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Dating scammer Mariya from Yaroslavl, Russia


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City: Yaroslavl (250 kilometers north of Moscow), Russia


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2006-11-08, 22:22:49
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2006-11-08, 22:24:18
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mariya from Yaroslavl, Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde blue pullover armchair
2006-11-08, 22:27:01
anonymous from United Kingdom  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Mariya from Yaroslavl, Russia

2006-11-08, 22:28:22
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2006-11-08, 22:38:47
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Keywords: blonde purple scarf stairs
2006-11-08, 22:42:14
anonymous from United Kingdom  
OH... & Also Faniya!!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Faniya from Russia
Dating scammer Mariya from Yaroslavl, Russia

Keywords: blonde cup white top
2006-11-09, 10:59:51
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hello everybody ! Tony here again, I'm really glad that I started this 'Mariya' page It's really snowballed !

And she promised me that I was the only one she was writing too ! LoL !

I think 'Mariya' has realised that I am playing with her ! On 1St Nov I sent my third re-written predicted email as below :-

The 'predicted' eleventh Email
My Mariya, I Love You!
My parents and friends spoke you Hello!
Mum already asked as us with you affairs with a meeting. I have explained to mum, that everything is all right.
On work of problems with a vacation will not be, and my boss has told, that in any day I can go on a vacation.
Today I went in agency of travel. It is located in our city and the world refers
to! They render set of services. I have addressed to lady with questions and she
has kindly answered me all my questions. I have explained, that I want to visit
Russia and the first question which she asked me: you were in Russia before? I
have told was not present.
You have the passport? I have told yes! But my passport had restriction and now it is necessary for me to prolong the passport.
Also she asked my marital status, my earnings, whether I have children, and set
of other questions. I kindly answered each question. I also have explained, that
before I went to near abroad. After that lady has told to me, that then you will
not have a problem with visiting Russia. She has explained to me about a policy
of the European countries and also Russia. Each country to care of people which
They choose from candidates on reception of the visa and do not give the visa to
all. Material stability is very important. Also the social status and the
purpose of arrival in Russia.
Also to me allowed a site of Russian embassy . I already considered all details.
Here the prices for various visas, terms of registration, the list of necessary
documents are submitted. It is a pity, that in English and you may not understand
it. Lady has explained to me, that I should go to Sheffield for reception of the
visa. I never was in Russia before and consequently my personal presence at
embassy with payment of consular gathering is necessary. I can arrive in Russia
approximately 3 months or these are 100 days.
Also I should tell, that if I shall send all documents through agency in my city
then I should pay much more money. Besides I should go to Sheffield anyhow and personally be present at embassy. You understand about it? I looked on that site
schedules of work and checked cost of the visa. These are 70 dollars. I should
you tell, that it is rather complex and long process to receive the visa. To me
have told, that I have more opportunities to receive the visa. By the way, I
should receive the visa of the tourist because it is fast enough and is more
cheaper. Besides I believe, that for us now there is no necessity to receive the
visa of the groom because it is our first meeting.

You agree with me?

So, in embassy if I shall prove, that I come back back they will allow the visa without a problem. Here in England I have good work, my apartment, the automobile and proves all this, that I shall come back anyhow. Therefore I can safely go to Sheffield and receive my visa!
I have a lot of information for this purpose, except for that I travelled
earlier. I know also that it will demand from me time, my forces and money. I
have time, I have forces!
I the strong man and I also have money for this purpose. I should tell also,
that I could save approximately 700 pounds for this purpose. I would have more,
but I have paid taxes and also I helped to pay to parents training of my sister.
I approximately counted my expenses. I should go to Sheffield by train. I should
pay also for the visa, for the passport, for many other documents. Also I should
live in Sheffield in hotel some time and pay for residing and for transport. I
think, that 700 pounds will be spent for this purpose only. I read on the
Internet, that it will be necessary for me to show the ticket back to England.
Without it to me will not allow the visa.
It has a little afflicted me, because tickets will demand many money. I have
wanted to arrive to you and I do not refuse it. I am ready to spend for this
purpose my working hours, money and my forces. Because I know, that I want to
meet you. I want to be with you. Both of us want it.

For this reason I wanted to speak with you about division with me parts of expenses. I want you to ask, that you bought for me tickets aboard the plane.

It roundtrip ticket. I think, that it will be fair, because I also to spend many my money and forces and time.

You agree with me?

I ask you that you bought for me tickets from Sheffield up to your
closest airport. I already accepted all things here. I am ready to go to Sheffield
and to start to take all things. Now if you will help me with tickets I can go
tomorrow already to Sheffield. By the plane I very quickly reach Sheffield. Tell to
me, you will help me with tickets?
You have money for this purpose now? I very much hope, that you will help me.
Between us there is a trust and feelings. Both of us want to meet. Also for me
it will prove gravity of your intentions.

Please, you should not me refuse.
We do correct things and I am confident, that we shall be happy together. I wait
tomorrow your answer and if you have money and to me will buy tickets I shall go to Sheffield.

Write to me it. Excuse me, that I ask you about the help. I think,
that it is fair. You know my earnings and you should represent, that for me it
is many money. I do not regret money and I shall do all for our meeting. But I
should have your support also. We should be one command and then we shall be
I wait your letter and with hope, that you help me also I shall go to Sheffield
I love you. I wait our meeting. I want to see you and to kiss.

Write soon, yours forever,

I received this reply from 'Mariya' on 2ND Nov:-
'I did not understand your letter in general!!! '

Just the one line !!!

So I replied on the 3RD Nov with :-
'Loving You !'
Dearest Mariya,
What did you not understand about my last letter ?

It was about wanting to come and see you in Russia, I love writing to you and would like to move on to actually talking to you.

I love your photographs, you are very beautiful; do you have anymore you could send me,
Perhaps some with no clothes so I can see how beautiful you are ???

Please write to me tomorrow.

Hope to hear from you.

Tony. xx


Well good luck to you all !!! I'll keep you all posted ! Tony....

2006-11-09, 11:07:10
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Perhaps 'Mariya' cannot reply to me yet because she is busy in Moscow with the rest of you all ! LoL ! Cheers Tony....
2006-11-10, 20:48:23
anonymous from United States  
My name is Sal. Thank God for your site because I couldn't find Mariya Ageeva on Russia black list . com Anyway, I'm glad I've found you in the nic of time... She is a beauty but a devil woman ... Thanks from saving me from her poision.

This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2006-11-10, 20:49:27
anonymous from United States  
another pic

2006-11-10, 20:51:30
anonymous from United States  
one more lol To me she was a cutie but a snake is the garden of eden

Keywords: blonde blue jeans pullover bending
2006-11-10, 20:53:51
anonymous from United States  
ok I'll stop sending now ... good luck guys in your quest for a decient Russian woman ...

2006-11-11, 02:07:56
anonymous from United States  
YULIA OSTRENNIA, OF SARATOV, Russia scame Jay jr. $,2,500

2006-11-11, 02:09:39
anonymous from United States  
Yulia Ostrenina of Saratove, Russia - Little girl scame Big time

Keywords: brunette black jacket
2006-11-11, 02:12:04
anonymous from United States  
Yulia Ostrenina, of Saratove, Russia- Big Scammer - what go arownd come arownd

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