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Dating scammer Jessy Abby Hopkins from Lagos, Nigeria


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Jessy Abby Hopkins

claims she knows a one:
azeez olayide
lagos, nigeria

First Bank
256 agege motor road mushin lagos nigeria

Aparently an agent for her at the bank.
Possibly a break for someone here.

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2007-02-03, 21:14:59
anonymous from United States  
Micheal Louis will tell you that he is an art dealer, and that he's been robbed and beaten, and many other lies... He says that his mom left him and his dad, and that his dad died. He is supposedly an art dealer, and wants to contiune his modeling career. This one is smooth so be careful. This is where he will tell you to send money to:

micheal louis
33,western avenue,
surulere, lagos state

His email is

Keywords: guy
2007-02-05, 10:20:41
anonymous from United States  
Hey all does this one look familiar ?
She also say she is from nigeria..... I have a few more pictures of her I am trying to pull up, just having trouble loading my MSN homepage

2007-02-07, 23:09:57
anonymous from United States  
It looks as if my suspicions were correct.
I did ask her for her birthing records and maybe even a clearer picture of her visa or passport.
She took the offensive and said she wasn't going to send me a scan of anything else.
Now believe me I am a lonely man of about 36 years of age and to hear i can't even score with a woman from overseas hurts but if the following pictures deters anyone else from staying in contact with this woman or wahtever she is then my pain wasn't in vain.
This is one

2007-02-07, 23:10:26
anonymous from United States  
This is two

2007-02-07, 23:11:00
anonymous from United States  
this is three

2007-07-12, 07:23:07
anonymous from United States  
This person which is not real also goes by the name Jane Maxwel. She or he is asking me to cash her travelers check from nigeria because she can't cash it there only in the us. Her email is please beware.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Jessy Abby Hopkins from Lagos, Nigeria

2007-09-30, 19:55:47
anonymous from United States  
Tracy Wiliams told me she lost her parents in car crash and before she was going to ask for money I got smart and stop writeing her and I remember seeing her on the scam list. and my name is mike and I meet her on single can we do anything about this site because every scam artist is involve in this site.
2007-09-30, 19:57:42
anonymous from Carrollton, United States  
Thanks for all the help you do on this site
2007-09-30, 23:05:04
anonymous from United States  
Not a thing you can do! They don't care! Some sites actually like to have all those profiles with pretty girl's in them.It bring's in business!!! Ain't that crock a S**t!
2007-11-27, 23:51:56
anonymous from Hong Kong  
Hi Dear,

I wanted to drop this brief note to you and I do hope that this mail of friendship introduction finds you and all around you in the most convenient state of health,Believing you are fine and living pretty good.While searching through the net, I came across your profile and decided to contact you. Nice to write you coos your profile caught my attention. I strongly believe that making friendship and developing understanding in this tiny world will help people to know each other with out no barriers.
The cultural diversity in this world and being a global village the people need to know each other and know about cultures. The consistent communication with a friend will develop understanding.So, that is why I decided to contact you and have you as a close friend,for friendship cannot be seen or even be touched; it must be felt within the heart. I do very much believe you will feel same way. Wow, friends are like clothes, without them you feel naked! I guess am right? My name is Lindsay Thompson,I am a single lady of 22 years old, currently studing in the University of Westminster here in London. I live with my parents,brother and sister; I will tell you more about myself, my family and all that maybe necessary in this relationship/friendship when you reply to this mail.I also look forward to receiving some information concerning you, your family, country and your personal life experiences. This will provide us the opportunity to develop further understanding.I hope that you would respond to my e-mail If these interest you, with much hope and care at My E-mail address is;

Yours Love,

2007-11-28, 00:01:40
Hello My Dear !

