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Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia


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Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia

Her new email address is


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2006-12-13, 05:04:14 from Morocco  
je ss prét a etre votre ami c'est vous voullez de moi comme t'il
2006-12-13, 23:00:49
anonymous from United States  
New Look

2006-12-13, 23:01:47
anonymous from United States  

2006-12-18, 18:55:40
anonymous from United States  
Ya that Vicktoriya Makarova got me really good for about 5 months worth. She said she had a good bakery business aquired by her ex-husband who was wealthy but would not go back to him because she thought money corrupted him. She convinced me that money was not important. She finally wanted to fly here to be with me for the holidays and needed help with the ticket cost. I had suspicions all of a sudden so I gave her a long letter about how broke I was at the moment. I never heard from her again...she was gone! She used the email address: . She or whatever she really is didn't get any money from me but she had me convinced she was sincere, honest and for real and I actually got a big crush on her! She even sent me baby pictures of shown. I can't believe this person or persons doing this can live with themselves by stooping so low and being so devious for a lousy few hundred bucks! Somehow these nasty people must be stopped.
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2006-12-18, 19:05:05
anonymous from United States  
Here's the one baby pic she sent me...I still can't believe this!
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Keywords: children b/w
2006-12-18, 21:35:54
anonymous from United States  
Anyone seen or know of this address sent to me by a supposed Vicktoriya Makarova?
I did sent flowers here and she(?) acknowledged getting them....

My address :
644000 Omsk,Vatunina St.11 A /77
Vicktoriya Makarova,when sister send package
it has not went throw because Russian post
in Siberia does not work fine,so i ask you
do not send expensive things

Yours V.

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Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia

2006-12-19, 11:31:06
anonymous from United States  
About Vicktoriya Makarova, Nella Galiullina, Olga Romenskaya ( Romanskaya too!)...^M
The VATUNINA address is bogus and so is the flowershop. She is blacklisted on 4 Russian E-shops and has a total of 18 email addresses all Only one is the She has since been removed from MySpace. I am currently in contact with her trying to get more 411 out of her. I need help. If You submit pictures and email contact info, be specific as You can to include times and dates. Copy and Past headers of quotes would be nice. I have tons of stuff on her already. I do not think that the picture of her with the bellybutton ring is her. I could be wrong. Who ever submitted that pic must add details. Contact me anyone out there.
2006-12-19, 11:32:03 from United States  
Hi. My name is Marvin and my E-dress is Info on Vicktoriya Makarova-Nella Galiullina-Olga Romenskaya-Olga Romanskaya. I am investingating her and I am still in contact with her trying to get more 411. I need Your help. I have sites and links to submit real soon as I also will post my findings everywhere. V-Mak can only be stopped by submitting every picture and every letter ( with the full headers showing ). Times and dates and any phone numbers that she gives and any personal 411 that she writes about must be shared. Fact or Fiction it is important as these are clues to her and her pattern. To address some questions . . . The Vatunina street address is fake. She is blacklisted on 4 russian E-flower/gift shops and has 18 email addresses. 1 is the and the 17 others are She also has victims in England. $1.00 = R30.49 rubbles as of Dec 10 - 16th. It is big business. I do not believe that she is working thru Mari-El although I am not sure. She is not independant. She uses X-mailer software and the BAT! program so she sends out her form and personal letters out like spam. That is why most letters go unanswered. I have been tracking mine and most go unopened yet she still sends me form letters. I assume each email address is used more than on one victim so she and her brothel are clocking serious $$$. She may be working out of an office like a small telemarketing office as witnessed be the software and program that is being used. She is not dumb or stupid. Careless and ignorant at times but that's all. Please post specific info with pics and letters. I even have some 411 on Amnesia. Again, fact or fiction we must assume fact and run the lead. It only takes one mistake to flood us with what we need. And the more letter and photo samples that we have then the harder it will be for her to fake it. She will stumble. and then she's mine. But I need the help. I will be adding more to this at a latter date. This I promise. A fellow victim - Marvin
2006-12-19, 13:48:04
.net from United States  
Hey Marvin:
I bought her an airline ticket to the USA by way of Moscow,rather than give her money, now I am cancelling it but she sent me her Visa,asking for money. It is probably a fake, she also doesn't I know about her scam. I became suspicious when she ask for money.I found out it just this morning. I am with you, there seems to be more to this scam than what we see . I have contacted Western Union because she ask me for $1237 I have emailed her this morning telling her I was going to send her some money but it would be a day or two Keep me posted would Marvin. I will also keep you updated

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2006-12-19, 17:39:44
anonymous from United States  
Marvin, I have every picture and e-mail this scammer has sent me since August. and I am still recieving them to this day. Its like she dosn't realize I'm on to her. I would love to help you stop her

2006-12-20, 22:37:39
anonymous from United States  
Marvin, I will help you any way I can to get this little snake. She got me heart and soul and that does not sit right with me at all. Anyone doing this deserves hellfire.
I will email you.

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Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia

2006-12-21, 00:03:58
anonymous from United States  
This girl has gotten this scam down cold! She has sent me most of these pics over the past 4-1/2 mos, initially posing as a food store owner, who had left her husband 'caus he cheated on her. She knows how to draw you in with the stories she weaves about her past and upbringing!

