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Dating scammer Ekaterina from Cheboksary, Russia


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Name: Ekaterina Hill
Born on November, 17, 1979
City: Cheboksary, Russia

"I work in a city polyclinic. I fly children. I very much love the work. I am engaged in fitness and sports dances."

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2009-04-30, 12:00:22 from Yellow Springs, United States  
Yes i found you site most helpfull thank you very much. I knew she was a scam!! I was play her game since she was bored too.She'll go by solnywko08@gmail. Never asked for$ I think she was fishing for a while. I can't send pic!!But you'll find her bent over on a rock by the sea in a pink dress
2009-04-30, 14:31:39
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
amosdewayne from the USA

I am writing to inform you and others never post your e mail address on this site.
Scammers watch this site all the time.
Never tell a scammer anything about this site.
Your in box may be flooded by scammers.
Also beware there is a idiot vigilante who does not take the time to see if a address
is of a scammer or victim. He sends a virus in a attachment.
Sorry to tell you after the fact. But, I also learned the hard way.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
2009-04-30, 22:44:43   (updated: 2009-04-30, 22:47:00)
anonymous from United States  
The blond going by the name Aleksandrathemostbeautiful OR Aleksandraisearchforlove
and a dozen other names is a real model. But she is not doing the scamming. She is a model in Russia and she lives in Moscow. I somehow managed to find her after months of searching. I have talked to her a few times through e-mails and have been on her web site.
Her real name is Natalie and she knows her pictures are being used but she can't do anything about it. Her site is in Russian. So if you want to talk you have to send your e-mails in Russian. She knows no English. I had to translate everything she sent to me.
This is her web address:
Her web site is in Russian also. Just use one of the free on line translators to translate the languages.
All the pictures that were sent to me and everyone else are on her site. Please check it out. She has alot of beautiful pictures. Including a cover for VOGUE magazine.
I was taken in by the guy writing the e-mails. He's good. But I found this site in time, before I did something stupid. I hope this helps someone else from being a victim.
I'm pirate
2009-05-01, 04:44:49
OJAS from United States  
Pirate, please also post the full info in her dedicated thread http://www.delphifa..comments.

Do not copy contracted URLs from earlier posts in delphi, they will not work if you see two consecutive dots .. Open such URLs and copy from the address bar.
Thanks and have a nice weekend.
2009-06-15, 17:14:14
anonymous from United States  
this woman is using a new name Irina Malinouskaya and new email, she or he has a photo share page too. with allot of pictures. claims to be able to get money for trip all except enough for plane ticket.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina from Cheboksary, Russia

2009-06-15, 21:48:59   (updated: 2009-06-15, 21:51:08)
anonymous from United States  
To anonymous from US 2009-06-15, 17:14:14
I dealt with scammer for 4 months. Stay away from this. HE is very good at his job. You will be sending money before you even know what is going on. Check out the posting above on this page and here http://www.delphifa..=1#129866
The pictures of the girl have been stolen from her site. This guy is dangerous. My advice is to quit answering any e-mails and let him forget about you. I almost got caught up in it even knowing it was a scam when it started. Please read these postings before you do anything else.

pirate :x

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Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana

2009-08-14, 04:38:59
anonymous from United States  
Hello my friend Patrick!

I am very happy to see your letter again!
I think that you not against that that I will name you the friend???
For me will be huge happiness if we are friends with you...
It is very pleasant to me to receive every day the new letter from you and to learn you all better and better,
So we approach and I think that we have the right to name each other friends!!
You so do not think!??!
But that we knew each other very well to us it is required to more time, but
We have I hurry up also is assured that that we will learn still new about the friend the friend!
My opinion that what to meet for both of us would be remarkable because
We could learn each other better personally, but now I do not think of it as
We can make an error!!
With each letter I am more and more assured of you, and to me very pleasantly that that you are sincere with me,
Now we can learn each other better only under letters, and I think that it as very well!

I will send you the photos very often, and I hope that that they like you, today I also will send to you
The photo, to me as is very pleasant when you send me the photos...
I hope that that you love my previous photos!

