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Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland


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Name: Svetlana Karsanova
Location: Helsinki, Finland

She supposedly is the Chief Operating Officer of that phone Coal or Wood company in Finland.

As someone posted:

"I called a few of the phone numbers listed in various offices. What a complicated scam. All of them had the same answering machine message. I assume they have the phone forwarded.

My mom used to say, there is a sucker born every day. "


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2006-11-09, 23:14:08
anonymous from United States  
I heard from Svetlana 11/8 at 8 in the morning.. she's definitely still out there...
2006-11-09, 23:19:28
anonymous from United States  
THe new Svetlana letter.
I think this islike number 4 0r 5?

Hi, my far, but dear friend XXXX.
I was so happy when I got your letter.
I’m starting to wait for you letters with so much anticipation.
Please, don’t get mad at me because I’m not writing answers every single day.
I’m starting to fall for you. I can’t understand how it happens.
I never thought that it’s possible to take a fancy to someone just by reading his letters.
Your letters make me feel that you are a very good person.
I don’t know – maybe these words will seem too daring to you.
Maybe you will say that I’m starting to express my feelings too soon.
But I can’t help telling you what I feel.
This feeling is overtaking me. I’m trying to keep it all inside myself.
But I can’t do anything about it.
I’m afraid of it all – but in the same time it attracts me so bad.
Usually I don’t tell the things that I keep at the bottom of my heart.
However, your letters make me do it.
Sometimes I’m trying to imagine what our meeting’s gonna be like.
Will you be happy to see me or not.
The images of us coming together keep on exciting my imagination.
Of course, it would be better to know each other in person.
When my boss told me that I should start getting ready to move to the USA
and promote our company at the American market,I treated this news very coldly.
However, now I’m very happy that I agreed to work in the USA.
We will be able to meet each other. We will be able to know each other better.
We will be able to give the happiest moments of our lives to each other.
I’m afraid that you won’t be too eager to answer my letter after I’ve told so many daring things.
I’m an optimist, though. I believe that we will meet each other.
And that it will happen pretty soon.
We will be able to chat, walk hand in hand,look into each other’s eyes.
Favor each other with smiles and kisses. I’m finishing my letter now.
I’m moved too deeply today…
Otherwise I won’t be able to stop myself from telling you about my fantasies.
Please, don’t ask me to tell you about it. This is too personal.
I’m too shy to talk about it. I will tell you about it all – a little
later, when I feel that I’m ready to tell it.
Or we’d better make my fantasies come true when we meet? ?
What do you think about it? I’m sure that you would be delighted with it.

Blowing a passionate kiss to you. Hope to hear from you.
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Keywords: blonde black jacket bag hotel lobby
2006-11-10, 01:25:33
anonymous from United States  

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Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland

Keywords: 3 three girls drinking
2006-11-10, 06:37:06
anonymous from United States  
Rob M Denver - Svetlana

Just got this couple of hours ago.

E-mail to go w/ it.

Hello, my beloved friend Rob.
Your letters keep making my heart warmer. I want to meet you as soon as
I’ve never experienced something like that before.
I’m so happy that I’ll meet you soon. My dreams make my soul flutter
with sweet anticipation.
I’m very sorry. I can’t write much today. I guess you understand it.
All these preparations for moving take so much time.
I’m starting to long for you. I miss you. My heart is dying to race
towards you.
I’m so happy that I’ve met you on the Web.
If someone told me that I’m going to meet my love on the Internet, I
wouldn’t believe it.
I would call the one who told me that a wag. Now I believe in miracles.
I believe that two loving hearts will meet no matter how far they are
from each other.
I’m pining for you. Every time I go to sleep, I’m thinking about you.
Write to me your full address. This picture for you.
I wish to see your picture. Write to me your phone number.
I was finishing the letter when I remembered something… I forgot to
send you a kiss.
Blowing you millions of kisses.

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Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland

2006-11-10, 06:39:13
anonymous from United States  
Rob M Denver - Svetlana

Also got this.


Your suspicions are unpleasant for me.

No name. No greeting. Likely written by someone watching her e-mail.

It was in response to my e-mail below:

DJ> Svetlana,

DJ> Where are you! Why haven't you written back?

DJ> I have to ask you, are you seeing someone besides me. You
DJ> seem to take a long time to reply. I would think you could just
DJ> forward a letter easily. I'm really not happy with you now.

DJ> Rob.
2006-11-10, 08:24:26
anonymous from United States wrote:

Hello, my friend!
I hope you don’t mind me calling you a friend. It was raining for the whole day today - sometimes even with snow.
The real winter is getting closer and closer…
The temperature went down. I’m waiting for a heavier snowfall. Finally I will be able to go skiing.
I always feel so happy when the first snow is falling.
Everything around turns white - feels like Christmas when everything is decorated with bright colorful lights.
Everybody gets so happy waiting for the holiday to come. I love decorating the Christmas tree.
Maybe we will do it together some day? I would like it. Hope you would too.
I wanted to say sorry - probably I didn’t answer all of your questions…
I’m very sorry - I wrote to you earlier. My home PC is broken.
I have to read your letters in my office -
I look through the mail, read your letters delete them and write the answer during the day.
I can forget some of your questions. I hope you are not mad at me because of it…
I think we have a lot of time to get to know each other better.
I forgot to say why I have to delete your letters. It might sound pretty banal -
but I have a boss who doesn’t like it when I use the office computer to write personal letters.
I hope you can understand it…
I want to write a couple thing about myself more… I used to travel before - but not really much.
I’ve been to Egypt,Russia and Hungary. I’d like to travel a lot if I had the opportunity. But, unfortunately,
I don’t have it - mostly because of my job.
I think that my company is going to open subsidiary offices in the USA soon.
They might want me to be the head of one of them.
I don’t know yet in which state my office will be.
And I can’t say the exact date when I’ll be moving to the United States.
I will say it as soon as it’s agreed upon - sure, if you want to know it.
We’ve got a good chance to meet each other. Do you want to meet me in person?
Finishing the letter and blowing a kiss to you…


