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Dating scammer Marina from Olha near Irkutsk in Russia


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Name: Marina
Birthdate: December, 25, 1980
Profession: Fitness trainer

Address: Olha, Russia (near Irkutsk)
Lenina street 9, flat 37

Also mentioned in the chain of emails: Nataila =

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2008-03-11, 17:42:09
anonymous from Mexico  
I just wanted to share with the community another picture of this 'lady'. She uses the name of Evgeniya..
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Dating scammer Evgeniya

2008-03-22, 12:26:54
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have 5 e-mails from a gorgeous 26 yr old from Zima, near Irkrutsk in the last 10 days.
The first was sent under the name 'Flower Bluebell', the remainder from 'Alla<'

Whowever is behind this, is claiming to have a Degree in Humanatarian Studies from Irkrutsk University 2006.

The jpegs sent are of a gorgeous female with fantastic light brown hair down to her waist. They appear to have been taken in the Deans Office at the University, very good quality.She claims to be looking for an older man in UK to unlock her inner self.

As yet, she has only asked for my phone number, but no money etc

This seems to good to be real , but I am still curios ?

Can anyone help me please ASAP

2008-03-24, 05:23:27
anonymous from France  
2008-04-02, 12:10:46
anonymous from Malaysia  
hey boyz...

any nude pix on this bitch???

would appreciate for all of us to share......

masturbate away boyz.........
2008-04-05, 14:13:30
I wont say who I am I was almost scammed by Oksana for $ 1000 , After I told her I was not a rich man , I didnt here from her for 4 days , Then she writes back , she only needed $500 , I told her I would have it today , I am waiting for her to send me an address in st petersburg to send the money to,. I am glad I checked this out first,. Thank you for the warning I just hope the next poor guy does the same , I wish there was a way we could trap her.
2008-04-06, 21:50:41 from Argentina  
Yo soy de la Argentina, y alguna vez me llego carta de mina que quería ser mi amiga y después de 2 mails me decía que seria un buena esposa, como si aca nos hicieran falta mujeres, acá hay un montón y mejores, hay para todos los gustos y si ponen las pilas hasta te bancan(te dan dinero) las minas de acá son espectaculares, y justo me quieren hacer la guita( estafar dinero) a mí y nosotros que acá el que no corre..vuela . saludos y tengan cuidado muchachos, y si algún día quieren buenas minas vengan para acá que este es el mejor país del mundo.
2008-04-23, 09:21:37
anonymous from Brazil  

2008-04-29, 18:16:34
anonymous from United States  
2008-04-30, 02:02:49
anonymous from New Zealand  
Hahahaha holy shit..

This email <> Natalja sent me heeps of emails!

My mates and I were cracking up at this sad ass effort.
By the 8th email she asked me for 600 USD for her 'flight'

I mean really, who the hell believes that except lonely old men!


2008-05-11, 13:36:54
anonymous from United States  
dinara zimalova from Olha Irkutsk, Russia matches all the descriptions of a scammer.

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Keywords: blonde red dress
2008-05-11, 20:06:54
anonymous from Philippines  
an updated picture of Olga or Dinara

2008-05-11, 20:08:55
anonymous from Philippines  
Dinara / Olga
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Viktoriya

2008-05-11, 20:10:59
anonymous from Philippines  
another pic of dinara or olga

2008-05-12, 10:49:32
OJAS from United States  
Question: Is Philippines 2008-05-11, 20:08:55 this one? http://www.delphifa..l#comments Thx
2008-05-12, 20:14:46
anonymous from United States  
i got another one, this one was awesome though. i played it like crazy until i got bored. here is the conversation. ( the person starts getting pissed at me when he can't figure out what tits are)

