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Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana


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2012-01-22, 12:04:31
anonymous from Netherlands  
gloriahartmann222: hello babe

ik: hoi
gloriahartmann222: I think here is better for us two so dont use the two again ok
ik: yes only nou u dont gef it to nobody oke

gloriahartmann222: yes babe
so you ok now?

ik: no am not oke

gloriahartmann222: what your problem?
ik: you are
bab how can we fiks it love

gloriahartmann222: fiks what?
ik: u and me love
gloriahartmann222: yes babe we juxt have to settle this once and for all..i still love you this why i leave man and come online for you
he is rich but i love you and is you
ik: so and he give u maybe a car
gloriahartmann222: she saya if we sleep together without sex she buy me car.she just want me to sleep so she sees am serious
but i not do i tell him to wait but i will not go..just that i need the 150euros bbe i must protect our relationship love

you understand me
ik: no bath is oke love

gloriahartmann222: so dontr think if you send i will be asking you more ok
i dont fool you,i really love you and want to go a very long way with you sweety

ik: yes that to yes

only why 150 euro
i hef to lie nou and make samebody very onhappy love

gloriahartmann222: i know but dont worry ok
ik: and i mean not u i wnt u in my life that is sure very sure

gloriahartmann222: you send the money its last you send until 28th..we need to protect no one come our way
we love each other i dont want us to fight am tired.we need to talk about love,not always money money babe

you send thats all ok...

ik: yes i did
that is way am agray

U are so bad sametimes

gloriahartmann222: i promise you,i know i always promise but i will make you happy babe
ik: yes only we hef stil smal problem love

gloriahartmann222: what problem babe?

ik: and u no how

gloriahartmann222: what problem that?
ik: she thinks u get here to holland end of monhd

gloriahartmann222: who?

ik: u no bab

gloriahartmann222: nigeria?
ik: yes my love that is way i go to gmail/googletalk love u are the one love

gloriahartmann222: babe you see this why you change but i forgive you ok
i really love you and not money ok sweeety,i want your love..i need you babe

ik: yes love i no u forgive
gloriahartmann222: let me protect our relationship tomorrow..also i get drugs from same money andpad too

ik: only i did samething dom love i sent pard of cchat to from your lawyer love

gloriahartmann222: so babe understand me we need love not fight am tired
ik: if i hef not don that u hef noting to sey over your money love

gloriahartmann222: Ok babe
So babe tomorrow what time you sending me the money i can settle all here my love

we need to talk more about love from tomorrow and no money issue till 28th ok

ik: it means u much come and marry me love that wash the deal love

gloriahartmann222: babe promise me no more insult in this new messenger my babe love

Yes sure sure sure
ik: it depens no u SEXY
gloriahartmann222: yes am not fighting with you anymore..and i promise after this more money topic until 28th when we start with papers..and alo dont give this id to anyone no no one

is only for i and you babe

ik: sorry u stil get only 50 euro oke
gloriahartmann222: Babe i dont want us to fight tired just listen to me...when you copy send me lawyers agree to send him 150euros..babe you have it just send it to me..what i do is very important for our relationship
ik: cos i can alwees blok your account yes it wash to blok the account oke

gloriahartmann222: i must settle it so all this confusion is over..and also we can be happy two poeple and no more ralking about money..babe listen to me if you really want us both be peaceful had always listen to me..babe listen to me and you see you make good choice seinding 150euros..i promise you
i dont want my man to go and bribe lawyer he can still change everything on to him when he buys him the car and also lawyer angry with you now...he write mail you go off on him..babe lets fight together..send the money so i can do all here

ik: so love that is why u get only 60 euro love hef to pay cellphone bill and housphone bills

no he dont chage it oke
over 250 euro for cell and house phone love

gloriahartmann222: Babe you send the 150euros ok..i will go to his office and tell him to give other so some money been sent into your account babe...just let me do this i want to forget that man so he cannot see me again..i want to go and hide in another he sees me..this is what i want to do is good for me and you
ik: fuck oke i try love
gloriahartmann222: Babe dont be angry i know i ask too much but is for me and you..he knows me house and i want to go to next room in same house..and tell everyone to tell him am no more there ok

