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Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland


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Name: Svetlana Karsanova
Location: Helsinki, Finland

She supposedly is the Chief Operating Officer of that phone Coal or Wood company in Finland.

As someone posted:

"I called a few of the phone numbers listed in various offices. What a complicated scam. All of them had the same answering machine message. I assume they have the phone forwarded.

My mom used to say, there is a sucker born every day. "

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2006-11-11, 13:00:51
anonymous from United States  

Let's try to check damage on this. Who received what today? If you continue to receive, update by day and time and location. They might not be too bright!
And I was hoping Rob was going to get that nude pic from Svetlana....
BTW...nothing from Svetlana to me in 7 days...
2006-11-11, 14:22:08
anonymous from United States  
Yep I've gotten the Svetlana emails with the same pictures up above from I've known from the beginning that something was fishy. This site just confirmed it as I've been searching the net ever since for confirmation. She is pretty though.
2006-11-11, 21:15:46
anonymous from United States  
Yep I have been gettting mail from Svetlana too for aabout a month now what a scammer pretty much the same letter format the rest of you guys got. I'm still waiting for a naked one :)
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Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland
Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland

2006-11-11, 23:26:57
anonymous from United States  

Well from one dumbass, to another (and another), this site makes me feel better because I'm not alone!

I'm happy this blog exists (regardless of whether it tips off the scammer, or scammers) because it kept me from doing something stupid. I literally was typing my e-mail that had my home and work phone, addresses, name, my company contact, etc. I was ready to take it to the next level because she (or he as the case may be) was on her way to the US. This site hit me between the eyes with WHAT A F#%&-ing ignorant FOOL I CAN BE! Now I'm wiser. I suspect I would have been screwed somehow with that much info being turned over.

It was some form of sense that had me google 'coalro' in another window and actually read the results. I literally deleted the e-mail as soon as I saw the company name and someone accusing the company and people of being a dating scam.

I started deleting even before I found the entries discussing 'Svetlana'. I'm glad the info on this blog is on the net, because those who have the slightest doubt will google, and likely get here. So, a BIG thank you to whomever started this blog. It is a true service to many men. Myself included. I'm certainly wiser now that my cranium has been removed from my rectal orifice.

Now, I'm still fishing for a nude of 'Svetlana'. she is unusually silent, likely having figured out that I've figured her out. So be it. Its all good. As for the astute 'anonimous' poster who has an ax to grind about us addressing these scammers as if the women in the pics are the ones scamming us. Well, HOW THE HELL ELSE ARE WE GOING TO REFER TO THEM!

Even if we all are writing the same 6ft 5in 350lb, white piece of shit sitting in St. Louis, each of us have no way of distinguishing whether its one, or more INDIVIDUALS, or PERSONALITIES (of the same person) we are talking to. All we know is what we have to work with. The pics, and names. So, forgive us for continuing to refer to them by what's been presented. It just seems most logical. I'm open to your alternate suggestions as I've noticed that you have offered none.

Svetlana (or shall I call her 'Bubba') is silent now. Nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. I'll continue to demand she show her love for me and that she resolve my distrust of her loyalty by sending me pics in the raw. Of course, I'll share when and if they come.

Rob. M.
2006-11-11, 23:40:25
anonymous from United States  
Here's the latest from me.


Svetlana my love,

Where are you? I'm much disturbed by your silence. Why don't you at least write to me a little letter to continue our relationship. PLEASE get with me soon. I can't stop thinking of you. You are my soul mate that I've waited so long to find.

OH, I have such good news to share. I'm in sales, and since I've long past my sales goal, I've been told that my bonus will be a large cash BONUS! I have no one to share it with, so I'm planning to set some aside, and to pay off some debts, but I want to share some with you. Also, I WON A TRIP! I'm so excited since you have two weeks vacation when you come to US, I want to plan with you. Lets go together somewhere romantic. I can make love with you all those days. I so long to hold you. . .

But. . . I have to tell you that first, you must accept my request for a more revealing picture of you. I tell you the truth, that I DON'T really trust that you are telling me everything. Please, send me the picture I've asked you for. I want to see your hole body, just is if I'm about to make love to you.

I'm waiting for YOU to affirm our love.

Always thinking of you.



I think 'hole' was a nice touch.

