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Dating scammer Eugenia Gospodchicova from Yekaterinburg, Russia


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Name: Eugenia Gospodchicova
also: Eugenia Gospodchikowa
City: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Email address:

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2006-11-24, 01:26:58
Mrs. C from United States  
the above 5 photos are of a russian Actress named Ekaterina Guseva
most likely stolen from her website
2006-11-24, 12:51:17
anonymous from United States  
Many thanks to the anonymous guy who posted at '2006-11-17, 16:30:21' regarding this Vasilya Salihova. I've received the same pictures, and the first e-mail EXACTLY matched the one you posted (verbatim).

Man these scammers are elaborate. You'd almost think some of them deserve the money for the amount of work they put into their bullshit. I live in the D.C. area, and she said she already had a flight reserved for November 26th, but that she was short $950. I told her that I can't send that kind of money to someone I do not know. Now she says that she is in despair, and she knows that it's not right to ask me for money.

2006-11-24, 13:44:55
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-25, 10:23:45 from United States  
You guys that gave her money are shit-out-of-luck!But you can go to FBI website and file a complaint.I believe it is a special Internet crime detail,at( )Call your local FBI office and they will steer you in the right direction.Since there was a forged visa,Immigration and Homeland Security will probably prosecute,but I was fortunate Not to send money before I found out it was a scam.My local sherriff wouldnt get involved,since she didnt actually commit a crime.This same person(s)did try to scam me a weeek before using Evgeniya Mamaeva as her name,then a week later, as another Russian listing pics on yahoo website.Best rule of thumb,If it seems too good to be true,ItProbably Is!Sorry if you guys got a screwing,but just be more careful next time! I did however file a complaint against her with the FBI Internet Crimes division,for references,the number is (IO611221536303431)You are dealing a entire group of people from the websie Anastasia Web,a russian dating site which is being investigated by FBI agent Terry Rankhorn,and the Attorney Generals Office with the Southern District of California.Now they are infiltrating other dating sites,with fake profiles such as as this is how they contacted me.These people are shameless.She or he still tried to get money from me after i had just got out of the hospital from a heart attack.Instead of trying to bilk me for full plane fare,she was willing to settle for only $341,Imagine that! For interesting reading,go toHTTP:// Hope this helps you out! If you file a complaint,keep all records, paper reciepts,etc for future references if you want these people investigated.I suggest leaving your web address so you can be contacted by investigators if need be at a later date,because I did reference this website in my complaint.
2006-11-25, 13:57:31 from United States  
hello i have recieved the same photos some of you did,but a different name.the five photos of ekaterina the famous actress are being emailed to me as we speak.she is now using the name galina mazina andher email is
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Dating scammer Eugenia Gospodchicova from Yekaterinburg, Russia
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Keywords: brunette actress
2006-11-25, 15:03:29
LLJ@SCCOAST.NET from United States  
im sorry is eugenia gospodchicovas new email adress,she is going by the name galina to be in moscow awaiting 950 dallars from me which she will never see....and wANTS ME TO SEND IT TO LERMONTOVA 12 KOR 11-121 POSTAL CODE 117282 IN MOSCOW......BY WESTERN UNION SO SHE WILL BE ABLE TO FLY TO THE US AND MEET ME AT THE AIRPORT.....MY EMAIL ADRESS IS LLJ@SCCOAST.NET.......I HAVE RECIEVED SOME OF THE SAME LETTERS AND OVER 7 PHOTOS WHICH I HAVE SEEN ON THIS SITE AS WELL..
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Dating scammer Eugenia Gospodchicova from Yekaterinburg, Russia
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Keywords: b/w brunette
2006-11-29, 13:01:48 from United States  
Well I was sceptical when she said that she was comming to stay with me after only 3 letters. Is there anyway to find out who really owns the email address this person is trying to pull one off only I am not that stupid after being hit by many nigerian dating scams and some U.K Banking scams, people are bloodsuckers preying on American men who simply want to meet the real thing.
2006-12-03, 07:41:52
anonymous from United States  
Has she disappeared off everyone radar. In a way I hope the perp is rotting in jail!!!but I know that is probably wishful thinking
2006-12-03, 07:41:52
anonymous from United States  
Has she disappeared off everyone radar. In a way I hope the perp is rotting in jail!!!but I know that is probably wishful thinking
2006-12-14, 14:36:02 from United States  
How about that a form scam letter... This is the letter I received today, the third one and still no request of money. I am sure it will hit in the next day or two. This also came off, I did slam onc scammer two days ago.

They asked me to join them in yahoo chat... so they went on and I mentioned the scams going on and that I was able to trace IP addresses back to users PC's and I could wipe their hard drive or I may turn them into the FBI.... You never saw anyone log off Yahoo chat so fast!!! Use this as an opener for your next scammer.

From: Olga []
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2006 3:20 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Before Trip

hello dear Jeffrey, thank you for nice pics
I feel so lucky because I have met such a man from the first time and I will do all my best to meet you in real life soon.
Ok, this letter is going to be long too, so be ready to read it since I want you to know everything about me. I just don't want any misunderstanding between us.

I guess you have a right to know that I am not an angel like any other woman, I am just an ordinary girl with all ordinary human problems. Sometimes I can show my character and of course I don't expect you to be an angel too, I just want to meet a kind man. I am an easy-going person and can forgive almost everything, but there is one thing. I hate drunkers and rude men.

I love water and my favourite thing is swimming. I wish I could live near some sea or a ocean. You know, I have a dream. I want to see an ocean. I was always dreaming about it, sometimes I even think that I was a fish in my previous life ( hopefully some dolphin but not a shark).