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marysmith_angel2008: hello
marysmith_angel2008: how are u doing today
me: mary, how are
me: you
marysmith_angel2008: am fine
me: what are you doing up at this hour
marysmith_angel2008: just to check on something very important
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: what were you checking on
marysmith_angel2008: some information on my project
me: what project is that
marysmith_angel2008: my art project
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: so what's up,
marysmith_angel2008: am cool
me: your cool, huh you just roll like that
marysmith_angel2008: yeah
marysmith_angel2008: so are u really ready to marry another wife
marysmith_angel2008: or what are u doing on singlesnet
me: i was there to meet new people
me: isn't that what you were there for
marysmith_angel2008: ok
marysmith_angel2008: yeah
marysmith_angel2008: am there to meet my soulmate
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: what if your soulmate isn't on there
marysmith_angel2008: then i will have to find it whereever i can get him
me: what if your soulmate wasn't on a dating site at all and you were spending so much time looking for her on dating sites that you missed him completeley
marysmith_angel2008: because am not ready to date any man who is ready to play games anymore
me: why not you are 24 years old, you should want to play a couple of games
marysmith_angel2008: i pray that god will make us see each other at the right time
marysmith_angel2008: ok
marysmith_angel2008: i don't like it
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: so where did your pic go
marysmith_angel2008: am a straight forward person
me: oh there you are
marysmith_angel2008: which of my pix
me: so am i
marysmith_angel2008: i don't know only if u can prove it to me
me: hey you told me that you had a naughty pic of you and you were going to show it where is it
marysmith_angel2008: i did not tell u that
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: yes you did, you don't remember that
marysmith_angel2008: av i ever send some of my pix to u
me: yes
marysmith_angel2008: so let me show u some new one's
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: ok
me: what about the sexy one's
marysmith_angel2008: i dont av
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: you told me that you had sexy ones of just you in underwear a bra
me: are you there
marysmith_angel2008: yes
me: so where are the ones you told me about
marysmith_angel2008: i dont av them
me: so you lied to me, you said that you don't like playing games and now you are playing one on me. that makes me feel bad
marysmith_angel2008: am not playing games on you
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: so do you have a camera
me: you know you look really familiar, where is it that you said you were from again
marysmith_angel2008: i dont
marysmith_angel2008: and
me: and what?
marysmith_angel2008: did u av a camera
me: yes i do
me: why do you ask
marysmith_angel2008: i want to see u
me: what part
marysmith_angel2008: your face
em: you can see my face
me: it's right there
marysmith_angel2008: ok let me see u on cam
me: i don't have a cam, do you
marysmith_angel2008: no
me: well then we both pretty much suck don't we
marysmith_angel2008: yeah
me: so why don't you tell me why you on here, the real story
me: mary
marysmith_angel2008: i have told u
me: you are here for love
me: so when do you get back? i think it would be kinda fun to meet
marysmith_angel2008: i will be back surely before the end of this month
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: surely you will
me: why do you talk like that
me: were you not in america for long
marysmith_angel2008: am there
marysmith_angel2008: i will be back soon
me: am where
me: in america
marysmith_angel2008: am just telling that before the end of this month i will be back
marysmith_angel2008: i will be in america
me: but why do you talk like that
marysmith_angel2008: how
me: you use no slang terms, it's all perfect english. kinda like tranlators will talk
marysmith_angel2008: ?
me: are using a translator to speak with me
me: so tell me mary, you are from illinois, right?
marysmith_angel2008: u just added me to the messenger
me: yes
me: is that a problem
marysmith_angel2008: no
marysmith_angel2008: but i think i should be added to ur mailbox since d day we started chatting
me: actually you were there but i deleted you when you didn't come back
me: are you there mary
marysmith_angel2008: am here
me: tell me something personal about you
me: tell me about your physical attributes
me: like what type of body you have
me: can you do that
me mary
marysmith_angel2008: come back to where
marysmith_angel2008: slim body
me: yes
marysmith_angel2008: why are u asking me
me: what about your tits
me: tell me about them
me: describe them to me
marysmith_angel2008: i have a white and strong teeth
me: that's cool
me: but what about your tits
me: are you there
marysmith_angel2008: yes
me: what are you doing
me: mary
marysmith_angel2008: am with u
me: what are you doing
marysmith_angel2008: i don't understand what u mean by tits
me: your tits
me: you don't know what tits are
me: mary
marysmith_angel2008: Huh
marysmith_angel2008: I'm here
marysmith_angel2008: i know ofcourse
marysmith_angel2008: why ?
me: why did you ask me then if you knew
me: so can you describe them to me
marysmith_angel2008: check the spelling of what u really want to spell
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: how should i have spelt it
marysmith_angel2008: i don't know but check it
me: would you like me to rephrase the question
marysmith_angel2008: yes
me: tell me about your breasts
marysmith_angel2008: my breast is not big
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: that is fine what size are they
me: mary do you want to meet me in person
marysmith_angel2008: yes
me: why
marysmith_angel2008: because i can see that it seem u are a little serious about this relationship
me: well if we are going to get at all serious then i am going to need to see more of you, i want a naked picture of you mary. can you do that for me
marysmith_angel2008: no
me: so you don't want to have a relationship with me than
marysmith_angel2008: so must u see my nakedness b4 having a date with u
marysmith_angel2008: wat do u take me for
marysmith_angel2008: do u think am a man freak
me: i take you for a beautiful woman that shouldn't be afraid of her body