Rob. M.
2006-11-12, 01:18:30
anonymous from United States  
Another thought,

Lets' offer these scammer's e-mails to online services. I just signed Svetlana up to LA Times & a whole host of offers! If everyone does it, they should be loosing e-mails soon from overload and spam!
2006-11-12, 09:09:39
anonymous from United States  
Im telling ya! ever since I told her about she quit emailing me. I have sent her emails and she just stopped. I sent her emails with photos of that fat titted slut in them and she/he sent me a return asking 'what have you figured out?' Well I will tell you what I figured out is that you haven't got passed the sniffing butt stage that is what I figured out!
Eversince she was emailing me here in Okla the past few weeks I kept searching and searching and found this site but no svetlana photos here until someone asked and I started posting. I will admit this, the best photo of her yet is the one in the construction hard hat that Rob from Denver posted. Boy!, she needs to be power laid in that one and pull an all nighter. Shit she has 'swing me from a pole in Vegas look baby' and that is probably where she is.

2006-11-12, 09:23:53
anonymous from United States  
I just signed Svetlana up for a single dating service in Finland. Now she will be getting emails out the ass. She is a single lesbian in Helsinki. Let see if she gets anything.
2006-11-12, 16:08:15
anonymous from United States  
The telltale for Svetlana and I is Monday morning. 'Bubba' (see my post above if you don't understand why I'm calling her 'Bubba') seems to be building our heart-felt relationship and online love M-F, at a time that at least seems to correspond with Finnish time. Alas, the relationship may be dead due to system overload. I'll just be fucking pissed if I don't see bush! After I see bush, I'll walk away from this whole thing and pretend it never happend . . . that is after I share the wealth with you guys though!

Rob. M. - Denver.
2006-11-13, 13:25:06
anonymous from United States  
Wow, and to think that I actually WAS desirable to a younger woman. I've had Svetlana writing to me for almost a month, and I was actually starting to fall for this scam. I've had enough bad experiences with the internet and women that I was being cautious, but I guess not enough. Today I finally decieded, after calling her phone number, to do a search on her name. Lucky for me that I found this site. She actually sent me a picture today that I don't see here, so watch for this picture to come.
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Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland
Dating scammer Natalya ( from Russia
Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland

2006-11-13, 14:32:35
anonymous from United States  
Here is the latest email from Svetlana. I can't believe that I was taken in by her. I'm still waiting for the money request email. Her story has been like most of the other postings. The company CoalRo is suppose to be opening up a US office and sending her here to run it. As I take a look back at all the emails, I realize that the only time my name is ever mentioned is in the greeting, very easy to use canned messages.


Hi, my dear _______.
I’m so happy that we’re going to meet each other soon. When I think
about it,
I’m starting to imagine the way it’s gonna happen.
I dream to see you waiting for me in the airport.
Feel you hug me and clasp hard to you bosom.
We will flow together in a kiss. I’m thinking about you every day.
I’m trying to find out where exactly I’ll be working at.
However, I wasn’t told about it yet.
They said that I will get all the information when I arrive to Moscow.
I can’t wait to find it all out. I hope I’ll be working close to the
place you live at.
My heart is tired of loneliness. I need love. I need you.
I need to see your smile, your eyes, feel your touch.
Soon our hearts will come together.
It’s gonna be like a huge fire that can be put out by a long kiss only.
I want to talk to you when we meet so much. I want to tell you a lot.
I’m so happy to know that the time when we finally meet each other is
getting closer and closer with every single minute.
Soon we’ll be looking into each other’s eyes.
I think that our relations will not only grow into something bigger –
they will be eternal.
I have received your message.
I know it for sure. I’m finishing my letter. Sending you the hottest
kiss ever.
I will try to write you more often.
These pictures are made in Egypt.
Your Svetlana
2006-11-13, 14:40:45
anonymous from United States  
Does this sound familuar to anyone?

I was very glad that you found some time to answer me! Thank you so much
for it!
I haven’t written anything about myself –so I’d better do it now.
I live in Finland – it is a Scandinavian country located in Northern
Europe, in the city of Helsinki.
Helsinki is a modern city with the population of almost half a million.
It is our capital.
We have a three-step education here: School – College - University.
I studied economics in the university – now I work for a company that
specializes in wood processing and coal supply.
I’m an operation director there. I like my job. Thank you for answering
In the end of my letter I want to ask you a couple of things (just a
little piece of female curiosity).
What music do you like? What kind of movies do you usually watch?
Sorry that I didn’t answer your letter sooner. I was very busy at work
and my home computer has broken down.
I guess I will be able to write you from my office.
And I think that a little phone conversation will be even better.
;) However, your letters will definitely raise my mood at work.
I will send you my phone number soon.
Sorry that I can’t send it now – I just want to know you a little bit
better before I give it to you.
I hope that you understand me.