As you already know, I live with mum and the daddy and I absolutely do not have brothers and sisters, I unique
In a family!! We live in two-roomed apartment, a room of parents, my room, kitchen and a balcony!
Though our apartment not so is great, at us is always pure and cosy,
And when to us visitors they always come notice it I speak that to us even to come very pleasantly!
Name of my father Denis, to it 54 years and it already on pension..., when it was younger it
Worked as the usual builder to be exact the welder threw!
As he spoke me that that it likes this work and it the professional in the business.
In free time from work my father likes to leave in wood and hunts, and as he very much likes to catch
Fish!!! As that time it took me with itself(himself) on fishing and I fished around for the first time in lake...
At first at me it was impossible to catch any fish, but then I have pulled out small a pike.
I very much was delighted also the father have praised me!! But it was very much for a long time approximately 15 years ago!
Now my father also leaves on fishing but I did not go for a long time with it...

My mum is called Tatyana, to it by 52 years and it just as my father on pension... Earlier it worked
In shop the seller in grocery shop, but already as five years it where does not work and
Is the housewife, it does cleaning of the house and as it is tasty prepares much,
And I always help it with it!
For entertainment it at times goes to an ice palace and goes for a drive there on the fads, it very well goes
On them and always calls me with itself!

As I have a grandmother, I think that to you as it interestingly.
She does not live with us because she very long lived in village which is approximately in 60 km from
Our city, also it is called Matvinur, she lives there together with my grandfather, and looks after it, as it
Not in very good condition because of illness...
They do not wish to leave from there as they were born there and these places very native for them!
It is very a pity to me the grandfather. I spent with them a lot of time in the childhood and now it very much in bad condition!
When I come now to village to them, they are always very happy to see me, and is constant
Bake pies, and all of us together behind a table recollect former years...
That is very a pity to me that time has very quickly flown by. I still recollect my school times.
And I would be very happy to turn time in go balmy and to return to school!
I think that it was interesting to you to learn about my family!!
Please tell to me about the family... It would be very interesting to me to know about them.
How many them at you??? What relations between them???

Once when I was very small I came to the grandmother together with parents,
And when I stood in a court yard and ate a pie to me the neighbour's dog has run up, I very much loved it,
But sometimes it was as if itself not the... It has run up to me both has snatched out my pie and has run,
I have been very frightened also my grandmother have run for a dog and the beginnings it to whip a birch,
Then to me very much even it became ridiculous, and after a dog any more did not offend me!
I hope that that to you interestingly to read my letters though I and have left in a detail of the childhood.
I really recollect many moments from the teenage life!

Earlier about a floor of year back I also corresponded with the man on the Internet,
I thought that it very lovely and good, but after it started to ask from me naked photos,
He spoke me that that it can give me many money and fine career, but to it were
My naked photos are necessary,
But I the decent girl and I will not send naked photos never and not looking on what, but he insisted on it.
And as soon as I have ceased to write to it it wrote me different mucks...
To me also I very was not pleasant have been very afflicted, now I am very cautious in acquaintances on the Internet,
But I trust in that that you not the such.!!!

I do not care of career and about money because my overall objective in my life it to meet the man
With which I could divide all pleasures and a hardship and for this reason I have decided to write to you therefore
That I think that you that person!
I am ready to give to such person the heart!
I finish the letter!!
Please write me all that you think of it, I hope that that was interesting to read you my letter!
With huge not patience waiting for your letter - Viktoriya!
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Dating scammer TANYA

2010-01-12, 10:37:47   (updated: 2010-01-12, 10:45:06)
be carefull with dating scammer from cheboksary, russia. Her name Ekaterina Bystrova, 26 years old, her father name vladimir and her mother name olga. The address from cheboksary, russia, street mayday 428006 house 16 apartment 14. email address: and
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina from Cheboksary, Russia
Dating scammer Ekaterina from Cheboksary, Russia

2010-01-12, 10:40:40
be carefull with dating scammer from cheboksary, russia. Her name Ekaterina Bystrova, 26 years old, her father name vladimir and her mother name olga. The address from cheboksary, russia, street mayday 428006 house 16 apartment 14. email address: and
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina from Cheboksary, Russia

2010-04-03, 19:06:56
Hanubis from United States  
This girl named Ekaterina has a profile in my belovednet and wrote few sad letters and asked help with money for move her life.

