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Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia


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Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia

Her new email address is


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2007-01-16, 07:42:47
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: brunette brown bikini towel cabin
2007-01-16, 14:04:49
anonymous from United States  
Hello out there Lets all get back to the posted form of Our beloved Vicky. Thank You and has anyone hear anything new about her lately
2007-01-18, 05:03:01   (updated: )

2007-01-18, 22:01:25
anonymous from United States  
No Problembo! About watching out for Vicktoriya, You bet... I Will!!!
2007-01-22, 11:36:35 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hello, It's Me. . .Marvin Cecil Gonzalez.

It's been awhile since I last posted anything.

Our Beloved V-mak is changing pix and her letter format is changing again.

There are 6 of us that are exchanging and posting new things regarding our beloved.

And if you out there have anything to post or share, or need advice or instruction and guidence e-me at my e-dress please.

I also send you to 'Scammer Vicky' - a friend. You can reach him at

He has posted much on V. and her various personas.

Please refer to his

And to see her new persona see

and also he created another freewebs site for this new persona of our nemisis. . .


Check these sites out my friends.

And I agree with the previous post on keeping this site to our beloved.

Beware also that these scammers and their e-brothels are starting to get away from The Bat! bulk mail software and are starting to use spam software such as;
FC'2000, Becky and CommuniGate Pro

SO - look out for these when you check your headers.

Besides and she is also using her new persona on

NOTE:::Does anyone have her user name on Match. We have her user names on True and Singlesnet.

If anyone out there has been contacted by this E-ho by way of PLEASE E-mail me her user name or post it here.

I get alerts when you guys post new stuff.

Keep posting guys, even if you do not think it is important. We may be making an effect by our efforts if she is using new pix and letter formats and writing styles.

Lets keep up the good work and make it hard for her ( or him/them ) to do business.

And again, email me if you need guidence or you are unsure of the importance of 411 and the such. . . .

marvin cecil gonzalez:
2007-01-24, 11:34:12 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hello, It's Me again . . . marvin cecil gonazalez

I just received some news of a setback.

I have been refering people to a friend = Scammer Vicky at

As you know he has been instrumental in posting several helpful links and postings of letters and pix.

Well, It seems that we are hitting our Russian Scammers hard cuz they are fighting back.

Scam V's informational sites at, and, and are no longer available.

Yuliya is a new persona/alias.

He has been forced off of these site due to scammer protest.

But let us not focus on this.

It is our first setback.

But, on the posative side, I am working with another individual in another country on arranging V's arrest.

I am attempting to do research on him make sure that he is valid. So for he seems to be.

Hope for the best while expecting nothing in this area.

So we are not out of the game and none of this is wasted effort done in vain.

It just means that we have them by the balls and they do not like it.

We cut them and they are bleeding.

And if this monster can bleed, then it can be killed.

As stated above, the entity known as V-mak and other familiar alias' are now beginning to change junk/spam/bulk e-mail programs getting away from the Bat!.

AND, they are also changing pictures, email adddresses and domains, Letter style and formats.

As I said before to ya many cats and few kittens that we will work to stop her/him/them, or at least hinder their efforts - keep them on the run.

What ever we do, it is apparent that we must be low key and appropriate.

We can not post comments without some kind of proof (i.e. headers and pix).

We also need to keep our postings clean. What will get us knocked off of these sites is anything that people may find offensive or threatening is someway.

We are doing fine posting letters with headers showing, any and all scammer 411, and their pix, time and date references, and even money sent to these scammers.

By the way, V-mak's dancing baby picture showed up on another scammer site (dedicated page) here on Delphi.

Click on Dating Scammer from Tomsk, Russia.

E-me with any more 411. Read my previous postings please and please contact me with anything new.

Again, even if what you have may seem insignificant, it might not be.

Most criminals are busted with seemingly insignificant 411.

Anyway, again, note that for now the freeweb links regarding V-mak and Yuliya and the Zoomshare site are no longer available.

Scam-V, I tried to email you but for some reason I keep getting failed attempt notices to your hi-vicky e-dress. I will try the other one ( e-dress).

E-me with a contact address if the two above are no longer active.

Know that we still need your expertise in certain areas.

Marvin Cecil Gonzalez at

2007-01-26, 12:50:26 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hey guys, it's me - Marvin.

Click on Dating Scammer from Tomsk, Russia.

Read the whole page.

It is our V.

Different name and pix.

