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Dating scammer Irina Gennadevna Popova from Angarsk, Russia


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Full name: Irina Gennadevna Popova (Popowa)
City: Angarsk, Russia

Another associated name is 'lidiya mahrowa'.

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2008-04-29, 19:11:36
anonymous from United States  
Wow !!!!!!tthank you
2008-05-10, 16:51:12
anonymous from United States  
Hello my new Friend!!!

I have waited also to me have answered. I am very glad to welcome you
dear. It was very pleasant for me to receive yours and the letter, and
to meet you, and now it is even more pleasant to write to you to the
answer the letter. Well to you to tell about itself?! Well, first, as
you have already guessed, I write to you from Russia, I Russian,
beautiful woman decided to try happiness and to find the man of the
dream by means of the Internet. I do not know it will turn out whether
or not, but very much it would be desirable to believe in it, that to
me will carry. Now so many people and at many already the families get
acquainted very much. I too dream, that to me have paid attention
interesting the man and on the present have estimated all my merits
and demerits, and could make out in me first of all simply the woman
requiring for heat and force of the man. At present I work as the
teacher of a history at school for gifted children which is called ╚
the Ordinary miracle ╩. I have ended the state pedagogical university
Historically-philological faculty. After the termination of university
I at once have gone to work in this school, therefore problems with
search of job never arose. I very much like to communicate there not
only that I teach children to learn this world, and itself I I find
out it every day. It not simply the school is a huge complex in which
there are various developing studios. In city it is the best school.
Many parents try to determine children there, but it not so is simple.
First, for the population with average earnings which prevails in our
city is it is impossible, as cost for training is great enough.
Second, not we can accept all children, in school take prepared and
gifted children. As you have already understood, I teach children of a
history. At me seven hour working day and I have two days off in week,
and every year holiday. Job not difficult and besides liked and
consequently at me even ideas did not arise that to leave. With
children it is very interesting to work, constantly you improve the
knowledge and you go to a leg in due course. During today's time
children can learn much, in fact they live during technical progress
and computers, and a lot of interesting find out in the Internet and
it share with us at lessons. I understand in computers and technics
not much, therefore I think myself the absolute newbie in the
Internet. Tell to me about you are engaged in what? Whether your craft
where you studied is pleasant to you? It would be very interesting to
me to learn about it. Tell about, where and how you live? Where you
were born? I was born and have grown in the city of Valujki, in the
same place were born and my parents have grown. I almost never left
the city. Somehow it was not necessary, and opportunities was not
much. But not for a long time I have moved to the city of Ivanovo
which to be approximately in 400 kms from the city of Moscow.
Certainly, I was in the next cities and even in several large cities
of Russia, such as Moscow, Samara, Saransk. I dream to visit Saint
Petersburg. It is possible to say, what is it city of my dream. You
for certain about him heard much, whether there was you in Russia? If
yes, where exactly? I shall I shall find out with the great pleasure
about your life. Tell to me, whether there was you somewhere else?
Whether you like to travel? I, was possible to say, I adore, only,
unfortunately, all my travel have very small radius. Once, when I
still studied at university, to me suggested to go to other country
under the program of an exchange of students but then there were some
problems with documents, and I had to refuse this idea. In a
consequence I very much regretted that could not finish all. But I do
not mourn and I live further high-grade, sometimes and boring, but the
life. As a whole all develops, as I want, and like everything would
turn out too, there is a unique lack is a satellite on a life. The age
such can at me, but right now I understand, how it is necessary for
me. For me not important our distinction in the age of as I search for
serious attitudes, I would want that I the man appreciated me and
respected, and what age this the man for me is not of great
importance. I at once want to say to you, that I write to you and if
you have problems with perception of my letters, you can ask me
everything, that you interests. I studied English language at school
during ten years, and then at university. I like this language and I
like to write to you. For me it some kind of practice. I can easily
communicate in this language, and to me does not make a problem to
write to you or to read your letters. I would like to know about your
family more. My parents were lost when I was very small, our house in
which we lived has burned down me what that miracle have rescued, to
me then was only 3 years. I have no what brothers or sisters I was one
child in family. I was brought up by my aunt which unfortunately too
has died 2 years ago. I do not remember the parents. It seems to me,
that I with pleasure can be engaged in any job. I am very fast to all
I get used. And if I sometime had to replace a trade, I am sure, that
it is possible me. I live together with my dog in an one-room
apartment. Certainly, it is not so convenient, but a choice small. I
would like to know about your life more. That is interesting to me, as
well as than, you live. I would like to see your photos. It is
important for me to present your image not only under your letters,
but it would be desirable find out how you look. I great pleasure send
you the photos, I think to you it too is not unimportant. With the big
impatience I wait for your answer. I hope you you will not leave
without attention questions interesting me. I hope shortly to see your
letter. Elena .

