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Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana


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2014-07-20, 17:24:39
CUPIDD from United States  

2014-07-20, 17:25:59
CUPIDD from United States  

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2014-07-20, 17:29:22
CUPIDD from United States  

2014-07-20, 19:23:25
CUPIDD from United States  

2014-07-20, 19:29:27
CUPIDD from United States  

9:49:44 AM Country Boy: yeah i am back
9:50:18 AM True Love: Ok am here
9:50:25 AM True Love: can u do me some favour?
9:50:30 AM Country Boy: yes
9:51:36 AM Country Boy: Turn on your webcam
9:52:14 AM True Love: I want us to delet our profile from that badoo site so that no one can contact us what do u think ?
9:52:23 AM True Love: or do u still want to search ?
9:52:24 AM Country Boy: ok
9:52:44 AM Country Boy: no i think you are right
9:52:58 AM Country Boy: ill delete it today
9:53:29 AM True Love: why cant we do it now ?
9:53:36 AM Country Boy: ok
9:54:11 AM True Love: Ok am going to do it now
9:55:05 AM Country Boy: how you delete it
9:55:35 AM True Love: give me ur login infor i will do it for u
9:55:52 AM True Love: i will give u mine too
9:59:14 AM Country Boy: i am deleting it but i dont remember the password, there i am stuck
9:59:40 AM True Love: hahahhhahhhahhhhah
9:59:50 AM Country Boy: lol
10:00:13 AM Country Boy: because that site was not important for me so i never remebered the password
10:00:52 AM True Love: Ok babe
10:01:43 AM Country Boy: ok it is deleted
10:01:50 AM True Love: Ok
10:01:53 AM True Love: am on it
10:02:15 AM Country Boy: you deleted too
10:03:21 AM True Love: wait
10:03:37 AM Country Boy: ok, turn on the web cam though
10:07:16 AM Country Boy: nice
10:07:32 AM Country Boy: so you deleted?
10:07:49 AM True Love: am on it
10:07:57 AM True Love: they want me to type something
10:08:14 AM Country Boy: yes they did, and type that thing
10:08:26 AM True Love: yes that is what am doing
10:08:30 AM Country Boy: oh ok
10:08:36 AM True Love: they gave me some words to type
10:09:19 AM Country Boy: you are looking so hot
10:09:23 AM Country Boy: and sexy
10:09:51 AM True Love: thanks
10:09:55 AM True Love: Ok am done
10:10:00 AM Country Boy: kool

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2014-07-20, 20:03:47
CUPIDD from United States  

10:10:09 AM True Love: now is me and u
10:10:14 AM True Love: hahaha
10:10:17 AM Country Boy: yes it is me and you
10:10:22 AM Country Boy: all alone
10:10:22 AM True Love: yes
10:10:25 AM Country Boy: in our rooms
10:10:32 AM Country Boy: can see you
10:10:43 AM Country Boy: want to see you more
10:11:14 AM Country Boy: beautiful
10:11:25 AM Country Boy: lovely
10:11:28 AM True Love: Thanks
10:11:57 AM Country Boy: do you have blue shirt, your favorite color?
10:12:20 AM True Love: yes babe but i did wahs them and try it out there
10:12:37 AM Country Boy: lol
10:12:42 AM Country Boy: try them here
10:12:50 AM Country Boy: i want to see
10:13:13 AM True Love: but u are seing me lolo
10:13:35 AM Country Boy: yes i want to see more
10:13:50 AM Country Boy: iin different dresses and in sexy dresses
10:14:04 AM Country Boy: and in a langeries
10:14:26 AM Country Boy: you would look more exotic, i am just imagining
10:14:48 AM True Love: But this is our first time we will continue to see each other with diffrent dress
10:15:16 AM Country Boy: yes indeed
10:17:28 AM Country Boy: and you send me plaenty of your pics
10:17:42 AM True Love: i dont like taken pics
10:17:53 AM True Love: becuse i dont have time for that lolol
10:17:57 AM Country Boy: what is your facebook
10:18:10 AM Country Boy: let me add you to my facebook
10:18:42 AM True Love: i dont use to chat on there and there too i have no pic over there so is better we chat here
10:18:47 AM True Love: and talk on the phone
10:19:22 AM Country Boy: ok, no we are not going to chat over there but atleast we would know about each others freinds and families
10:19:33 AM Country Boy: it is much more better
10:19:41 AM True Love: Ok babe
10:19:51 AM Country Boy: so that you would know how many people know me
10:19:57 AM Country Boy: and i would know you
10:20:20 AM True Love: Ok but i dont remeber my pass to enter there
10:20:55 AM Country Boy: send them a password change request just like i did with baddoo
10:21:25 AM True Love: ok
10:22:12 AM True Love: whats ur ful name so that i can use to save on my phone
10:22:50 AM Country Boy: xxxxxxxxx
10:22:58 AM Country Boy: what is your full name?
10:23:20 AM Country Boy: do you have your professional cv on Linkedin?
10:23:35 AM Country Boy: but you can call me Jack
10:23:50 AM True Love: Esther Ansomaa
10:24:00 AM True Love: i think that is on facebook
10:28:00 AM Country Boy: i cant find you
10:29:04 AM True Love: well let use here i think here is bether
10:29:30 AM True Love: becuse i dont like posting my photos on the internet too much
10:29:44 AM Country Boy: oh ok, but why not?
10:29:55 AM Country Boy: being social is a very good thing

