So as soon as you get the Money sent to me i will need you to E mail me the Western Union Receipt such as 10digit[MTCN] Number from the western Union and your SENDERS FULL NAME AND ADDRESS TEXT QUESTION AND ANSWER...Hope you get My Information so i will be looking forward to read from you ,,,,,,,,honey Jote My Information down so you will not do any mistakes......I will Stop here and be looking forward to read from you soon and i hope to chat with you soon honey....

faithjohn100: baby you got it honey
pacman4u309: I will copy it all into a word document so that I won't need to write it down
pacman4u309: Are you going now?
faithjohn100: okay my love try me and see my love .....i will never hurt you .....
faithjohn100: Yeah i want to goa nd cock for my mom ?
faithjohn100: Bellive me and have trust in me honey
pacman4u309: Okay
faithjohn100: honey trust you and bellive me
faithjohn100: are you going to send it today...and i will be with you this wekend honey
pacman4u309: I will miss you
faithjohn100: i will miss you too ?
pacman4u309: Yes I will send it today
faithjohn100: okay my love see world call SUPRISE HONEY
honey i have to go and attend to customer.....
faithjohn100: hope to read from you ........'
faithjohn100: love ya a lot .........
pacman4u309: Okay
pacman4u309: bye for now. have a great day my love

This is where it ended for the day. Will be having more fun with this one. She thinks she's getting $145.00 I'm send her $1.45 and it's not going to be Western Union. I'll spend the money on the stamp for his one.

Never in my life would I consider sending money to these people, but I would love to be there when she opens the envelope and finds $1.45. Oh screw it I'll send $2.00 LOL

2013-12-01, 09:37:09
anonymous from Czech Republic  

2014-01-05, 18:43:55
anonymous from Norway  
2014-04-10, 02:08:24
anonymous from United States  
rating is a Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake website, there is No Truth to these girls being real. I’ve located one of the females on the website and asked her if the profile that was on was a Real or Fake account. She replied back and said, “That is not my account, and I have never been on that website”. I attempted to contact questioning them about what I have found and they insisted that they female I was questioning is a Real Female on their website. I mentioned that I found her on a modeling website and was in touch with her and she stated that it is not her account. replied back to me and insisted that they have photos of her receiving flowers and they have a copy of her passport as well. I asked them to send me a few of the pics of this female receiving any of the mysterious flowers and they replied back and told me those pics are privately shared with the individuals who sent the flowers. Following that response, I told that they are Lying to 1000′s of gentleman seeking to marry a female from the Ukraine or Russia. Please do not give a single penny to these lying companies. Here is a sign that they are Not Real: (1) Modeling Pics (2) Online chat-room verses walking around the house (3) Receiving 100′s of letters every week/month from the same girls (4) If you can set up multiple accounts and see the duplicate letters, Copy/Paste style (5) High Price to read/write letters, if it cost more than mailing a standard letter then it is fake . . . please help me shut them all down!!! Here is a perfect example of why these companies are lying to us. makes $140 Million/year from stupid American’s wishing to marry a European bride…. we are dumb for allowing these companies to stay in business when they are 100% fake . . . Help me bring them down, please please please help me stop them from robbing us blind…
2014-04-23, 01:48:13
anonymous from Australia  
kseniya leongardt from cheboksary... has anyone ever come across this alias.

2014-04-23, 04:32:31   (updated: 2014-04-23, 04:34:54)
Your guess is as good a any... There are some 458 scam reports from the city of Cheboksary found, so it must be the scam capital of Russia. Keep your hand on your wallet and your pecker in your pants, it's doubtful you'll get any of this pussy !‎
2014-05-26, 01:37:50
anonymous from Sweden  

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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