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Dating scammer Olga Federova from Kazan, Russia


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Postal address:
Olga fedorova
105 Amirhana Street
Russia 171640

email address:


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2006-10-10, 17:58:00
anonymous from United States  

Hello my dear new friend James! To say the truth I haven’t even expect
that you would write me because I’m for the first time in the internet
and almost don’t know how it is working. But I hope that soon I will
be able to understand it better and write you letters every day if you
want to correspond with me more. As for me I think that we can find
much in common. And what about you, James? I think we can be good
friends. The main thing is to have a very big wish and try to
understand each other. Understanding is very important in the
relationship between the people. I think you can ask me why I have
decided to go to the internet to register on this site of
acquaintance. I will try to tell you the truth from the first letter,
I don’t want us to hide anything from each other because it is also
very important for me to be truth that the person whom I want to get
acquainted with knows me and have the imagination about the person
with whom he corresponds. I hope you understand me, James, and won’t
hide anything from me too. Don’t be afraid, James, I won’t think bad
of you even if you tell me any bad facts from your life because I am
such a person who can understand and share feelings and thoughts of
other people. Ok, James, I will continue to write you the reasons of
my registering on this site. It is a very sad story. I had a boyfriend
here in my town, his name was Roman. We have been studying together at
school in one class and had big love to each other. As for me I loved
him with all my heart and thought that we would be together forever.
We understood each other without words and enjoyed our love every day.
I think you can understand me, James, because in my opinion every
person has felt it even though one time in his life. We were going to
marry after studying at the university and dream about our life
together, about children that we would give a birth but when we both
were 22 years old a very awful tragedy happened to us. We liked going
for a drive on bicycles and one shiny summer day when we were going to
the beach of our river Volga to have sunbathe, we saw a very big cargo
car that raced on us. We didn’t think that it could be dangerous but
the driver of it was very drunk and he misdirected my boyfriend on a
bicycle. I was shocked and unconsciousness. I remembered it vaguely
but a very awful thing for me was that Roman dyed on my hands because
of many traumas he got. It is very very awful to lose the person whom
you love and see how he say goodbye to the life. I remember very well
his eyes at that moment. He wanted to say to me something but he
couldn’t. I cried a lot and thought that it was an awful dream and
when I opened my eyes I would have understood that I simply was
sleeping and my lovely person would be alive. But it was a terrible
reality. I didn’t want to believe in it. I thought of committing
suicide because I don’t want to live alone in this world without the
person I loved. I was used to him and didn’t imagine my life without
him. I still remember this accident. And now when I write you it I cry
because remember it again and don’t want to believe it. This tragedy
will always be in my mind. After that I couldn’t sleep for a big
period of time. I was going to the psychologist and took medicines for
depression that I had that time. I hope you will understand my
sincerity. Now four years later I feel much better, I understood that
I should live in spite of the fact that he is not with me. I saw a
dream one night where Roman said to me that life continued and he
wanted to see me happy and want me to find a man who would be worthy
to share my life with, who would love me not less him and who would
take care of me. When I awoke I thought a lot about it and thought
that maybe he was right and I really should be happy. I think that he
was honest and said it to me with sincerity. But it was difficult for
me to get acquainted with new people because I became unaccustomed to
it. I was so used to Roman and he was not only my boyfriend but also
he was my friend he was everything for me, the person due to whom I
breathe, eat, sleep and live. We had many common friends but almost
all the time we spent together. That’s why I had no a need to have the
best girlfriend. Roman was the man whom I trusted all my secrets,
everything that worried me a lot. I loved him…Now I think a lot about
for what I loved him and can enumerate a lot of his assets but maybe I
loved him not for what he was, I loved him for what I was with him. Do
you understand me, James? I hope I didn’t bore you with my story in
the first letter. But I really need such a person in my life who will
understand me and will share my feelings and thoughts. That’s why I
decided to get acquainted with somebody in the internet because for me
it is more simply than to get acquainted with somebody in person. I
begin to shy and become nervous. That’s why all my thoughts are about
what to say how it to say and the contact become not sincere. But
writing letters through the internet can be more useful for the
persons who want to become closer, we don’t see our eyes and can tell
everything to each other honesty. Am I right, James? I also wanted you
to be honesty with me and to hear your story about why you have
decided to get acquainted with me over internet? As for me I have
chosen you because after reading your profile I understood that we
approach each other. We have some common things in our characters and
to be the truth I simply liked you. I decided to try to write you, who
knows maybe you would write me back and you have written. I was really
glad to see your letter in my mail box today because I was waiting for
it with impatience. I’m very thankful for it to you. Maybe we will be
able to learn later that we don’t approach each other but we will be
able to be good friends, James. I hope you are not against it. Ok, I
think I have written you a lot today, moreover my time in the internet
cafe ends and I should say good-bye to you. I hope to get an answer
from you as soon as possible. Take care, Sincerely, Your new Russian
friend, Olga

this is what she wrote...kinda funny...never got to the point where she asked for anything because i found this site when i searched google for a map of kazan. she is olga from kazan, but had a profile saying she was in philadelphia