Took about 4 mos to ask for money - was supposed to be coming to visit me for the holidays. After suppossedly going to Moskow to pick up her visa, she indicated that she had spent $500 between the train, hotel, vise and food, and was stranded, needing for me to wire her $980 (the cost of the plane ticket) to leave by last weekend, as she would be out on the street otherwise.

I had made up my mind to send her $200 to make it back home, intending to arrange to have her visit later next year. Western Union intercepted my transfer, having a refp come on the line and ask me how sure I was about sendind money to someone whom I may not know too well? long story short: She check Western Union's records per my request, replying that there had been 18 tranfers to 'Romenskaka, Olga' between Nov 6 and Dec 15, ranginging from $80 to the highest being $1500! She ckecked a couple of them the determine that Olga lived in Omsk, where she indicated to me that she did.

I wrote her back that same day (last Sat, Dec 16, letting her know that I had become aware of her scam and telling her goodbye. I haven't heard from her since.
2006-12-21, 12:18:33
anonymous from United States  
About her VISA. AS you can expect but just had to comfrim it this is what the US Consular at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow has to say

Dear Sir:

The scanned visa you sent to us is not a valid US visa. We have searched the State Department's database of all non-immigrant visa applications and issuances. No one meeting the description you provided has applied for or been issued a US visa either in Moscow or any other visa issuing post.

As you correctly surmised, these scans are used in a very common Russian Internet scam being used to defraud Americans. Prospective friends or fiancées will correspond at length with individuals in the US. After some time, the correspondent will begin asking for living expenses, internet fees, medical treatment expenses, visa fees or transportation. Often times these individuals will indicate a desire to visit the US. Inevitably problems arise (often requiring large sums of money). Eventually, the correspondence will stop. These scammers are very well practiced in what they do. The US Embassy and the three Consulates in Russia have received several thousand reports of individuals victimized by such schemes. Many of these men have sent thousands of dollars to their 'friend' in Russia.

The anonymity of the internet masks the true name, age, nationality and even gender of the correspondents. Most importantly, this anonymity masks their true intent. We encourage you to visit the U.S. Embassy website at Click on American Citizen Services on the left. On the new page, you will find FAQs covering internet scams on the left side of the page.

Applicants do not need to prove they have already purchased plane tickets or that they have a certain amount of money for each day in the U.S. before being issued a visa. You can find authoritative and complete information about requirements for Russians who wish to visit the U.S. at This site gives specific requirements for the many visas types available. You can also refer to to find specific information about applying for a visa in Moscow.

The Embassy cannot assist in apprehending the perpetrators of these schemes, nor can we assist in recovering any money you may have already sent. Victims of these schemes should contact local police authorities or the local FBI office. Please feel free to visit the Internet Fraud Complaint Center hosted by the FBI at in order to file a complaint.

We appreciate that you have contacted us about your case. We are compiling some numbers of Americans who have been contacted by such individuals. We hope to use these statistics to convince the Russian authorities to take action against the perpetrators. We encourage you to be cautious in dealings with individuals over the internet, and to never send money to individuals you have never met.


Fraud Prevention Unit

Consular Section

U.S. Embassy, Moscow, Russian Federation
2006-12-23, 10:39:18 from United States  
Hey People, It's Me . . . Marvin Gonzalez - Thank you so much for the 411. PLEASE keep it coming. PLEASE E-me too if you feel comfortable doing that. I want and need every picture and letters ( with headers showing ) that I can get.

I do have a viable plan. For now we can only hope to hinder hers. The 411 is invaluable. PLEASE also to remember that when You post pics and letters, If you wish to remain anonymous, at least post dates, times, and any of her personal 411.

I have that statue picture as well. That one and the one with her sweet smile was my wall paper on my phone. She didn't get me for $$$, but she did get me for my heart, mind and soul.

I am angry but not bitter. I am out for justice and not for vengence. I am a christian and my FATHER will see to the vengence part of it. If you can stomach leading her on and fish for more 411, then do so and personally E-me or post it here as I have alerts to this site when new postings are available.

Read any tips and advice on how to spot and hinder scammer cuz then you will know what questions to ask and how to do it so that she just might take the bait.

She does not answer or even open most letters cuz she has an automated system at her disposal so be patient. I think if we use key words to alert her X-mailer and BAT! program ( e.i. Western Union, Money, Sent, such as that ) then our mail might find it's way into a more personal box. We are being filtered so lets make sure we get filtered through.

I am now including these words in my letters and there is a hint of success.

If you would rather wash your hand of this mess then do that too of course. Just give us a chance to finish what she started please.

Thanks for the visa pic. I needed that. And thanks for the Western Union 411. Keep posting as I am sure that others will want to research her before they send her $$$. Besides hindering her efforts we can help others in our situation.

PLEASE read and follow any advice given like the posting from the U.S. embassy in Moscow above. I know this woman as Vicktoriya Makarova ( V-Mak ).

Look at look under scams. There is plenty of useful info there.

Keep me posted as I will do the same. Again, count on full disclosure when I am fininshed. Some one else may need to take the lead from there.

By for now. Marvin Gonzalez -
2006-12-23, 23:37:59 from United States  
Hello marvin as of November of this year 2006 her email was paperways@gmail .com I don't know if that will help you but she was sweet talking me for about a month. she sent me 4 of the picture that you already have
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