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Dating scammer Irina from Chita, Russia


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Dating scammer Irina from Chita, Russia

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2007-11-14, 12:51:30
anonymous from United States  
Mari El Net has two sets of IP numbers, 195.161.244 thru and thru I received email from Maria Shabalina from both sets of IP addresses. Person: Nikolay Nikolaev, Seda Ltd., Sovetskaya 120, 424000 Yoshkar-Ola, Russia MariEl Republic, Phone +7 8362 428796 email from RIPE Database Search.

2007-11-14, 14:45:38
anonymous from United States  
Finally THE email from one of my swindlers. The XXXX is where my name was of course. DH

Hello my love XXXX! I am glad to receive your letter. XXXX that I have
learned in travel agency. I need in the visa and the passport for
travel abroad. Cost of registration of these documents 500 euros. XXXX
you can help me with this problem because it is really difficult for
me to understand and pay with it it. I have no such money. XXXX I want
to be with you, very much, as we have waited this moment. We were
meant to be together, and will make each other very happy. You are the
man of my dreams, and I love you, just the way you are. We will share
everything together, and pursue similar interests. Anything is
possible, when you're in love, which is such a wonderful feeling. No
matter what obstacles we encounter, we will overcome them, because we
have each other, to turn to. XXXX you mean the world to me, and
without you, my life is meaningless. I want to be everything you ever
wanted, in a woman, as you are the man I have always wanted to meet,
someday. I love you, with all my heart, and nothing will ever change
the way I feel. We will have an everlasting love. XXXX now I have gone
home and I shall wait for your answer. Yours Alisa.

2007-11-15, 14:42:46
Eddie from Sweden  
DH...thanks for the money letter.

Nikolay Nikolaev and his company VolgaTelecom are the largest (only?) internet supplier in a long stretch of the Volga valley that includes Yoshkar Ola and Cheboksary. Classic scammer IPs.
2007-11-19, 10:51:48
anonymous from United States  
More pic's of Maria Shabalina.

2007-11-19, 10:52:41
anonymous from United States  
More Pic's of Maria Shabalina.

2007-11-19, 10:53:54
anonymous from United States  
More Pic's of Maria Shabalina and best friend Katya.

2007-11-19, 10:54:53
anonymous from United States  
More Pic's of Maria Shabalina. 2006 Pic.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina from Chita, Russia

2007-11-19, 10:56:15
anonymous from United States  
More Pic's of Maria Shabalina. 2006 pic.

2007-11-19, 10:57:16
anonymous from United States  
More Pic's of Maria Shabalina. 2006

2007-11-19, 10:58:09
anonymous from United States  
More Pic's of Maria Shabalina. 2006

2007-11-19, 11:42:19
anonymous from Netherlands  
This lady recently send me an e-mail and claimed to be Irina(no last name).
Her letter starts with, hello my new friend, i see your photo and your profile and you seem to be an interresting person. Well, my profile and photo, where then??
Her age is,she says 27y, and she's supposed to be living in the city Yaranc.
Lives with her mum and younger sister and says she works as a farmer.
She writes that she's a little confused and doesn't know what say anymore.

Invites me to write to her on her E-mailadres which is;

I don't know if she's got any relation to herefore mentioned lady's who are
as you mention, scammers. It just doesn't seem to be right and to be trusted.
I leave it to your judgement if she's a scammer, maybe you have seen this photo before
in relation to other lady's.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina Prigunova
Dating scammer Irina Prigunova

2007-11-20, 14:38:41   (updated: 2007-11-20, 14:39:31)
Eddie from Sweden  
The,dagger....your Irina is an impostor! shame on her, pretending to be someone she's not!
2007-12-01, 18:40:13
anonymous from Australia  
Geez.... Fortunately i search the internet..... I have also got an email from a russian girl... Here is the one of the email 'she' wr,

2007/12/1, Pretty <>:

