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Dating scammer Sandra Mark from Lagos, Nigeria


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Nicknames: Sandra Mark, Jenny Rowlands, kellyone_love, kellyluv, nittana, nitta, Jane Benny, jane_rolins5861, evejames1000


She asks to wire money to UK, in the name of Daniel Momoh, or may give this address:

Idris Adeola Onadi
120 Victoria lane
Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria

She uses pictures of "Erika" from

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2007-04-09, 08:55:17
anonymous from United States  
Here is another of 'Freda's Scams. Now she is living in Lynn MA, USA. Previously she was at new orleans, USA, went to Nigeria and got stuck.

Her scam was posted on a website she had to change her ID on the website. The new profile picture that she is using is here. I am sure that these scammers are using pictures of attractive and innocent prople from the web to use them for their scams.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Freda Johana, sexyfreda2383 from Nigeria

Keywords: brunette green top necklace
2007-04-13, 13:40:52
anonymous from Ghana  
looking for lover
write me back at or
2007-04-14, 16:45:55
anonymous from United States  
2007-04-18, 22:33:49
anonymous from United States  
2007-04-19, 16:57:20
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Hey Guys, Hannah Love sounds just like the one who has been scamming me. I found out recently after sending £1,000. The Malta, travel agent thing all ties in. Check out Danso Korankye on this site (different pics to yours - did you find the model site btw, they look the same style photos to me) but obviously the same scam 'team'. It's all a scam!!! Best Wishes, Tim.
2007-04-20, 21:40:39
anonymous from United States  
I had been chatting with this girl who goes by Jessica Collins, who has a profile on, and who appears to be the same person as the person who was going by the name 'Rasell Deamk' above. Or in any case, this girl uses pictures of the same girl, a girl named Jamie from that modelling website.

Anyway, her username on fling is 'jescols' and this is her profile:

Age/Gender: 31 year old Woman
Location: Roosevelt , NY United States
Height: 5'6'
Body Type: Average
Hair Color: Tell you later
Eye Color: Tell you later
Race: Native American
Religion: Tell you later
Languages: Tell you later
Income: Tell you later
Profession: Tell you later
Status: Tell you later

About Me:
My Name is jessica Collins whatever else people decide to call me Im a big nerd like the biggest i Heart to read about psychology anything that i can learn new things from! i love writting poems and little stories but i never show anyone I'm really really tall. only. not really. Like 5'6ish I don't like compliments but somedays thats all you need. I'll most likely like you but I'm pretty much a sarcastic ass so.. yeah... sorry. I live in high heels. Tall boys with dark eyes make me swoon. People that go on about their new 'hot' piercings & tattoo's make me want to puke. I can't stand 'emo' kids or 'gansters', or 'gothics'. Their So ing annoying. I will never lie to you. I will probably never fully trust you either. I act like I'm 10 when I drink too much.. sorry in advance. I know how to forgive & do often. Bring me a flower & I will love you forever. I screw up constantly. I believe in God. I second guess things way more than I should but will always leave you with the benefit of the doubt.... I miss my dad. My mom is amazing and the best thing in my world. I trust like it's nothing. I Miss being in love.... I say what I'm feeling. I jump before I look. The night life excites me. I turn red when I'm embarrassed. I care what people think of me. . . way too much..... I refuse to hold grudges. Most of the time I talk too much. All of the time I laugh too much. I'm happy. And that makes me smile. Chinesse food is my addiction. I am right handed. I like the word Neato.. just cause it's... Neato. Ive always wanted to go to seaworld My mom says i have a.d.h.d I like swimming, shopping, and anyhting pink My hero is the guy that invented gum (I Heart juicy fruit) I like to sing off key to get on peoples nerves. . .

What I'm Looking For:
I am willing to meet a very romantic, affectionate, sensious and very passionate gentleman, who will always be willing to compromise and treat his partner with the respect she deserve, who is kind hearted, open minded, fun to be with, and who also love kids.
I did love to meet an hard working man, sensual in nature, who lives a social life and amires pets alot too..............Ohhh!! I love Puerto Ricans so much cos they so caring and they not Heart-Breakers, so if your a Descent I'm free and waiting to meet you.....willing to meet some one that is gonna sweep me off ma feets,hahahahah......LOL

After you message her on fling, she gives you her yahoo messager screenname, which is 'jessica cols'. She says that she went to Nigeria to meet some guy, but he died in a car accident, and now she's stuck there and needs money to pay her hotel bill and get back home. She also asked me to call her and she gave this as her phone number: 011-234-802-942-5315 (except she gave it to me without the dashes).