Letters forward to me by my new friends from that site show that it is our V.

One picture is same as well as her mention of her friend Amnesia.

More to come.

Marvin at
2007-01-26, 12:50:29 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hey guys, it's me - Marvin.

Click on Dating Scammer from Tomsk, Russia.

Read the whole page.

It is our V.

Different name and pix.

Letters forward to me by my new friends from that site show that it is our V.

One picture is same as well as her mention of her friend Amnesia.

More to come.

Marvin at
2007-01-27, 09:47:17 from Cicero in Illinois, United States  
Hi guys, It's Me . . .Marvin

Update . . .

Thankyou so much Paperstop for the postings on 'greenday564's page.

We need every one to do that.

Every one needs to see every letter from everyone of the alias's that I named in my above postings so that we can see for ourselves that all these names are one and the same entity.

You did great in posting your letters with full header opened and you were wise in deleting your personal 411 in those headers.

To everyone else:

We can gleen alot from the 411 in those if we know what to look for and where to go to trace/track.

There is a way to trace/track and gleen 411 from photos too.

It can be found within or behind the pix.

It does involve downloading but it is all free.

I just found out about it as I am not a technoguru.

As soon as I can I will post the link and directions.

Also, a friend wrote to me thru this e-ddress, his concern was that his scammer email is disappearing and how can it be . . .

There is software and programs that can be purchased and downloaded that will allow email to dissolve after some specific time and/or some specific condition(s).

You place a banner/tag after your e-ddress. That's all, much like placing a tracer/tracker only this is a dissolver.

This program may make it impossible to copy and paste the email as well but we can certainly try.

I may copy/paste original and place it in my notepad and see what happens.

If the original dissolves, then maybe the copy wont. Who knows.

I think that if we copy/paste we do so to all things seen and unseen - again, I am no techie so - I do not know.

If you do, post what you know for us please.

Also - BEWARE . . .the scammers are placing viruses in their photos . . .

More to come. I still need help with Marina and Tatyana.

E-me please if you want to help or need 411 and/or direction

One more thing . . .

I will copy/paste same postings to the sister pages 'Greenday and Vicktoriya'

For 411 on the entity known as:

Marina Artemieva...Tatyana Zavagina(Zvyagina)...Vicktoriya(Victoriya/Viktoriya)Makarova(Macarova)...Nella Galiullina...Olga Romanskaya(Romenskaya)...briefly Tanya Sosnina...Luliya ????....Yuliya(Yulia) Kamenschikova

See Dating Scammer greenday from Tomsk,Russia.

See Dating Scammer Vicktoriya ( )from Russia.

And Follow the links . . .

If you have 411 and pix of any of the alias's that you do not see posted - Post it please . . .


Marvin at
2007-01-31, 21:30:38 from United States  

Hello from,

I have been busy the last few days editing letters from VMak and I have started my site at http://www.freewebs..amakarova/ . I plan on giving facts and what happen to me. You can go there if you wish and maybe give some ideas. It's a little raw right now. I'm still working on it. I also want to thank you and scammer vicky for all you have done and still doing. Thanks. It was scammer vicky site that got me to stop my last transfer to Vicki as you will read in Vicki's letters in December 2006. I hope I have helped with getting the info out. I believe the only way we can beat the scammers is by education. Will take care my friends

2007-02-02, 08:59:09   (updated: 2007-02-02, 09:02:04) from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hi Guys. . .

It's me, Marvin.

I noticed that the 411 that I posted regarding dissolving and retractable emails have been deleted or omitted.

The 411 was posted but is not there now.

So I am going to repeat it simply because someone personally Emailed me with the question why is his scammer email vanishing and how is it possible.

I put up the warning but some skeptics accused me of sleeping with the enemy.

My allegiance is indisputable so my reasoning for reposting this 411 is for your 411.

Not only are the e-brothels beginning to do this but myself and another have received scammer pix with viruses in them - so of coarse with Virus protection we were notified and unable to download the pix.

Anyway, I haven't lied or misslead yet - and if you are truly aware of any miss information then please alert me.

It is my intention to only post fact and noted thought and opinion.

Anyway - again, here's the 411.

I took me only 5 minutes to google/yahoo this stuff and copy/paste it into my notepad for future reference.

There are tons of links - just google and/or yahoo 'retractable email' and start learning what's out there . . .