2014-07-20, 20:11:35
CUPIDD from United States  

10:31:03 AM Country Boy: and you know more about each others family and friends, thats how your ex was cheating because you were unaware of his social activities
10:31:24 AM Country Boy: you should keep a tab through social media
10:32:00 AM True Love: Ok babe i will do that
10:33:01 AM Country Boy: Yes kool, and everyone posts there pictures, million of people everyday
10:33:24 AM True Love: Ok
10:35:03 AM True Love: What negative characteristics do you have?
10:35:44 AM Country Boy: Dinking possibly
10:36:40 AM True Love: Lets see...I tend to like to do things my own way. Someone may want to show me a certain way to do something, but I will insist on doing it my way...usually because my way has worked for me before....Another thing is that if I don't know the answer to a question, I may make up an answer
10:37:18 AM Country Boy: If i dont know the answer i say that i dont know
10:37:41 AM True Love: i am a kind of person who is very straight,asks what i need and demand prompt answer and not everybody likes it that way.i believe very strongly in love and when i have interest in you.i wont hesitate telling you to be bear this with me,i might have the same feeling for you and i would need a positive answer
10:37:46 AM True Love: hope am not sounding too controlling.. that sounds right and that is not always good,Sometimes, I am impatient,Sometimes I can be too quiet...and not express myself when I should.
10:38:08 AM Country Boy: I get quite too
10:38:50 AM Country Boy: i am impatient in seeing you but other than i am not that impatient but in driving if soem one crosses me i dont like
10:39:10 AM True Love: what valuable lesson have you learnt in your life?
10:39:39 AM Country Boy: Dont trust on people so quickly
10:40:01 AM Country Boy: they can rip you off, there are many CON ARTISTS
10:41:31 AM Country Boy: and come in many shapes, mostly they say that they are broke, they lost in investement, they want to do business with you, they need something important so bad and they dont have money, they want to sell you something which they dont even own
10:42:15 AM Country Boy: so as soon as you hear this kind of thing you should get aware what is coming next now
10:42:41 AM True Love: There are lots of things I have learned in my life, and I keep learning. That is what I believe we are here on earth to do.. keep learning but the most one I have learned is that no matter how much you think you are in control of a situation, there will always be something that will prove to you that you are not. And that when bad things happen in life, it doesn't mean the end of things...
10:44:12 AM Country Boy: Yes one should move on, but remeber the trust thing, dont trust on people so quickly
10:44:25 AM True Love: it is just a turn in the road that you didn't see coming and a new direction will lead you to better thingsto love is better than not to have loved,to forgive is better than rot in the bitterness it will otherwise distry you,to believe in someone even when everyone else has given up hope,That I can learn from other people's mistakes. It saves me time and hopefully I don't make their mistake.and Life IS trouble, only Death is not. To be alive is to roll up your sleeves & LOOK for trouble!
10:46:22 AM Country Boy: yeah
10:47:10 AM Country Boy: ok Esther i gotta go now
10:47:30 AM True Love: Ok babe
10:47:31 AM Country Boy: email me your pics
10:47:43 AM Country Boy: in sexy dresses
10:47:45 AM True Love: call me when ever u are on here and will talk again
10:47:53 AM Country Boy: ok i will
10:47:56 AM True Love: i dont have any pics
10:48:06 AM Country Boy: take some for me
10:48:14 AM Country Boy: with your phone
10:48:23 AM Country Boy: and send it over
10:49:06 AM True Love: i dont have a camera to take photos
10:49:18 AM Country Boy: what about in your phone?
10:49:30 AM Country Boy: what kind of phone do you have?
10:49:54 AM True Love: yes but u will not get ful size
10:50:11 AM True Love: Nokia
10:51:14 AM Country Boy: inventing always new ways to have fun
10:51:16 AM Country Boy: lol
10:51:18 AM True Love: i dont have that big mirror
10:51:46 AM True Love: You know things here are littile bit deffrence
10:52:10 AM Country Boy: but you are from chicago, follow your roots
10:52:23 AM Country Boy: dont go after foreign culture
10:52:44 AM Country Boy: i dont know, i heard that people in africa are cannibals too
10:53:06 AM Country Boy: in deep african jungles they cook and eat people too
10:55:07 AM Country Boy: why you stopped your webcam
10:56:25 AM True Love: Thats not true where i am now is a combination with blacks and white
10:57:10 AM Country Boy: but still you have to follow your roots, your civilization, your customs and traditions
10:58:28 AM Country Boy: Sweety i gotta go now
10:58:49 AM Country Boy: it was very nice talking to you
10:58:56 AM Country Boy: you are a lovely girl
10:59:06 AM Country Boy: Take care
10:59:13 AM Country Boy: Have a lovely day
10:59:23 AM Country Boy: Look like you are busy
10:59:31 AM Country Boy: Bye
11:01:09 AM True Love: oh
11:01:35 AM True Love: u told me that u want to go that is why babe and i also need to get somethins done here and relax
11:02:04 AM True Love: Ok will talk latter