2010-04-03, 19:08:58
Hanubis from United States  
Ekaterina letter:
Good afternoon,
Thank you for your photo, where it has been done?
Let's continue our acquaintance?!
How are you, how your mood? I'm fine. As soon I will have vacation.
It was pleasant to see your letter in the letter box!
It would be desirable to trust, that we have already made 'FIRST STEP' to sincere and true friendship, between me and you!!!
Heart is pleased, when imagine in the ideas, that someone writes to you the letter, and during this moment thinks of you
You understand my ideas???
I think you should know it: the Man capable on the present love and to respect the woman, has all chances to win my heart!
I hope you that person, capable to respect opinion and feelings of the woman?!
I think, that soul and ideas of the person should be transparent as water!!!
You agree with me???
At the difficult moments of a life I am always ready to help the favourite person, and also, to be with him in mountain and pleasure.
I try to not refuse people to which need my help but if I will need their help, I never shall tell him about it, as I the person very constraining and modest.
To me very the heart would be desirable to present the good and kind person, to open before him as the book that he could read me during all life, devote all stayed life him, to be dissolved in him, to be for him the angel - keeper!!!
I the Christian, sincerely believe in the God, and only therefore I try to forgive people though I admit, sometimes to forgive it happens very much, very difficultly...
Thanks you in time which you spend for me.
I am very happy, that you continue to write to me.
My heart is pleased, as I know, that in distances from me the man which waits my following letter lives.
It is very a pity, that early we were not familiar with you...
I very good student, you can trust me all secrets, I shall hold them deeply in the heart.
Now I shall tell to you a sad episode from my past.
It was 7 years ago.
At this time I should marry my groom.
All was good, till certain time.
At restaurant tables have been ordered, musicians are invited, invitations have been sent to visitors.
We very much liked each other (anyway I thought so).
However, the trouble came nearer closely and closely...
My groom has told to me, that cannot marry me as loves other woman.
I have heard it 14 days prior to the planned wedding.
The world has fallen for me...
I required days to calm down from this news.
The most bad was that I could not trust long time to men.
I very much loved this person.
I read everyone his desire on his to eyes.
I knew this person since the childhood, I was confident, that I knew him by heart.
We knew secrets and secrets each other, he were my ally in many affairs.
he has betraid me in the heart and in the soul.
Some days I even thought of suicide.
I required many years to forget and forgive this treachery
I have been in love in him as the little girl.
We a lot of time were together.
Only one God knows, that occured to me during that moment of my life.
From him I did not expect such treachery, he have crushed my feelings, and I long time suffered.
I felt like very badly, I can not describe to you these feelings in words at all...
I cannot explain to you, that during that moment occured in my heart.
My life seem to me finished, and I would not like to live.
Has passed time, and my feelings to him have cooled down, now I try to not recollect it.
In the heart I have forgiven him as I understand, that insults destroy our hearts.
I became more stronger, and now have learned to understand people a little.
I have put before myself the purpose, and have decided to try the happiness again.
But this time I became more more cautious and is more skilled in a choice of the partner in life.
I very much hope you not such person, and are not capable to hurt the beloved!
I about much still would like to write to you, but unfortunately at me it is a lot of work, and I should to continue work.
Do not miss..... Good-bye.....
Your Russian girlfriend Ekaterina....
Received: from (sweetlady_198150@ with plain)
by with SMTP; 27 Mar 2010 11:02:22 -0700 PDT
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Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 09:02:15 -0700
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)

