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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk


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2012-02-14, 19:35:26
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
Hi Eddie! Good to see you here again.

@David. Experienced Delphians know Eddie for some years now. He knows everything there is to know about online dating, scammers and Russia. He offered to assist you. Please, accept Eddie's offer. He can help you. If you like you can send an email to him through my private email-address: I will forward your mail to him. I'm sure that he will reply to you promptly.


No, I didn't confuse the ladies. My email software did. :D

You are right. Yes, the Head Office of Elena's Models is based in Queensland, Australia. This, however, is at the same time considered to be one of the minus points of this (good) Agency. Some critics say that it would be preferable if Elena's Models was based in the United States. This is for the legal protection/recourse of clients in the event of billing or performance disputes. Elenas Models is NOT U.S. based. It is based in Australia. At least it’s under “The King’s Law” from which much of American law originated. But that’s not the same as current American law for client protection.

On the other hand... Within the Australian press there is silence about Elenas Models.
This could just as well be considered a positive since the press, ever vigilant for bad news, has found no “dirt” to write about in regards to Elenas Models. So you decide for yourself. Is no press coverage for a 12 year old company good or not?

In general: a good scammer knows how to “fly under the radar”. I’ve yet to see someone advertising “get your stupid Russian woman here.” Naturally you want a smart woman. And in that smart crowd there are scammers. Learn how to protect yourself.

2012-02-14, 21:32:39
OJAS from United States  
When Australians find scammers in Elenas models, they rip her agency to shreds. I won't be tempted to jump in the middle of Aussie issues. She married a South African, and settled in Australia.
2012-02-15, 01:45:01
OJAS from United States  
2012-02-15, 04:09:51
Eddie from Sweden  
Hej Dirk!....good to see you and OJAS are still fighting the good fight.

Wouldn't say I know 'everything there is to know about online dating, scammers and Russia' :))) I used to know quite a bit, and I've been to Russia a few times now in different capacities.

Be glad to help anyone planning to visit the country. Reading the thread tho, it sounds as if UK's found himself a Boris.

Did Delphi crash or something??sabotage?
2012-02-15, 13:43:13
OJAS from United States  
2012-02-15, 13:45:21   (updated: 2012-02-15, 13:46:13)
Katanga from Canada  
Got a new one .... Irishka or Ira as she prefer....
She's a good looking one out of the blue she wrote me.....
now i will have some fun with her Katanga Style...
Oh yeah it is a translation scamm.....
Do here she is i present you her real name Sam Cooke Uk porn model....
You see her for real lick her feet .... you see her in your message RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

2012-02-15, 13:47:09
Katanga from Canada  
Her again


2012-02-15, 13:49:49
anonymous from Canada  
Finaly the last pictures i got from her but i will give you more link to go see her... L-)) Pervers

Have Fun ho email she use >>>>

So picture number 3

2012-02-15, 13:52:40
Katanga from Canada  
And for Ojas and Kirk

Too beautiful to be true it is not true.... simple as that....

all they want at 99.9 % is your ........ Money

and wen theyn see you it is all they see,,,, so in the first message you answer from her send her 3

this picture..... she will like it....


2012-02-15, 15:44:22
OJAS from United States  
2012-02-15, 15:46:42
anonymous from United States  
Good job KAT!

Translation scam Ira http://fakeandscam...trip.html

Follow this thread, I will soon suggest a Grand Finale!
2012-02-15, 16:16:49
OJAS from United States  

Your Valentine gift for Ira starts with http://www.delphifa..=11#216597
2012-02-15, 19:58:43
OJAS from United States  
2012-02-15, 22:44:09   (updated: 2012-02-15, 22:56:55)
OJAS from United States  
2012-02-16, 12:00:06
OJAS from United States  
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