2014-07-20, 22:17:23
anonymous from United States  

IM Jul 13, 2014 2:47:44 PM
2:47:44 PM Country Boy: Hi Esther, how are you doing babe
10:17:54 PM True Love: <ding>
10:17:56 PM True Love: Yes
10:18:04 PM Country Boy: how are you
10:19:30 PM True Love: Not bad u ?
10:19:47 PM Country Boy: ok, was about to go to bed
10:19:57 PM True Love: Ok
10:20:14 PM True Love: thuoght u said u will call me or text me when u are online?
10:20:41 PM Country Boy: it is 10:20 at nite here
10:21:46 PM Country Boy: what time is it over there?
10:22:18 PM True Love: 3;21am here in the morning
10:22:30 PM True Love: and u came here long agao u never call me
10:22:34 PM Country Boy: oh
10:22:54 PM Country Boy: i sent you couple of messages
10:23:04 PM Country Boy: and i thought that may be you sleeping
10:23:23 PM True Love: I told u to call me on the phone when u are here
10:23:36 PM Country Boy: i will now
10:25:22 PM Country Boy: so are you in bed
10:26:34 PM True Love: yes i just wake up
10:26:43 PM Country Boy: humm
10:26:49 PM Country Boy: what are you wearing
10:27:05 PM True Love: pants and bra
10:27:11 PM Country Boy: wow
10:27:16 PM Country Boy: turn on the cam
10:27:26 PM Country Boy: wanna see
10:29:05 PM True Love: No not now u waer here long time chatting with other u never call me on the phone to come online it seems that u dont talk to me alone
10:29:45 PM Country Boy: no my yahoo massenger was on but i was not home i went outside for dinner
10:30:04 PM True Love: hmmm
10:30:49 PM True Love: and u never call me on the phone since it seems u are not seriose about me
10:31:32 PM Country Boy: i was running errands
10:31:54 PM True Love: cool
10:32:11 PM Country Boy: now turn on the cam
10:33:10 PM True Love: Not now mybe tomorrow when i dress
10:33:48 PM Country Boy: you look more beautiful when not dress
10:35:24 PM True Love: Am saying i just have bra and pants on so will need to waer something better in the morning so that u can see me
10:35:48 PM Country Boy: seeing you in bra and pants is beautiful too
10:37:09 PM True Love: So what did u do all day ?
10:37:39 PM Country Boy: i finished some work
10:37:50 PM True Love: Ok
10:38:02 PM True Love: so tell me have u been hurt in the past before ?
10:38:10 PM Country Boy: yes
10:38:23 PM Country Boy: but i am not in the mood to remeber that now
10:38:39 PM Country Boy: i am in the mood to see you on the web cam
10:39:35 PM Country Boy: Turn on the web cam

10:39:38 PM True Love: i know why i was hurt some misfortunes are always blessings at a long run, it is because you are coming into my life that is why it happen and am happy though i did not know and was crying when it happened
10:40:02 PM Country Boy: yeah you have to let it go
10:41:17 PM True Love: am now very happy that i have found you please just feel free i will never stop communicating with you even if i know you are just looking for a free friend for just a chat , but if you tell me you are looking for a real life relationship and i commit myself into your love and you disappoint me , i will be hurt so much and may even kill myself
10:42:07 PM Country Boy: I dont hurt people and especially friends i am very caring and loving
10:42:46 PM Country Boy: turn on the cam
10:42:53 PM Country Boy: wanna see you
10:45:02 PM True Love: i know is very hard to trust this days and i will never mind even if you don't trust me , trust comes by time and patience. You need trust to love, but first you need to love in order to trust.To love someone is to understand each other, to laugh together, to smile with your heart and to trust one another.One important thing is to let each other go if you can't do this
10:47:32 PM Country Boy: yes i agree
10:48:27 PM True Love: i know you are older than me and knows a lot of things that am yet to know or may not even know till the end of my life but to be honest with you , i also have some life experiences that you would like about me so much when we get to know each other and gets closer by time
10:49:11 PM Country Boy: right
10:50:48 PM True Love: So tell me what are ur ambitions inlife?
10:51:09 PM Country Boy: i told you this morning
10:53:38 PM True Love: Do u need some sleep?
10:54:23 PM Country Boy: I am filling out some forms, i'll sleep in a while
11:03:25 PM True Love: Just let me know when u are done with the pappers
11:03:35 PM Country Boy: ok
11:13:08 PM Country Boy: ok, i am done
11:13:34 PM True Love: Ok
11:13:58 PM Country Boy: now turn on the cam, lemme see you before going to bed
11:15:42 PM True Love: where are u ?
11:15:50 PM Country Boy: wow, looking very hot
11:17:03 PM Country Boy: you are so mesmerizingly beautiful
11:17:13 PM Country Boy: can you see me
11:17:15 PM True Love: openy ur cam
11:17:27 PM True Love: where is ur cam ?
11:17:42 PM Country Boy: lemme log on again
11:20:51 PM Country Boy: now that is great
11:20:59 PM True Love: Yes babe
11:21:03 PM Country Boy: you have a beautiful slim physique
11:21:11 PM Country Boy: love that
11:21:12 PM True Love: Thanks
11:21:32 PM Country Boy: you are welcome
11:21:48 PM Country Boy: i like that

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2014-07-20, 22:30:05
CUPIDD from United States  

