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Dating scammer Anastasiya Popova from Kirov, Russia


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Emails: and
City: Kirov, Russia
Address: Pervomaisky 219/a flat 15

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2007-04-20, 12:11:23
anonymous from United Kingdom  


Wow, it's happened again today?!!!

They (the scammers?) sent me another one of their useless 'memory resident' virus an hour ago :0)

Description TeaForTwo.1024

It is harmless memory resident multipartite virus. It hooks INT 13h, 21h and writes itself at the end of COM-files are executed or opened, and boot sectors of floppy disks are accessed. It contains the internal text string:
T42 Tea for two !

2007-04-22, 07:50:02
well since i posted that huge pic ...she or he as not been in touch ...with me so it looks like she or he is getin a new user name ....lets wait and see !!
heres a new pic and yes its huge again !! nice teddy bear

2007-04-23, 10:49:17
anonymous from United Kingdom  


Thanks for posting the photo! It took a while to load but was worth it :0)

I wouldn't mind being that bear!! lol

P.S. She is still on with the same four profiles above, try one of those for more photos ;0)

2007-05-01, 04:05:08
who is this person ? - 'Fat Yuri' ??? above ...
2007-05-01, 08:20:02
anonymous from United Kingdom  


To the comment above.....

That is the question, who is sending the emails under the name 'Anastasiay Popova'?

If we knew who it was they could be reported for 'cyber-crime' in defrauding people of $/£/Euros in this Russian Dating Scam!

It is unlikely that we will find out who it is unless they get caught by the Russian authorities :0(

I guess unless somebody who has been scammed can get them to act they will continue to do this unless sites like this helps to stop anyone from losing their money!

Oh well there is a chance I suppose, they could 'cock-up' and use their real name somewhere in the scam, such as the name of the travel agent that is used to send money to for visa/tickets?!

Who knows!

2007-05-02, 08:03:19
anonymous from United Kingdom  
looks like this person is on the scam again ...under a new name !! be careful ..not had any emails and she not sent email back ...for days maybe she is lookin who the next
person !! and yes she does use the bat ...came back as failed bounce back

2007-05-02, 08:30:05
anonymous from United Kingdom  


What is her new name, is 'she' using the new photos posted above?

Did your email get returned because her account is unavailable (failed bounce back)?

Maybe all the attention she is getting is causing her problems :0)


2007-05-02, 14:21:03
guess what !! i think she as been busted ....found info on 'Fat Yuri' look at link

ha ha ha ha !!!

2007-05-03, 06:51:58
anonymous from United Kingdom  


Wow, they must have given them 4 years in 'chokey' for their scamming!?

Quote from http://www.womenrus..ught.htm:

'The scammer gang Terry encountered was started by a husband and a wife, Yuri and Anna Lazarev, Russian citizens. They used photos of Anna to lure men, and female acquaintances to collect wire transfers. At first they used the real name of the wife (Anna Lazareva) to collect money but then moved into using names of other females to receive wire transfers from all over the world. Other aliases were Alfia Magdeeva, Marina Chumachenko, Vasilisa Schelkonogova, Anna Porfireva, Olga Trophimova, and many others.

34-year-old Yuri Lazarev made a set of photos of his wife Anna and was posting them at large Internet personals. Scammers then initiated correspondence with men pretending to be a single Russian girl looking for a serious relationship. The plot was a 27-year old virgin who wanted to wait until she finds the right man. She would soon fall in love with her correspondent and ask him for money for visa and tickets to join the man in his country. After receiving money, the gang would stop correspondence.

Later Lazarev made photos of other women and used them to post on the Internet. The women were unaware their photos were used in a scam.

The gang was contacting hundreds men a day and used major personals websites with their huge databases to solicit correspondence with the male members.

It is believed that the gang, based in Chelyabinsk, Russia, were some of the first dating scammers that used Internet personals to rip off men seeking serious relationship and marriage with Russian women.

According to Chelyabinsk police, the group scammed more than 1,500 men and extorted more than 1,5 million US Dollars from them, in the period of 2000-2002. The spokesperson for Chelyabinsk police said if it was not for Terry's letter to the President Putin, they could continue scamming men through Internet personals. '
2007-05-03, 07:39:44
anonymous from United Kingdom  

A more recent case!

