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Dating scammer Olga Sutyagina from Kotelnich, Russia


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Olga Sutyagina from Kotelnich, Russia


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2007-04-08, 08:05:19
This Olga Sutyagina Email address she is using now 'Olga Dolgireva'<olga>
2007-06-10, 18:31:16
anonymous from Australia  
This Olga Dolgireva is an intelligent scammer. I met her on rsvp . She claimed to be a peadiatricain and I was helping her with funds, to attend english language classes in Russia while at the same time, applying for her to obtain a visa, to visit me here in Australia. So, far, she was only lucky with USD500.00 off me. Bastard, she disappear after reciept of tha cash.
Please beware of Russian women!! She was using this email: <>.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer olga dolgireva

2007-07-17, 17:29:21
anonymous from United States  
Well Well Well. she might be doing it again. but i think there is a new face to go with the letters now. she is aparently a 24year old and i have her in my strings. i am letting her on. i found this site a few days after she contacted me and i have been playing her ever sence. So i am just waiting on the whole thing of money to come into the question then BAM!!!! i am going to slam this website on her ass. LOL but i want to make sure that this is the same girl so i asked her full name and some other things to make it look like a normal e-mail. i will keep you informed on what happens
2007-07-17, 20:09:50
drod from United States  
Anon USA,


Bait them. Use up their time. Send them to Money Gram, not Western Union, on a wild goose chase.

But do not send them here to learn from their mistakes. The only thing that will accomplish is making them smarter.

good hunting.......drod
2008-01-27, 13:44:27
anonymous from Austria  
Now this woman is a Devil. she write verry beautifull letters and want money for passport and papairs to com in u'r country, but nothing is real, she is a DEVIL. her actual E-Mail Ádress is : ''. Please be carefull!!!!!!! SHE IS A DD EE VV II LL Devil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-01-27, 16:47:28   (updated: 2008-01-27, 16:48:41)
OJAS from United States  
Austria, Thanks for posting for English readers. Bitte beachten Sie auch unsere Deutschsprachigen http://www.delphifa..p=86#72106
2008-05-14, 00:36:01   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

These pictures were also reported as the following identity:

Name: vera popova

Email: 'Vera Popova [ Internet-cafe ]'


Other Comments:
also known as olga sutyagina
alternate email:

Hello not the man familiar to me!

I understand that you now are surprised that to you this letter has
come. But I ask you simply spend 5 minutes of your time and read it
and that it can probably change and your life and mine. At first I
wished to be presented. My name to Vera me of 29 years I live in
Russia in the Cheboksary of I not married. And never was married. I
have finished school and arrived in medical college finished it and
went to work in hospital but only me never I carried could find to
myself the man and me so it would be desirable it. And I looked as
that in the evening the TV and saw that there spoke that in Russia 30
000 000 women which live without men and that there are such marriage
agencies in which it is possible to address and in such agency to you
can pick up the man. I went to one of such agency and addressed to
them with the request that they could find for me the man they spoke
to me that this service paid and that I should pay about 1000 roubles.
At first I thought that it expensively for me but have then thought
and solved that money for me it not important that I want happiness I
want love I want the relation and I want a happy family what for to me
money without a thing it and I gave this one thousand roubles. And
they suggested me to get acquainted with the man from other country. I
have solved why and was not present if I could not find the man from
Russia such destiny can at me and I should search the man from another
of the countries. And they gave me yours e-mail the address and spoke
that you search to yourself the woman. I took all data and went to the
cafe Internet as I am not able to use well the computer and it costs
much for my payment from work. I came to the Internet of cafe and
asked that to me created the address e-mail that I from it could write
you the letter. And here now you can see my letter. I wrote you it
with hope that you will answer. As I took two photos that you could
see my appearance and to solve for yourself completely you would like
to begin dialogue and relations with me. Only I ask you at once look
at a photo esteem the letter think and solve precisely you would like
with me correspondence to me the friend to me is not necessary I and
which is ready for serious relations will be necessary to love which
MAN and creation of a family I is possible I ask you very fragile
person and if serious relations write to me tell to me are not
necessary to you that is not present I will understand. And still I
wished to speak to you that on a photo I turned out not so well as I
did these photos at home and they turned out not so well as
professional but you see me such as I look in a life. And you can
precisely define such woman as I is necessary to you or not. Very big
request Also would like if you nevertheless are interested in me that
write to me about yours e-mail where we with you could speak and a
little good photos you have gone to me. Here like and all that I
wished to speak with you and now I only needed to wait from you for
the answer and I hope that you will write that to me if I was not
pleasant to you or serious relations are not necessary to you let to
me know. The lonely woman from Russia Vera.

Please, mail me

2008-05-14, 00:36:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
vera popova
'Vera Popova [ Internet-cafe ]'

2008-05-14, 00:36:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
vera popova
'Vera Popova [ Internet-cafe ]'

2008-05-14, 00:36:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
vera popova
'Vera Popova [ Internet-cafe ]'

2008-05-14, 00:36:02   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
vera popova
'Vera Popova [ Internet-cafe ]'

2008-05-14, 09:31:59
OJAS from United States  
2008-05-14, 21:54:20
2008-05-14, 21:55:03
anonymous from United States  

2008-10-24, 03:21:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Here's a new one on the block guys, I'll post the last mail to me:from

Hello my Roger! I am very happy to receive your letters. Also I am
happy that you too want to meet me. I really want to arrive to you in
the near future. Your letters are very important for me and have for
me huge value! You unique the man for me. I never met such good kind
and fair the man as you. Thus I fall in love with you up to madness. I
think that love which is born between us will help to overcome a
divergence in the English language. First I would like to arrive to
you in England. My mum is happy that I at last have found the present
the man and she transfers you that is already to us the best regards.
My mum now is at my best girlfriend by name Svetlana. Thus I think
what in the best way to send gifts which you want to send by mail on
the address of my girlfriend. As I am going to go to Moscow to
organize all necessary documents for reception of the visa. Today I
found out in travel agency, that reception of the visa to me will be
rather simple and fast. I have thought of date of my arrival to you. I
think that by November, 5, I can arrive to you my love. I found out
that the visa will cost for me about600 $. It not only cost of the
visa. It also charges on all necessary documents for reception of the
visa and also travelling expenses up to Moscow and residing in hotel
as I have no friends in Moscow. I also looked cost of air tickets. It
approximately 650-750 $. Thus it is necessary for me to have about
1300 $ to arrange trip to you. But unfortunately I have no such amount
of money for this purpose. I shall write to you a home address of my
girlfriend Svetlana at the end of my letter. Tell that you are going
to send me by mail. It will be very interesting to me to know that
there. But also I think that you will not tell to me that there will
be, doing thus for me a surprise. I never in a life had an ornament
with a jewel. You in fact asked to tell to you that I want and
certainly you can not send me it, in fact it only that that I want. I
think that on it I shall finish my letter. I with impatience shall
wait your answer to my letter. And my heart will once again be filled
with happiness when I shall receive your reciprocal letter.
Tours forever Tatyana.

This is data of my friend Svetlana:
Svetlana Gubina


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