11:22:17 PM True Love: so can u do me one more favore?
11:22:25 PM Country Boy: yes sure
11:23:42 PM True Love: I want u to help me with something in the morning ur time to go for food shopping and buy some books?
11:23:53 PM Country Boy: ok
11:24:27 PM Country Boy: but from 8 to 5 i would be very busy and after 5 i will do whatever you like
11:24:41 PM True Love: Ok babe
11:24:52 PM Country Boy: my working hours are 8 - 5
11:25:07 PM True Love: so are sure sure that u want to be with me?
11:25:13 PM Country Boy: yes
11:25:42 PM Country Boy: if you want me to be in Ghana i would be there in August
11:26:12 PM True Love: really ?
11:26:20 PM Country Boy: Yes
11:26:27 PM True Love: woooow
11:26:33 PM True Love: that sound nice
11:27:02 PM Country Boy: where in Ghana are you?
11:27:27 PM Country Boy: Stand up lemme see all of you
11:27:47 PM True Love: No u are going to far
11:28:02 PM Country Boy: no i am not going that far
11:28:32 PM Country Boy: we are both mature adults
11:29:01 PM Country Boy: what happened?
11:29:12 PM True Love: wait wrong click
11:29:14 PM Country Boy: why you stopped your webcam
11:29:14 PM True Love: brb
11:29:17 PM Country Boy: oh ok
11:37:42 PM True Love: Ok
11:41:55 PM True Love: <ding>
11:42:19 PM Country Boy: nice
11:42:48 PM Country Boy: lemme see all of you
11:43:00 PM True Love: So are u sure that u will help me with what i ask u babe ?
11:43:08 PM Country Boy: yes
11:43:26 PM True Love: brb
11:43:32 PM Country Boy: ask what you want me to help you with
11:43:36 PM Country Boy: that was a good close up
11:43:39 PM Country Boy: i like that
11:46:32 PM Country Boy: i said that i liked the close up of yours
11:46:36 PM Country Boy: when you were close to the cam
11:47:28 PM True Love: u off ur cam again
11:58:24 PM Country Boy: sorry sometimes i have to reboot the router
11:58:38 PM True Love: Ok babe am here
11:59:17 PM Country Boy: want to see all of you
12:01:01 AM True Love: yes
12:01:39 AM Country Boy: now let me see all of you
12:01:57 AM Country Boy: close up
12:01:59 AM Country Boy: wow
12:02:07 AM Country Boy: so pretty, you have perky boobies
12:02:21 AM Country Boy: and beautiful butt
12:02:35 AM True Love: you like that ?
12:02:42 AM Country Boy: yes
12:02:59 AM Country Boy: and i like your flat belly
12:03:14 AM Country Boy: you go to gym?
12:03:25 AM True Love: Ok am all urs all u need is to take good care of me
12:03:30 AM True Love: sometime
12:03:38 AM Country Boy: yes i'll
12:03:38 AM Country Boy: come here
12:03:49 AM Country Boy: in Indianapolis
12:04:14 AM Country Boy: and you will see how much i am going to love you and would take care of you like a queen
12:04:44 AM True Love: Ok we will talk about that babe
12:05:21 AM True Love: so how much are u going to get for me on tomorrow babe ?for my food stuffs and my books?
12:05:49 AM Country Boy: which books you want
12:06:25 AM Country Boy: ok, move here
12:06:47 AM Country Boy: and 1st day you gonna arrive here i will get you a car
12:07:07 AM True Love: ok that sound sweet babe
12:07:38 AM Country Boy: when you show love i feel and show 10 times more
12:07:55 AM True Love: Oh pls tell me what u can do for me tomorrow
12:08:06 AM Country Boy: what you want, tell me
12:08:27 AM True Love: i need 250 to take care of that
12:08:43 AM Country Boy: ok
12:09:03 AM True Love: At wht time babe pls
12:09:10 AM Country Boy: after 5
12:09:23 AM Country Boy: cant leave during work
12:09:29 AM True Love: so can u give u my infor?
12:09:38 AM Country Boy: yes
12:09:47 AM Country Boy: you want bank transfer?
12:10:10 AM True Love: Do u have Any Money Gram?
12:10:19 AM True Love: Or Western Union?
12:10:34 AM Country Boy: i dont know about money gram, i know bank transfer and western unoin
12:11:02 AM Country Boy: bank transfer is more secure, they wire you in your account
12:11:02 AM True Love: Ok the Use Western Uinon
12:11:06 AM Country Boy: ok
12:11:22 AM True Love: I dont have bank Account
12:11:32 AM Country Boy: gimme your full information
12:11:33 AM True Love: So western will be good
12:11:38 AM Country Boy: ok
12:13:17 AM Country Boy: why dont you come back to States
12:13:29 AM Country Boy: ill take care of all of your needs
12:13:35 AM True Love:
Name ..Esther Ansomaa
Code ..00233
Street..Greenland Street
Phone No...00233545704163