Quote from:




Alena Fedorovskaya and Vladimir Osipov, the creators of several fake marriage and travel agencies, have been sentenced to 5 years, and 5 years and 6 months, respectively, on October 30th, 2006, by Verkh-Istetskiy Court of Ekaterinburg, Russia. '

2007-05-03, 07:40:54   (updated: 2007-05-03, 07:55:21)
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Translated from Russian news article, with Russian's comments at bottom!

'Uralochka kinula 15 overseas-making at the 1000 000 rubles

Alain Fedorovskaya, she Natalya Osipova, but she is Anna Chuprekova ...

27 year old Alena Fedorovskaya and her friend 28 year old programmer Vladimir Osipov received 5 years colony regime

The hearing

I am waiting groom, says the slim nice, modestly attired rusovolosaya girl.. This is the marriage aferistka Alena Fedorovskaya. - I do not know what I am charged.

Next in potertyh jeans sits Vladimir Osipov. The two men are accused of fraud. Defendants have simply sat in the room-no escorts, the cell is empty, Alain and Vladimir subscriptions under house arrest. Both students Urals Institute.

Judge Verh-Isetskogo court begins to read the case file : in a short time from 2000 to 2002 couple satisfies more than 15 visa from Canada, UK and USA. Total receipts 'bride' of money-more than one million roubles.

These images on their sites on the Internet zavlekala Alain wealthy foreigners.

Golden lived

Alain Fedorovskaya specially walked to enhanced language training in English. Vladimir established matrimonial site 'Russian beauties', posted biography and photo Aleny. First klyunul American citizen Dzhulior Kolbert.

A few weeks Alain rewritten with the favourite, had spoken by telephone and then obyasnilas with husband in his feelings.

American sent 620 dollars for a visa and ticket. Then Fedorovskaya 'late in Moscow on the plane, then burglarized'. All of this, she would tell future wife, sitting in Yekaterinburg.

Shakespeare Kolbert will send an additional 620 dollars. The romance ended. Osipov was translated and Alena Fedorovskaya disappeared.

Next American bride from Russia raskrutila at 79,000 rubles. Repeated the same pattern: correspondence, pay visa fees contingencies.

American Smith progorel at 36,000 rubles, his compatriots Kershner at 49,000 rubles, Barnes at 53,000 rubles, Floyd saw 139,000 roubles.

In Moscow uralskuyu beauty certainly looted, but she had no time to take off any time. And slali husband had only to get it to States.

So Americans Shmitke and Korsa paid scams to 150,000 rubles, in the meantime, the pawnbroker was not even foreign.

Vladimir Osipov : I am not to blame!

Court of Justice

The United States embassy announced the marriage aferistke Alene Fedorovskoy. Female immediately became Osipovoy Natalia, and then Anna Chuprekovoy.

The site 'Russian beauties' is modified, 'Nadezhda', 'hero', 'Angelina'. Alan turned to the UK. Englishman Peynu 'marriage' cost about 2.5 thousand pounds sterling.

First spohvatilsya Canadian Kleshinsky. When about 1000 dollars, he saw where they received. It was not in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. Kleshinsky written statement to the police.

Incidentally, the statements subsequently made eight misguided marriage, and one even personally visited Yekaterinburg.

Operatives quickly went to the site and Osipova to the programmer, removed the hard drive from correspondence and other files. The crimes nor Osipov nor Fedorovskaya not admitted.

'Money? number of elected before, so the heart does not prikazhesh! '

The site dating Osipov established at their own risk, and no license he did not have.

At that hoped swindlers is not clear : all transfers Vladimir received by submitting a passport. Within two years, he had bought two apartments and three vehicles.

Osipov, Vladimir Alexandrovich sentenced to five years in a general regime colony, 'says the judge, and the young man turned his head on his hands. Anna is the same, but did not lose his composure.

Take into custody in the courtroom.