And i and you have peace and plan on meeting babe....i know i promise i ask no more money

i will make you believe me....ok babe
ik: hmm i try love so nou u no that wait i think over u

i love that is sure
do u hef

gloriahartmann222: Yes babe and i love you too very much ..wait until tomorrow after you send see we have no problems..i want that man out of my life

ik: yes love hope u are reght
aim is chat to love

gloriahartmann222: Yes babe i swear ok..i want you to know from tomorrow i am the Gloria you know ok

ik: oh yes my lovey woman
gloriahartmann222: i want us to be the good lovers we use to be..we use to each other nice names but all change..i cry today when cousin tell me all good things you did as i at hospital..cousin cry and tell me why gloria Rick is good for you
ik: u see u are the one how hef change not me bab

gloriahartmann222: babe i love you ok ..please just help me for the last time ok...i promise no money until 28th..if i ask you money again dont trust me never again.i want to make you know i love you

just send the 150euros tomorrow so all is settle here...we both be together as we use too ok my husband rick
ik: yes love that is your big problem told u time very time i help u out the problem and i get noting from u only more hearteek
gloriahartmann222: yes am sorry it will not happen me for last time ok..i promise is till 28th..lets just give each other more trust and see what happens

i will put smiles on your face and make you see i love you and i am taking my promise this time serious with my love for you and trust
ik: so i try the money than for U Gloria

gloriahartmann222: babe do that for me..i will make you proud and i swear never to ask you money until 28th when we start papers
ik: oh my love wait to do nou am happy and saad ad whans

gloriahartmann222: i cross my heart and swear on my parents grave..i must show seriouness..i love you babe

ik: oh oh am stil alife oke
so no grave love and yes i understand the text love

gloriahartmann222: yes babe you still have me i go no where..that man i will not follow him ok..i hide to another room and he never see me...i and you together no one can seperate us ok babe

Babe you eaten ?
ik: nop nop

no food

gloriahartmann222: babe i wish i was there so i cook for you..babe soon we together and we going to be together..we marry and have good family babies...oh my God our love is still good and i feel happy now babe
No more fighting and argument there is understanding now babe...
ik: oh oke i wash typing a bad thing bath oke i wil not do that nou

gloriahartmann222: what bad thing is that babe ?
ik: u dont want to no love

gloriahartmann222: tell me know i will forgive you

who is it about ?

ik: i sent u only one pard
i hef two wel no not anemore i delete it allready
gloriahartmann222: i dont understand will you send me 1 pad?

ik: fake passport love i faunt to love am sorry for that
1 pad hmm

gloriahartmann222: you say you delete them..where you get all those from ?
ik: 1 pad i dont understand nou 1 pad is for your cicle

gloriahartmann222: No you write me i sent u only one pard...what is that ?

ik: i think u no that love u are a smart woman
gloriahartmann222: Babe they are not mine ok...the enemies only do this to bring us down

ik: as u wel no and i like that in u
gloriahartmann222: babe they want to bring us down.and this why we need to protect our love..and hide our contacts from everybody it will stop all this know i love you and its true

ik: yes love yes my wife

my darling my angel

gloriahartmann222: So just listen to me tomorrow after you send 150euros...and everything change...i think from tomorrow you see anything i tell you is true and you follow
Also i must also respect your words that no money money until 28th to prove to you am serious about you my husband

ik: hmm yeah bab i did allready follow u darling
gloriahartmann222: Our enemies will never be happy till they see us we no give them chances no no no

ik: cos am in love whit a woman

the woman is wel

gloriahartmann222: i will love you and protect you as i have always done..babe i love you my eyes are open and clear now to you ok
ik: nou u are yourself agian

gloriahartmann222: yes babe

ik: that is want i hef mist love U

gloriahartmann222: so tell me babe how is the weather there,wished i was at your side holding you and kising you babe

ik: not a girl
whit problems an here mind
gloriahartmann222: Yes i am myself and happy no more fighting babe...tomorrow all is well and no more problems believe me babe

i will make you know am still Gloria you first meey ok

i have to prove that to you from tomorrow
ik: dont no i never get out set today love..... yes love a prove from my wife is good
gloriahartmann222: yes for you to see i can listen to you..just dont do any mistake breaken my heart tomorroow..just send the 150euros babe.. i will do all here

and we two have peace and no more fight am tired of fight ok babe\

please be the rick i know for last time ok

i love you so so much and cherish you
ik: hmm oke bath i was never the rick ho sent the money oke
a crazy man yes

gloriahartmann222: I undertand not crazy ok

ik: and alony

gloriahartmann222: i love you and sorry for bad words on so so sorry..but all is over tomorrow that man will never see me babe
ok i promise you this my pussy is yours and no one else ok

ik: oh bab hopefully u make things oke for us love cos i hef allready name for one of the kids
gloriahartmann222: wow that is lovely babe

what name ?

