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Dating scammer Ekaterina Zagaynova from Cheboksary, Russia


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Dating scammer Ekaterina Zagaynova from Cheboksary, Russia

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2007-07-26, 09:42:44
anonymous from Taiwan  
This scammer is named Ekaterina or Nataliya
This image was also posted here:
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Dating scammer Evgenija Hlebutina
Dating scammer Evgenija Hlebutina

2007-08-03, 20:52:44
anonymous from Philippines  
i think she is really dating scammer coz she ask money for me to travel in my place..haha she can't fool me!!! she also send me her passport scanned you can download it!

2007-12-08, 23:28:29
anonymous from Brazil  
Congratulation, nice page.
2007-12-09, 03:28:09
Eddie from Sweden  
obrigado brasileiro!

but this is an anti-scam site. What's so nice about it?
2008-10-06, 14:09:43
anonymous from Canada  
2008-11-27, 16:20:03 from Netherlands  
5 weeks ago I started to correspond with a 28 year old woman called Ekaterina (Katya). She found me trough the dating site in Holland.
She send pictures and the correspondence was nice (like always). After a few weeks she became more and more intimate and even fell in love with me.
Suddenly she decided to come to me on a vacation in a few days from now.
And than the moneyletter came and she asked me for € 1000 euros for passport and visa.
In the meantime I asked her for a positive identification. That was not shown.
No MSN, Skype, webcam. no phone. In the beginning her english was very bad, but after a few weeks the letters that I received became more and more in good english. I even thought there was another writer.

So now it's time to confront her with the actual situation. She is absolutely trying to scam me. The technique she used is the same as other scammers.

I hereby send you the moneyletter and some of her pictures.
Also I hope for comments from others.

Katya (
Verzonden: maandag 24 november 2008 22:10:37

Hello my love John. Now I have come to the cafe Internet to write you the next my letter.My darling, it is very pleasant to me to receive from you your letters.I very much like how you me in them tenderly and gently name. Me earlieranybody still so did not name. My darling, I very strongly love you.I on you very strongly miss. Since that moment as I have started tocorrespond with you, you became for me the most close and native person.I do not represent my further life without you. You the most expensive,that are at me in a life. I think every minute only of you. I very stronglywant to you, on faster with you to meet, embrace you, to kiss and nevernever to release. My favourite, in the letter you have written to me,that you wish to help me with money for arrival to you. I am very gladto it, I am very glad to that very soon we will together. My darling,I know one very good and reliable method as you can send me thismoney. In our citymany people use Company Western Union.You know about such company? To you only Itis necessary to search for it in the city. It is very known Thecompany and on it I think, that it will be better, if you send to meMoney through this company. Now I wish to explain to you as you can Tosend me money through this company. It is necessary for you to takemoney and The passport and to find company Western Union. When youwill be included into bank Western Union you should fill the form fortransfer of money. To fill the form you should specify my information.Now I want You will inform you in what information to require, to sendTo me money. It is my address: Name: Ekaterina.Surname: Kuguelova.The country: code: 422550.Street: Mira 14. My love John will be better, if when you send me money you will not specifythe city name. So I can receive money in any bank. The manager in bankto me has told, that sometimes they have a bad connection with thiscompany and on it I should go to other city to receive money. For thispurpose I ask you not to define what name of a city. I hope, that youunderstand me my love. My love John only you should specify my informationcorrectly. You Should write down each letter as I have now written toyou. I I hope, that you will make what error. My prince John as Onlyyou will send me money you should inform me all The information that Icould receive this money. I require here this Information from you: The sum which you will send me?Your name?Your surname?The country?City?post code?The address?MTCN? I think, that you had a question that such MTCN. I wish to explain Toyou it. MTCN is a ten-character code which to you will give in bank,When you will send me money. You learn all information in bank, whenYou will go to send me money. My love John now you know all Theinformation how to send me money. My darling John, I actuallyYou very strongly I love and I wish to be with you. I miss on you. On itI finish to a soya the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your answer. YoursKatya. P.S. My darling, at us in the Internet of cafe is not present webcam.It is very a pity to me, that it so. But even if in ours the cafeInternet would be webcam it I think, would cost very expensively. I donot have phone. I work in the company on sale of computers.

Katya (
Verzonden: woensdag 26 november 2008 0:34:26

Hello my love John. Now I have come to the cafe Internet to receivefrom you the next your letter. My darling, but having checked up mymail I have not found out your letter. I very strongly was upset fromit. My darling, I each time very strongly rejoice to your letter, buttoday it is not present. What happens? Why you have written to me?With you that that happens? I very much worry. Write to me please! Mydarling, in the pregoing letter you at me asked my fresh photo, butyesterday I could not send you it, to that I with itself did not haveit. And today I have brought with myself in the Internet of cafe adisk on which there is my photo. I have made it in last days off, atmy girlfriend was birthday and we with girlfriends celebrated it incafe, there we danced. And my girlfriend has photographed me duringwhen I danced. My darling. I very strongly love you. I on you verystrongly miss. I very strongly wait for your letter. I think everyminute of you. On it I finish my letter and very much I hope that whenI will come once again in the cafe Internet I will receive from youyour letter. Your princess Katya.

2009-06-04, 01:12:59

from (EHLO ( by with SMTP;
Received:     from [] (account HELO GF_Terminal_Server) by (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 4.3.12) with ESMTPA id 330925391

I do not know from what to begin my letter.
I have just seen your profile on a site for acquaintance and it has very much liked me.
Your profile became very interesting to me and I have decided to write to you.
I wish to learn you more close. You not against?
I will tell a little about myself:
My name is Katya. I was born in city Cheboksary. It is in Russia.
To me of 26 years. I the serious woman. You understand about what I speak?
I have higher education and I work the bookkeeper. I have finished
Cheboksary university by a trade the economist. I like my work.
But about it I will write later.
I never had the husband and children, but I dream to love,
create a happy family. I have many interests. I like to be in the street,
to breathe fresh air, to go in for sports, dance, read books,
to communicate with people and to smile. I am very serious in the intention
and I ask you to be too serious with me. I will be happy to receive your letter.
Now I finish the letter. I send you the photo and with impatience
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully Katya.

2009-06-04, 01:16:03
IP addy :

2009-06-11, 05:20:19

My name is Katerina. I have seen the post on your website:

Now I wanna know the name of the person who is responsioble for posting this information.

I have discussed this post with the lawyer. And I will court with the claim about reimbursement of mental cruelty for placing on your website such an information about me. It is degrades my dignity.

Waiting to hear from you ASAP!!!


2009-07-29, 05:08:46
anonymous from Ireland  
Ive just been targeted by this dumb bitch. was suspicious from the off so i googled her name and the town she came from. when i saw the pictures from other people it was obvious that its the same person.
2014-03-09, 16:29:16
Your photos are beautiful and you are also the nicest
Is your husband or kids
Are you looking for a serious and create a family
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