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Dating scammer Ally from Lobnya, Russia


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Dating scammer Ally from Lobnya, Russia

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2007-02-20, 06:18:48
anonymous from United States  
Finally She asks for money!!
Hi my sweetheart Todd! Dear, I feel itself it is a little
>> inconvenient because I had to address to you for the help. I always
>> counted myself the independent person, which itself can solve all
>> problems. But, this time, I could not all to take into account and was
>> mistaken that I can pay all travel itself . When I travelled earlier,
>> it costed for me less. But i'm glad that now I have you Todd, - the
>> man, which can help me. After ours acquaintance, at me varies
>> sensations of. Earlier I counted myself the strong and independent
>> person, and it was pleasant for me to feel, that I can care of myself.
>> And now I feel simply the woman who requires support. But it is
>> pleasant for me, to feel beside strong the man which protects me from
>> all excitements of a life! Todd, I informed a place of arrival to you
>> to the agent and he has calculated the staying payment for me. It will
>> be for me 1350 $. Into it enters tickets, insurance, road up to the
>> airport and some other necessary charges. With me have still remained
>> money, after payment of the first parts of cost. It about 500 $, and
>> now is necessary for me, in 8-9 days about 850$ to pay in agency the
>> second part of cost travel. I hope dear, that this money not
>> difficulty for you and you can help to pay to me, in 8-9 days, 850 $
>> in agency . I shall learn from the agent as you can send them it.
>> Lovely, I hope, that I did not make to you difficulty by the haste.
>> Probably it is not planned expenditure for you. If it so, do not
>> become angry about me please, I very much miss you and i wait for ours
>> meetings very much. I wait for your letters Todd ! Thousand kisses.
>> Yours Lany.
2007-02-20, 10:59:58
anonymous from United States  
^^^^^^^I gotta tell ya dude. She's scam written all over her. If I were you I wouldn't give her a dime.
2007-02-21, 12:45:49
anonymous from United States  
If this Lany is such an independent woman as she claims. Then why is she still living at home with her parents supporting her dumb bitch ass. What a lying sack of shit. I wouldn't give this Russian Jezebel the time of day. Take a look at this photo of her fishing what appears to be a male companion. That should signal the red flag. It's probably her boyfriend who is in cahoots with her scamming.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Lany from Lobnya, Russia

Keywords: blonde fishing with male companion on lake
2007-02-21, 13:32:51
anonymous from United States  
I wonder if Lany's parents knows she's doing this. If I were her parents, I would be ashamed. I would kick her out of the house and disown that stupid bitch. She's bringing disgrace to her own family.
2007-02-23, 17:14:58
anonymous from United States  
You Better run and hide Lany..... They are comming for you..

What to do if you have been scammed?
Report Scam

This text is copied with approval of the respectable Elena Petrova. Owner of Russian Women Cyber Guide and author of the one and only Anti-Scam Guide

What to do if you have been scammed:

Apply to your local state or federal enforcement agency with information and request for assistance. (It is the nearest police station where you would report a house burglary, for example.)

Report it to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center of FBI at

Send a complaint to the Embassy of the country where the scammer resides AND their Embassy in your country - for example, if you live in USA and the scammer resides in Russia, you should send your complaint to the Russian Embassy in USA and USA Embassy in Russia.

Send it via registered mail, and include with your report:

Name and surname of the scammer (the person on whose name the money was sent, even if it is different from the name of the person your were corresponding with).

Details of the scam - a complete story including dates, names of the persons and agencies, printed copies of letters, copies of Western Union receipts etc.

Request to hand your complaint to the Ministry of Home Affairs of the country where the scammer resides (where you have sent the money to) and request to prosecute the scammer.

Your name, address, email address and phone number.

Print the complaint, number the pages and initial every page, sign the last page.

Include a copy of your ID/passport (page with your name and photo).

Such a complaint will be considered as an official statement, and can be used by authorities to initiate a criminal investigation, and, possibly, recover your money.

2007-02-25, 11:04:47
anonymous from United States  
I'm sure after Lany was exposed as a fraud that she or whoever it is must be getting tons hate mail from that the men that (s)he were conning.
2007-05-16, 16:11:18
anonymous from Norway  
She has change mail to olga ( and name now her name is Olga and you can see her at: http://www.datemefr..p?ID=29358 new http://www.delphifa..208.shtml
You can find her to at: http://www.delphifa..208.shtml
She is really nasty an dangerous pay atantion, she is a real bitch. Her are news photos
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anastasiya Grishina from Kazan, Russia
Dating scammer Ally from Lobnya, Russia (modified photo)

Keywords: blonde in bedroom jeans jacket
2007-05-16, 16:11:52
anonymous from Norway  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anastasiya Grishina from Kazan, Russia

Keywords: blonde in restroom pink top blue jeans skirt with holes
2007-05-16, 16:12:50
anonymous from Norway  
2007-05-16, 16:13:27
anonymous from Norway  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Anastasiya Grishina from Kazan, Russia

Keywords: posing for picture with family outside home on a cold Winters' night.
2007-06-07, 19:11:12   (updated: 2007-06-07, 19:25:23)
olga ( is also Zhanna Petrynina

Keywords: blonde on tractor
2007-06-07, 19:24:02
olga ( is also Zhanna Petrynina

Name: Zhanna Petrynina
City : Cheboksary
Site: Mybelovednet
IP address: (Location: Russian Federation [City: Novgorod, Novgorodskaya Oblast'])
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.95.6) Professional


Address:The Russian Federation.

ZIP: 428003

sity: Cheboksary

Street: Lenin 25-94

Hello my honey ****** .

I am very happy to receive your letter.

Thank for your sincere and warm letters.

It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a man,

Which trusts me.

How you?

I hope, that at you all is good.

I want to speak you my love, that I have a small problem with payment of the Internet.

Business which term of my service the Internet of cafe soon expires.

And I cannot write to you if I do not pay the Internet, serve the Internet of cafe.

Unfortunately I cannot pay it from monthly wages.

I want to help mum whom she could be in hospital.

My mum has problems with health, she will demand urgent processing this month.

She cannot begin processing with - behind of lack of money, she can have complication with health.

If you have an opportunity to help me, please do it for me.

I shall be very grateful to you.

It will be very difficult for me to interrupt our communication

I am compelled to search urgently money to correspond to you, mine a favorite the person

I very much want to remain in contact to you my love.

If I do not find money, I shall write to you with the help of correct mail.

If you will help me, I can write to you every day.

If you can help me, please send to me it with the help of the western union.

What to do it, you should my information:

Zhanna Petrunina

The Russian Federation.

ZIP: 428003

sity: Cheboksary

Street: Lenin 25-94

For me it - very much a shame to ask you about money, but I can return them to you the next month.

I need in USD for 96 $usd.

Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future.

I can not wait that day when we can meet each other.

I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all the life.

I want to inform you honourly, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life.

I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you always will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me.

That I have divided with you the life.

I love you my prince.

Your bride in Russia.


Keywords: blonde camouflage jacket fishing with male companion
2007-06-07, 19:27:20
Zhanna Petrynina

Keywords: on the beach with friend 2 two girls
2007-06-12, 11:30:39
anonymous from United States  
Well, I gotta tell ya that there is no honor among thieves, whores, pimps, and of course....scammers.
2008-10-14, 04:35:10
anonymous from Senegal
my name is Tina, I am very good girl,i feel great joy in my heart: when i saw your profile despite that i have not seen you in email ( so that I will send my picture to you. I will be waiting for your response,Yours ever Tina.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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