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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk


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2012-02-12, 13:27:55
SCAMER katerina

2012-02-12, 13:42:48
katerina ... probably stolen pics.... that scamer uses... never answers direct questions but wants you to trust her blindly

2012-02-12, 14:03:51   (updated: 2012-02-12, 14:10:14)
searched with picture search was informed picture has been searched before by another? important sure the pics are stolen as entity always diverts from answers to any questions i pose in corresponding emails... but yet babbles on with ridiculously tedious and long emails about trust and love...
just does not feel right important sure something is wrong here...
for a woman not to want to confirm each others identity is very strange?
I explained to her in very simple English just how she could be anybody and i also could be fake! So it would appropriate to see each other on camera... phone etc...
Entity just replies with more blabbering Nonsense!!!u

2012-02-12, 14:15:39
another pic of katerina??? do you know her... who was the other who submitted picture searches on her?

2012-02-12, 15:47:02
OJAS from United States  
2012-02-12, 18:11:57
anonymous from United States  
Here are a some thoughts to keep in mind when contacted by a sexy Russian babe who professes romantic interests. If she talks about getting a visa to the USA instead of inviting you to come there - under current immigration law - it's a SURE sign that SHE LIES !

It doubtful the Russian woman could get permission to leave Russia unless she has a fiancee visa used for marriage based immigration. In order for her to get this type visa, you must first visit her in her native homeland. You get engaged during such a visit, then fly back to the USA and apply for the proper marriage visa. After the visa is granted, the girl can enter the USA and after all the guidelines are met, she can get a greencard to work and eventual US citizenship.

2012-02-12, 19:00:18
OJAS from United States  
Use tineye and google for reverse image search

2012-02-12, 13:27:55 [hidden] previous page = http://www.scamwarn..1&p=83111

Also the 2 next delphi articles pix and the first article pic on this page are found in the same link

The second article pic on this page =
2012-02-12, 19:26:28
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
Remember posting Katarina Melkova ( here a while ago. Guess those comments didn't survive Delphi's crash.


Please, notice the ring on the fourth finger of Katarina's right hand (following photo). Russians wear their weddingring on the fourth finger of the right hand! Photos showing the weddingring are clear evidence of scam.

2012-02-12, 19:55:36
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
2012-02-12, 19:00:18
OJAS from United States

The second article pic on this page =

This comment is gone. No need to insult a real girl.

2012-02-12, 21:07:11
Thanks for all the info regarding katerina ... it is still using the same email you wrote!

how long have you been aware of this critters katerina ???

This is now the Sixth consecutive scamer in one dating site i have been in contact with...
All from dating site This is truly a site awashed with dodgy profiles.

something must be done?
what else can be done...?

And how do you find a good woman?

If you write to them they scam you just the same as if you go there...

I think in some countries you might be lucky if you get to return with your life in tact?

2012-02-12, 21:12:39
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Confronted the girl who I have been taking to for a while about perhaps she
Was a scammer and that I sent a picture from this site to her , which was a picture of her with a different
name. She says she would understand if I did not talk to her , though she said she would
never ask me for money. Is this another move to scam ?

2012-02-13, 02:16:39
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Dirk.

@Newbies, Don't mix innocent girls with pix scammers send you, thanks.

@David, not good to send scammers info about antiscam sites, they just steal different girls pix, create new profiles and researchers have to work hard all over.
2012-02-13, 04:47:56
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
2012-02-12, 21:07:11

And how do you find a good woman?

Russian Detective suggests:

I receive the questions 'Do you know if any honest agency' or 'Where do I find a real Russian woman' at least 5 times each day. Let me post my suggestions here, so everyone can view them:

Most of the time, which agency you go through does not matter. What matters is how much you know about scams. You will find both real ladies and scammers almost everywhere. It is your responsibility to educate yourself about all types of scams so you can use your judgment to determine who is worth your attention and who is not.

Here is my suggested plan of action:
1. Read all you can about Russian and Nigerian dating scams online. Know all types of scammers (yes, there is more than one). Find out the most common scam tricks. Become an active member of at least 1 anti-scam forum and at least 1 forum where married Russian-American or Russian-[insert your nationality here] couples discuss post-marriage and immigration issues. Be familiar with all major black lists. Instead of just browsing through their pictures, read the actual repost and make observations about scammers' ways to ask for money.
2. Once you are sick of reading scam reports, start writing to ladies. Start by searching online for negative reports about largest agencies in the market (by then you will know them all by name) and get to know their dirty tricks.
4. Decide (based on those reports) which one of them is the least of all evils.
4. Browse their database, and decide on 10-15 girls who do not look familiar (if they look familiar, you might have seen them on the black lists). And remember, the cutest girls get the most letters from other guys. Write introductory letters to the girls you like, and hopefully a few will respond.
5. Start correspondence and tell them that it is going to be several months before you meet, and that YOU will travel to their hometown to meet for the first time. No inviting them over to your country or on 'vacations' to other countries!
6. Find out their full names as soon as you can and try to verify their information through my agency or any other agency that you think looks trustworthy (google them first to see if there are any negative reports about them). Also you can use flower delivery agencies (that are not associated with any dating sites) to send flowers and ask for pictures of the recipient.
7. Watch for warning signs. If the relationship start to remind you a scam - back out or get confirmation of girl's stories somehow. Do not write the red flags on 'cultural differences'. When in doubt - ask people from the forums that you are active on (and actually listen to their suggestions). Try to narrow your choice down to 1-2 ladies. Then start planning your first visit. Do not lie to ladies about them being 'the only one' if it is not true. If you expect them to be honest with you - be honest with them.
8. When you are ready to visit, arrange your accommodations through a third party (do not use companies that the girl or the agency suggest). Do your due diligence research before committing to any travel or accomodation service.
9. Take it from there.

If you:
- Do not have money to travel to Russia
- Do not have time to travel to Russia
- Think my suggestions are too much work for you...

Then I do not know what to tell you. Maybe international dating is not the best choice for you.

My suggestions are only suggestions. I am sure there are other ways to go, but it is the one that I recommend.


2012-02-13, 11:06:53
OJAS from United States  
From an internet dating site, a model, porn star, actress, singer, Miss (any country), or any celebrity sends "her" photo …

There's a four-letter word for it … S C A M

No need to wait for the money letter. Keep your money in a safe place and start your research.

They are NOT lonely, seeking internet companions. It is the WRONG direction.

The Directional Rule says it should be ordinary folks chasing after them, by getting at the end of the line behind thousands of fans!
2012-02-13, 16:45:28
anonymous from United Kingdom  

Sorry did not know how this all works and I am learning. Can not believe this is such a big thing
it's seems to be happening to lot of people throughout the world. It's seem maybe that going to see if this girl is what she says she is first and book my own hotel and explore the place a bit. Has anyone ever done this , where would one start ?
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