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2008-05-17, 12:33:06
anonymous from United States  
im talking to this person right now... most of the photos of (olga) are some of the ones she sent know its a scam when they claim western union as the only way of getting money...cause anyone who uses it, should know they get no refunds. trust me..i learned that lesson
2008-05-22, 01:52:21
anonymous from United States  
Lucky for me I smelled a rat. The internet is the ultimate dichotomy!!! It can get you into trouble, but it can be an excellent resource for detective work on potential scams. Imagine the surprise I got when I saw these photo's of the girl I was in communication with! I filed with iC3, and had a bit of fun with it. But shockingly, received a couple of notices from banks I deal with saying that my account had attempted to be accessed from a blacklisted IP address!!! These scam artist are real professionals and can get into you for more than just airfare if you provide them with to much information. I doubt that it just the girls that are behind it, there is probably some fat bastard russian sitting at a desk with multiple terminals, digging into what he can, and using these girls as bait. Didn't lose a dime, but I sure am careful about what info I give out and what emails I open. Here's that familiar face again.

2008-05-22, 05:54:21
anonymous from Australia  
To Anon from US.glad you found us.Check out the newcomers site etc.
Cheers Mad Mick, Australia
2008-05-22, 06:35:34
anonymous from Germany  
The fotos of the city is make in angarsk. Cause my wife is from angarsk. And i know some pic`s of house building.
2008-05-22, 08:37:09
OJAS from United States  
Anon US 2008-05-22, 01:52:21, contribute to this thread http://www.delphifa..?p=0#90500
2008-05-29, 02:34:14
anonymous from Australia  
I hate scammers, fucking cunts.
2008-05-29, 10:49:24
OJAS from United States  
2008-06-23, 08:02:14 from United States  
victoria, as she says her name is $2000.00 in debt to me. she said she was in moscow, and she was living with some older lady. $2000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-06-23, 09:56:17
anonymous from United States  
How about this one, Anybody seen this person before?
Hi dear!!!
Fantastic! I am in Moscow finally! i just got access to PC.
My flight were delayed and i spend so much hours at the
airport, just waiting for my plane becuase of bad (not-flying) weather.
Finally I have made up a real step on my long way to you.
I never hesitate in my desire to change the life and now I even more sure
that all this is just for good! I was so scared to fly by plane but you know
what I told myself? I said to myself: 'Culm down, keep cool, it's just the first part of trip,
just like preparation for another long fly to another country!' So as you see it works well.
I am in good health and mood!
Moscow+ It's really really crowded and noisy.
So much people in the streets! Even more than I expected!
But I have to stay here for just a bit to make final arrangements for my voyage.
Still I am a little nervous I am so far from my home from my parents and friends,
from all the things that are common to me! You know you are the only one that makes me cheer up and keeps me confident.
Here in the capital with all these people hanging around and staring at me strangely I feel so miserable.
I hope you understand me.
I found a room to rent in the flat of an old lady. She is kind to me.
Poor woman needs money and have to give one of the rooms in her 3 rooms flat for rent.
You know just everything here in Moscow is so extremely expensive if comparing to my town!
Unfortunately I don't have enough time to write you a good letter.
I have as always so much to tell you! But i Hope we shall speak a lot when i finally come.
Imagine we shall meet each other very soon! I will go to the travel agency tomorrow or
sunday and as far as i understand i will be able to travel to your country very soon, all my documents will
be ready nearly 21th June.
You know I heard a lot stories about girls who come from little towns to the capital
with a dream to start new life. And majority of that stories didn't finish ok.
I know i should take care too. But I also know there will be you who will protect me and assist.
This thought is keeping me strong. I was really lucky to find you.
Agency will be able to provide me place to work and to live right
into your city, so please confirm me your city name and
please confirm the name of airport and be sure in correct spelling.
I am afraid to make any mistake... I hope everything will be fine.
please write me as soon as possible!See you soon! Great kiss from moscow!!
Yours Tatiana
p.s. i took cd with my favorite photos
and i send you some more today, it
was made in Anapa, south of russia,Black sea
last summer, i was there with my girldfriends.

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2008-07-16, 13:23:11
anonymous from United States  
Is an Iliya from Angarsk related to this woman. Looks very much alike. Says she lives in Lenina Skaiya 27
2008-08-01, 10:02:34
anonymous from United States  
Yes I was checking to see where her city was in Russia and.I noticed one picture she sent had November , 2005.She told me it was her most current Thank You for the information , Good Detective work.
2008-08-01, 12:26:16
OJAS from United States  
2008-08-04, 15:39:47
Here's a picture of a girl going by the name Maria Popowa and she asked for money to fly state side.Didn't know for sure that this was a scam but when i read the same emails she sent me on this site left no doubt.Thanks to whoever posted this site.

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