ik: sydney

gloriahartmann222: wow that is so lovely....Oh my God

you are so so sweet my sweetest man

ik: wel is boy and girl name
gloriahartmann222: yes babe

ik: so wait u think love

good he

gloriahartmann222: Is nice and lovely

Nice name so so have always been ok
ik: oh grloria nou u are back in town

my sunlight

gloriahartmann222: oh yes as soon as tomorrow i settle all see no more problems..i like the way we talk now..babe lets clear all tomorrow ok..please dont fail me
we both have to be like this always..we have always been better coup[les..and also i miss sending you long lovely letters


i love you babe

ik: love i try my best as alwhese

bath u no that allready

gloriahartmann222: babe i love you
Yes i know you will send tomorrow i believe you

ik: good love it never stop

gloriahartmann222: Babe please eat something for me ok..i dont like when you dont eat...

ik: if u are in my arms that is

ad the airport
gloriahartmann222: yes babe am going to be in your arms...i know we two going to be together till the end of time

ik: and in your home in holland

gloriahartmann222: just imagine how its going to be that special day at airport..i will jump on you and kiss you and tell you how much i love you and cherish you my husband
we go straight home and under shower ..i will love to make hot love with you under shower and you give me a very good fuck
babe just want you at my side

ik: good love only one thing the account is stil in my name or u allready hef changse it love
gloriahartmann222: No babe it still in me and you..i can change but i will not because i still love you...i dont want to marry to that you i love babe and no one else

i love you so so much babe
ik: how is the pian love....?? only ask U darling!!... darling that is good

gloriahartmann222: I still feel pains babe but dont worry tomorrow i will see to all that ok
You now rick ok ..thank you very much for asking

i love you babe this means you care for our future
ik: oh i love u so much i can,t not say howmuchs i love U bab

gloriahartmann222: i love you more but you cant see because poeple send you lots of things..and a lot poeple add you to chat you

is it true?
ik: yes love is true
add me wel no muchsd i delete love

gloriahartmann222: You see i know they will only bring our relationship down..dont go to those two yahoo and msn anymore ok

ik: i delete u remember

gloriahartmann222: we good here and no one disturb us ok
ik: yes no yahoo or msn

only or

gloriahartmann222: good...dont go there to check anything even mail..we use this now ok

yes goo

ik: yes i are reght love

better for us

gloriahartmann222: I am happy for us babe

so babe you going to sleep early today?
ik: that is why i love u my first Gloria

no love

gloriahartmann222: ok babe

tomorrow you working ?

ik: hef stil to eat masething

yes 1.00pm

gloriahartmann222: Oh ok

ik: antel 11.00 pm
gloriahartmann222: so babe what you going to eat ?

ik: kip

gloriahartmann222: what is kip?

ik: chicking

in microware love
chicking good word

gloriahartmann222: oh nice..wish i was there so you give me some chicken you put in my mouth you eat from my mouth so romanticly
ik: oh yes that i like love it wil be great love

gloriahartmann222: oh yes babe very sweet just cant wait to have you to myself my one and only sweetheart

ik: mouth is mond love
kip u no nou

gloriahartmann222: yes you teach me before..yes those lovely time..we must come bakc we already back..i love that sweetie pie

ik: tel me what did u eat love

gloriahartmann222: i eat bread and egg

am ok babe ok

ik: i go to microware love for the chicken oke back 3 min
oh good love
gloriahartmann222: ok babe am waiting for you

ik: back my princess

gloriahartmann222: ok babe i am here for you

ik: 25 mint food time love

wish u are here nou
gloriahartmann222: ok babe yes so we could be together i put my head on you as we watch romantic movie at the living room wait for food

ik: better than in ghana or what world

gloriahartmann222: yes babe we going to be together soon
I Love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life.
ik: tel me love what did tel counsend
gloriahartmann222: i dont understand you?