2014-07-20, 22:49:44
CUPIDD from United States  
Esther Ansomaa

12:13:35 AM True Love:
Name ..Esther Ansomaa
Code ..00233
Street..Greenland Street
Phone No...00233545704163
12:13:47 AM Country Boy: ok
12:13:57 AM Country Boy: you got it babe
12:14:38 AM True Love: Ok Afther u send this for me i will know how serioause u are about me and we can decide on how i can come to u there and live with u babe
12:14:51 AM Country Boy: yes
12:15:00 AM Country Boy: 250 is a small thing, when you truly love to a person
12:15:09 AM True Love: Ok
12:15:22 AM True Love: do u know that u can do it online right now ?
12:15:30 AM Country Boy: how serious you are for me though?
12:15:34 AM True Love: if u have card
12:15:39 AM Country Boy: yes
12:15:42 AM Country Boy: please
12:15:56 AM Country Boy: BUT i dont use cards online
12:16:01 AM Country Boy: they get hacked
12:16:21 AM True Love: really ?
12:16:25 AM Country Boy: yes
12:16:30 AM Country Boy: never do online
12:16:41 AM Country Boy: they steal your information
12:16:41 AM True Love: Ohh ok
12:16:54 AM True Love: Ok
12:17:10 AM True Love: then lets wait till time u ca n go there i the bank
12:17:16 AM True Love: i dont want u to get hurt
12:17:48 AM True Love: woooooow
12:18:31 AM True Love: then i hope that u can add some extral for me to get more panties for u
12:19:04 AM Country Boy: but online i dont give any info
12:19:20 AM True Love: Thats is ok babe
12:19:24 AM True Love: and i like that
12:19:42 AM True Love: I dont want u to be hurt babe
12:20:14 AM True Love: so will u be going there with the cash to send for me?
12:20:21 AM Country Boy: yes
12:20:42 AM Country Boy: ill go to atm, take out the cash in the evening and will send it to you
12:20:54 AM True Love: Ok babe
12:21:05 AM True Love: Thank u so much babe
12:21:11 AM Country Boy: you are welcome
12:21:13 AM Country Boy: Now take off your panties too and show me what you got
12:21:20 AM True Love: kisssss
12:21:38 AM Country Boy: Now show me what you got, is it worth it (LOL) just kidding
IM Jul 14, 2014 12:26:31 AM
12:21:58 AM True Love: muah
12:22:10 AM True Love: hehehehe
12:22:14 AM Country Boy: hehehe
12:22:16 AM True Love: i love that babe
12:22:22 AM Country Boy: i love that too
12:22:31 AM True Love: it been so long since i have this feelings babe
12:22:49 AM Country Boy: give me a bare hug
12:22:59 AM Country Boy: without the bra in between
12:23:10 AM Country Boy: want to feel the softness of yours
12:23:19 AM True Love: pls promise me that u will never hurt me no matter what
12:23:26 AM Country Boy: i will never, if you are truthful and loyal to me
12:23:46 AM Country Boy: would always love you
12:23:52 AM Country Boy: keep you like a rose
12:24:03 AM Country Boy: care you like a delicate flower
12:24:22 AM True Love: Ok babe i will need to go now and start getting raedy for school
12:24:38 AM Country Boy: hummm
12:24:42 AM Country Boy: get ready in front of me
12:24:49 AM Country Boy: want to see you naked
12:25:05 AM True Love: Not now babe
12:25:13 AM True Love: we have more timme ahead
12:25:20 AM Country Boy: show me you care too
12:25:38 AM Country Boy: and you are serous too
12:26:06 AM True Love: we will do that when am back from school runing late
12:26:10 AM Country Boy: ok not all naked, just take off the bra
12:26:26 AM Country Boy: its not that much
12:26:31 AM True Love: Pls
12:26:50 AM Country Boy: take it off
12:27:12 AM Country Boy: yes
12:27:18 AM Country Boy: take it off
12:27:27 AM Country Boy: show me those pretty puppies
12:28:15 AM Country Boy: show me
12:28:38 AM Country Boy: take off these
12:28:43 AM Country Boy: let them out in free
12:28:57 AM Country Boy: love this aqua color
12:29:17 AM Country Boy: take the bra off
12:29:19 AM Country Boy: yes that’s what I want
12:29:20 AM Country Boy: yes
12:29:22 AM Country Boy: yes
12:29:29 AM Country Boy: show me the nipples
12:29:36 AM Country Boy: bring them close
12:29:46 AM Country Boy: bring them more close
12:30:12 AM Country Boy: bring them close
12:30:29 AM Country Boy: close to the cam
12:30:44 AM Country Boy: yes
12:30:49 AM Country Boy: show them
12:31:00 AM Country Boy: show them
12:31:28 AM Country Boy: wow
12:31:38 AM Country Boy: so soft and so pretty
12:31:52 AM Country Boy: show me the nippies, move your hands away from nipples, why you are hiding them with your hands, only strippers do that, good Christian girls don’t do that
12:32:04 AM Country Boy: kiss able and suckaable
12:32:09 AM Country Boy: bring them close
12:32:14 AM Country Boy: close to the cam

2014-07-20, 22:52:56
CUPIDD from United States  
Esther Ansomaa

2014-07-20, 22:53:42
CUPIDD from United States  
Esther Ansomaa

2014-07-20, 22:55:01
CUPIDD from United States  
Esther Ansomaa

2014-07-20, 23:03:19
CUPIDD from United States  
Esther Ansomaa

12:32:23 AM True Love: Ok babe am late i have to run
12:32:31 AM True Love: hehehehehe
12:32:32 AM Country Boy: bring them close to the cam
12:32:43 AM True Love: am late babe
12:32:48 AM True Love: pls
12:32:52 AM Country Boy: ok
12:33:04 AM True Love: have u write my ifor down babe ?
12:33:09 AM True Love: infor
Name ..Esther Ansomaa
Code ..00233
Street..Greenland Street
Phone No...00233545704163