Crap....And I thought she wanted, I was suspiscious from the start. SHe is hot, but why would she want a guy with five kids and a greedy ex-wife and I think I'm going to keep playing it out in hopes of getting a naked picture...he-he. Ten bucks says I get one first....I'd rather pay one of you saps then offense spoken by a true one. I do feel special because I got Christmas one...thats new. YES! too funny

Mike H.- Livonia NY

2006-11-10, 09:22:47
anonymous from United States  
That letter above is the same one she sent me here in Oklahoma! Same picture same shit. Rob don't let this crap bring you down. I was suspicious from day one. It took me 4 weeks of email till I found out that she was full of shit. He or she or who ever is writting these emails. I haven't heard from Svetlana in about 5 days after the fact I told her I was on to her.
I found this web site a few weeks ago and didn't find any svetlana pics anywhere up until just a few days ago. I wasn't going to give up until I found the same photos on here that I had. If anyone is still in contact with her FAQ with her! Send bull@#$ email just as she is doing to you. Send FAQd-UP pics that aren't real. Don't let the player be played. Play that ass!
2006-11-10, 09:30:53
anonymous from United States  
2006-11-10, 09:32:07
anonymous from United States  
This is the last email I sent Lie-lana from here in oklahoma
From Yahoo personals you signed on as a girl named Magdalene. You sent me an email and I responded with my hotmail address and then you deleted the profile. A week later Svetlana starts emailing me. That is how you got my email address. The same thing is happening to a Rob in Denver who had the same thing happen to him. He said that you originally sent him an email from the same address that: I knew I remembered that email from somewhere and now I know. I know the 1498 in that email stands for something? Something either personal or memorable? If not your real address then maybe it was given to you by someone?

She has not emailed me back since
2006-11-10, 09:35:29
anonymous from United States  
Oh and by the way go to and you can see a 2 minute finger fest with this allison a.k.a bullshitter from coalro who is American all the way as I am sure as the rest of these Disney movies 'The lying Queen'
2006-11-10, 09:40:09
anonymous from United States  
and another thing
My computer has a trace on it that i noticed when i went to the coalro site a computer tried to connect to mine from Boulogne-Billancourt, France. That place looks real familiar to the background photos that Svetlana is sending me.
2006-11-10, 12:42:09
anonymous from United States  
Geezzz you think these dumb bitches would come up with a new catch phrase letter then the same ole shit. They need to take scam 101 again. Apparently they slept through that course. Shit I am a better scam artist than that.
2006-11-10, 12:47:04
anonymous from United States  
Hey I have an Idea? If one or the other girl is emailing you and not the other. I vote start emailing them.
Example: Svetlana used to email me but those other two have not. So I am going to start emailing that other scammer Natlyana or what ever her name is and play her ass. Use the same lying tactics they use.
Tell them i used to work for a big corporation and my family died blah blah blah....... and see what they say in return. Then ask them for money for a plane ticket.
2006-11-10, 13:16:11
anonymous from United States  

I'll be happy if I get a nudie pic out of this before Mike H. does!

I just want to show ya'll that I REALLY have a connection w/ my Svetlana! I figure if I can make her think she's loosing me, then tell her I have a HUGE holiday bonus in a week or so, she'll take it off to try to send me the hook. Maybe I'll throw in that I've met a local 21 year old russian who likes my new BMW. That I can't date an older woman like Svetlana, who's 29! Yeah, I'll attack her womanhood. That'll get her to take it off!

Here's the latest I just sent out this a.m.:



Thank you for the latest picture. But its not what I want. I don't trust you now. I think you are seeing other men. You said in your other e-mails that many men wanted a relationship,and I think I'm no the only one.

Reveal more of your body in the next picture to show me that you love me. Here in America, the girls are not shy about showing their body to men. You should not be shy either. Show me what I'll see when we love each other for the first time. SHOW ME THAT I'M SPECIAL TO YOU! I just REALLY have my doubts now.



Rob M - Denver
2006-11-10, 16:56:03
San Diego from United States  
Hi guys!

I am very bad with the english, but thanks to the internet I just figure out that I was not the only one that Svetlana wrote. I have been receive the same pictures and same emails from her. The good thing is that I have never give any information, credit card, money.etc.

I think that from now I will stop sending emails to her.. yes I reply to all her emails,, what can I do,, the girl is HOT, and I do not loose nothing to reply her. Well fellas.

Thanks for you advise and becareful!

Honestly I reply to the last email from here where she says ' Hello My Farawas Friend X', well I take my 10 min again of dumy email.

See you guys..

Message from San Diego, CA.
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