Here's our final conversation if you want to read it:

Me: hey there. sorry i haven't been around. are you back in this country yet?
jessica cols: i have a problem getting back baby
Me: what's the problem?
jessica cols: baby im supposed to be back to the state but i have some problems getting back
Me: you're a very mysterious person.... you don't really give me much to work with : )
jessica cols: what do u mean baby
jessica cols: i have been here crying all day baby if u wanna listen i am gonna tell u how its all started hun
Me: ok
jessica cols: im really sorry for getting you into this but i just need this favor from you hope you won,t get mad at me but i believe that a problem shared is a problem solved
Me: this should be interesting. what's do you need me to do?
jessica cols: Ya remember i told you i came down Nigeria to visit a friend i have met for long, and so he invited me over and we stayed together for few days before he left to pick up some stuffs at home and he had an accident on his way back.

Me: ok
jessica cols: i was dumbfounded a few hours later when i was called by the hotel customer care that he had been involved in ghatsly motor accident and he did not survive, i was down and out and there was no way i could just get myself together
Me: ok
jessica cols: i was there for a few days after that day and the day i was to check out, i was informed that i was owing bills, the days i paid for was already through and i could not leave cos of the bills i'm owing them.
Me: ok, i think i know where this is headed, but keep going
jessica cols: i can't leave, why? My passport and my stuffs has been seized by the hotel management and they said that if i don't pay my bills they can't let me leave and i keep crying and sobbing cause there's no way i can leave here without getting my bills paid,
jessica cols: baby i need you to help me baby...i feel like shit nw hun
Me: go to the American embassy and tell them to help you out... they should be able to get you back here... if any of this is for real... which i really don't believe, to be totally honest : )
jessica cols: all i need is a caring heart to help me out of here and i am hopin that u do
Me: ok, what, dare i ask, do you want me to do?
jessica cols: hun i am not allowed to go out kos im been watched and besides i dont here at all hun
jessica cols: darling all i am asking is ur favor to help me out of here baby believe me hun \
Me: ok, well, are you gunna tell me what you want me to do?
jessica cols: can u help me with the bills so that i can get back home hunny
Me: and how much are you bills, dare i ask?
jessica cols: kos my return ticket is here all i need is to get out of this hotel
jessica cols: i owe them $450 bucks
Me: and how do you propose that i pay you that?
jessica cols: HEY BABY you gonna pay it to the hotel via their informations hun
Me: ok, what are their 'informations'? : )
jessica cols: baby can u call me first hunny ?
jessica cols: i would love to talk to u over the phone hunn
Me: what's the number?
jessica cols: ok hunny
jessica cols: its # 0112348029425315
jessica cols: hun just call the hotel
Me: wow, that's a hell of a number
jessica cols: and tell them that u wanna speak with jessica collins the lady in room # 204
Me: this is so friggin bizarre : )
jessica cols: and they are gonna hook u up to my room extension hun
Me: ok, give me a few minutes.... i'm a little distracted at the moment
jessica cols: what do u mean hun ?
Me: i just wanna try to research this a little.... just give me a few minutes
jessica cols: ok baby
Me: hmmm, well i think that actually is a real Nigerian phone number... craziness
jessica cols: ok baby
jessica cols: so are you gonna help me out hun kos this africans are crazy and im scared
Me: hehe. just wait. i'm every curious to call you but i need to think about this...... is there anyway you can prove your really the girl in those pictures?
jessica cols: how hun ?
jessica cols: do u wanna see my pics ?/
jessica cols: and by talking to u baby
jessica cols: i really wish they have a webcam here hun
jessica cols: but they dont right her
Me: do you have any pics? maybe not so modely?
Me: any any OTHER pics, that is
jessica cols: i will show u the one i have baby
Me: awe..... i don't know if you're really that girl, but she's so fucking hot : )
jessica cols: darling thats all i have for nw
Me: so you don't have a camera with you right?
jessica cols: no baby
jessica cols: all my stuffs have been seized hun
jessica cols: can u call nw baby ?
jessica cols: i would really love to hear what u sound like
Me: are you on your own computer right now? or the hotel's computer?
jessica cols: the hotel's computer
jessica cols: i used my flash device to send to send you the pics baby
Me: how do you have access to all these picture of yourself?
Me: ah, ok
Me: ok, just give me like 10 minutes, i just want to do some research on internet and phone scams, and then i'll get back to you..... i just wanna find out if it's possible for you to charge me something by me calling that number
jessica cols: baby why are you acting like a nerd
jessica cols: u dont believe me hun ?/
Me: not really, but if you're telling the truth, i'm sure you're willing to be patient : )
jessica cols: darling atleast just try and trust me and believe me
jessica cols: hunny its ok but all this is uncalled for baby
Me: you must realize how much this seems like a scam
Me: but seriously, like me just finish reading this stuff i'm reading and then i'll be back..... just give me a few minutes
jessica cols: OK BABY
Me: are you sure you aren't a Hawaiian model named Jamie? : )
jessica cols: YEAI AM
Me: well that's very confusing : )
Me: are you going to explain that?
jessica cols: I REGISTERED THERE
Me: you model under a different name? actually, i know some people who do that, so it's not implausible
Me: have you ever gone by the name Rasell Deamk?
jessica cols has signed out. (4/20/2007 10:48 PM)