At the hands of convicted (his right-her left) zaschelkivayutsya handcuffs.That's spouse. During all these years, marriage swindlers Anna Fedorovskaya and Vladimir Osipov lived together.

Andrei Popkov October 31, 2006


This is because the 'brides' normal girls are unable to marry.

I myself (46 years old) was married to a Norwegian, and daughter (26) - the American, and did not miss.
Question for that? During the divorce pahotlivyh sayingFor it is in our geopolitics encouraged. Surprisingly ryanost 'our bodies. Narkodillery and traders palenkoy off with fines and amnesties, a doctor AIDS-infected pregnant woman works at the same place with a fine 1000 re, mother in hospital poisoned polgruppy children now quietly rabotvaet in nearby .....

In our company manager in the first 9 months stole 35000 (35 million) domestically and was caught on the police's hand, even in KPZ not served. Corollary rassypalos. Perhaps some of our money received DEBRIS (never hesitated to call them).

And yet, Osipov can tell where Ekb over a million rubles (even in two years) you can buy two flats (three machines excuse)))

...And the bride ... .My sister married a Canadian. Without Agency. .Just so happened. He has been living in Calgary. All it well.

I suggest that somehow support the convictions.

!Without those caught!

For what? Answer for words, actions for the trust of the people, the very 'eye'. It does not matter who stole : with his or imported, and the centre is entitled to protection.

So, greetings to all 'kidalam'
Why indeed? The girl moved money to gop-stup stupid saying no one will take? Liberate, issue thanks and support the effort! ! !

'Let the world die, but the law will prevail', the ancient. All right. And one does not need to issue a law for their own phobias (including one of glupeyshih - amerikanofobiyu).

It is the law, a game: No, I do not endorse convicted, but otherwise agrees with the pieces. Not that it is the first in the head when reading : to be the same as before bugrom progibaemsya. 5 years mnogovato certainly can be cut, but will still have to answer for fraud. But money is the 'victims' I would not have returned, distributed to the orphanages. First, they voluntarily sent transfers at their own risk.For even think that the casinos have, as we poured over the head of the capitalist pomoev, in the form of gambling clubs, porn, etc. And secondly, they do not pay us taxes, which contains our valiant guards comment. His taxpayers need help.It is a pity that hardly any who will listen to such arguments.

if what's lust, saying just wanted to marry (himself at all married with whom perespal, our nuns you?) ; If you svisnut less than 35.000 taxes, it must vorishku iron on the ball and release the money?

It is the law, this game : the song 'Uhar-kupets' know? This 'udalogo molodtsa' also taught elsewhere?- himself he ni-ni ... And her by that, 'bailey silver produced?We know that our home 'new' is the most in the world.

About taxpayers : if you are in China, say, the leg will come, the taxpayers do your conflict razrulivat be?
Here I do not see any criminality. And if a amerikos arrived in Russia itself, and led her under the crown, and she used from the crown away. So what? It would also have to pay the purchase price of a ticket and a visa? Or another option, it comes to him and he does not like it much.

And in this case, she hit a aferistki, arrived at the same money, and he refused. So, inosrannye husband may announce aferistkoy any rossiyanku. The only way to a 'bride'. This visit Gem and serve under any one, even if he is old and dirty wind, then charges were not followed.

shustroy uralochki simply no intelligent lawyer. I know if it was the groom commitments instance, to come to him at his money and yield him razikov 40. He made under the treaty prepay and it goes. And here we do not see either the contract or obligations. It's like a bride groom presented a ring to engagement and then vyshibaet him in court.
how many years ago showed 'Interdevochku and furnishes nothing had since been reversed. Just go to the Russian whores Norvegiyu-Shvetsiyu and weight behind the ears pelotku primorozhennym skandinavam. And their daughters shlyuhskih issue already married outside amerikanktsev.

