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Dating scammer Svetlana Karsanova from Helsinki, Finland


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Name: Svetlana Karsanova
Location: Helsinki, Finland

She supposedly is the Chief Operating Officer of that phone Coal or Wood company in Finland.

As someone posted:

"I called a few of the phone numbers listed in various offices. What a complicated scam. All of them had the same answering machine message. I assume they have the phone forwarded.

My mom used to say, there is a sucker born every day. "

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2006-11-17, 08:04:25
Rob M. - Denv from United States  
Hey boys, I heard from my Russian love, Svetlana.

She only wrote two words in response to my demand for bush. Hmmm, maybe I'll make amends, then ask again!

Bigdaddyhardstone, it was inevitable one of us would get kicked in the nuts over this! Which scammer posted your pic? Please, say it isn't Svetlana my love who is pissed!

Here's her response:

Good luck.


I don't understand. . . just two words from my blonde angel. No pics this time though. I should write back and demand more! Just seems out of character for her. . . or him as the case may be. :-) BTW, anyone else demanding bush from this bitch?


P.S. Here's my orig e-mail.:

DJ> Svetlana,

DJ> I have news that is not good for you. I've met another
DJ> beautiful Russian woman whom I think I fall in love with. She is
DJ> younger than you. My heart wants you both.

DJ> If you send me a picture of you with no clothes, I may
DJ> reconsider. Its your decision, you can take pictures of you.

DJ> The fact that you are not responding to my request is
DJ> suspect that you are talking with other men. I can't trust you
DJ> until you do what I ask. Since she is younger and she has sent me
DJ> photos of her body, I will talk more with her.

DJ> If you want me to talk more with you, then you need to DO
DJ> THE SAME. Send me photos of you. No clothes.

DJ> Rob.
2006-11-19, 18:48:46
Rob M. Denv. from United States  
Hey Guys,

Anyone still hearing from Svetlana? Any recent pics? Since my demand for a nude pic, she's been silent.
2006-11-20, 01:27:29
anonymous from United States  
I heard from Svetlana on Thursday (16th) However, I am behid everyone else as far as the pics go, I am still gettin g pics already posted here.
I also send a complaint to myspace about nadja profile and referenced this blog. It will be cool to see how fast myspace acts on this.
Keep sending stuff to scambuster; I am! I also filed an FBI report...
2006-11-20, 09:26:20
anonymous from United States  
hey guys, antone the bone here little sweety nadja (aka) nadezhda lopteva her real name is landia she is from russian and tried to pull the same scam but never asked for money at least not yet you can see her at stop_scammers .com under all scammers page # 37 svetlana is in there as well as far as allison i have'nt seen here in there ( at least the pictures of landia are really her) get em boys
2006-11-20, 11:15:51
anonymous from United States  
Hey Svetlana is wondering why I haven't wrote. SHould I continue? Maybe I'll scam her.
2006-11-20, 14:14:34
from United States  

I have been playing with Svetlana for the last month, today I received the first half nude picture, she does have small breasts and the back-up document was very sensual, it describes our first love making in detail, she describes in detail all of the things that sound great and how she will be arriving in a week or so, as you have read she states she is going to Russia and then coming here.

I will continue to play the game until I discover the front, so far I have not sent her any money and she has not asked, I did try to call her but realized that these numbers were not real after the first try, the company pictures looked real, unfortunately I was nervous that a so-called 29 year old was a COO of a major company.

The question I have is if someone knows that these documents are from St. Louis, can they give me some tracking specifics, I would like to fly there and meet these individuals in person, it would be my pleasure to shut them down so that they cannot make us all think they are real people.

I think these individuals are good at what they do and these scams have cost many people financial debts, so let me know any valuable information, I have the financial resources to carry this to an ending that would allow all of us to move forward.

Joey D.
2006-11-20, 17:27:18 from United States  
Boston Bob and club members:

I have sent an overture to Svetlana this evening advising her that my interest is deep, I requested certain information from her with the understanding she would receive certain financial rewards to benifit our so-called meeting, it is important to catch these thieves ASAP.