2006-10-10, 18:07:01
anonymous from United States  
more pics...olga fedorova amirhana street, 105 kazan, russian 171640

2006-10-10, 18:09:33
anonymous from United States  
its olga! send her a message
2006-10-10, 18:37:11
anonymous from United States  
here is the lovely olga federova...she is poor, a hairdresser, probably going to get fired(she said), and also i would say about 1 day away from asking me for something. she had a profile on yahoo in philadelphia, but it was erased after our second letters. had to know it was a scam, just from the perfect titties alone

2006-10-10, 19:31:39
anonymous from United States  
i think i am about one letter away from getting asked for money here, that olga, she is so creative...olga fedorova 105 amirhana street, kazan, russia 171640

Hello my dearest James!!! I’m so happy to see your letter again!!! And
I even don’t know how to express it in words because sometimes they
are not enough to explain feelings and thoughts. I think you
understand me, James! But I hope that you feel how happy I am when I
check my mail box and see your long awaited letter to me. I have a
thought at once that there is a man in this cruel world who thinks and
takes care of me. Am I right, James? I hope that I’m not mistaken in
it because reading your letters it seems to me that you are very
sincere and honest with me. My intuition usually doesn’t tell me a
lie. I don’t want you to feel bad and think a lot about my problems
but I have no another person in my life who understands me, listens to
me and helps me to solve my problems in the way you do it. I say to
you it because today I feel so bad and sad because of the client who
has come today to our barbershop to have his hair cut. He asked me to
make him a hairstyle and showed me what he wanted but not in the
picture, he told me what he wanted to have on his head. And I tried to
make it but during the process he always made me nervous telling that
I did it not in such a way he said, he shouted and I worried a lot
because I don’t like to make people angry and unkind. I try not to do
harm and offend people because I always feel guilty if it happens and
accuse myself for it. I want to be happy and want people round me to
feel happy too, I try to bring happiness to them because only in this
way I can feel happy too. But today in spite of the fact that I tried
a lot to make happy my client he didn’t understand it and in the end
he said to me that I’m a bad hairdresser and I shouldn’t work here. He
made a complaint against me and I am sure that my boss won’t be glad
to find out it. He will give me a scolding and deprive me a little
money from my wages. It is not good for me, James, because my wages is
not very big and moreover I should help my parents and sister with
money to buy food for us and pay the bills for the flat. I even don’t
know what to do and how to explain my boss that I tried my best but
the client was nervous himself and interfere me to do my work. I am so
sad and unnerved that I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. But I will
do it because I don’t want to lose it. Tomorrow I feel will be a very
bad day for me. I will think of it all the evening and my parents will
ask me what has happened to me but I don’t want to upset them. I know
that they understand me and wish me only happiness but they don’t want
to see me sad. But when I tell them about my problems they always try
to help me with their advice. I love them for that very much. I feel
their support always and I’m very thankful to them for it. Today was a
very difficult day for me, James, I hope you will understand me. And
what about you, do you come across with difficulties in your job? I
think that all people do it. What difficulties do you have usually? It
is interesting for me to know, can you tell me a little about it.
Maybe I will be able to help you too. So, I will stop here and will go
home. I will go by foot and think a little about the life that I had.
Sometimes interesting thoughts and ideas appear in my head when I’m
walking and they help me to solve some problems. I will do it now and
maybe I will think up some interesting decisions of the situation that
I have now. I hope to hear from you soon my dear friend, James. I will
wait for your letter with impatience again. Thinking about you, James,
Sincerely your Russian friend, Olga

2006-10-15, 20:39:48
my nam sadan
city: boumagar
my work: hairdresser
i'm lookinge a woman be she too hairdresser for marriage and life with me good life
no - and no + .

Keywords: man monitor
2006-10-17, 22:13:39
anonymous from United States  
she did the same thing to me im glad i looked , pictures are different...yeah the poor hairdresser thing..fuck that!
2006-10-18, 21:34:49
anonymous from United States  
actually i forgot, there is a olga federova at the same address, same letters, but a different woman, blonde and petite, and goes by bullshit...ha
2006-10-28, 06:54:16
anonymous from Russian Federation  
GOon memeber
2006-10-30, 07:09:36
anonymous from Russian Federation  
2006-12-02, 10:22:08
anonymous from United States  
here is another olga federova.

2006-12-06, 15:41:23
anonymous from Canada  
I recieved the same letters!!
Different email
Different photos though!

2006-12-06, 15:42:05
anonymous from Canada  
More Olga fedorova

2006-12-06, 15:43:17
anonymous from Canada  
Olga again

Keywords: girl, dark hair, black dress, on street next to a dark car
2006-12-07, 23:56:30 from United States  
I wrote a girl for 2 years and ask her to hold up my phone and a newspaper and she got mad at me. I just had a feeling something was wrong. Best realationship I ever had. A joke on me. I didn't get hooked but sure wasted lots of money with email accounts. I also sent gifts and small amounts of money. I know I would enjoy a small town Russian girl but getting there is a mejor deal.

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