Then, and the young and the old whore begin to weigh on Russian forums, teach us to live, tsykayut us down. Yet whore whore it everywhere, even in KINGDOM even in the Americas while in Russia.
People were hundreds of dogs palenoy vodka, heroin sold in tsuganskih kapayah almost openly and heren anyone for the plant. And so for this stupidity and the board, so even for such period. Complete chaos. Let us ask a judge who? This was the Russian court or amerikossky?

imagine what oblom was a 'marriage'. He paid for access to the body (bilet-viza) may even pomylsya-pobrilsya and made debris but it did not come.

mikola, you really such views on married women? Anyone who is married, the whores? Odd approval.
Note court found but the trend deliberate intent
That is the action to 'divorce' with the preliminary design time and vkatili
What does it mean to those not caught? '

These marvellous, but these do not guarantee. Committed a crime, let sit. And the 5-year-long, so check Criminal uodeks.
And what are you Americans so mud oblivaete. Byla you all an opportunity to go there, so you would not think either seconds immediately be rvanuli. Zavist bad things better than you thought it better ih.Zhivete host the glubinkah and did not see.
from USA vovan, old men and women in the United States a lot. And they live long. And driving it too long. But dirty and smell have never met.

Celi, not podelili wedlock with the investigation. And about the amount was not yet clear what it has been actually. 15 ?? 40 ???. Each newspaper has its own version of this score -- from 15 to 40 tysch. Who is?
They now sit and 100 pudovo think 'Because some amerikosov, our country is ready to replace us under the barrel. Well punished like, but not the same! What we can talk about patriotism in Russia now? Those who seek protection? All we do not like people! Everywhere contradictions and chaos! ' If if it is the other way around, when they have not anything done (and may even have prize).

America same at all spit, is energetic nobody listening, and those who meshaetsya weighs. While it is not on nodding nastuchish it hell did not understand. And the judges bought the same elsewhere. Just a pity for her and ashamed of their country. Morale of our fallen, but does give amerikosov comes. Then questions arose from our tops and this is why her? But because! ! ! !PIDARASY!
from six months ago, some American manda, named BV pavlis, beat to death an adopted Russian boy. And uhitrilas sell for transplant organs child killed. So for this decade have. And so Jewish, for a petty vkatili for seven years. I never understood that really the Russians moved in ameriku and there zasudili or a judge here so prognulis?
A zaparili you new amerikosy. Pushed for the ocean, sit, sopite two holes. And then you have to just cause, and to our children and to our going to our oil.You there that endemic megalomania? For Russian klavu you create a Toad strangles, lepite kakito characters, and even live teach, zadolbali.
Yes of course have a lot of over--5 years. Likewise, prognulis of foreigners once again. And then they come to us and deal with paedophilia with our children.No one is not planted. And how many children they had broken lives.Nikokogo is not interested because all progibatsya accustomed to them, because they are paying for.

And could ever give to polgodika with confiscation. That would be quite enough.
And it's the same nenakraschennaya ... Shlyuhstvo some. Titki revealed all possible means. Yes and chest taaak yourself!
No matter Vor should sit in prison. It is time to handle the facts, not opinions.

Let posidyat and think.
It is a pity folks have so much!

Do not thought through many things, I hope others will be smarter. The first thing to do was to get out of Russia, but nothing vydut five years smarter and show more.Russian brides they wanted? Correct, so they want, kozlam! '

2007-05-08, 12:47:23
looks like she is on the scam again be careful ...she keep's pop'n on msn then goes off line warned !!!
2007-05-14, 10:03:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  


Those bloody Russians have been sending me email 'viruses' recently!!

It did not work, I ran the text through Google's language tools and it warned me the text was either a virus or spy-ware?!

In this (Russian language) email 3 or 4 times that had an offer in it of software to 'harvest' email addresses (to spam/scam)!

The link to the program was on stop-scammers website (run by scammers)!?

Fortunately I had already heard about them so I was a bit cautious about it but decided to check it out.

It is a trojan horse virus that sits in the task-bar pretending to be a legitimate Windows file?!

Delete, delete, delete!!!

2007-05-14, 13:00:01
anonymous from United States  
What in the world makes you think that site is run by scammers???
And what's the name of that file???
2007-05-15, 06:35:49
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Oh, and when I went to the home-page of the above website:

It took me to the Stop-Scammers home-page!

I tried it again today and it just shows the above text plus a photo from the Russian Brides Cyber Crime website!


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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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