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Dating scammer Anastasiya Popova from Kirov, Russia


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Emails: and
City: Kirov, Russia
Address: Pervomaisky 219/a flat 15


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2007-06-13, 10:13:16
anonymous from United States  
I wouldn't bring cash,use travelers checks.At least your covered if lost or stolen!
2007-06-13, 13:22:21
anonymous from Sweden  
Hi Paul from the UK...I'm not surprised you've met a real girl. I've met 3 in the last year on the net, all cute,'s easy once you can spot the scammers.I've been to Russia twice last summer and this easter (not Ukraine though), and sponsored 2 of them to come and visit me in Sweden. The first didn't work out but the second is now my 'fiancée'! Bothe of them very nice girls and why not. (not cheap though)

Don't be scared, just make sure you have a good phrase book though, cos not many people speak english, even in airports and stations (that includes Moscow!!). Not sure if it's better in Ukraine but I would be surprised. You don't need traveller's checks, there are lots of ATMs, you just need your visa card and some cash for back up (preferably dollars)

Good luck!

2007-06-13, 16:20:07   (updated: 2007-06-13, 16:28:41)
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Hello Paul!

I have have no idea about the plugs in the Ukraine, they are probably more like the American 2 pin ones that you see on photos, you may be able to ask a travel agent?

And hello to anon from USA and Sweden, thanks to for your advice, I hope this helps - I have never been there so it is great to get some info from someone who have been there (and got the t-shirt?)!

Like I said before, just be careful and don't do anything you wouldn't do in England.

I wonder what the situation is like there with 'street-scammers' I have heard stories about con-artists and swinders? I don't know I must have watched too much of 'The Real Hustle' on BBC3!

You should be ok if you ignore any strangers and be polite to anyone who approaches you but do not engage them in anything that could turn out to be dodgy :0)

2007-06-14, 07:43:44
anonymous from Sheffield, United Kingdom  
Hey Paul...I have been to the Ukraine...Last April, after writing to Alesya for six months. She lives in Kherson, has a step father, mother and sister, and they are all very poor living on less for a month than I do for a week! The electrical supplies leave a lot to be desired, but they are similar to the US two-pin plug system...and it's 230Volt 50Hz. I had very little trouble out there at all. Take a Russian phrase book though, as most speak Russian rather than Ukrainian (There is a difference). Eating out and drinking is relatively inexpensive, but do beware with accomodation...I was ripped off...or should I say, paid more for an apartment than I would normally have paid for a hotel room, so check out accomodation before going to your destination, and you may find that the owners will give discounts for booking in advance for periods longer than three days. The local cuisine is varied and delicious, but Western foods are available if you aren't willing to experiment too much...They serve cold cooked liver in a delightful sauce. I loved it. If your lady friend is religious, then you can expect no hanky-panky whatsoever, though , if you get engaged to her, that might change, and there may possibly be a visit to church a couple of times per week. The churches are beautiful...outside and inside, and you'll need to buy candles. Money wise, you are only allowed to take $1000 in cash into the Ukraine...Take more and it can be confiscated by customs officers. There are ATM's available and the screens are in English. Ukrainian Hryvna is dispensed from these, but you do pay a charge per transaction. Clothing is expensive (as are electronic/electrical goods) so she will appreciate you buying her some shoes and a dress to go out in. Watch out for scams involving the dropped wallet. If there is one on the floor...ignore it. Do not pick it up. Local beers are excellent...Try Obolonya Premium. I am still in touch with her and she is wanting to come to the UK this year. You do not need to get a visa to enter the Ukraine, but a form of visa will be handed to you on the flight, and this must be completed before passing through customs, with you retaining half, and this must be kept with your passport for inspection by any police who may stop you. If they discover you are English, most people are happy to try their hand at conversation with you, and after a few days, I found I could decypher a lot of the signs in cyrillic. I had a great time, would go again if I could afford to do it. Kiev is expensive and so is Odessa, but I stayed in Kherson. Use 'official' Taxi's for travel as they are less expensive and more trustworthy, and rail travel in public carriages is not recommended, so book a compartment. Water supplies are sporadic, so showering can be a hit and miss affair depending on the time of day, and do NOT drink the tap water. Buy bottled and use it for brushing your teeth, making tea and coffee, and drinking. Lots to say really, but little time or space. Just enjoy it. relax and have fun. Your lady friend will be happy to see you, love to show you around, and may even want to spend her time in your apartment with you, cooking for you, but you'll sleep on the couch and she'll have the bed. Take care, and if you have any questions, then email me directly to, and if I can help answer them I will. Cheers.
2007-06-17, 13:08:50
Paul from United Kingdom  
WOW thanks for all the advice. Good advice about keeping yourself to yourself and not talking to strangers - this sounds pretty important.

Was speaking to her last night. have to book flight this week. Still not sure whether to book a hotel or look when I arrive. I don't want to use my Visa to pay a deposit or anything - don't really trust.

2007-06-18, 04:57:59
anonymous from United Kingdom  
No problem...Glad to be of service. I am a six foot broad-shouldered male with a shaved head, and my lady friend Alesya informed me that most of the people on the street were more afraid of me than I was of them! Link to photograph didn't work, but what the hell...I would have posted a piccie of Alesya, but to be quite honest, I'm a little concerned that it would be picked up and used by scammers. You will have to let the authorities know where you intend to stay on your entry/exit visa paper for the Ukraine. I told them that I was staying at the Fregat Hotel, even thoguh Alesya had already sorted out a cheap apartment for me....80 Dollars a night was not cheap, but she did do her best...the hotel would have been cheaper, but then I wouldn't have had her with me cooking and making me laugh with her broken English. I really do hope you have a good time. I went there with the philosophy that if Alesya was a scam or didn't exist, or didn't meet me at the airport, I was still going to have a good holiday.Plus Ukrainian women love Western men, so if your lady friend doesn't turn up, there will be plenty of long legged lovelies that would be happy to get to know you. Bars can be a place to get fleeced. Some dodgy bar men overcharge, so check the tariffs...The funny money takes some getting used to, but all shop assistants are happy to help. You will be a stranger in a strange land, but you will enjoy it, I promise you.. Keep your mobile out of sight though as they are expensive over there and liable to get stolen. Where in the Ukraine are you headed for?
2007-06-27, 11:39:11
Paul from United Kingdom  
I'm going to Kiev. just booked my flight, just about to book a hotel through a british agency! Gwetting really excited now - even thought its 4 weeks away
2007-06-28, 02:26:21
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Well, let me know how you get on and what happened when you get back. Be good to learn what Kiev is like...I only saw Borispol airport. Get your lady friend to meet you at the airport if you can, as the taxi drivers are like sharks in a feeding frenzy when you step out of customs. You'll have to fill in a form on the plane for your's like a visa, but customs will keep half and you keep the other half until your departure. Wish I was going with you actually. Have a good time, don't worry and make every second a memory to treasure. Bon voyage!
2007-07-02, 08:32:55
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Have fun Paul, and good luck with your visit!
2007-07-09, 12:08:46
shes back on the scam ....any one got new pictures of her please post thank you
2007-07-13, 07:00:41
anonymous from United Kingdom  


Do you mean she is trying to scam you? Which photo set is she using? Blond or Brunette?

2007-07-14, 21:43:05
Blond dom ....
2007-07-16, 05:59:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  

She must have had more luck with the blond photo-set then lol :0)

2007-07-17, 05:30:42
anonymous from United Kingdom  


Is she using the same blond photo set or has 'she' found a new one?

2007-07-17, 13:43:04
dom can you post some blond ones so i can check please ...

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