me: do you think you have a nice body
marysmith_angel2008: am not afraid but even though i have a naked pix of mine, i will only show it to my soulmate
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: i could be but with everything i have gone through i just need you to show something to me that tells me you care for me, a small amount to pay for love
me: don't you agree mary
me: are you there
marysmith_angel2008: i agree with u
me: so you will show me the picture
me: mary, are you there
marysmith_angel2008: am not showing u any pix
me: why not
marysmith_angel2008: nothing
me: nothing what
marysmith_angel2008: am not showing u anything
me: can you tell me why
marysmith_angel2008: i have told u already
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: but you said that you understood my reasons for wanting to see the picture
marysmith_angel2008: no
me: now you don't
me: ok i understand, you don't trust me
marysmith_angel2008: yes
marysmith_angel2008: and for now i don't av
me: why don't you trust me
me: well i will make you a deal ok
me i will do what you me to do to show you trust and then you can do what i want to show trust in eachother
marysmith_angel2008: what did i wanted u to do for me
me: what would you like me to do
me: anything to earn your trust
marysmith_angel2008: i like to listen to ipod
me: me too
marysmith_angel2008: can u buy one and send it to me then i will believe u are really interested in me
me: can you show small part of body to me and then yes i will send it to show i am serious
me: what kind of ipod do you want
marysmith_angel2008: video ipod made by sony
me: but by the time i purchase it and it gets there you would have already came back.
me: are you there
marysmith_angel2008: yes
marysmith_angel2008: no
me: no what
marysmith_angel2008: if u are serious to send it, it can get to me in the next three or four days
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: but how
me: and if you are serious you can send yours to me right now
me: if you are as hot as i think you are i will send you the best ipod money can buy
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: what do you mean ok
me: why do you want an ipod any ways, i would want an iphone they are alot more popular and you can do so much more with it
marysmith_angel2008: i just want it to keep me busy hearing some music on it
me: a video ipod made by sony huh, let me look it up and see how much they are
me: where would i send it to? i don't have your address
marysmith_angel2008: ok
marysmith_angel2008: should i give u my hotel address
me: you are staying in a hotel
me: that must be expensive
marysmith_angel2008: yes
marysmith_angel2008: not too expensive
me: if i were you i would have asked for cash rather than an ipod
me: i know how much hotels cost
marysmith_angel2008: why?
me: i used to live out of them when i was working for my old company
me: hotels are expensive
marysmith_angel2008: so will u mind giving me money if i ask for it so that i can buy it here by myself
me: no, i would rather pick it out for you. as a present for you
marysmith_angel2008: ok you prefer buying it by yourself and send it to me
marysmith_angel2008: huh?
me: what color do you like
marysmith_angel2008: white
me: why white? most woman want pink
marysmith_angel2008: yeah but we have diffferent taste
me: who is that
marysmith_angel2008: human being have different taste
marysmith_angel2008: isn't
me: tell me if you like this one it is only in black though
me: it's pretty cheap only 150.00
me: how much do you think it will cost to send it to you
me: are you there
marysmith_angel2008: am here
me: what do you think of this one
marysmith_angel2008: my system acted up
me: so before i purchase and send it
me: i am going to need a little something from you
marysmith_angel2008: wat is it
me: a small token
me: just one picture of you, you don't even have to show your face
marysmith_angel2008: i don't have
me: i think i have showed you that i am serious now you show me
marysmith_angel2008: ok
marysmith_angel2008: don't go there anymore
me: go where
me: what are you saying to me
marysmith_angel2008: stop asking me for naked pix
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: why
me: you want an ipod and i am getting it for you
me: by the way what is your mailing address
marysmith_angel2008: if u can get it for me i will go and take a new pix in naked form
me: but you don't have to, you said that you already have one
me: do you want the ipod
marysmith_angel2008: yes
marysmith_angel2008: if u want to give me
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: then i should get what i want too
me: if not i am pretty sure there are alot of girls out there that would love a brand new ipod
marysmith_angel2008: i don't mind
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: so you want me give it to someone else
marysmith_angel2008: if u wish ok
me: well i am sorry that you feel that way, can we still be friends
marysmith_angel2008: yes
me: your sweet
marysmith_angel2008: thanx
me: so what do you think of russian woman
me: mary are you there
marysmith_angel2008: am here
me: so what are you doing
marysmith_angel2008: i have nothing to think about russian woman
me: why is that
marysmith_angel2008: am not ready to talk about wat i don't know
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: mary can i ask you a personal question if you don't mind
marysmith_angel2008: go ahead
me: how long have you been a scammer, is it a lucritive job?
me: ha ha ha got you dumbass
me: you really thought for a second i was going to send you something
marysmith_angel2008: i know u are not sending anything
marysmith_angel2008: ok
me: you dumbfuck, that picture is plastered all over the internet as being used by some scammers in nigeria
me: wow you sure are dumb
me: if i were you i would get a new picture and a new line
me: i already recieved the letter from another girl that her parents died and i let her go on for awhile i thought i would be nice and let you go early.
me: so what do you say
me: hello
me: i would like a thank you at least i could have strung you along for months
me: hello
me: are you there

and that is the conversation, i don't recommend doing this with these type of people cause you never know what will happen but i keep a gun with me at all times so i am pretty safe

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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