Hello my friend
I am so happy to see that you have decided to reply,I see it is very
short letter.It is all right because you are astonished to get my letter.
I want you to know that I have only good intentions and I have not any secrets.
The thing is that I will work in your country for three months or so and I would like to meet a nice man to fall in love or just be closest friends.
I don't want to live in Russia because I have not any chances here,it is hardly possible to explain from first time but
I want you to know my plans.I will work in any shop, bar or restaurant the agency that i am going through will suggest
me some locations. It will be my choice in the end as to what option to go for.
So I will have a simple work till I improve my English. And I can choose any town of your area,agency will only help me
to get a visa and all travel documents + some suggested placed to work in. My best friend last year met the man from
the USA when she worked
there for three months, too. She had two jobs. From morning till 4 pm she worked in amusement park and after
it she worked as a waitress in some bar till midnight. She was very tired of course but made very good money there.
It is special programm for young people who wants to work abroad and I think it is the right way for me ,I am lost here,and I think that I
look pretty enough to find a better place .I want to repeat the same way,it is only my chance to meet a nice man.I want to work in USA or in Europe or any
nice country. I am full of plans and different dreams and I want to share my life with good man because I'm also full of love
and tenderness,I know that I am not so beautiful like Hollywood Princess but I do hope to meet my Prince and
I am sure he will be not be disappoined to meet me in the real life! This is why I am going to go through the same way.
Well,I will close this letter and I do hope to get your reply.
I will leave russia in two weeks or so (I can't tell you everything exactly right now) and I would like to be sure that I
have the man who waits for me there. I will work all day and I want to find a man to spend all free time together to get
to know each other better.if you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy to meet you too.
I will tell you all details about me and my life if you like my pictures and want to meet me! please send picture of you too!!!
Now I write you from my personal mailbox, please write me back here and here only. I will be checking it often.
Kiss you ,Inna (this is name) !


2007-12-01, 19:01:37
anonymous from Australia  
So luck that i am not the first one..... seriously, I did write to 'her' a few times.

And I am so shame too.... all i have been thinking was girl...
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Inna

2007-12-01, 19:50:42
anonymous from Australia  
Here is more information about the Scammer,

Name: Inna
Location: Russia

Please takes note the pattern of writing, they are usually generated with automatic email reply machine. The pattern is very similar from one to the other.

The following is a few examples, (think about it with your brain, don't just look at it with yod* *k)


Hello! Please take a look at my photos! Would you like to have me as
your girlfriend?
I'm 26 years old kitten looking for someone who can take care of me!
I came across your profile on matchfinder and decided to write you hoping you will find my profile interesting. I've been told many times
I'm a pretty girl but I still can't find a special person and the man
of my dreams! I want to find someone special to take care of him, to
make passionate love with him, to walk in the moonlight... to rise our
passions and emotions... I would like to look in your eyes and hold
your hand.... I'm looking for understanding and careful partner...
I hope you like my photos and I will receive an answer from you today!
As soon as I receive it I will write back with more information about
myself....... I am from Russia, but willing to travel.
Impatiently waiting for your answer!

I am writing from my friend's email address, so
please make sure you do not reply directly to this email. Email me at only. If you don't use my personal addie, then i wouldn't be able to read your reply.


Email 2:

Hello there!!!! Thank you for your reply to me!!!! I got your message and I was glad! I sent you little message few days ago and I got your reply! Sorry because I couldn't write you back immediately but my last e-mail box worked not properly and I decided to create new e-mail! Please write me here: This is my new e-mail address which I can use almost every day! So if you want we can write to each other very often! This is most accessible way to communicate with people for me right now and I will use it. I don't have any other software to
communicate except for mail client. I hope it will be enough for me to communicate with you. Sorry I didn't write you earlier because was most busy period of time for me.I am not sure where to begin,it is first time I try to use internet to meet the man but the thing is,that I will work abroad I can choice USA,Canada or Europe and I would like to meet the man to share free evenings and be my guide. My friends helped me to send a few letters to different address and I do hope that I am lucky to meet good and kind should know that now I live in Russia and my goal is to leave this country because it is impossible to live here for young pretty woman.they tell I look well enough,I will send a few photos to you.
if you don't have wife nor girlfriend ,maybe we could try to meet?
I am free I have not children .and I have not boyfriend here.
See you soon ,with great hope.


Email3: 3:
Hello again! This is Inna! Remember me? I hope you received my message I sent you today. I will send you some more picture of me. If you will like it and want to write me further I will be glad! I will check my mailbox soon and will write you back! I will wait for your e-mail with impatience. Hope to hear from you soon! From Inna.
P.S. Here is my e-mail again: <>, just in case. Also if you will send me a picture of you it will be great!!!


This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Inna

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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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