2010-04-03, 19:10:54
Hanubis from United States  
Ekaterina other letter:
I hope our acquaintance starts to find sense?!
I am grateful to you in time which you spend for me!!!
How your mood, what weather at you?
Today at us it is rather cold.
How passed your day???
My day has passed as usually, anything new...
Early in the morning I ran in school stadium that is near to my house a little.
After jog I have taken a bath.
Leaving from a bath I have prepared for a breakfast for the father and the stepmother, and the ambassador we sat in the automobile of the father and have gone for work.
The working day was difficult as I had to fill in many reports for tax police.
As I already wrote to you I work in firm of the parents.
We supply the military units, the necessary goods (footwear, mattresses, pillows, and many other things).
I like my work, but I very much do not like that fact, that I always under supervision of the parents...
At my father very difficult character.
It is necessary to have very strong nervous system and patience to live with this person even one day.
My father is angry and is nervous on any trifles.
My father considers, that all should be under his the control.
My parents supervise each my step and consequently limit to me feeling of freedom.
I cannot make an independent step, without the permission of the father.
Probably my father acts correctly, but I not so like it: (
I could not act with children also as my father with me acts.
And as you think: the feeling of freedom is necessary for people???
You think my parents act correctly with me, I control each my step, limiting me feeling of freedom????
I try to understand them, but at me it not always turns out....
At my age the person should live independently, but my parents do not want to understand it.
Sometimes I feel the slave, I have such feeling, that my parents use me in the mercenary purposes.
I feel as a bird behind a lattice which all time would be desirable a drink of freedom.
I hope you correctly will understand my frankness?!
Please do not think of me poorly, do not think that I the spoiled and whimsical child who complains of the parents.
I understand, that each parent wishs the child of good luck, but I also understand, what not each parent wants to understand or can understand the child.
At my age people make of the decision independently, and it is the fact!
Unless it is correct, when parents make of the decision for us, and do not leave to us is right to think independently????
I think it not correctly!!!
Speaking on the truth, sometimes I feel the closed person, and I very much do not like this unpleasant feeling......
Frequently it happens such, that me forbid to visit the girlfriends.
I tried to speak the parents that I cannot so to live, being all time under their supervision and the control, but my parents do not want me to listen, and each our conversation comes to an end scandal.
I tried to live independently, but my father forbids to me to leave from a house.
On work my father does not give out to me my work-record card, and without a work-record card I cannot be arranged for new work.
I tried to find in myself forces and courage that without approval of parents to leave a house, but each time does not suffice me bravery to make this decision.
I have decided for myself, that so to proceed cannot any more, and that I shall leave from the parents as soon as in my life the person whom I shall grow fond will appear.
I know, that my parents so simply will not allow me to leave from them as I know many their secrets.
I have made the decision and that in this world will not force me to change the decision!!!
I ask the angels - keepers that my sufferings came to an end, and I sincerely believe, that my requests once will be heard.
Sometimes I would like to leave on a desert island, and to remain there for all life that all my problems with family at last have been finished.
I stop to write to you, in the following letter I shall tell to you more about my life now.
Good-bye, your new friend Ekaterina...

