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Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia


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Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia

Her new email address is

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2007-01-09, 20:13:21
anonymous from United States  
has anyone sent vicktoriya an e-mail?and if so what did you say?and how did she reply?
2007-01-09, 21:17:54 from United States  
OK Guys,

I met Vicktoriya Makarova at We wrote for four months she asked for flowers. I sent them. She asked for funds for travel to USA for holiday. I sent them because of trust. She never came and she has quite writing. So beware of her. I will do what I can to help stop her. Just as my email says paperstop now
2007-01-10, 11:49:47
anonymous from United States  
Hey Guys, I have been scamed by Vicktoriya Makarova too. We have been emailing back and forth for about a month. She finally ask for some money so she could buy a airplane ticket to come to see me and get married. I didn't respond rigjht a way and she wrote me how disappointed she was. I became suspicious right then and started checking Russian dating sites and I saw a picture that she had sent me. She goes by Luliya her Email address is: I'm so glad I checked her out I was about to send money. I hope she gets what she deserves.

2007-01-10, 14:27:58
anonymous from Netherlands  
Hey Guys does anyone knows Stella?

From : Stella R <>
Sent : Friday, January 5, 2007 7:47 PM
To : <<<<<------------- not my email adress
Subject : HappyGirl

| | Junk E-Mail | Inbox

We've identified this mail as junk. Please tell us if we were right or wrong by clicking Junk or Not Junk

Hi There. I am Stella. I Live in Moscow, I am 25 Email me if you want toChat

2007-01-11, 09:24:20 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hey V-Makers, It's Me Again, Marvin Gonzalez. Our Beloved V-Mak has finally stopped writing me. I cold contacted her several times under numerous alias's but so far no response.

To address some comments:
She has $$$. Since last I looked, $1.00 = R24.75. This means that for every U.S. dollar she scams it is convertable into 24.75 rubles.

That I know of to date, Western Union has 18 recorded transfers to Olga Romenskaya alone.

These T's, are b/w Nov 6 - Dec 15, 2006 only - and they are in the amounts of b/w $80 - $1500.

This does not include the other 5 Alias's that I know of that she uses or the other Transactions in her name beyond the scope of these dates.

This does not include that $$$ she makes with her E-flower/gift shop partners.

No fellas, she does not receive your gifts cuz the E-shops that she sends you to does not send them.

They mearly split the take ( your $$$ ).

We can safely assume that the pixs are not her.

Thru analysis ( not professional ), and opinion, I can see at least 3 different people in the collage of pix that we have of her.

Keep sending the new ones in. We need every pic, every e-dress that she uses, and every alias that she goes by.

Please when you post, include as much 411 as you can, regarding a time frame of contact and any of her fake personal 411 that she may

She could be a he, or she could be ( most likely ) several people working in shifts in a telemarketing type office that I call an E-brothel.

I may still have a soft spot for this one but I am no fool and don't you be either. V-mak or what ever Alias she used is only an image, an idea . . . she is fiction.

Those behind this are not and they are dangerous. Most evil is non bloodshedding and often comes in beautiful packages such as are Yummy V-mak.

Anyway, I am still active and getting more stuff on her, if you are serious about helping, contact me using my E-dress please. And contact Scammer V too. Use his Freewebs link in an above comment.

Talk to you soon. Call me. . . . . . .Marvin Cecil Gonzalez
2007-01-11, 11:27:45 from Chicago in Illinois, United States  
Hey V-Makkers, It's Me Again. I forgot to share with you that she is on as well as so be wary. If she has contacted you via another site, please share this with us as well.

By the way, that pix of Irina, just above our beloved V-Mak, is quite yummy too.

By the way again, These scammers are now getting away from using the notorious Bat! signal.

I cannot believe that I negligently neglected to note the specific programs to look out for in the headers but my guess is that we can alway look at spam headers and see what they are using.

Anyway, I will try to find the 411 on these new ( 2 of them ) Bulk mail programs that are becoming their favorites to use and I will surely post them.

If anyone out there knows of these, Please post them.

Anyway again, talk at you soon and 'bolshoi spaciba' ( thanx so much ) for the updates on our yummy beloved.

I hope and expect more from us soon. Bye for now and please E-me if you feel led to.

