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Dating scammer Irina Gennadevna Popova from Angarsk, Russia


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Full name: Irina Gennadevna Popova (Popowa)
City: Angarsk, Russia

Another associated name is 'lidiya mahrowa'.

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2008-08-04, 16:57:25
OJAS from United States  
anonymous 2008-08-04, 15:39:47, http://www.delphifa..p=24#98380
2008-08-18, 08:29:53
anonymous from United States  
Got an email from a girl going by the name Elena Zverevschikova.Anybody seen her?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer pretty

2008-09-03, 18:10:29
anonymous from United States  
I got one to. Don't know much about her yet. Sorry
2008-09-04, 11:05:24   (updated: 2008-09-04, 11:33:58)
anonymous from United States  
This question is to anyone who has received any e-mails from 'Elena Zverevschikova'.
I noticed on this site that 2 people have received e-mails from her but have not given any details. I too have received e-mails from her, several in fact. I figured that this is probably a scam but decided to play along just to see what would happen. I had a profile on and that's how she found me. The letters started off that she liked my profile and wanted to get to know me, etc. She has gotten a little deeper...'I dream about you', 'I miss you', etc. She has mentioned that once she gets to know me she would like to come visit me. She has'nt mentioned anything about money but I figure that it's inevitable that she eventually will. My question to the 2 guys that have received e-mails from her ( or anyone else who has gotten e-mails from her ) is has she ever mentioned money at all. Also did it seem like it was a suprisingly short amount of time before she started addressing you as 'my darling' or anything like that. One guy who heard from her in August of '08 asked if anyone has seen her. I'm wondering about the reason for that question. Was he scammed out of some money? I've just been playing along for the hell of it plus she's sent me links to some website (russian I think) that is loaded with pictures of her and those are nice to look at although none of them are nude
She claims to be living in Kiev in the Ukraine and is a waitress at some restaurant. She does'nt have a phone or a computer at home because she can't afford one. She say's that when she goes to work as a waitress that she goes to a nearby internet cafe to send me e-mails and see if I have sent her any. I stopped e-mailing her for about a week and she sent many e-mails to me saying that she's afraid that she's losing me and has she done something wrong to make me stop e-mailing her. She claims to be getting by on $200.00 a month but I wonder how she can afford to get these pictures taken and posted on this website if she's just barely getting by. The pictures look to be professionally done and that would probably cost her a lot of money. She said that she speaks english 'pretty good' but some of her e-mails are written in pretty good english
but some of of them are in broken english. Any information about her would be appreciated.
2008-09-08, 14:56:14
anonymous from Canada  
She is definitely a scammer..I've been playing along for fun as well...waiting for the big question for money!
2008-09-08, 17:00:28
anonymous from United States  
I wish to get into the plane right now and to appear into your hands. ..
I got to know, dear, that I would be able to get a tourist visa to come to you.
That is just a matter of time. I will have to do some paperwork to get visa, to pay for it and to buy air tickets.
I will do all the paperwork without problems. The only thing that worries me is money. You know that my salary is not big.
And I hope you will be able to help me.
I hope so much for your understanding. Please, let me know what you think about this.
Love you, love you, love you...
And so awfully  miss you!!!

Last part of email I just received from her. Always thought it was too good to be true. Now I know for sure. Thanks guys.
2008-09-09, 11:29:33
anonymous from United States  
I've been geting the same exact e-mails from her word for word
2008-09-11, 06:58:17
anonymous from United States  
I been talking to her for a while now, Elena Zverevschikova, I told her yhat her fingers were going to appear to me in a box in my hands. I have a friend in the Russian secret police, does not stop this one. She wrote me of how I she must have scared, went to see about a visa and Insurance for her $400.00 US, send western union or money gram. I sent her a lettewr back telling I will see her in Kiev and go see her 1 rom flat. I informed this person of your email scam alert, and we all new, she ignored that too!
I will keep you updayed as this dram unfolds, LOL! It is better this way then be cheated out of your hard earned money!! Anyhow, we get to waste thier time and cost them some$$$!!! Thanks for posting this and yes I also was approached on true; this is the third one in 2 months, go figure!!! She/He sent me all these pics and has added more.
The thing I find interesting, out of all the scammers, they all have pictures that have some by the sea, in the bushes and at the pool and look like they are all taken by the same person!

2008-09-11, 12:40:58
[hidden] from United States  
This is the letter from Elena, maybe the tenth letter, this time she is asking for money to help her get the Tourist Visa, so she can come to America to see me. After finding this ebsite, I sent her the link and told her bye bye tramp.

,Hello my dearest one Vicente!!!

