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Dating scammer Osai Williams from Ghana


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This one goes by the name Osai Williams of Accra Ghana, falls in love in 1-2 emails likes Instant Messaging, wants money for visa, passport, travel. Also has numerous medical situations for her and mom that needs money for, also asks for $ for foodstuff and wants gifts, cell phones, Ipods Perfumes ect....Does she sound like a scammer??

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2012-04-22, 08:53:59
desmendoras from Germany  
Here is another dating-scammer. She first showed up on ICQ-Love as 'Nariam'. I asked her for her ICQ-Nr. but she insited comunicating via yahoo. At the first chatsession she told me how much she loved me. Of course she knew nothing about me. She told me, that she lived in Maryland USA and was born there too. So she must have went to school there too. But here spelling was so bad, she couldn't be american. The next day she asked me to fill up her internet account 'Ghanaairtime' to keep chatting with me. She also told me that here mother was afroamerican and her father was white. Her photo shows here all white, so her story was fake, concerning that point.
During our last chat yesterday I told here about my findings and she acted naiv. Then,
later she began getting really upset and mad at me, for calling her a scammer. She told me someone else took her photo out of the net and abused it and so on. I surely can't judge here. In fact I don't have any hard proof.I just became very suspisious. But here, for a warning her Y-chat name is mariam123. Her Yahoo e-mail adres is So, people, this all here is just in case.

With regards

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2012-04-22, 14:18:41   (updated: 2012-04-22, 14:49:22)
Adult Industry News - Raven Riley: 'I'm Not Retired!'

It will warm the cockles of your heart guys; to know Raven Riley has not retired. Seeking to refute rumors she has left the business, adult model Raven Riley contacted XBIZ last night to inform the ... I have been reading about the rumors and what not, but just know that I am still here and I'm not retired,” Riley said ... Win an opportunity to fuck Raven Riley! Watch for an announcement soon so you can participate!
2012-04-22, 14:32:46
Oh man... Raven Riley comes with a little experience, but she's still only 26 with plenty of fire left in the furnace ! Here's her biography ...

Raven Riley Biography

Raven Riley' (born September 6, 1986) is an American porn star, appearing on line, off line at events, and on DVDs. Riley recently won the top spot on 'Front magazine's' 'Top 20 Girls of the Web' and appeared on its March 2007 cover.

An Ohioan, Riley debuted online at age 18. Since then, she has won several awards for her movies and photos. She is mostly of Italian heritage, with some Native American heritage.

Riley maintaines her own web site and regularly updates her personal website with softcore, lesbian, hardcore, and light fetish sets. In a solo-girl tradition, she has also cameoed on several other adult websites, including Misty Anderson's and Kate's Playground.

With the support of website ' (jaYManCash) ', of which Riley is part-owner, she has started a new venture, ' (Evil Motion Pictures) ', whose goal is to break into mainstream horror movie production. Evil Motion Pictures released its first horror porn film starring Riley entitled 'Succubus'.

2012-04-22, 14:46:29
A proud salute to 'Raven Riley' for her achievements in the adult film indistry !
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2012-04-27, 17:03:36
sailintosunset from United States  
I met a very nice girl from Ghana and enjoyed talking to her.But things sometimes didn't add up. Alarms went off in my head sometimes when we spoke. She made me feel so good that I just ignored the warning signs. She asked for money, for a webcam and headset so we could speak and see each other. Thank God right before I was going to send her money $120.00 (not very much) munira lukmann contacted me by yahoo messenger and we started talking. Well i told her about this girl and she asked me a few questions. The next day I got an email from lukmann and she found information about this girl. I was shocked what I learned and she saved me 120.00!!! This girl goes by Honesty_baby, Prettyangle2011. Her name is Phyllis. She was into Porn movies and Porn internet Her name is Raven Riley..... Google that and you can see pictures of her.. WARNING it is a porn site!

So if you guys and Girls want to find out about the person you are talking to in ghana you have a friend in Ghana now.....Munira Lukman. She doesnt ask for money but i sent her 50.00 and she was so grateful. I dont have her email but she is sometimes on yahoo msg as Munira Lukman. i stand behind her 100% and as far as I can tell she is not a scam. She saved me 120.00 soo I sent her 50 for helping me out. If she helps you out think about it... because she wont ask for any money. Im new on this site so if you have any questiions email and i will try to help.

2012-04-28, 12:34:57 from United States  
I am having multiple girls contact me showing there are in the United States. When I do contact them they are all from Ghana.Is there any way to prove their VISA or passport they have scanned and sent me. I would like to verify they are real and not fake before I continue any relationship.
The attached picture is of Fiona Rita Boakye

2012-04-28, 12:38:59 from United States  
Another picture of a woman from Ghana who contacted me thru dating site and claims to be American living in Ghana. Her love for me was professed very quickly and as of yet has asked for no money but wants to be here with me. Her name is Mary Ocran

Has anyone out there received anything from here or know of her?

2012-04-28, 20:19:23
DOC from United States  
2012-04-29, 17:55:13
anonymous from United States  
some one heck into my computor and put a innocent woman on your site her emaiol adresss is gladyluv@hotmail .com please do not print it ex girlfriend did it sorry for incnvince
2012-04-29, 17:55:17
anonymous from United States  
some one heck into my computor and put a innocent woman on your site her emaiol adresss is gladyluv@hotmail .com please do not print it ex girlfriend did it sorry for incnvince
2012-04-29, 22:22:20 from Enterprise, United States  
I have been overrun by scammers in the last few weeks. I have started messing with tem real bad, like writing them love letters, telling them the money is on the way, i sent the camera, laptop and money for their visa. they all love me at first sight of my picture, they want to marry and make me the happiest man if the world... since i seem to be such a good target i will start posting picts when i get them...alos a nother fun thing is got to web sites and search you can usualy find their picture.. talk to them a while on then if on yahoo messenger, get tehm to photo share and send them pictures of themselves.... it is like poof they go away

2012-04-30, 00:13:57
2012-04-29, 22:22:20 from Enterprise, United States >>>

Haaa, the girl with the two pit bulls has the true entrepreneurial spirit ! Her stage name is 'Brandifox4' a porn girl of sorts. She sells pit bull pups out of Mexico and has her own private escort service...

She says: [ Jan 10, 2012 – IM HORNY 24/7! Lets talk sex fat cock! add me at ym-> and msn-> an. ]

2012-04-30, 06:56:07

Your link


2012-05-02, 20:13:30
hello all men reading this;
well i just got told off by brandi i did iadded her on my list and things went down fast are:
told me to vote for her no didnt do it
told me to fuck off
she delete me off list of hers
so i got pissed and took her off my list the pain is on her and hell too.
so swatch out for her and dogs and work and collage of her watch out.pain and cry is on her painfully.
2012-05-06, 19:46:45
anonymous from Canada  
found a picture's on this site she cute,she goes by the Louisina Forson,everyone but me knows her as amanda smith,osai williams,using some picture's now calls herself Louisina Forson,story she tells lives with grandmum in ghana,because her parents died in new york!

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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