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Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia


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Name: Natalya
Email address:
City: Kaltan, near Novokuznetsk
Region: Kemerovo, Siberia in Russia

She supposedly works in a quality control for a coal company, thus the email address :-)

A sample of her letters:

Hello xxx!

I dont know where to begin But I will try.
I do hope that we will continue to write and that we can get to know one another better..... Whats the weather like in your city? The fall is at its height in my town - the temperature varies from +1 to -2C, the air is clear and cold I like all four seasons. I enjoy swimming, sun-bathing and camping in summer.
In winter I often go skiing - actually I just like snow and the winter weather itself.
Its so beautiful when earth gets covered with white downy snow. I like cycling and walking in the park in spring and fall - Im a very sporty person.
Sports bring health and beauty. My favorite sports are volleyball, gymnastics, swimming, cycling and skiing. I do my best to live a healthy life - I dont smoke, reject drugs out of hand but I permit myself to have a glass of wine or champagne on very special occasions. Most of Russian men are keen on booze and drugs, though.
Probably, thats the reason why I can find a man whom I will really love. When people
get drunk they become real beasts - brutal and irritable. Im have very quiet and
counterbalanced character. I am very slow to anger and am rarely upset with anyone or anything. I believe life is too short for bad feelings. What kind of character do you have? What else can I tell you about myself? You already know that I work in the laboratory that controls the quality of coal. I had been studying
in an academy for 6 years to get my profession - and by now I have been working for my firm for 4 years. I work about Monday up to Friday. About 8 morning up to 19 evening.
Sometimes I to work on Saturday (Probably on this I have not enough time for entertainment).
I travel for my work much but I have never traveled outside of my own country.
In the near future, me probably will send in business trip to Finland. It will be big entertainment. I hope that you understand my English. I studied it when I was at school and academy. I can both write and speak English but I havent practiced for quite a long time. Tell me, do you understand everything that I want to say?

Probably it is interesting to you, who takes all my pictures.. My female friend and one of my colleagues are keen on art - they are the ones who get most of my pictures.

I with impatience shall wait your answer.

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2006-11-13, 14:32:21
anonymous from United States  
still no word from Natalya! It was a devestating breakup..
Has anyone heard from ( shay farmer ) stuck in africa needing 800 dollars or liperinalady ( olga )???
2006-11-13, 14:35:37
anonymous from United States  
Wow, I got the same message as the rest of you. Here is what she sent me.

How was your day?
I checked my mail today – there was a letter from you. I was so happy.
I’m starting to wait for your letters with anticipation.
I often think about you. I don’t know why, but I want to receive your
letters so much.
I’m coming to my office. I’m checking my e-mail straight away.
I’m thinking about you and life gets a little easier.I get into a
better mood.
I think that we have some sort of invisible link between us which eyes
can’t see.
I hope that you feel the same. We’ve known each other for a pretty
short time.
However, I feel confident when I’m getting your letters.
I hope that you don’t blame me for being open-hearted. I used to go out
with one guy before.
Our relationship was monotonous and boring, though.
I couldn’t even bring myself to talking with him about my desires,
problems and dreams.
It looked like he couldn’t hear me at all. I thought that the way he
treated me was OK.
I thought that he wanted to have a girl with whom he would go to the club
or to a disco.
The rest didn’t matter to him. Our relationship was dying slowly.
Then we decided that we had been too far away from each other. That’s
how I was left alone.
Of course, many men were trying to enter into relations with me.
However, for some reason I didn’t want to let it all go on.
But you… You’ve touched something inside my soul. I don’t know how
to explain it.
I’m like a little girl that is waiting for a present.
I want to write to you. And get your letters.
I don’t know how come I got brave enough to say this to you. I might
sound stupid.
We are unfamiliar to each other.
However, I’m writing all these things to you.
It’s possible that you won’t approve my courage. However, I’m happy
I’ve said it to you.

I’m finishing my letter. For some reason, I’m too open today.
I will be waiting for your letter with anticipation.
I will be thinking about you.
In a picture my girlfriend Alma. She sits next to me. Other girl is
relative Alma.

P.S My phone number has changed. I had problems with old number.
You can call me on this number. With 6 P.M till 00.00.
On Finnish time. Call me in the working days.
2006-11-13, 14:35:52
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-13, 14:36:20
anonymous from United States  

2006-11-13, 15:28:08
anonymous from United States  
nice pic
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia

2006-11-13, 15:28:57
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-13, 15:31:36
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-13, 15:36:07
anonymous from United States  
what shame me playing along. Been stringing this one out for 2 weeks now. Still no mention of monies. lol I await. Why ? well why not. It is fun and yeah Im waiting for the nudes. lol
Same basic letters as above but slightly altered.
Would love to meet one of these scammers and teach them a thing or two in person...Did I mention all my lessons are printed on the fat side of my Baseball bat ?
Be safe gentlemen be safe.
2006-11-13, 18:36:21
anonymous from United States  
Ok guys since some of you can't keep your mouth shut and haven't been getting emails from these scammers lately, here is the letter that y'all been asking for. The money email! Yes, I have been playing along with Natalya for sometime and after telling her(or him the scammer) what she wanted to hear she sent me this letter last Friday:

Dear XXX I love it when you write me!
You are on my mind constantly. I have feel the same way as you. I never
thought I would feel the way that I do after only a short time.
My trip to Finland is almost over. All I have left to do is pass the
last examination and I’ll be done with the probation. It means that
vacation will be approved as soon as I get back to Russia. Wish me GOOD
You are asking me to come to the USA? I don’t know how to react upon
such offer. You told me a story about Russian girls. I don’t know how
the trip to you costs. I don’t have too much money either. In Russia,
always pay for women, no matter what it is - a bill in a cafe, clothes
something else. If I don’t have enough funds to pay for the plane
ticket but
you want to meet me, it’s pretty logic that I would ask you to give
me some
money. Would you think that it all is also scammers, not about meeting
I don’t want anyone to think about me this way. That’s why it’s
very hard for me
to answer your question. However, I won’t hide I would like to meet
you once.
You could arrive to me to Russia?