Vicente, how are you today? As for me I am not really in the mood.
I have a feeling that I did something wrong.
I have never thought this could happen to me. That I could
fell in love with the person I have never seen in my life.
I want to less the distance between
us so much, to take your hand, to look into your eyes and
to see that you understand my naive soul. I know I shouldn't
be so open. I have to be strong and keep everything inside.
I am too emotional but I don't want you to be scared and run
away. If I could be closer to you and if I could show you my
feelings. I want you so much to see me, to feel my touch.
I would kiss your eyes and say how I love you.
Again I am acting like a silly little girl. I am mad at myself.
But at the same time I can't stop. I want you to know my
feelings. I even thought of coming to you. And I have even
went the tourist agency to check about the visas. And
now I know that the best way for me to come to you is to
get a tourist visa. It will not take much time.
And they told me at the tourist agency that I have a very
good chance to get it. And it is a very good reason for
giving me a visa. I've checked that a visa will cost $400.
(400$ for visa, passport, medical insurance and for all documents)
You know with my salary I just can't afford it. And I will
need your help. It's up to you, of course. But I really hope
you will be able to help me with getting visa.
Vicente, please, think about it and let me know.
Do you want me to come to you?
Do you want to meet with me at last? I want it very much.
Hope you too.
I will give you the information for the case you decide to do it.
The best way to send money is to do it via Western Union
or MoneyGram. It is an easy and quick way to get it.
It is necessary to know the full name of receiver.
My full name is Elena Zverevschikova.
Kiev, Ukraine
And after sending money, the one who is getting money should know an MTCN
(Money Transfer Control Number), the sum of money that was sent and the full name of the sender.
Also you can send money on-line!!!
(please visit and for more information)
Well, I hope that you will think on this information.
You have lots of food for thought.
Please, write me as soon as possible. I am waiting for
your reply.
Love you.

P.S. You can send money to any Western Union or Money Gram of Kiev, Ukraine.

P.P.S. Also I have asked to copy the following instruction for you:

While you're sending the wire transfer you might be asked to provide information concerning transfer purpose and destination.
In order to speed up the process please reply that these funds are sent to your friend, relative, business partner and etc.
Please do specify that the receiver is known by you personally and also note that these funds are your own money.
Main reason for this request is financial regulations in receiver’s country, so be serious and answer teller’s questions
carefully because incorrect answers could cause a significant delay for the wire to be processed.

Elena Zverevschikova
2008-09-11, 13:17:22
anonymous from United States  
Here's one I recieved by the looks of it she is a scammer....

I have been thinking about you the whole night and morning today. I was not able to sleep.
I have so many thoughts about you and us in my head that it drives me crazy.
I can't recognize myself and it seems to me so unreal. But I feel it, really feel it inside.
I can't live without your letters. Every day is like torture for me when I can't read a letter from you.
I want to be with you, I want to feel you with every part of my body.
I want to kiss your lips, your eyes, your hands. I want to make love to you,
I want to be with you when you are sad and happy. I want to hold your hand when we sleep.
I want to cook breakfast for you, to spend weekends with you, to wait for the time when you come from work.
I want to have family with you. I want to have 'US'. To be one whole.
What is it? I think I LOVE YOU!!! Please, don't be scared with my feelings. I just
can't pretend. I love you and I want you to know it. My love is so big that it is enough for two of us.
I want you to love me so much. I even feel physical pain as I want to be with you now so much.
I wish to get into the plane right now and to appear into your hands. ..
I got to know, dear, that I would be able to get a tourist visa to come to you.
That is just a matter of time. I will have to do some paperwork to get visa, to pay for it and to buy air tickets.
I will do all the paperwork without problems. The only thing that worries me is money. You know that my salary is not big.
And I hope you will be able to help me.
I hope so much for your understanding. Please, let me know what you think about this.
Love you, love you, love you...
And so awfully miss you!!!

P.S. please check my new pics
98% of it was taken by my best girlfriend

Elena Zverevschikova

2008-09-11, 13:50:09 from Venice, United States  
Hi, I posted my email so you good people can email me if you get any more emails. Has our friend Elena asked anyone else for cahs yet!?
I have the original mail sent from true it says from: Harrisonbeckerfj That was the name in the original message. I emailed and asked how a poor girl $200.00 a month has a credit card to email through true!? I had another one do the same actually 2, 1 was Nadya from kazakhstan, interestingly enough she had herself with pictures in the Kiev mall; I don't think so. That is near pakistan, she said she worked in a store, train to work, blah, blah, blah. I also had that blond email me. I believe the same persons are behind all of these emails. They have spent a lot of money doing this, God knows how mant people they have screwed!
I just hope we are costing them a lot of money, maybe they will have to get a real job, LOL!!! Keep up the good detective work, hit em where it hurts, the wallet!!!
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Dating scammer Elena Zverevschikova

2008-09-12, 00:44:12
thanks guys. i've been reicving emails from this person for two monthes & falling for it. she/he asked for $400 to help pay for her/his papers. now to crawl back into my hole of self pity!

2008-09-12, 00:45:54

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer irina dobronistkaya

2008-09-12, 02:03:18
anonymous from United States  
she is tryin to get 400$ from me for a visa ha ha good luck!
2008-09-12, 07:57:39
anonymous from Canada  
I've been getting e-mails from her for a while now, playing along and flooding her or whoever it is with rediculous stupid e-mails that wont make any sense to her or them!
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