On Self-Destructing Emails. ..

self-destructing email

Self-destructing email is electronic mail that vanishes or becomes unreadable after a certain length of time or upon the request of the sender. Although self-destructing email technologies has existed for years, none has been very effective. Several new programs are said to offer better performance as well as email security and privacy enhancements.

There are two main types of self-destructing email. The first type, also known as retractable email, allows the sender to cancel or void a transmitted message as long as it has not yet been read by the intended recipient. The second type of self-destructing email theoretically disappears from the Internet altogether after a certain length of time has passed. The key word here is 'theoretically' because if the recipient sees an email message preservation is always possible -- even if it means taking a photograph of the display screen on which the message appears or having multiple witnesses view the display in real time.

The most common method of creating a self-destructing message directs the recipient to visit a secure or encrypted Web site on which the message can be posted for a limited length of time. In order to gain access to the message contents, a password or decryption key is required. After the specified time limit has passed, the sender can delete the content from the site. However, once data has been written onto any magnetic hard disk, whether at the source, destination or any intermediate node, that data can be retrieved by someone with access to sophisticated data recovery technology even if it has been physically overwritten on the disk.

While self-destructing email technologies and programs will doubtless continue to improve, some experts insist that the best way to avoid criminal prosecution, civil litigation and other problems that can arise from inappropriate email is to give careful consideration to all messages before transmitting them. It is also a good idea to be sure that the email address of any intended recipient is spelled correctly so the contents do not end up in the wrong inbox. Wary experts go further and warn users against treating any form of electronic communications as if it were truly private, no matter what the provider may guarante


About Self-Destructing-Email
Self-Destructing-Email is an enhanced certified email service. It enables reliable tracking of email correspondence, informing the sender when select emails are received and viewed. It also provides certifiable proof that emails are sent, received and viewed by incorporating digital certificate technology and time/date stamping. Further, Self-Destructing-Email provides heightened security for the sending and receiving of email, spotlighting virus protection, encryption and unique features such as self-destructing email.

Self-Destructing-Email is:

Ready to use. No downloads or plugins are necessary. Self-Destructing-Email already works with all popular email packages and computing platforms.

Easy to use. To track an email message, compose your email as you normally do, append to the recipient's email address (e.g.,, then click 'Send.' Other Self-Destructing-Email features can be activated in a similar way.

Easy to understand. Self-Destructing-Email Read-Notifications are delivered in your language of choice and describe the full tracking history of your email. Our Read-Notifications are fully RFC compliant and compatible with your existing built-in email tracking, threading, and flagging features.

Private. Self-Destructing-Email has a strict privacy and anti-spam policy. We never read or monitor the contents of any tracked email, and we forbid the use of our service for junk emailing of any kind. Details such as names and email addresses are never made available to anyone outside of the Self-Destructing-Email service, and users can view and update their customer records and tracking history details anytime.

Personal. You always have full access to your Self-Destructing-Email account and email tracking information, and may change or erase it any time you wish. All changes and deletions you make are instant and permanent. Also, Self-Destructing-Email can tailor itself to your local time zone.

Reliable. All Self-Destructing-Email emails include more than two dozen different tracking techniques which makes Self-Destructing-Email many times more reliable than any competing product or service, and exceptionally more reliable than existing 'return receipts.'

Information about when your email is opened & read - and for how long
Tracking of where and to whom a sent email is forwarded
Full tracking history in your own 'Tracked Mail' web page at
Certified Proof-of-Posting to prove you sent what you did, when you did
Certified Proof-of-Opening indicate when an email is opened
DSN enabling verifies delivery of your email
MDN enabling prompts your recipient(s) to acknowledge reading your email
Live, instant and self-updating Read-Notifications via your existing email
Instant Read-Notifications via SMS on your cell phone or pager, and via ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, AIM/AOL, Jabber, and/or IRC instant messaging
Web link (URL) tracking
Microsoft Document tracking
Multilingual capabilities
Self-Destructing emails prevent forwarding, printing, copying and saving
Ensured-Receipt emails guarantee an unobtrusive Read Notification (in compatible reader format) for every email you send that gets opened
Retractable email enables you to delete Ensured-Receipt and Self-Destructing emails after sending.
Approximate recipient location (by closest city)
Information about recipient's email/browser software, language(s) and software capabiliti


If this 411 comes up missing - then something is amiss . . .

And I ain't sayin' nothin' but what I'm sayin' . . .

have a blessed and fruitful day gents.

Marvin Cecil Gonzalez at
2007-02-02, 12:01:48 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
It's Me. . .