I have some friends in high places, unfortunately they do not have the time or people to address these issues, they consider tghis fraud, but we as the victims we must work together to stop this bullshit from continuing, I need some help from this group to get me certain facts.

1. If this operations is in St. Louis, does anyone have a real phone # and address.

2. Since this has effected many individuals someone has to have more information than just these silly documents and pictures they send.

3. I want to play this in real time and get this scum off the Internet, so I will continue to respond to Svetlana's e-mails until she or her representatives make a mistake.

Any comments please advise to my e-mail.

Joey D.
2006-11-20, 21:14:13
anonymous from United States  
Joey D,

You said you saw Svetlana's Tits. Well. . . F#$#% post the pictures Dammit!
2006-11-20, 21:21:59
anonymous from United States  
top of the night bros i herd from svetlana today she is still out there trying to pull her shit she so fucking stupid she sent the same letter today she sent last week.
dumass fucking ruskie cunts.don't think they have caught on to this sight yet.
take care out there bros
bob in denver.
2006-11-21, 01:06:48
anonymous from United States  
Svetlana's back...
and she loves me! I think the game is about to come to the 'hook'!

Hi my love XXX!
I’m waiting for the moment when we’ll finally be together –
I think I’d give all I have to make it come sooner.
I want to kiss you. I want to take your hand and feel its warmth.
I want to look into your eyes and see love burning in them.
I want to feel your breath and your heartbeat. I want to see you happy.
I love you. I’m not afraid to say it. I want to repeat it again and again.
I want to shout these words out. Soon we will be together.
Our hearts will flow together in a gust of love like two enormous oceans.
We’ll be the ocean forever – beautiful, powerful. You are always on my mind.
You are the light that shines inside my soul. You are like the air for me.
We will favor each other with kisses making our passion grow.
We will leave all the old grieves behind.
At least we’ve found each other – our love will keep growing in both the pleasure and the sorrow,
in health and in illness. I will always be with you. I love you.
Write your full address and a full name
What airport near to you?

Sending you many hugs and kisses,
2006-11-21, 23:06:09
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys i'm a sucker for Svetlana too. I belong to yahoo personal. I believe their is lot of scamming on that site as well. Svetlana sent me the same pictures and wrote the same BS AS I READ HERE. This is amazing and i hope they get cought and put in jail. This is just so wrong. There is nothing funny about this I just did a google search and found this site. I don't undertand why this person is doing this. Svetlana never asked me for money or anything but she continues to write to me. I stoped writing back a few emails ago. She must have sent about 11 emails... I don't know what she is getting out of this. What a lossserrrrrrrrr.

2006-11-22, 00:02:01
anonymous from United States  
Hey everyone i got Svetlana top off. I don't know if thats good or bad being this is a scam.........
2006-11-22, 11:44:53
anonymous from United States  
Well I have to say the new Svetlana topless picture has got me beat... I'm
still getting the bathing suit ones... I called the phone company and was assured
that the can't charge you phone bill with a phony 900 number so it will be interesting
to follow this one to the end just to see how creative our little web master is at
City : Saint Louis, MO... lots of fun though. So any takers on what the scam is, I will
put forth the 'Woe is me send me money' as a top biller
2006-11-22, 12:04:48
anonymous from United States  
Hi guys, Svetlana also began sending me letters. Apparentely I have an ad somewhere that she saw and fell for me as iam so different than the men where sheis from. Figured out straight away this was a scam, so I have been playing along and obviously enjoying the pictures! All the letters are the same as I've seen posted along with the picture, I'm pissed that the titty pic hasn't arrived yet. Perhaps that will be tomorrow! Don't be stupid and send cash, just enjoy the pics, later guys!
2006-11-22, 14:50:06
anonymous from United States  
Boston Bob here...Svetlana's on the move, I got the email today she is going to Moscow, waiting for the 'help, send money' plea. I got the topless pic too, luckey me, if only she was real.
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