Dear XXX I Do not have much time to write- I need to prepare for the
examination real good.
I very much MISS YOU.

As y'all can see I've even metioned to her(him) about me meeting in Russia and my concern about scammers and she seems to be aware of it!!

PS. For all of you that are sending this website link to the scammers; Y'all DUMBASSES!! She is supposed to be sending me a nude pic so y'all better don't ruin this!
2006-11-13, 19:39:53
h20skir2000@yahoo from United States  
hahaha i've gotten the same girl what a crack up except i keep telling her to call me when she get's to calif. i didn't here from no mo !!!!!!
2006-11-13, 22:42:10
anonymous from United States  
Hey all!
Heads up! I don't know what's going on, but I just got a request for a 'full address'. Of course I'm not sending anything, but it looks like the hook's about to happen

Hello, my beloved friend Will.
Your letters keep making my heart warmer. I want to meet you as soon as possible.
I’ve never experienced something like that before.
I’m so happy that I’ll meet you soon. My dreams make my soul flutter with sweet anticipation.
I’m very sorry. I can’t write much today. I guess you understand it.
All these preparations for moving take so much time.
I’m starting to long for you. I miss you. My heart is dying to race towards you.
I’m so happy that I’ve met you on the Web.
If someone told me that I’m going to meet my love on the Internet, I wouldn’t believe it.
I would call the one who told me that a wag. Now I believe in miracles.
I believe that two loving hearts will meet no matter how far they are from each other.
I’m pining for you. Every time I go to sleep, I’m thinking about you.
Write to me your full address. This picture for you.

I was finishing the letter when I remembered something… I forgot to send you a kiss.
Blowing you millions of kisses.
2006-11-14, 00:38:16
anonymous from United States  
I finally recieved another one from Nadja...It's been a few days..I sent her a letter back after I waited a few days and at the end I asked how Timmy was and she has never sent me that pic yet...Just like before, they don't read the letters

mita kuuluu? (finnish) How are you?
I'm doing fine and I hope you are too!
I've been working a lot today. However, I have some free time to write
you a letter.
Last evening I told my girl friend about our relations. My girl friend
is a Finnish girl.
Her name is Noari. She's married and has two children. I often visit
her and play with her kids. I love children and dream of having mine.
I think that family is the most important thing in our life.
I dream of having a really happy family! Do you think the same? Do you
dream about it too?
What is your dream?
I love spending weekends at home watching TV. Sometimes I go to the
cinema to watch movies.
I love comedies and melodramas. Do you like cinema?
I'll be waiting for a letter from you. Every single day it's getting
more and more interesting for me to read your letters.
I'm waiting for them. It's such a pleasure for me to answer you!

My Finland's
Office phone: +358 (3) 7411 8739

my cat 'Timmy'
2006-11-14, 08:29:57
anonymous from United States  
Well if all yall can admit to can I. She's good and I was getting closer everyday to be had..........I'm just naturally suspect to the internet and I'm glad I was.

I pride myself in internet knowledge and her mistake was telling me to call her in Finland............and giving me a number to call.............Google is a wonderful led me here............Thanx dudes

The lei flowers got me thinking also......

be carefull out there.

Keywords: alison angel cleavage
2006-11-14, 09:38:49
anonymous from United States  
She, well he, well they are still writing.,. as of the 14th.. new phone number to call and she says she is leaving Finland soon returning to Russia. I find it interesting she wants a call from 10 AM to 5 PM Central Standard time, or 8 PM to 3 AM their time in Finland.

Hurrah!!!!!!!!!! I passed my exam perfectly good. I’m done with the
certification. I’m so happy about it. I’m going back home soon.
I miss Russia a lot. I can’t wait to come back home.
I got attached to you during my stay in Finland, you became very important
for me. Every single day makes me wanna see you in the person. I feel that
I have found somebody that can understand me. Somebody that wants the
same things in life and is not afraid to achieve it. Somebody that can
see my soul and wants to join it. That's how I see you. but this is just
the start of a stronger and deeper link that must follow. Your are in my soul.
Moreover, I’ve got some good news for you. I’ve found a phone number at
which you will be able to reach me without any problems +358-2-3619-0688.
But please, remember that you should call me from 10 A.M. till 5 P.M.,
Central Standard Time of USA. Because I won’t be able to answer the phone
if you don’t call within this time period.
I want to hear your voice so much. I’ll be waiting for your call.
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Letters from dating scammer Elana Banykh in Sokolovo in Siberia

2006-11-14, 09:39:25
anonymous from United States  
Another pic sent today

Keywords: looks like alison angel
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