P.S You have asked where I found you. The answer is simple – I visited
a local acquaintance agency.
I told them that I don’t have too much time to waste searching – and
they agreed to help me.
I got your address in that agency. I must admit that even though it all
seemed to be very interesting,
I wasn’t hoping to get so much. I don’t know how the agency learned
your address.
I don’t know at which site they found your portfolio.
I hope that you are not very angry at me because of my letters.
I just hope that it is the beginning of something big…

Sincerely yours,
2006-11-13, 14:43:53
anonymous from United States  
What a sad story that Svetlana tells......

I was really glad to see another letter from you in my mailbox!
I had thought that you wouldn’t answer me when you realize that I’m
not from your country.
When I saw your letter I couldn’t help smiling…
Of course, it would be great to chat with you a little but unfortunately
I have neither Yahoo nor MSN messenger.
When I fix my home PC I will install them straight away.
I feel I have to write a couple of things about myself more.
I was the only child in the family - and my parents left me when I was
very young.
They died in an accident - I don’t want to say how it happened, it
really hurts me to think about it.
I will write about it later. My grandparents escaped from the Soviet Union when they were young.
The rest of my relatives live there. I don’t talk with them much these
days -
the distance between us is too big, so it’s really hard to meet them
even if you really want to.
My aunt is the closest to me - but I don’t have the chance to visit her
now. Last four years I was totally lonely.
Well, I guess, I’d better not talk about sad things now.
I know a little Russian but I mostly have to speak Finnish.
I started learning English in college - I hope that it’s not really
that bad.
I’ve never been married - and I don’t have kids. I guess you wonder
why I don’t want to start dating a Finnish man.
The reason is very simple - most of them are incredibly boring. They know
nothing about romance and passion.
And their feelings are boring and monotonous as well.
I’m tired of such men -that’s why I decided to look for love abroad.
I’m planning to leave Finland in the future - everything reminds me of
my parents here.
I want to move to the United States. I’ve never been there - but I hope
I will be able to live and work there.
I think that I’ll be moving pretty soon -
I can’t say the exact date, but there’s a chance that I’ll be
offered a job in the US.
I won’t talk about it now - Russians say that if you tell everyone
about the thing that is about to happen or
about your secret dream, it will never come true.
If everything goes right, I will inform you.

I love different music flows - from classic to rock.
My favorite singers and bands are Madonna, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani.
I adore symphonic music by Tchaikovsky and Wagner.
Most of my favorite films are American - Gladiator, Groundhog Day, Basic
However, that’s just a tiny bit of the things I like…
I prefer melodrama and comedy. I like skating, skiing and swimming.
Hiking is a great fun for me. I enjoy camping in forest.
I wanted to ask you about the time difference between our cities -
please, inform me if you manage to find it out.
I have to finish my letter now.
I have decided to give you the phone number.
+358-02-3619-0414 -house
+358-03-7411-8739 -the worker
Waiting for the answer

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Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland
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Keywords: blonde dress bench lake
2006-11-13, 17:56:33
anonymous from United States  
Another of Svetlana's many loves...

How romantic.
Thank God for this site! I was ready to head for Helsinki. Get a piece of this hottie.Now i feel pretty stupid for buying into it. The whole time I was thinking 'this is weird'.Just too many hokey stories. But my hopeful, lonely, old ass was ready to fly to Europe for her. That's fucking sad. Thanks to everyone who pitched in on this site.
I'm glad I googled it.
2006-11-13, 19:40:12
anonymous from United States  
I'm playing along, hoping to get a few nude pics out of it or so. LOL. I wonder if this is even a chick I'm corresponding with. A gang of hot Russian scammers? Or just some guy from Missouri with pics of hot Russian girls? I wonder how they decide which girl to target which victim. Svetlana is the one who contacted me, and I find her a lot more attractive than the other pictures posted on here. Just a cooincidence I'm sure, but still, kinda weird.

Well, I'm going to play along and have some fun with this one. I just hope that when the FBI busts them, they don't see all my lewd emails to her! LOL.

P.S., Anyone call the number yet? Is it like a 1-900 number, where you get charged 150 bucks a minute or something?
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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