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Dating scammer Nadya from Kstovo, Russia


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2009-12-29, 00:34:41
anonymous from United States  
FUNNY thing when I asked this Natalya Timofeeva her email is what her mom and dad think about coming to the use and living I get no Again I am playing her see how this will go. see pictures above.she has send me about 9 pictures. sofar. I have sent her about 5 not even of me. some one i know. he said i could. she wants to get over here quickly 2 weeks lol. so she can feel my embrace. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! one more picture.
here she/he is with supposed to be her friends. seems like I have ran across their pictures on this site or another like it.
i do not know what the hell they are celebrating. ripping off guys? has anyone seen all the pictures of this woman or guy?besides just one?

2009-12-29, 00:53:27
anonymous from United States  
if this Natalya has to scam someone on here , could you please tell me what page she/he is found on. on this site.I would like to read what other men have said about her/him or whatever it is. the pictures and what I said is above on page 9. she told me it will cost 710 dollars to get over here. i looked up airfares. and they run from 1038 to almost 1500 dollars. maybe she is using some of er money. but she is out work. she was a teacher someplace and some guy was suppose have fondled her and she lost her job. Because they would believe him over her, because he was some big shot.
so could someone tell me if she appears in this site and what page. i like to know what other people are saying and read some of her 'love letters' I will post some soon. thanks everyone. I am starting to grow tired of playing her, so maybe i will start another fight. lol where she /he tells me i do not trust her/him.nope i don't sorry.
2009-12-29, 01:05:51
anonymous from United States  
that one of her/him sitting at the looks alot my scam sent me today 12/28/09. i wonder if they were all there together and standing just off the camera angle. see pictures on pages 9 and 10. this woman's name is suppose to be Natalya Timofeeva that is wring me. I playing her big time. now doesn't this look like at the same fountain?lol
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nadya from Kstovo, Russia

2009-12-29, 18:18:27
anonymous from United States  
What I have read this Natalya Timofeeva, maybe someone from Sunnydale ,CA
This is the guy who she/ he or it is sending pictures too.
2009-12-30, 08:31:47   (updated: 2009-12-30, 08:35:25)
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ all
Sounds like a Russian scammer playing you!
They do not answer questions until after the money letter. Some lowly worker is sending about 300 emails to others just like you, until the money letter, then you get one of the more advanced guys that can read and write english.

You are blaming a photo for scamming you.
Of the 3,000 odd threads on this site only about 10% proven woman using their own ID, (gold diggers) for scamming!

Scammers are predominantly MEN regardless whose photos they send.

Scammers rarely use their own photo's. In case you or someone you know comes across them in real life.
The one in the photo's you have is probably also a victim of the scam! Stolon photo's and ID.

For more information, look here: http://www.delphifa..412.shtml

@ Newbies http://www.delphifa..=0#131827

Scam basics http://www.russian-.._know.htm

Type of scams http://www.delphifa..p=5#36148

Some sites whence the scammers nick photo's and ID's http://www.datingnm..ctics.htm
For information on searching photo's look here:

2009-12-31, 21:37:26
anonymous from United States  
Thank you Steve! I am playing her, like she is playing me. Then I will post hers/ his letters and his/hers replies and my replies on.,

I know it is a scam I have been research on these sites. and reading other guys letters , and except for a few things they match perfect. I know there is someone behind it. not blaming the woman yet.

But again if some has been scam by this woman's picture appear on the bottom of page 9 and the top of page 10 let me know. Please. And If she appears in this site what page can she be found besides what I have posted. Thank you!
2010-01-01, 03:56:14
OJAS from United States  
Anon US 2009-12-31, 21:37:26, try http://www.delphifa..=54#141063
2010-01-01, 23:21:47
anonymous from United States  
Wait until this Natalya Timfeeva --- email

Finds out I'm married. Lol! And my wife was helping me. what to say back to her. lol!
2010-01-08, 07:20:15
Steve_dux from Australia  
@ anonymous from United States 2010-01-01, 23:21:47
Is she up for a 3 some! lol
2010-01-14, 17:01:10
anonymous from United States  
LOL! Steve! Well probably would not touch it. Do not know if it is a him or her. And I know would not touch it if it is a And if it is a woman I would not touch it cause ,I would not know where it has been. That's is mean of me. But I have contacted the right law people .And they are looking for her/him. They said she /he can run but can not hide. they will watching for her/him for years to come. even if she /he tries to changes names , emails and stuff. I gave them enough information to get her/him. Ip's etc etc etc.I know how to capture a ip without someone knowing it. I use to be in law enforcement. so she/he is in big trouble. internet fault is one count. and they will catch up to her/him. she/him may think they gave up by that is when to watch out. the law enforcement know exactly who we are looking for.But can not say. will in the future
2010-02-07, 08:48:42
anonymous from United States  
same girl or whoever emails me all the time almasent

too funny..

my daughter gave me a link to a site that can check the location from which the email comes from. works really good on the new scamers new emails which havent been posted yet.


orlando fl

2010-04-07, 08:01:11
'Watch out for Alice Alison ('

'She scammed me of over $3500 USD'

2010-04-07, 08:03:03
'Watch out for Alice Alison ('

'She scammed me of over $3500 USD'

2010-04-07, 10:00:41
OJAS from United States  
2010-04-07, 13:26:40
anonymous from Sweden  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina from Chita, Russia

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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