2007-04-20, 21:48:12
anonymous from United States  
That picture I posted above is her main fling picture. Here's some more of them. As I said, these are all actually pictures of a girl name Jamie on that website. This one here was also posted above for 'Rasell Deamk'.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Cheryl Richie
Dating scammer Sandra Mark from Lagos, Nigeria
Dating scam artist Sindy Becky Green in Ashley, Ohio (Lagos, Nigeria)

2007-04-20, 21:49:27
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Cheryl Richie
Dating scammer Cheryl Richie

2007-04-20, 21:50:15
anonymous from United States  
2007-04-20, 21:51:52
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Cheryl Richie
Dating scammer Cheryl Richie

2007-04-20, 22:11:22
anonymous from United States  

2007-04-20, 22:11:48
anonymous from United States  
2007-04-20, 22:13:26   (updated: 2007-04-20, 22:15:33)
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Cheryl Richie
Dating scammer Cheryl Richie

2007-04-21, 09:32:30
anonymous from United States  
while looking at the fake passports, it also known that pics to be taken must show all your facial features and ears as well with clear background ( preferably white). thats the standard for passport pictures in my country.
2007-04-22, 11:33:41
anonymous from United States  
FYI She's trying to get me with the same shit. Below is the two e-mail replies from her and mine in the middle. sh'es going by the name Ashley Jones, Patricia Scott, Lucy Scott

Apr 22, 2007 12:22pm EDT report spammer/phisher

I am really happy today to read from you and i most
tell you that ever since i went through your profile in
Fling ,i really would love to meet you in person and
have a lovely married life with you,But how would that
happen when i am really sad and unhappy now,I would
love to tell you my present situation and i would love
you to help me out.
I need a man that would be ready to make me happy,a man
that would heal the wound of my broken heart,a man that
would see the better side of me,a man that would not be
aggressive and who would not want to hurt my feelins,i
need real love and truth including honesty from my
man,trust is the basic foundation of a lasting
relationship and i desire that we uphold our integrity
towards each other.
am a young lady with dreams and am looking for the
right man to make thise dreams a reality,when i went
through ur profile i really liked it and found both of
us %99 compatible,the only %1 missing is that right now
am not home,am stucked up in africa and i need help to
get back home.if you can give us a try and help me back
home am sure we can makes something work outa this.
After the death of my mother i met a guy called Peter
at PA though he's from nigeria in africa, he came for a
degree in the state when i fell in love with him and
when he returned to his country he asked me to come see
him , so i gathered some money and got myself a round
trip ticket,when i got down here he turned out to be a
robber he stole my money and jewelries now the hotel
manager am staying siezed my return ticket cuz am owing
some money,so i'll like you to help me with the bills
so i can get back my ticket and get home,I am really
confused and i am left alone in the world after i lost
my parent in a motor accident few years ago,I dont like
to think about them again it's so hurting me,I need a
lovely and reliable man right now to help me out of
I have been staying here for four weeks now and my
return ticket back home is gonna expire soon,I cried
everyday and night here,I would love to call you and
talk to you on the phone,But the hotel manager has
disconnect the phone in my room because i am owing
them the hotel bills,You could contact the hotel
manager on his number and email and ask of PATRICIA
SCOTT in room 028 who has been stuck and stranded in
the hotel here for a while and help me s ort the bills
I'm ready to change my ticket destination to meet you
in person now if you can help me with the hotel bills
now and i will get back my ticket and passport from the
hotel manager and forward you my flight details,I just
want you to trust me right now as i am trusting you and
i put all my faith and life in your hands now i dont
want you to let me down and i promise i will not let
you down, the hotel manager # is +234-80-30512107 Mr Richard.
right now i am using the hotel manager computer to talk
to you and tell you my present situation,I'd want you
to get back to me as soon as possible and make me happy
by getting me out of here.I wait to read from you
my email