No, I do not tire of this . . .

O.K. sometimes I do but in the mean time. . .

More 411 . . .

For 411 on the entity known as:

Marina Artemieva...Tatyana Zavagina(Zvyagina)...Vicktoriya(Victoriya/Viktoriya)Makarova(Macarova)...Nella Galiullina...Olga Romanskaya(Romenskaya)...briefly Tanya Sosnina...Luliya ????....Yuliya(Yulia) Kamenschikova

For more posting, comment, notes on this entity as well as letter samples and pix . . .Other sites with directions. . . > Forum > Scammers > page #'s on upper right hand corner
pg 1 = Yuliya ( Yulia ) Kamenschikova - 10th from the top.
pg 2 = Olga Romanskaya - 67th from the top.
pg 2 = Tanya Sosnina ( different scammer but briefly used the name ) - 20th from the top. > Outside the Cube > Dating Scams > see various pages. . .
- 'Is this Russian Girl Scamming Me? How to Recognize Scammers.
- 'Dating Scam From Kazan, part 5
- 'Dating Scammer from Tomsk, Russia
- 'Dating Scammer Vicktoriya ( ) from Omsk, Russia
- 'Humorous Ideas how to deal with Russian dating Scammers
- 'Elena from Slobodskoi > blacklist > newbies > N > page9
Under Nella Galiullina with link to Vicktoriya Makarova > anti-scam menu > 'search anti-scam' > enter Vicktoriya Makarova or Nella Galiullina. > scam profiles > read letter or scroll down to ...look 'here' first ( click 'here' ) > page 1 and 3 down from the top. > Scammer's menu > click 'search' > enter scammer I.D.# in 'Search by I.D.' window > click 'o.k.'
I.D.#s are: 1877 for Vicktoriya Makarova, 1806 for Nella Galiullina, 2022 for both alias's > page 37 > Nella Galiullina with reference to Vicktoriya Makarova.

She is black listed on three E-flower/gift shops;,, and
She sent me to, her biz buddy.

If I appear to be redundant it's because I am . . .

I want these alias and links to pop up when she is being googled/yahoo'd

Marvin at
again - contact me if you feel so lead to.

By the way . . .

Did you email the U.S and/or Russian Embassy in Moscow yet?

If not I strongly recommend that you do.

In Russia, they are hesitant to act unless they have lots of complaints with documented 411.

Send them all pix as well.

You can use these e-dresses to investigate and verify U.S. Visa/Passport and Immigration 411:

For U.S. Visa/Immigration:

For Passport Info:

You will also want/need to contact these to file complaints/grievences:

To Report Internet Crime:
This is the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the FBI

FSB aka FSS ( Federal Security Service ). This is Russia's 'FBI':
Now the site is in Russian so you will use an on-line translator to write the email:
Then just email to

MVD of Russia - aka MO( Ministy of the Interior of Russia )
This is the headquarters of the Russian Police:
Send your message thru 'Public Reception Center'

NOTE::: Be brief, clear, documentary proven, and straight to the point.
Use full legal name w/ completer contact 411.
Open and include full email headers that you send them from scammers.
2007-02-14, 23:10:11
Beware of a South african... Johannaesburg.. posing on my space as STEVEN Daniel/ williamsport, Pa.
Romance scammer

2007-02-19, 14:15:40
anonymous from United States  
I have been contacted by two different Russian women and do not know their Honesty,but I am not sure of either . I will include their Pictures.Anyone knowing these ,Beware it could be a trap . SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers
Dating scammer Larisa Smirnova from Glazov, Russia
Dating scammer Larisa Smirnova from Glazov, Russia

2007-02-21, 19:59:38
anonymous from United States  
Look for the first signs in the email Header. If it is a scam you can sometimes find a line in the header that says The Bat! Or Becky! This would be a sure sign to watch out not a positive sign of a scammer thou. Other signs are she does not answer your question directly. Now do not get hopeful when you look at the emails and maybe you can see what I am talking about. Now there is Last BUT NOT LEAST DO NOT SEND MONEY OR GIFTS OF ANY KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if she says that she wants to meet you and wants to get a Tourist Visa Now you’re talking to a Scammer. The US Government Do Not Issue Tourist Visas to Russian Woman. Instead offer to go see her and see what she says about that. Other than all that just keep going searches on Google Yahoo and MSN also Dog pile. com thou scammers to you find her
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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