12:33:14 AM Country Boy: i will save it
12:33:24 AM Country Boy: in my phone
12:33:30 AM True Love: ok
12:33:39 AM Country Boy: dont worry
12:33:42 AM True Love: so at what time will be on here ?
12:34:42 AM Country Boy: after 5 in the evening , i ll come here and than i will go to the bank around 6 as 5 it is so much rush of traffic
12:34:59 AM Country Boy: and ill text you as sson as western union is done
12:35:09 AM True Love: Ok babe i will take to u latter take care i will be think of of u
12:35:20 AM Country Boy: you too
12:35:25 AM Country Boy: love you
12:35:34 AM True Love: love u too
12:35:43 AM True Love: be a good boy whiles i was gone
12:35:53 AM Country Boy: lol
12:35:54 AM True Love: muah
12:36:11 AM Country Boy: you are so delicate, and i am a rough country rider
12:36:15 AM Country Boy: lol
12:36:38 AM Country Boy: ok gotta go to sleep now
12:36:58 AM Country Boy: in the morning there is a meeting and in the morning i have to prepare for meeting too
12:37:11 AM True Love: Ok babe
12:37:22 AM True Love: sweet dreams
12:37:38 AM Country Boy: thanks you too, but it is your morning
12:37:44 AM Country Boy: so have a lovely day
12:38:02 AM True Love: and i will be expecting ur text when i got ur text i will know that u are online and i will come on for u babe
12:38:19 AM Country Boy: ok, i will
12:38:27 AM True Love: bye for now babe @};-@};-@};-@};-
12:38:38 AM Country Boy: bye

2014-07-20, 23:03:38   (updated: 2014-07-20, 23:21:08)
CUPIDD from United States  
Esther Ansomaa