ik: to u over me love
gloriahartmann222: I love you more than any word can say ... I love you more than every action I take ... I will be right here loving you till the end.
ik: oh yes that is the girl i meet from befor from imehs love

that is the girl i love the muchs
a posititive woman

a super woman

gloriahartmann222: I just close my eyes because I might see your face. I just close my mouth because I might hear your voice. I just close my ears because I might hear of you, but I could not close my heart because I love you.

ik: oh yes

gloriahartmann222: Muaah
ik: so u say want money make as do bab

gloriahartmann222: ??????????
ik: u go mad i go mad... imean the money is the problem love not the relationship
u nadme are mad ad that time love

gloriahartmann222: yes babe but all is over now..tomorrow as soon as you send 150euros you see no more problem.because i settle all here and also that man am hide from him

we two need love as we always do and i do just that ok

i love you so so much my sweetest heaert
ik: tel me where did u meet the man love
nat to no love

gloriahartmann222: Babe at a shopping mall..she disturd me he will pay for me i said no...she says she goes drop me i said no...she follow me with car i dont know so he knew my house.,.babe lets not talk about this tomorrow all is over ok

ik: old friend i think and old old only friend
gloriahartmann222: I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we are together, and the hours we are away...

ik: yes love i wil stop it oke for u bab
gloriahartmann222: ok i love you

babe tomorrow what time you doing sending ?

its getting late here now

ik: oh yeah love nou u talking i think u mis it as wel yes
gloriahartmann222: yes babe i love you and is deep you know yourself

ik: yes i no 12.00 midnight no

gloriahartmann222: oh yes

ik: oh yes love i no that very wel
gloriahartmann222: Each star in the sky symbolizes one reason why I love you.'
ik: hmm yes a star sign he

gloriahartmann222: Let these words not only touch your eyes, let it travel through your soul, and let it rest in your heart, as you rest in mine.i love you

ik: hmm so tel me your star sign love
gloriahartmann222: capricon

ik: oke love i believ my is canser

gloriahartmann222: good

babe i love you so so much and will be happy with you i bet you
I will bring back so much happiness in special babe
ik: yes i no u wil cos is my future love and sure as wel
gloriahartmann222: oh yes babe..we going to be good together my you so so much
I love you not because of anything you have, but because of something that I feel when I'm near yo
ik: oh good love nou is the time i can say i love u so much Gloria it is like the first time we meet love it ig great feeling bab remember


gloriahartmann222: oh yes i remember too babe with all my heart...we are two good poeple and we go on like this till the end of time

i will like to spend the whole of my life with you
ik: yes love am happy u did not forgete the good times we hef

u make me happy man ou

gloriahartmann222: oh yes babe i love you
ik: the man u meet from befor love
gloriahartmann222: oh yes babe

ik: i eat nou love
gloriahartmann222: oh okay babe i think i can go and shower pains still here

so babe tomorrow what time you doing sending ?

ik: yes sorry for that love
gloriahartmann222: Dont worry babe you are my man.

ik: so maybe better i hang up nou
gloriahartmann222: Babe i was asking you tomorrow what time you doing sending so i come for informations?
ik: o oke the shop is open 8.00am

so be 100.00am the mtcn

gloriahartmann222: ok babe so what time i come online my husband?

ok babe
ik: your cell working love

gloriahartmann222: Yes

ik: oke be cell than

gloriahartmann222: ok my love...please send me lovely message before i sleep ok
i love you my dear
ik: wel only smal problem u allready no what i feel for u is 4ever love darling

gloriahartmann222: oh yes babe..what problem is that babe ?
ik: no problem only love love love

gloriahartmann222: haha

i love you more more more
ik: oke love that the way of love
gloriahartmann222: oh yes true love this is what we giving you more more and more

babe i will like to go take shower and sleep now..we going to talk tomorrow my you very much

good night and dream about me your wife Gloria Hartmann
ik: yes lover go tac yor shower

gloriahartmann222: love you
ik: oke love i hang up the line than so kiss hug from rick

gloriahartmann222: kiss from me to you too babe

2012-01-24, 15:01:52
anonymous from United States  
would like to know if anyone has been scamed by someone going by Dora Ocansey from accura ghana, , she uses as her e-mail address
2012-01-27, 19:25:34
anonymous from Ireland  

