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Dating scammer Danniella Adu from Ghana


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Dating scammer Danniella Adu from Ghana

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2007-08-01, 17:22:36   (updated: 2007-08-01, 17:24:06)
To the person inquiring if Steven or Stephen Doudu is: Ennoch Noi and Maccleanoi; yes, this is Doudu! Steven Doudu always calls you DEAR OR MY LOVE..........he is full of crap!

This idiot goes under so many alias; he thinks he will out smart the FBI and Western Union authorities, however, little does he know that he will get caught one day.

I hope I am around to see his name on the scamming alert with good news that he has been captured!

Let's stay hopeful that he will be caught and put in jail and procecuted soon!
2007-08-17, 15:09:53
anonymous from United States  

2007-08-18, 08:23:27
anonymous from United States  
Here is another picture of Hawawu Ismaila. Beware or this bitch because she is dangerous.

2007-08-18, 08:29:52
anonymous from United States  
This picture was taken of Hawawu Ismaila from a Nigerian romance scammer site and she has the user name of Getty and a e-mail address of

2007-08-20, 03:11:37
anonymous from United States  
On Black Planet every few weeks Hawawu will send out love notes to potential victums who she plans to scam for their money and anything else that she can get out of them. Here is another picture of this scammer.

2007-08-20, 03:12:44
anonymous from United States  
here is another picture of Hawawu Ismaila the scammer

2007-08-20, 03:13:47
anonymous from United States  
Here is another one of Hawawu Ismaila the scammer.

2007-09-08, 06:20:30
anonymous from United States  
Ah the various scammers. I was given a birthday gift of eHarmony recently, 3 months of someone's hard earned money wasted. I have turned in 14 people to them so far that are scammers. It's funny, there are tell tale signs that you KNOW they are scammers. Oh one big sign, they ask you to remove your profile immediately because you are the one for them and they ask if you have met anyone else on there yet. I guess they dont want to step on another scammers toes.

For me, they are all between 39 and 44, 5'9 ALWAYS 5'9, and Christian. They always put God as one of the things they cannot live without and reference God, church, serving God, living God's way, in their profile. They always ask the same questions and they immediately want to take it off eHarmony. Several have gotten aggressive and done the new 'fast track' so they can go straight to the 'email me and add me to yahoo, let's trade pictures' lines. I am afraid my eyes are oversized for my face because of all the men that have gotten lost in them from there. At first I was angry, now I make a game of it to see how much I can mess with them until the 'close' our connection. Oh and they have all been born somewhere else but doesnt speak the language of that country.

Bill Spansar from Poway, CA uses pictures of a model named Joby. He lost his 5 year old son Sammy when he went to visit his mother. He was born and raised in Italy but can's speak the language. One of the dumbest in the bunch and my first experience. Been living in England for the last 8 years, wants to come home. BAD English, HORRIBLE!

Lionel Mills from Netherlands. Never married, wants kids, loves you immediately, favorite color is blue so he types all his emails in blue. Doesnt speak Dutch. Go figure. Very smooth, knows enough about computers to sound plausible. Went to Accra 2 days after meeting me.

There are many more, including John who is serving in Iraq in the US Army. He popped up not long after I talked to another scammer about my son being in the Army. He fed right into my patriotism but yeah no. John's 'real name' is George Richardson, however the pictures of him in uniform say Gunther on the name tag. Of course, that is his first name (no) and he has to keep it a secret for security purposes. I should understand with a son in the military. He is an E6 so he should be literate but his English is atrocious. And he is up all hours of the night. Yeah no.

The smoothest is Bernard from Orange Park, FL. Being from Florida, it seemed like a good thing. Sadly, he thought Orange Park was on the west coast, and was an hour behind me. I ignored all that figuring he was confused. I am a forgiving and understanding soul. He has a daughter he is raising, 13, because his ex wife died from cancer after they divorced because she cheated with his best friend. He was born in England and grew up on the streets of Liverpool with his sister. His uncle moved him here to make a life when he got out of university. He is an engineer and loves his dog Rocky. About 4 days in, he needed someone he could trust, for you see, he was on business in Ghana and lost his computer, but he didnt ever want to tell me how, he was too embarrassed. He missed his family and Rocky and me and wanted to come home but wihtout the computer, he couldnt finish his work so he needed me to send one. I called him on his game, introduced him to Lionel who could probably hook him up with a computer and turned them both in to eHarmony. Sadly, Bernard was a keeper if only he was real. BUT he is going to come meet me one day when he gets back home just to prove to me he is who he says he is.

So yeah, beware. There are lots out there and if they seem to good to be true, they are. Of coure, eHarmony has extended my membership for 2 months for free for the difficulties I have experienced so now I have til January to weed out these jerks and have fun. My only fear is that now someone is using my pictures to scam other people. Oh well.
2007-09-08, 09:17:13
anonymous from Portugal  
This is also a scammer:
I call tha Ghana police through her email adress, but they don't answer me. WhY? Are the policeman also scammers?
Dear Sir:

In first place I must ask for excuse for the use in me to direct you but the situation can be dangerous and necessary to get clarifications on facts that if are to verify and that start to display: It has some time that I come to be contacted, by email, for a person who if says natural of South Africa, but inhabiting currently in the Ghana, where she studies. He says that shes uncle is shepherd (Shepherd Peter Koninkryk) of the church The True Faith Gospel Chapel.

The church is located at Nkransah. She says to call Kerly Brown and to have residence in The True Gospel Chapel - Danso Street 1118 - P. Box GAC Nk. 181 - Agona Nyakrom - Ghana - West Africa and the telephone with the Cell number: 00233-276-902-269, and another she tells be from her friend Joice with the number 00233-245-925-057. Also it says to want to come Portugal to married me, for what she requests my aid in the attainment of the necessary visa for the effect, and asks for money to peak it (85,00€). She also tells me that is graduatin on Wood Carvening at the Crative Vocational Institute, and the graduation party was last 5th Juin.

Happens that I have seen innumerable cases of scamming, for that has distrust, although to have me sent some elements of identification. Thus I request, in the measure of the possible one that they confirm me, please. This is they it card of the service of health in the Ghana, and a copy from shes passport I send on attache, and some photos she sent to me.

I ask for your help, if it's possible, because I'm at Portugal - Europe and don't have nobody else ther to informe me.

Please, help me on this, because I don't know what to do but... I'm realy inloved withe she!!!, dear sir.

Please tell me something about this quickly.

My best regards,

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Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2007-09-10, 13:53:59
anonymous from Australia  
i believe this woman is scaming my good friend she uses email address please let me know if this is so,

2007-09-22, 22:38:22
anonymous from United States  

2007-09-22, 23:58:04
anonymous from Australia  
Hi there. I was wondering if anyone knows of a seliful hunu. Im talking to her alot and shes from Ghana. Has anyone had dealings with her?? Please i need to know ASAP Thankyou in advance.
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2007-09-22, 23:59:13
anonymous from Australia  
That should be selifu humu
2007-09-27, 01:11:59   (updated: 2007-09-27, 01:19:28)
anonymous from United States  
Stacy in love from accra. Says she is from new york. Met off of singles net

2007-09-27, 01:21:04
anonymous from United States  
Stacy in love

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