I have graduated the Siberia State Univercity and I have a high degree or a license in trainers faculty and I can work as a fitness trainer or dance trainer. I like my profession and I wish I could work on this subject in some fitness club. I think it is very important to have a job which can give you not only a good salary but also good mood and get a pleasure from your job. What do you think? Unfortunately it is very hard to find such kind of job here becquse we have only a couple of such clubs and there is no vacancy.

Ok, some things wich I also like and don't like to do:
I love cooking and like make BBQ. I so much want to have a house of my own and make BBQs for my close people. I also dream to have a house with a fire place. I love cooking something new and something special. My friends were telling me that I need to work at a reastaurant.
I also love warm weather and I hate winters. Here in Russia winters are long and very cold.

I have never been married but I hope someday, I also don't have kids though I already have an experience of a baby sitter. Soemtime ago I had to stay at home because I couldn't find a job and I was helping my mother. I hope one day to find that special one and it is impossible here in Russia because men are real drunkers and very rude.
I hate evil people and I hate politics. Last few years I associate politics with wars and as you can see from my letter I hate violance and wars.

What I like in a man? Faithfulness and honesty. He has to be open-minded and kind-hearted, also easy-going. And I believe that there cannot be any games in relationship between a man and a woman. It is very important for a man to be a kind man. maybe you think I am naive but i do belive that love and kindness makes our world still alive. Are you a kind man??? I do believe you are because soon I am flying to the USA and meet you there.

When I am in the USA I will rent some room near my future work and hopefully we shall spend free time together.
I have a questions. Is it ok for you if we live together. I mean if we like each other or maybe if there will be something more then just be friends. I think I will improve my English with your help and it will give us a chance to get to now each other better, who knows... We'll see.

I have a driving license but i am not sure if I am able to drive there in the USA, maybe you will give me a few good lessons.
My head is full of plans and ideas...

I am sorry for a long letter but I just wanted you to know me better. I am flying from Perm's airport to Moscow in a few hours. My flight will take about five hours!!! I think I will write you on tomorrow.
As soon as I arrive in Moscow I will have to find a hotel or rent a room to live in before my flight to the USA. I have already been in Moscow and I know all these things, so it will not be a great problem for me.

I was told it will take about two more days to complete all my travel arrangements and I do hope to see you in a few days already!!! Even don't think to look at other girls since I am the best one for you! ( joke)

Your Olga

DAM nice looking woman, to bad it is a big hairy dude in ripped undies and a wife better tee iching his provates as he cuts and paste sexy emails to us...LOL

Ya! think of that image the next time you get an email with a sexy pic.

Good Luck you all and let me know if anyone finds a real place to chat with real, honest Russian lady's that can pay there own way here. I will take one anyday.

Take Care,

2006-12-16, 21:12:56
anonymous from United States  
The next letter will read she is Moscow and has found a place to rent while making travel arrangements.
It is me again. I cannot belive I am in Moscow already. It was a wonderful flight for me and everything went well. Moscow us incredibly big city and it takes for abut few hours to get from one end of the city to another and the traffcit is horribly heavy here. Youknow even though Moscow is a capital of our big country, it is just like some country. Different people, life and the prices are very very high. People are very rude and angry, they always rush in a hurry and always trying to be cautious.

When I got off the plane and was waiting for baggage a policeman came up to me and asked me to show my passport. They are all crazy here because of the terrorism. I understand that they are cautious but still I think it is humiliating. I took a taxi from the airport. You know it is not like usual taxi, it is like a small bus. It takes about ten people and costs much less then a usual car taxi and besides this 'bus-taxi' is very comfortable and the driver was very polite which happens seldom in Moscow.He even was telling us about Moscow and monuments while taking us down to the destionation.

Life is very expensive here. I was shopping today buying some food and all every-day food costs a few times expensive then in my place. All the rest general things costs a lot of money too.
I rent a room in the appartment and an old woman asked me to be cautious when I fly ot the USA but I made up my mind and I will fly ot you and meet you because you are a kind and good man and won't do me any harm, I feel it.
I am sorry if my letter sounds starnge to you but everything is mixed up in my head and I am so excited about my trip. My feelings are overwhelming me.

I was also at the agency today and my trip information is not ready yet, but they promised I will have this info tomorrow. So, once again, I need you to give me the exact full name of the airport because there are similar names of the airports in different states. I don't want to arrive in some other airport.

Tomorrow I will write you with all the information. Excited??? Me too!!!
Well, I will cose this letter. Please write me as soon as possible.
See you soon

Olga with a great kiss from Moscow!!!
2007-01-16, 19:54:42
anonymous from Denver in Colorado, United States  
I have noticed been receiving suspicious e-mails from a Viktoria in Zlatoust, Russia
Federation. Looking at the e-mail properties I see X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.65.03) Home.
doing a seach I came across this site. i haven't blocked the sender yet. here is the 1st pic that was sent.

Keywords: girl brunette black pullover necklace
2007-01-27, 05:39:19
anonymous from United States  
Yes Viktoria from Zlatoust is a real con artist. I recieved the same pictures from her with several letters. She tried to get me to send $1000 for airfair so she could come to the US for a visit. The things she told me just didnt add up at all. To make sure I sent some cheap flowers through russionflorist and it was what I thought, she doesnt exist. She is now on their black list. Be careful guys this person is a smooth talker.
2007-01-27, 12:30:59
anonymous from Italy  
ekaterina romanenko alexandrovna serenika is bitch tver woman who asks your money about her false mother dead. don't give money to her.
2007-01-27, 12:30:59
anonymous from Italy  
ekaterina romanenko alexandrovna serenika is bitch tver woman who asks your money about her false mother dead. don't give money to her.
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