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Dating scammer Marina Eliseewa from Kamen'Nai-obi, Russia


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Name: Marina Eliseewa
City: Kamen'Nai-obi, Russia


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2006-11-02, 03:56:58
anonymous from United States  
Hi my soul - this is another scammer guys

I am glad that I have opportunity to write you long letter today. I hope you will be glad to get it
from me. I am always glad when I receive any of your messages. Today is very nice day here.
And all day since the early morning and till this moment I think of you Jay!
I hope you to me would will help with purchase of the ticket that I could arrive to you.
I want to tell you that yesterday I began to knit a pullover for you. It will be my gift for you.
I hope you will be glad. I knit a pullover of Angora wool. Do you like to wear a pullover when
the weather is cool? But I am so hope that you will like this pullover. I make it with big love and
care. Do you know I can knit? Did I tell you about it? My mom have taught me how to knit and
I have some things of my clothes that I had knitted by myself. Would you like if your woman
can knit? I suppose it will be the best pullover in your homeland. Ha-ha! The color - is a little bit
more dark than white but all the same it's very nice color. I think it's looks pretty good. I want to
make on a forward part of a pullover an inscription - a name. I want to make a name - Jay.
Hope you don’t mind it. I believe you will like more your name on a pullover because it will be
your thing and only you will wear it. Do you agree with me? I think the name will not be of a big
size. Exactly I want to write on a pullover 'To Jay from his soul mate' or if you want I can
write just 'Jay'. If you will not write me about it, I will take the decision by myself but
I will not tell you. I will give you this pullover at the airport. Do you like my idea? Our hearts are
like two great oceans which put together to the one big world ocean. They are vast and very deep
like our feelings to each other. Our feelings so strongly as forces of oceans. Sometimes we get
afraid we will be pulled under by the current. I dream that our two oceans will meet in
a powerful wave that will shake the very earth. And when all is done there will be one vast
beautiful ocean, powerful and heart, one ocean. Jay you have given me much
more than you can realize. You are my prayer, my shelter from hopelessness and despair, only
you can keep the spark in my soul burning bright. You are my ray of light in deep darkness, you
are my dream which will be real soon. I really hope for it. Well Jay, I will finish my letter.
I will wait for your response with hope and impatience and I promise that you will get my new
letter soon. And want to send you a picture Do you like me? (smile)

PS.These flowers at the parents of a house I them very much love.
Forever your Marina.
2006-11-02, 04:02:38
[hidden] from United States  
and another

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2006-11-02, 04:08:50
[hidden] from United States  
this is Marina Eliseewa from Kamen'Nai-obi Russia
She was featured on yahoo personals

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2006-11-02, 11:20:57
Peter (Admin) from United States  
Moved posts about Marina Eliseewa here:
2006-11-08, 21:15:34
anonymous from United States  
I have been traing email with Marina Eliseeva for about 6 weeks. She claims to come from kamen'-Na-Obi in Western Siberia. Within the last two weeks she has appeared on several blacklists of dating scam sites. She initially contacted me through Yahoo Personals ad with and email address to write to her. I emailed with her for a couple of weeks; normal Q&A, except that she only occasionally answered a couple of my questions directly. She is pretty good at this and very patient. I began to grow interested in her, and luckily am fortunate enough to have the resources to run a deep backgroudn check on her based on a collection of info she provided in emails. My investigators, who are some of the best I have used in my business over the last 2o years came up very dry on her Russian background. Leary now, I continued to correspond with her but checked online dating scam sites every few days looking for info on her. About the time I found some info on her, the 'email arrived' stating her intention to visit me in the US. She claimed to have begun the process of acquiring a US visa and airline tickets. All this time she was claiming to grow more and more in love with me each passing day. Like I said, pretty good at this scam. Less than a week from the announcement of her travel intentions, she emailed a scanned copy of a visa. I had my guys check it out through the US Embassy where it was supposely issued and it was indeed a fake. About this time she said she had made a down payment on an airline ticket with money she had and money from pawning her gold and silver jewelry. But she was still $310 short of her total and could I please help her.

Needless to say I lost interest in this becoming a realistic relationship, but have still been receiveing emails whinning and pleading for financial help, using guilt trip triggers to paly on my sympathies for her. She says if I wasn't lying and really do love her then I would help her in order for us to be together. Again, like I said, she is good.

One last piece of info. In my search for info on Marina, I bacme acquainted with the owner/operator of a dating scam alert site. He and I have discussed her modus operandi and she is new to this and is in all likelihood actually using her own pictures. She is also working with an organized group, including the girl in the 'friends pic' posted here. That girl was identified to me as Irina, and she came up on a agency site which is on a blacklist of scam agencies. Irina (the girl on the right) was wearing the exact same dress in the agncy photo that she is in the above pic.

Marina is not wearing designer clothes in any of her pics which is why she is probably a real lady who came on to hard times and fell in with the wrong crowd. She is go new and so fresh faced, as in not been around long enought o have a blacklist track record, that she may actually get a few guys to send the money before she becomes a pro at this and is becomes well known as a scammer.

Beware she is good and patient and sounds very real in each and every letter. I have over 40 by now, along with nearly 30 pics of her.

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2006-11-08, 21:19:25
anonymous from United States  

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2006-11-08, 21:20:48
anonymous from United States  

2006-11-08, 21:21:44
anonymous from United States  

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2006-11-10, 05:53:36
anonymous from United States  
Yeah, she tried to contact my husband. I told her to get lost and get a life.
2006-11-10, 21:52:36
anonymous from United States  
Marina is on the prowl again ...

2006-11-10, 21:59:36
anonymous from United States  
a couple of more pics ... a big clue is that She doesn't answer questions in your emails ...

2006-11-10, 22:02:22
anonymous from United States  
one more

2006-11-10, 22:03:45
anonymous from United States  
ok one more

2006-11-14, 21:09:39
anonymous from United States  
same deal for me and with the same chick, but she changed her last name to Eliceeva with a 'c' instead of an 's' !!!! today she asked for money with the exact same schpeel. lol
2006-11-18, 14:45:34
anonymous from United States  
she has been writing me also for several weeks, I became suspicious when she called me Anthony, and explined it away as being her boss and she was talking to him and typed the american version of his name. I have recieved all these pictures and more. No nude shots, but many pictures of her in 'normal' situations. She tried to get over $700 from me and when I told her I had no money to send, the letters startedcoming less frequently. Also, she has many peopleon the hook now, since I tried to send her a letter a nd was told her box was full. Beware!!! she will try to get money!

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