Marvin Cecil Gonzalez at
2007-01-11, 22:36:22
anonymous from United States  
I was scammed by
Uliya Buharin
her e-mail is
she calls herself Nadezhda Zaprudina
on she was angelworld4 something like that
we really should have nuked russia a long time ago
2007-01-12, 06:13:31
anonymous from Nigeria  
pls write me coz i will like to tell you some ting you will like
2007-01-12, 19:28:51
anonymous from United States  
From :     Stella R <>
Sent :     Friday, January 5, 2007 11:44 AM
To :
Subject :     HappyGirl

Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Hi There. I am Stella. I Live in Moscow, I am 25 Email me if you want toChat
2007-01-14, 08:37:34
anonymous from United States  
Here's another scammer you guys! i'm thinking this one should be adding to the history book within this post. My purpose with this women was just a friendship relationship thing. everything seem to be going alright for me. I once never complained of the relationship. and once never heard her complained of any problems... none so ever. Tho i fell for all her bullcrap in to believing all the kind sweet words she said. I was beginning to get the impressionable feeling that she liked me. but as a friend nothing more! Months later earlier of (06) Disappeared from my life. never heard from her sense. After through all that heart broken destruction! I was trying to figure out why she would do that. the question is, Was it me? or Was it her? i was thinking it was a few mistakes i may of maid. Then suddenly i discovered months later back in summer of (06), and yep. Sure enough. She is one of those everyday money taking users! take what they can get. And leave you for gone. but thankfully enough i wasn't one of those victims!!! She was charming. But not charmed enough to scam my heart away. I discovered her on this site as a scammer! agency scams .com, you can go to this direct link page to this scammer at http://agencyscams...achev.html - The photo you see here with the bonde hair, it is just a wig. Not real. brunette is her natural color. she could ware other wigs, dye her hair. or any other ways to disguise her self. She has blue eyes. And a tattooed rose on the lower of her right side belly. her age is 20. We met online. The last i seen of her, her name was known as Vlada. Note: Vlada isn't her real name. she was a model. All back at the same time when she disappeared. she could be still modeling, But right now i really don't care what she is doing. the only important thing i know is that she is a scammer! These types of scammers are unpredictable. don't know what there incapable of. I'm not saying the whole entire population of russia is flooding with scammers. this message goes about to those that intend to be the bad apples is all. And also this message is to those forginers that want to know about them. of who. what they look like. what they are. and what to be aware of. Who know's you may be lucky to find on the level russians. sometimes there still could be hope. just half to keep looking. but always importantly to keep in mind to never give money to anyone you don't know well. or don't know at all! These scammers as it already been said about them before. and yes. They will want you to pay for there expenses to come visit you.. instead of doing that, Then to losing all your money out of the bank for nothing. it's best to reverse the process and go see her. Unless you want to wait for that knock on the door... which may not happen. That's the thing about these scammers of smartness, they want you to play by there rules or nothing. They will use all passionate desires necessary to gain what they think is there's. passionate desires like, the charming looks they give you. the charming sweet compliment words. All that i described about the scammers is like this one. it's all what they need to gain complete control of you. And your money will be flying out of your pockets in no time. there looks may be conceiving. But behind there looks can be a cold side if you don't see it. whatever relationships you want to create with them, Friends or Dating. For other ways for them in to scamming you is by handing you somekind of poor excuses they love to give you. for example, occupation job not paying well, not enough money to buy food. or they could hand you a sad story that have no family. But this one is my favorite. the old famous broken computer act. or have no computer at all. these scammers know when someone is being hurt. They don't know the meaning of that word. only the mean-spirited-nature of things. of what they are known to do. And what they do best. they will use all the attention necessary to get what they can get. And those that are falling in to there scheme world of tricks. will not get what they have bargan for. But an unwanted heartbreak left behind. My advice to you about this women. if you happen to come across her path, to just forget about her. As all scammers. she's an insatiable greed of person. She's bad news. Bad news to trust. And for money to burn. she is not a trust worthy women to trust. She is a Liar and a User!!! I strongly recommend you to do not try to grow upon any relationship with this women.

2007-01-14, 08:47:51
anonymous from United States  
this here 2nd photo about the same. in all. with wig. just a little touch of her smile.

2007-01-14, 09:03:30   (updated: 2007-01-14, 09:58:04)
anonymous from United States  
This last and 3rd final photo you see here. it is with her natural hair color brunette. I may have other photos but may not be suitable for this site. This is all you need know to be aware of.

2007-01-14, 11:49:26   (updated: 2007-01-14, 11:53:14)
anonymous from United States  
this is ture about this article i am the brother of the person who put this article on here and he tells the truth about this person.
2007-01-16, 07:35:52
anonymous from United States  
here is some more of VICKTORIYA MAKAROVA,,,,,, THE PAPER ????? GIRL


2007-01-16, 07:39:12
anonymous from United States  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Vicktoriya ( from Russia

Keywords: mall or movie theater
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