I'm happy, that I have decided to communicate with you via mail. My Mobile phone number is: 00447031908913.I didn't give you a wrong number,maybe you were dialling my number when i was in school.I normally switch off my phone each time am in class.You can call from from anytime in the morning ot afternoon london time,i will be waiting for your call.
You know, when I started my search, I really didn't believe that I can find somebody, like you.But I have to say, that I am not looking for just empty correspondence, I want to say, that my intentions are serious, and I look for my future guy.I hope you understand me, I have to say, that I am very interested in you, I want to know you better, and I want to understand you, what kind of man you are... And you know, I think you should decide, what is right for both of Us.....
My parents were happy when i told them that i have found a friend from another country.I think that the appropriate time for us to get married is when you have arrived here in London.I prefer getting married here in London,where my parents will be present because they mean a lot to me.Like i told you before,i am still a student of the university of Westminster here in London.I will be graduating in few month time.I do not have a job at the moment,i depend on my parents for any Financial help.My Plan is to have a nice Job after my graduation.I intend having three kids once i get married.
My expectations from my husband is to live togther and happily with me and my kids.I can't go ahead now telling you my plans in starting a family with you,untill we meet each other face to face.
I am a member of the TransWorld Youth Organisation here in London.I hope to get a good job once i graduated from the university.I all pray and hope that we shall be together soon because i want to invite you for a youth conference that will take place soon here in London and in Dakar-Senegal West-Africa.I have never travelled out of the United Kingdom before,and i am really happy to find a faithful man that i will live together in another together as my husband.It is a good adventure that i want to embark on.
I really hope that we will continue our correspondence,and I want to tell you some more about myself. I'm 5ft 11inches, my weight 58 kg. As you saw at photos, I have blue eyes and light brown hair. I like decorate my home, and use in this flowers off cause too. I like tender colors and pastel tones. What colors do you prefer? I like ice-cream.I like cooking and this is my privilege when we have any celebration, because all my friends think that I'm the best. But I'm not agreeing with them, because I know at least once 1 person, my mom, she cook better, and she is my teacher in Home Cooking. I am 'Single lady',I live with my parents tohether with my Brother and my Sister. I have no children,.....but i hope to have some..someday?
My desire is to find the man, with whom I can spend my life together, I understand, that the days go, and we getting older, and I don't want to feel lonely, anymore, and i think, that I have a chance With you. For ever since i saw your Profile.My life has never been the same, my life has changed for good....for without you........My whole World will crumble.....Please, i need you, and i want to know you better....For us Knowing or Meeting oursleves for Real, will build a Stronger,Better, and a 'Meanful Productive relationship' best wishes.


This is a nigerian man based in senegal,he use thnumbers: 00447031893439
his name is ike chuku,he speaks like woman,i lost my money on him
e-mail:Lindsay Thompson <>

2007-11-28, 00:03:55
anonymous from Hong Kong  
Hi ,

How are you and how are you doing over there.I was in exam class when you called me today that was why i couldn't answer the call.But i will wait tomorrow for your call.You see darling,i have being longing to have a lovely Intelligent man as my friend,this is now the opportunity for me to get together with you and share good times together with you.I love what you said about yourself in the last email that you sent to me.I need someone that can sing for me and both of us will dance together.I have a lovely family here in London,i am the second in my family of three.
In the TransWorld Youth Organisation where i am member is having a Youth Conference in the month of February this year,i was privileged to participate in the forth coming conference and i am one of the chief speakers too.It is on the transformation of the youth,i will be giving three speeches in the conference.
I am working very hard for it and i also want you to come and participate in the conference.I will send an official invitation to you as my friend,i really want to have that chance to meet you here in the UK.TransWorld Youth is an Organisation here in London that is hosting the conference.The Organisation will cater for all your expenses from your country to London as long as you have your international travelling passport.
I want you to invite your friends too for the conference because TransWorld Youth wants to enlighten other African countries on the importance of bringing up healthy youths in our time.
You have to form a group of maximum of six people or minimum of three people from your group.Write to the Organisation and tell the secretary that one of the chief speakers in the forth coming conference on transformation of the youth invited you to participate in the conference with your group.The address is;

The secretary is Mrs.Cynthia Roberts.They will tell you more about your invitation and process your group visas for the conference with your flight tickets.Both here in London and Senegal West Africa.The Organisation TransWorld Youth will pay for your flight ticket and your hotel accommodation in London too.
But you will only have to book for your hotel accommodation in Senegal West-Africa.I will send you an official invitation from my school which you will forward to the Organisation for your group visa processing.I am waiting to hear from you,please endeavour to attend the conference.I will stop from here till i hear from you again.