IM Jul 14, 2014 7:12:18 PM
7:12:18 PM True Love: <ding>
IM Jul 14, 2014 11:42:09 PM
11:27:32 PM Country Boy: your number is not supporting text message
11:27:41 PM Country Boy: i am online
11:31:39 PM True Love: Am here babe
11:31:43 PM True Love: how are u doing babe
11:31:59 PM Country Boy: so glad to see you here, all my tiredness is gone
11:32:11 PM Country Boy: tired but glad to see my sweetheart
11:33:51 PM True Love: Am really upset with u babe as u never fufill ur promise as i told u that i dont have any food at home
11:34:45 PM Country Boy: ohhh i am so sorry babe, but the team came from Germany, and it was an intense meeting, i didnt thought that the meeting would prolonged so long
11:35:21 PM True Love: oK BABE
11:35:33 PM Country Boy: thanks for understanding
11:36:17 PM True Love: why cant u do it now online with Western union ?
11:36:52 PM Country Boy: online is not safe, i already got burned out once
11:37:17 PM Country Boy: and it took me 6 months to get things fixed
11:37:28 PM True Love: Ohh really ?
11:38:00 PM Country Boy: yes, giving financial information online is not secure
11:38:25 PM True Love: Ok babe i understand u better babe
11:39:12 PM Country Boy: thanks for better understanding i feel so sorry but everything would be done tommorrow morning
11:39:22 PM True Love: so what are u going to do babe u know that i did not eat anything since morning babe and i hardly need the text beeks babe
11:39:56 PM Country Boy: oh my poor esther, i will do tommorrow morning, promise
11:40:06 PM Country Boy: trust me
11:40:27 PM True Love: Yes Sir i do really trust u babe
11:40:45 PM Country Boy: thanks, i love you
11:40:57 PM True Love: I love u too babe
11:41:09 PM True Love: So how did work goes today babe ?
11:41:19 PM Country Boy: it was very hectic
11:43:56 PM True Love: Ok babe so what are u preppering for dinner ?
11:44:15 PM Country Boy: I cooked some rice
11:44:30 PM Country Boy: and with yogurt and salad
11:44:48 PM True Love: I wish am there to cook that babe so that u can have some rest honey
11:45:16 PM Country Boy: you are so sweet, i know seeing you would always relax me
11:45:21 PM Country Boy: you are my rest
11:46:12 PM Country Boy: it feels good to know that there is someone to care and love
11:46:28 PM Country Boy: otherwise life is lonley
11:46:37 PM True Love: yes babe i have miss u so much babe i was thinking that becuse u dont want to give me the money that is why u dont want to come babe mean while u wear very busy at work babe
11:47:07 PM Country Boy: you can observe from my face, that it was very hectic today
11:48:24 PM True Love: yes babe i can see that babe that u are very tier babe , if I would be tere babe I would have given you very good massage
11:48:26 PM Country Boy: turn on the cam
11:48:38 PM True Love: wish am there to give u alot oof massages babe
11:48:45 PM Country Boy: it would take away the tiredness
11:48:55 PM Country Boy: yes i wish that too
11:49:13 PM Country Boy: body to body massage
11:49:20 PM Country Boy: lips to lips
11:49:28 PM True Love: yes babe
11:49:44 PM Country Boy: want to feel you in my arms
11:49:50 PM Country Boy: with my lips
11:50:46 PM True Love: So do u still want to have kids?
11:50:52 PM Country Boy: yes
11:51:00 PM Country Boy: i love kids, do you?
11:51:31 PM True Love: well that is undecided because i may like to discuss about this for now but if you want it then fine by know what i mean,let me put that another way if i we meet that's fine and we see about that.
11:52:27 PM Country Boy: yes, we would have to enjoy each other for couple of years and than we are going to decide
11:52:35 PM True Love: when i close my eyes to sleep , all i see is you. when am eating, you appear to be sitting just next to me . am always with a smile on my face
11:53:01 PM True Love: . i need you more than you know we can be doing absolutely anything together . we will be going for swimming together with the kids , dancing if you like
11:53:23 PM Country Boy: yes i love dancing
11:53:36 PM Country Boy: going for hiking
11:53:44 PM Country Boy: travelling to other countries
11:53:51 PM Country Boy: seeing all beautiful places
11:53:56 PM Country Boy: i am an avid traveller
11:54:03 PM Country Boy: i travelled all over the world
11:54:46 PM True Love: Yes babe i have been missing all this babe i really cant wait to be with u babe
11:54:57 PM Country Boy: me too
11:55:05 PM Country Boy: when would be your vacations?
11:55:52 PM Country Boy: looking so pretty
11:55:58 PM Country Boy: love this aqua, your pink nipples are poking out and peeking through this see through thing too
11:56:06 PM True Love: shopping with you and the kids eating together, going to anywhere we want together and sleeping and making great love together
11:56:12 PM Country Boy: want to kiss you all over your body
11:56:42 PM True Love: you are fully on my mind now and all i care is you . honey always feel free to tell me anything you want me to do for you. am actually so ready to do anythoing to make you and the entire family very happy and live a very good life with you all
11:56:50 PM Country Boy: want to take you in my arms
11:57:04 PM True Love: Yes babe
11:57:14 PM Country Boy: want to love you so much
11:57:40 PM Country Boy: want to love you that much that you would think that you are the most lucky girl in the world
11:57:52 PM True Love: pls tell me if u will not do it let me fine someone at school and borrow it ok if not i will starve to daeth
11:58:14 PM Country Boy: no please dont think like that
11:59:04 PM True Love: babe was waiting for u all day long will u belive that i didnt eat since morning
11:59:13 PM Country Boy: i am so sorry
11:59:21 PM Country Boy: i would make that up to you babe
11:59:27 PM Country Boy: I am so sorry
11:59:35 PM True Love: Ok babe
12:00:13 AM True Love: Dont worry babe as long as u are here with me am ok babe
12:00:33 AM Country Boy: i want to make you feel the most happiest girl in the world
12:01:14 AM True Love: Ok babe and u will have the samething back babe
12:01:55 AM True Love: Ilove u with all my heart babe now u have me and i will do anything in my power to make u a happy person babe
12:02:16 AM Country Boy: when you would be sleeping next to me i would be gently kissing your beautiful eyes, slowly slowly so that my beloved would not wake up
12:02:38 AM Country Boy: kissing you softly on your body
12:02:49 AM Country Boy: feeling you so gently
12:02:52 AM Country Boy: softly
12:03:21 AM Country Boy: i love every thing of yours
12:03:28 AM True Love: Yes babe so pls tell me the exact time that u will do it and i will not be going to scholl today and wait for it babe
12:03:44 AM Country Boy: your eyes, your lips, your face, and most of all your smiles
12:04:02 AM Country Boy: in between 7 to 8
12:04:05 AM Country Boy: in the morning
12:04:19 AM True Love: Ok babe
12:05:53 AM True Love: Then u are going to add extral for me that will be buying panties for u
12:06:03 AM Country Boy: yes
12:06:15 AM Country Boy: i told you i'll make this upto you
12:06:31 AM Country Boy: i just want smiles on my beloved girl
12:06:51 AM Country Boy: i want to make you and keep you happy all the times
12:07:03 AM True Love: am going to bring everlasting happiness to the whole family and our future children.
12:07:30 AM Country Boy: and i would always keep you so happy and so much love all around you always
12:08:21 AM Country Boy: would love you like crazies and would keep you like a princess
12:08:30 AM True Love: that is what am, promising you now and i will never break my promise.always just let me know what you want to do with me and i will always give you the chance , i will never be tired when am with you.
12:09:16 AM Country Boy: thanks i know you have a very precious heart so sweet so loving
12:09:21 AM Country Boy: i can feel that
12:09:27 AM Country Boy: and love you more
12:09:44 AM Country Boy: more n more
12:10:15 AM True Love: my great aim and ambition is to be married and have kids with my husband and live with him and the family in perfect peace until the end of time . i don't ever want to be divorced because of the mess divorced coursed to my parents and leading me to this my current life. if i have had a full growing time with my parents , i think i might be better than i am now