Apr 14, 2007 1:38pm EDT

Thanks for the novel. I thought you where in HI. Which
is why I was wondering what is there to do that's fun
over there.

Apr 6, 2007 10:08am EDT report spammer/phisher

It's Really nice to hear from you,I really appreciate
your mail....I would Love to tell you a little more
about myself, I am Ashley jones from Pittsburgh,
PA...single lady seeking for the right person to share
my life with.. I dont believe in age barriers.. age is
just a number what matters is love once we can love
eachother., I'd like to start by saying
thanks for contacting me,and i must confess when i went
through your profile it seem we have alot of
common...I'm looking for serious
relationship.. Just that my heart is on fire at the
My dad is orriginally from Ukraine i consider my
nationality White American, My mom was born and raised
in the state and my
dad was born and raised in Ukraine I myself was born
and raised in Ukraine.
I'm on looking for a man that's honest,caring,loving
and understanding to start a relationship that will
lead to marriage with, i will like to have children but
if the man i love does not want children then it's
okay with me, I don't mind your age, i'm sure you know
that age is just a number,if the love is there what
else am I seeking for ? all i'm looking for is REAL
Have never been married and i don't have any kids but i
have been in a serious relationship that we are willing
to get married to each other but it's so sad that death
just took him away from me just like that...and up till
this moment I just cant figure why this has happened to
me.... so that was why i'm on this site seeking for a
honest man to start a new life with and before the
middle of the year I know and have the believe that we
will both understand each other and our way of life.
All the people around me always say i'm a kind of
person that's shy,loving,caring,honest and
understanding, loyal and i think they are right because
i see myself as a person that's
shy,loving,caring,honest and understanding and loyal.I
want a man that will be straight forward with me as i
am .
I work as a sales rep in a computer store.It is sad to
say that my dad passed away mysteriously, i was 2 years
old when he pass away during one of his business trips
in 12 Feb.
My nationality i consider as white American... what
your race? My mother died 8 years ago,am the only
daughter of my parents , i have no friends and
relatives , i stay alone in a big apartment before i
came down here, I have no friends or relatives .
I hate lies and i don't cheat, i also hate been hurt
and i don't like games, cos am lonely and i don't want
to stress or blame myself in anything i'm doing.
Am new on this online dating stuff and am seeking for a
man who will love and take care of me ,I lost my
boyfriend some couple of weeks ago, i'm sure ya know
that?.when I was feeling so lonely in the state and
have no one to talk to there I decide to fly down to
West Africa, i came down here to visit my lateboyfriend
, am presently in a hotel right now and have been here
for four weeks now.Here I am is
so boring to me and looks so Hot I mean the weather how
I wish I had someone to advise me then when I was
planning to fly down here .And I don’t want to come
back to the state living a lonely life again.. am no
more a kid
I want to move forward in life and meet the right man
to give my heart and soul for ever more .You email me
and I was so happy to receive your mail cos i believe
we have somethings in common that we can share and we
can plan a new life together... ,Now I want to know
what you are looking or seeking for , what can you do
to make your woman happy in life email me back if you
would like to know more about me and also build up a
relationship because that's what i'm online looking for
now .i want you to email me back and tell me all about
your self and
your difficulties in life your present and your past
and also tell me about your parents also or are we the
same ,
you have no parents any more like me ?how I wish my
parent are still Alive , I miss them a lot and I will
never stop praying for them and my self for God to lead
me through in life cos I never want to get hurt in life
I don’t want to divorce with the man I love , if we
are meant
for each other let me know so we can find away in
sitting down and talk , I believe in seeing eachother
face to face and talk that will show how much you do
care about your soulmate.
Hope to hear from you asap personal e-mail is so as msn
With love...Ashley jones.

Keywords: black girl
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