Your's Lindsay.

2007-11-28, 00:08:42
anonymous from Hong Kong  
Dearest ,

Thanks for your response and that healthy and lovely email that you sent to me.Normally I would have love to spend time on the net with you chatting irrespective of the time difference but due to time lost in attending studies and as a final year student, I spend most of my time in the library trying to make up for the time.Thanks, it is my pleasure meeting you as well and I pray that we develop a healthy and lovely relationship acceptable to both of us in the future. I attached my photos for you.

It is a good news that I was previlledged to visit Africa this year. In the TransWorld Youth Organisation where i am member,I have been selected to attend International conferences which are to take place, firstly here in United Kingdom and also in Senegal West-African by June 10th - 17th 2006 and June 21th - 28th 2006 respectively.Each will last for a complete one week.I will like and be happy to attend both conferences with you as my lovely pal or friend.
This is only on the grounds that if it pleases you to attend the conference with me. It is totally your choice since it will be an opportunity for both of us to meet each other.Please let me know whether you would like to attend the conference and if you would,I will like you to send me your personal email address.I will use the contact address that you'll forward to me to prepare an invitation for you from the TransWorld Youth Organisation in Westminster , London. I will need your full name as it appears in your passport,your surname first and contact address to prepare the invitation for you.I want to prepare an official invitation for you.But the organisation that is sponsoring international participants only offers group Visas,with minimum of three people in the group and maximum of six people.

You may wish to attend alone if you couldn't form a group to attend the Youth Conference.Your group has to be either three people or six people.Each person must have a valid international traveling passport and must be in a good sound of health. I have given you links to contact the organisation that is sponsoring all International Invitees to know more about your invitation.The address is;

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Lovely,

2008-01-15, 23:48:21
anonymous from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  
Yeah I received almost an exact copy of a scam letter as the one by the so called Lindsay my scammer being named Judith Clayton and based in the US instead of the UK thus making her offer even more attractive. In any case I was quite familiar with Internet fraud as I receive countless notification of winning millions in anonymous lottery draws. This one tended to be more systematic than the lottery scam but it is scam anyway and beware of it. The best course of action as I see it trying not to respond to unsolicited e-mail communications. And look for the usual signs in a scam one of which is their terrible English. You see these scammers am sure have not been going to school after the fourth grade and as a result their English grammar is not something that you would expect from a final year student in college. Other signs include the e-mail addresses of the organizations they claim to represent. These organizations use common public e-mails addresses with .com extension when if they were genuine they should have used a mail address system with .org extension preceded by whatever resembles their organizations name. I hope this helps some innocent potential victims avoid these scammers.
2008-01-18, 03:48:26 from Fargo, United States  
By accident, I did a Yahoo search for careforjane007. (identified above) is an address of a scam. My contact has been with She/he only changed the domain. Jane said to m
It was so nice to hear back from you again and I agree you and I have alot in common I am taking my time not to rush into any relationship of some sought and to really take my time..I agree when the times come and I find the right man for me and I will give him all my heart, love him dearlly forever and never let him go again..then I will considering having kids for him and start a great family together, I am just looking for that Mr Right and thats why I am on the dating site but I have not been able to meet anyone responsible on there all they are looking for is a one nightstand thing and I am looking for a serious long term relationship....well I am looking forward to meeting you once I get back stateside before the weekend.. . would ya like to get together for a dinner or drink just to get a chance to speak to eachother face to face and learn more about the feelings in each other...welll take care and have a great day as I Hope to hear back from you soon.


careforjane007@hotm. com


This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Jessy Abby Hopkins from Lagos, Nigeria

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