2012-01-28, 21:57:53
This so called ruby sam also goes by the names Ethel, Milan womer, And uses another e-mail address called I seen the same picture she sent me by postal mail over 4 years ago and she has posted up this photo with alittle information about herself at a site called And she is also lying about her age on that site too. So if you want to see what she looks like then you will see a picture of her at the site in the ghana area and she is using the name milan womer with the e-mail address Her last postal mailing address was P.O.Box329 Akim ODA Eastern Region Ghana West Africa Now she is using this postal mailing address P.O.Box621 agona swedru, Ghana West Africa This is the e-mail address she had been writting me from over 4 years ago Mabe she has more then 2 e-mail address as most scammers do. And i'm sure she has more fake names then Ethel, Ruby Sam, Milan Womer. This woman is only out to con single men for their money and she get's intouch with a single man who has posted up his information with his full name she will go in for the prey and i feel sorry for any man she contacts because she will do her best to drain him of all his money. Believe and trust me this woman is a money hungry lying bum with a no good mind and black wicked heart. I have known her for quite awhile and she is not who she claims to be so be very careful if she ever comes in contact with you.
2012-01-31, 12:10:03
a friend from United States  
Good morning all, it has been awhile since been here on the site but then again no one has been bothering me till today, This is just a heads up but on facebook was hit on by a Sandy Fair, same old story, is from Connecutt but dad died and is living in West Africa with stepmom, makes no sense, anyway told I was in relationship,which is on my profile, and she was not happy about that , that was consersation about 3 lines. Anyway her address on is, got that off her profile. I sense scammer and this is just a heads up.
2012-01-31, 12:44:49
anonymous from Canada  
I have also run into this lady...she is Calling herself Ester Sam
2012-02-01, 06:21:12
anonymous from Nigeria  
google you are simply too much,in the course of my findings discover google look at this

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Saturday, January 21, 2012 2:14 PM
My Dear,
I am more than happy for your reply to my mail. How is your day today? i hope all is well and fine with you including your health and job. My name is Miss Vera Richard, i am 23 years, single and never been married, i am from Post Sudan, Sudan in Africa and presently residing in the missionary here in Senegal where i ran for refuge due to the political civil war in my country. I am in sufferings and pains here in this missionary and i really need help from a man who will encourage me with good advice in life and to help me to come out from this situation.

My late father Dr. Ellison Richard, who was CEO of (N M O C LTD), in Port Sudan in Sudan. During the war, the rebel loyal to one of the greedy business associate of my late father attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and father in a cold blood. It is only me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to this country Senegal by the help of UN army where i am living now in the missionary, headed by a Reverend Father, i used his office computer to send you this email and i only enter his office when he is less busy to send message to you.

I would like to know more about you, your likes dislikes and your hobbies and what you are doing presently, i like to meet understanding, loyal, sincere, truthfully, kind and friendly and more to that, a man of vision and truth. I will tell you more about myself in my next mail. Attached here is my picture, i will be hoping to hear from you again.
I remain yours Faithfully,
Vera Richard..
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2012-02-04, 11:09:08
anonymous from United States  
Jospine Anderson is her name she is a big time scammer she has her own porn site just type in Josie Model and google it ok.All she dose is tells lies just like her friend Lizzy Scott ok she lives in Ghanna she will tell you anything and lie to you and ask for your money.sHE'S A FUCKEN LIEING WHORE.

2012-02-04, 11:12:51
anonymous from United States  

2012-02-04, 11:43:44
anonymous from United States  

2012-02-04, 20:59:11
Hello USA

Please respect policy of this site.
The owner does not allow material such as nude, minors, etc.

Thanks Regards
2012-02-04, 23:05:14
2012-02-05, 06:12:44
2012-02-05, 18:25:40
anonymous from United States  

2012-02-05, 18:28:00
anonymous from United States  
Irene Essel screwed me out of money running a scam

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