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Dating scammer Emmy David from Lagos, Nigeria


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Emmy David
Sister Emy David
Money Man: Emannuel Eboki

From UK
Now in Lagos Nigeria
Apparently staying at Prince Hotel

Wants 2000 for passport and bills to return to California.

Profiles on the following:

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2007-10-12, 14:25:34
anonymous from United States  
2007-10-26, 13:27:39
anonymous from United Kingdom  
hey guys thanks for the site i had emails coming from a chick claiming to be from canada but she was an orphan with a kid in nigeria and when i asked what time it was in canada went offline when i asked if your this big church going christian how come your meonyou profile says bisexual went offline only asked the questions cause saw these pages first
2007-10-28, 22:00:30
anonymous from Australia  
hi said her name was Mary Williams found her on person .com didnt fall for it yahoo
BAD NEWS this one
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Dating scammer kelsey slater
Scam Artist Anna from Yoshkar-Ola

2007-11-16, 15:50:24
anonymous from United States  
Anyone seen this one? Goes by Monica Smith from Ilesha, Osun Nigeria. Boyfriend died in car accident while working there blah, blah, blah...

2007-11-25, 12:34:11
anonymous from Greenville, United States  
to anyone whoes thinking of joining Meonyou site. Dont this site is nothing but fakes frauds, and cammodels. the pics you see of the women are 90% fake . they lure you in with emails from women , and girls that are half your age. when i joined i got emails from all over the usa. from 20 to 32 years old. im 45 years old,and had a 21 year old wanting to marry me with jst one email. i did however get one email from a woman in a city close to where i am that was for real we exchanged emails for about a week . i sent her an email with my address, and she never recieved it . i did however recieve hers. i canceled my account, and as soon as i did i did not recieve any emails , i still had about 28 days left for the month . you can still log in but take my word thats all you can do your privilages are cut off that instant the instant msgr never worked any emails or contacts you try to make will never be sent,or recieved. and one more thing the emails you recieve are not all from women 90% of the time they are sent by men acting as women or perverts, how do i know because that emailed me made a mistake she said she was jerking herself off, a woman does not jerk herself before you get scammed think before you join this place

2007-11-30, 07:49:50
anonymous from United States  

2007-11-30, 07:51:15
anonymous from United States  

2007-11-30, 07:52:37
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Emmy David from Lagos, Nigeria

2007-11-30, 07:53:51
anonymous from United States  
2007-11-30, 07:55:38
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Emmy David from Lagos, Nigeria

2007-11-30, 08:57:58
Someone has apparentlly peed on a Scammer's face ... again because the Scammer tried to protect his ass, knowing it is more beautiful than his face. The Scammer Pig is currently active.
1) DO NOT Click on any of his links - They may be viruses meant for your computer
2) Hit him hard in any language. If you prefer Russian here are some suggestions
3) Till he disppears, hit the SPAM Button on all his posts starting with the last post and continuing pages http://www.delphifa..#comments
4) After verifying his posts are gone please hit SPAM button on the present request itself, we no longer will need it

Thank you all in advance
2007-12-02, 07:01:50
anonymous from United States  

2007-12-04, 05:41:35
anonymous from Netherlands  
hi guys.. those ladies on the pictures are very attractive.. One of them was contacting me, and all sounds too good to be true.. thanks site like this I knew is just about money. It seems an organisation is behind all this. Even about the FBI comments here.. lol.. do you believe too? If FBI is having the case under investigation, you think they will tell in public? Refund? All are evidence, need to wait after the final trial. Those guys are still active.. and using the FBI comments, to find more out what the peoples already know about them, so can use other new identy to make new victims again. Or even worse, to take more money from you for helping your money back. By the way, FBI isn't mean Federal?... think good, before you get hook by a beautiful girl like this... ask for cam to cam.. if she says she hasn't got one, ask her to go to internetcafe, mostly will have a cam there. If she really likes you, she will goes... if not, you know the answer.

good luck all.
2007-12-04, 23:52:02
anonymous from United States  
Hi everybody,

I also got scammed by this person who claimed to be Natasha Cole. Her real name is JC who is a model for Focus International Model and Talent Agency in Hawaii. Just a few days ago this person Natasha Cole, who I played, got to get her to reveal who she/he was. The real person behind these scams is a black nigerian wowen who admitted to me that she stole this person identity to make up a phony stories along with other models. She did tell me that her real name is Natasha Cole and has never met JC which make me to beleive that JC has not idea of what is going on. I have made contact with the modeling agency, however they have not returned my messages.

THis person (Natasha Cole) is good, however pay close attention to her grammer. She claimes to be very educated. Her targets are mostly from dating sites and christian dating sites. She also picks city or towns close to you to make you think that she is from the U.S. She is very pushy and demanding.
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2007-12-05, 03:24:42
drod from United States  
Anon USA, 2007-12-04, 23:52:02,

Focus has known about this for over a year and have chosen to do nothing.
Have been to some modeling sites where right click to copy paste is not allowed.

good hunting...........drod
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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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