12:10:50 AM Country Boy: yes kids need both parents and a very loving and secure home
12:11:17 AM Country Boy: and i know you are the one who is going to make this home more beautiful with your presence
12:11:32 AM True Love: but i still understand that is all about life. you should know doubt me and my interest in you and me being who i say i am. am really who i say i am and can proof to you in any way you want it , but i know with time and patience you will get to know that
12:12:16 AM Country Boy: i know with time and patience we both would know and each other better and that would bring more love
12:12:40 AM True Love: Yes babe
12:12:57 AM True Love: i really like your sense and ideas so much so please with all due respect lets try and have patience and commit ourselves into each other with the faith and hope that we shall be together and live in eternal happiness till the end of time to ME so far
12:13:03 AM True Love: , i can say we share same and interesting features which makes me so happy and makes me wants us together. i really need you so much to me
12:13:38 AM Country Boy: and i really need you so much in my life all the times, everywhere together
12:13:57 AM Country Boy: want to kiss you so bad right now
12:14:34 AM Country Boy: want to feel you , want you to lay down in my lap and massage and caress you all over
12:14:49 AM True Love: to mebeauty outside is nothing to me , is the internal beauty that i most regard as far as life is concern, and also age is just a number to me , i don't regard it so much. i must consider someone older than my age that i can learn from. so am actually totally interested in you and wants to be with you only. and a, fully ready to try new things with my partner
12:15:14 AM Country Boy: love you
12:15:37 AM Country Boy: and ohh yes did i told you you have so beautiful boobies
12:15:44 AM Country Boy: love them too
12:16:04 AM Country Boy: and everything about you
12:16:38 AM Country Boy: can you imagine how badly i want to see you and feel you
12:17:08 AM True Love: and as i always say , i will do anything to make my partner happy and stay young and strong in love for me .i don't mean to change you completely , but since we all learn from each other , there will be times that we will like to try things each other does and finds happiness.
12:17:17 AM Country Boy: want to feel you outside, want to feel inside of you, want to do everything so romantic
12:17:22 AM Country Boy: in candle lights
12:17:31 AM Country Boy: with rose petals on the bed
12:17:42 AM True Love: and am ready to go any length to have you .am ready to take things slow with you and i don't also want us to get hurt and also we would not have to waste much time because lost time is never found though it takes time to meet competency.
12:18:12 AM Country Boy: yes
12:18:37 AM True Love: i will always stay up until you are so tired and needs sleep. in fact , honey i will always understand anything you say and do and i will do anything to make us stay in touch which i think you will be in support of every form to make it happen the very way we both want it to beit exist me to know the good features and skills you have in you natuirally , and that in it self is very great to me
12:19:26 AM Country Boy: and you are so sweet inside with so pure heart full of love and so much care,
12:20:01 AM Country Boy: i wonder how come i am so lucky to have you
12:20:13 AM True Love: i know am not the best but , am very good and can do anything that any woman can do to make her man stay happy and in peace.
12:20:29 AM Country Boy: love you
12:20:54 AM True Love: Love u too
12:21:15 AM True Love: all the things i have read about you , makes me feel we are really compatible to each other and we shall work it out and attain a best standard that we both hope for
12:21:44 AM Country Boy: yes, when you are going to have vacations in your school?
12:22:11 AM Country Boy: i will come over there and woudl spend every single moment of time with each other
12:22:25 AM True Love: That sound good babe
12:23:21 AM True Love: is very true and am ready to work out everything with you . i need you so much and you are the best for me , i have no reason to look for another man , please lets get commited and stay together till the right time comes. honey i know love comes by trust and honesty as you said
12:23:47 AM Country Boy: Yes i agree
12:23:51 AM True Love: , is so true and clear . i always try to be someone that can be loved , so i don;t have a problem with that and i will respect your feelings on that too.i know no distance can stop us in this and i know with your support and guidian , we shall be happy and stay in peace in the near future
12:25:07 AM Country Boy: yes i agree, and i will come to see you, actually i want that you come over here and study here
12:25:42 AM True Love: Really ?
12:25:48 AM Country Boy: yes
12:26:28 AM Country Boy: xxxxx university is good, and xxxxxxx university is good it is just 30 minutes from my home
12:26:39 AM True Love: Ok babe will have to check on when we will have our vacation and let u know so that we can work about that babe
12:26:56 AM Country Boy: yes , yeeeeeeehaaa
12:27:12 AM True Love: Thank you, . What more can a man say to the woman who opened her heart to him, allowing him to feel the warmth of her love across the great distance that separates them? You truly have no idea what I feel for you.
12:28:18 AM Country Boy: and what i am feeling if you would here i would have showed it to you, how much i can love you and how much i can show i have this love inside me for you
12:29:03 AM True Love: I try to put this feeling into words, but fail miserably. This feeling of being both scared and at peace, of having both butterflies and a sense of calm, is a feeling that I have only dreamed about
12:30:02 AM Country Boy: i know i am having the same feeling
12:30:17 AM Country Boy: a feeling of extacy running in the body
12:31:04 AM True Love: As the days continue to pass, my love for you continues to grow. I never thought I had the capacity to love anybody as much as I love you right now
12:31:29 AM Country Boy: want to kiss you so bad
12:31:44 AM Country Boy: want to hold you forever and would never let you go
12:32:13 AM True Love: Yet, my love for you continues to mature, growing beyond the realm of my heart. It seems that you have become the fiber of my soul, the very reason for my existence.
12:32:50 AM Country Boy: love you so much babe
12:33:10 AM True Love: I have no other words to describe the way you make me feel. No words, no actions could even come close.
12:33:44 AM Country Boy: why you are so far away
12:33:57 AM Country Boy: come back
12:34:05 AM Country Boy: cant wait to see you
12:34:22 AM True Love: me either babe
12:34:24 AM Country Boy: hold you
12:34:28 AM Country Boy: feel you
12:34:46 AM Country Boy: kiss you everywhere
12:35:04 AM True Love: I believe that Ronald Regan said it best to Nancy in a letter, telling her only that, 'I more than love you'. Their love was a strong love, surviving everything, even death. I believe that even after his passing, Nancy felt Ronald's love for her raining down upon her
12:35:30 AM True Love: That is why she has always seemed at peace after the death of such a truly loving husband. That is the love that I feel for yo When I am with you, I feel alive. You bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. You bring to me a love I have never known before.
12:35:54 AM Country Boy: kiss on your lips, kiss on your neck, kiss on your face, on your eyes
12:38:32 AM Country Boy: where you want me to kiss you more?
12:38:46 AM True Love: I could not imagine what my life would be like without you. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend. I love being with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
12:39:06 AM Country Boy: love you
12:39:41 AM True Love: Every day I wake up thanking God for you. You have given me so much, and I don't know if I will be able to give back all that you have given me. You have been my guiding light when I was lost. You have been my comforter through all my trials and sorrow. You have been my rock.
12:40:42 AM True Love: So babe have you write me Infor down ?
Name ..Esther Ansomaa
Code ..00233
Street..Greenland Street
Phone No...00233545704163

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