2010-04-03, 19:12:34
Hanubis from United States  
Ekaterina last letter:
Hello my dear
I am grateful to you in time which you spend on me.
I start to trust you, your letters become a part of my day.
I would like to learn you better as far as only it is possible.
Sincerely I hope, that in the future our mutual relations will give result.
I think in a life there is nothing impossible if our desires are sincere.
You agree with me????
I think, if the person very much wants something, or has dream, means it is necessary to trust and aspire to the desires, not paying attention to barrier and circumstances of a life.
I am confident, that only in such a way, it is possible to carry out the desires and dreams.
In this letter I shall tell to you as there passes my life now.
To tell the truth I long time thought to tell to you about it or to keep silent, as did not know, how you will perceive this revelation.
My parents want to marry me, to the son of the rich friend who has joint business with my parents.
My parents are not interested with my opinion though I do not test to this person of feelings, and this person to me is very unpleasant.
Parents of this person very rich people and consequently their son is very much spoilt with money.
This person has spoiled to me all my life....
I spoke set of times to the parents, that I shall not marry this person, but my parents at all do not want to listen to me.
This person the real loony and a hypocrite who hides the true person under a mask.
This person some times beat me.
I went to police to write on this person the complaint but then my father was in furiousness when has heard about it and consequently has forced me to take away back my complaint from police.
I have not obeyed the father and then my father has accused me before police of lie, having told polices, that it he has struck me in an impulse of the anger, instead of as I have written Dmitry in the complaint.
One God knows, that then occured in my heart.
Dmitry has felt the impunity, and has finally lost fear, having struck me in second time but if all this has ended only with it, but is NOT PRESENT, this animal has not calmed down and has raped me.
This animal has counted all in beforehand, has come to my apartment during that moment when my parents leaved for holiday, on the sea.
I long time went to the psychologist, but it has not helped me, and then I have drunk a lot of medicine, but I was rescued in time by doctors.
Dmitry very mean person, he has left this situation dry of water, having told to my father, that I am pregnant from him, and our child, but it not the truth in such a way wanted to kill, I was not pregnant.
This person the real hypocrite.
Sometimes it would be desirable to burst into tears, but I understand, that tears will not calm my heart.
I sincerely believe, that the God sees my sufferings, and that soon my sufferings will be stopped.
I tried to tell set of times about this rape to the father, but my language does not obey me as it is very a shame to me even to recollect it.
This vile person has deprived with me virginity, and now on fault of this person, it will be very a shame to me to look in the face to the future husband.
I the believing person and consequently should be able to forgive but to forgive it not in my forces, I when I can not forgive it and when I can not forget about it.
My father has begun to hate me, thinking that I have killed the child.
I live in a hell, my girlfriend spoke me set of times that I left from the house, and that I am guilty in all sufferings.
I did not expect to hear from the girlfriend these words.
The psychological help was necessary for me, and in the answer I have received only insults....
I know precisely, that in Russia I will not have future.
To me it is very lonely, as there is no person who would try to understand my mental anguish.
Sometimes it seems to me that I shall go with mind, and that in this world everyone think only of themselves.
All people egoists seem to me, but in depth of the heart I understand, that my ideas are erroneous, as in this world correct not only is angry, but also kind also.
At me such feeling as though all world has lost sight and hearing, and from it to me becomes even more sick on heart........
I hope after reading this letter, you will understand, what occurs in my life, now?!
I write to you these words and from my eyes tears flow, I cannot understand why I so I suffer, and for what the God acts so with me.....
I tried to leave to live in other city, but my father has found me, with the help of police.
I as the prisoner in prison, with me address as with the slave.
I tried to talk to Dmitry, I asked him to leave me alone, but he does not listen to me.
Each time as I start to talk with him about it, he at once starts to become hysterical, and wants to listen nothing....
Several days ago I went on consultation to the lawyer to listen his advice.
Having listened to closely my history the lawyer has advised me to talk to Dmitry frankly.
Dmitry not that person with which it is possible to talk frankly, I tried to talk to Dmitry set of times, but my conversations have changed of nothing, he as was a pig, such and have remained......................
I have told to the lawyer that tried to talk to this person set of times, but each time our conversation came to an end without results.
It seems to me what even the lawyer is afraid to contact their family.
Many my familiar have ceased to communicate with me.
The case when one my secret admirer has sent me flowers was, having seen flowers father has come to furiousness, and has forbidden to me to leave a house.
It was very strong shock for me, father long time shouted at me, and even wanted to strike.
At me it is impossible to be pleased with a life sincerely.
I frequently ask the God that he has sent me the favourite person who could be to me the best friend with whom I share the rest of the life.
My life, reminds me terrible dream which will not end when.
If you only could know, how I was bothered with these constant problems with the family.
Sometimes there is time when I would not like to live.
I very much dream to create the family, to be the favourite wife, to love madly the husband, but at present my life, it only dreams and illusions....
Sometimes it seems to me, that my confidence starts to weaken, and that I should be measured with the destiny.
But I also sincerely believe, that destiny of each person in his hands, and that when not late to change the life!!!
Only ideas that the God of us has created for love and happiness, give me confidence and hope.
I pray every day that in my life there were changes, and I sincerely believe and I hope, that in the future my sufferings will be stopped......


1) That for you it is more more important: love, money, health, career, sex or family well-being????

2) You could grow fond of another's children, how native?

3) You the quick-tempered person?

4) Than you are guided more: reason or feelings?

5) You the pessimist or the optimist?

6) You can keep secrets?

7) What for you means Happiness?

8) You prefer sweet lie, or the bitter truth?

9) You are capable to supervise the anger?

10) You the risky person?

11) You are inclined to aggression???

12) You the resolute person?

13) You are capable to strike the person?

14) You are capable to fall in love at first sight?

15) You the purposeful person?

16) What women like you?

17) You the trustful person?

18) You are pleased with the life?

19) Whether you are strong character?

20) You the friendly person?

21) If you have fallen in love with the woman, you could prove her the love???

22) You the person of a word???

23) You frequently think of sex??? The answer: yes whether or not!
24) Can you send for me money for trip and papers for live with you?

I very much hope, that you will fairly answer all my questions!
In the following letter I shall write to you the answers to these questions!
With impatience I wait your new letter!

Good-bye, your sincere friend Ekaterina...
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2010-04-04, 04:15:30
sportka from United Kingdom  

2010-04-04, 04:16:44
sportka from United Kingdom  

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