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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk

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2007-03-05, 14:11:26
anonymous from United States  
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2007-03-06, 08:32:40
anonymous from United States  
Here is another one for the pile. The name for this one is Liubow.
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Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

Keywords: fake passport
2007-03-07, 17:45:23
anonymous from United States  
2007-03-07, 17:49:02
anonymous from United States  
2007-03-13, 22:40:29 from United States  
this would tell ya how much that email is read!!.. LOL
i kept getting replies after i bitched... royally!! :)
funny thing is... kept writing me!! hahahahaha
dumb ass russians!!

Hello my love !!!!!!!!!!!

Much to our regret, I do not have phone here.
To call in other city, especially in other country very dearly!
I very much wish to hear your voice, but at me does not suffice
On it of money.
I save on everything, I eat a little, I buy nothing.
I understand, that each small coin it
The big step to our meeting.
I live ideas on us, on our meeting!
To me it is very lonely without you,
I want to embrace your strong shoulders.
I miss you so much ((
I am in love with you as Juliet in Romeo,
I wish to arrive to you most of all in a life and to remain with you for ever.
My happiness is not possible for describing in a word
I very much would like to appear faster in your embraces.
I open eyes and I understand that yet with you and from it becomes sad

I love you very much!!!! I miss you (((

Your Natalia !

> can you all fuckin people read?????/
> you are sick!!!
> i can make that girl money...
> but don't you fuckin dare try to get money from me to send her here... that
> is a big crock of shit
> ! you send emails that are just full of shit..... if she wants to be a
> model.. let me know.. i can get her a lot of money..... pfffft.. you didnt'
> even send me the passport photo!...... you send it to everyone
> else.......lay off the vodka... and talk to me... if you really want to make
> money.....

>>From: Natalia <>
>>Reply-To: Natalia <>
>>To: 'lance hawk' <>
>>Subject: I miss you so much ((
>>Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 08:22:56 +0500
>>Hello my dear Lance!!!
>>how are you?
>>I miss you so much ((
>>I want to arrive to you most of all to lifes of m to be with you always.
>>My happiness is not possible for describing in a word
>>I very much would like to appear faster in your embraces.
>>I close the eyes and I present, as I have prepared for supper and I put a
>>meal to you on a table
>>and as we with you have supper, and then we go in a bedroom with a bottle
>>vine and..........
>>ideas about it throw me in a pleasant shiver.....
>>I open eyes and I understand that yet with you and from it becomes sad
>>It is a pity to me that so all has turned out
>>with money but without your help I can not arrive to you.
>>my mum does not have now money,
>>she has given me not which money to this trip,
>>But it is not enough of them.
>>If you can not help me I should go back
>>to itself home...(
>>I love you very much!!!! I miss you (((
>>Your Natalia
>> P/S Forgive, that did not write these days. In Russia there was a holiday
>>'women's day' on March, 8th.
>>There were days off.
>> > you are so fuill of shit it is not even funny!! you really thought i
>> > send you money?
>> > are you fuckin nuts???
>> > i can make you some money if you want to be a model...... but don't
>> > scam people anymore!
>> > you are fake as hell!~ i am guessing that this website is ran by a bunch
>> > fuckin fat russians drinking ppl make me sick!! what you
>> > doing is WRONG!....GET A FUCKIN LIFE!!
>> > :)
>> > luv you natalia.. hugs and kisses!!~
>> > FUCK OFF~
>> > have a nice day`
>> > im not a nurse by the way...... i am a doctor.... i study habits of
>> > individuals....... you well... i know that it is a scam ran by a bucnch
>> > fat vodka soaked commies!
>> > you fuckers don't even read the emails!
>> > idiots!!
>> > fuckin russians!
>> > stupid as hell!!!
>> > want to play???
>> > i will play with you~
>> > i will win
>> > i am an american....
>> > you are worthless
>> > you try to scam us for hot chicks?
>> > didn't work for me~
2007-03-13, 22:47:46
from United States  
she is a fuckin crazy ass hot bitch!
i wrote here emails bitchin... as you can see... still wrote the same ol shit..hahahhaha
fuck her and the vodka soaked fuckers runnin that scam!!
this site is awesome....

Keywords: brunette white skirt pink top red heart
2007-03-14, 08:27:05 from United States  
hey guys...that would be...37 fat vodka sippin fags
2007-03-16, 00:30:07
anonymous from Rancho El Rubio in Coahuila de Zaragoza, Mexico  
same letters, same pics, her name vera, from kor, russia, just didn´t get to the money part, but she was going to. then came other letter, just the same as the first one, new name sara plchnko, i gess they noticed it was the same guy so never aswer me back. well, they must be russian mafia or something, poor you guys who sent money. lets see if we can get the ip to screw them a little.
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Keywords: blonde black suit sits on sofa
2007-03-16, 14:42:57 from United States  
@lance 5 more 'intro' letters...stupid vodka sippin fags...i know they read the posts here, as they were just getting to the money move and stopped...and some sellout bitch admitted to sending the links..ive got to the 1st mailserver and thats as far as i sure the feds are on a scam this massive...i m sure they'd rather stick butter up a wild cats ass...with a hot knife in a phone booth...than jack with the best of the best...carniverious and persistant...might take 3 years....but they will roll them up and smoke em...guarenteed !

see ya guys
2007-03-16, 23:07:36
anonymous from Mexico  
at least i kept the pictures, the four chichks or so look good, so, fuck'em. has anyone tried with interpol?
2007-03-19, 09:37:58
anonymous from Colombia  

2007-03-20, 12:31:09
Yeah fellas she almost got my black ass. I really had the wrong intentions anyway..I plans were to let her arrive and fuck the shit out of her for about 3 months and send that ass packing..oh well i have to admit the trick was on me....all was cool until she mentioned money to get here. she wanted me to send her $700.00 dollars thats 11 pieces of ass in TIUJANA, MEXICO at ADELITAS BAR THE FINEST CHICKS YOU'LL SEE IN REAL LIFE THAT FOR CHEAP...ALWAYS USE PROTECTION.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalia Tregoubova from Moscow or Yakutsk, Russia

2007-03-20, 19:24:52
Natalia from Russian Federation  
You are so mad because of jealousy. You never will get so beautiful women in US. I wonder why your women so fat and ugly. I use internet for 3 years and I saw all blogs on yahoo just because of interest and I found out that all your women very ugly and fat. By the way do not take me as russian vodka drinker, I just learn english. Why you even answer to strangers by e-mails and after that got crazy? You americans think you are gods, how you are wrong. I don't care about those poor girls and about you. If you find each others you are worthy it. I found this site because of one celebrity. And how you get this shit? You are so 'equitable' that i would not be surprised if you post any real girl here just because she will say about her small paying at work.
What can I say? Try and get a real woman. Or they will see your bald head and beer belly? And you can not be 'god' for them? Even for your ugly tomboy fat hometown bitches? No any chances? Oh poor american...Don't be upset. Fuck your daugters then.
2007-03-20, 23:58:20
anonymous from Mexico  
so you found this site and you went crazy about it. well you can see i am not from the usa, so do i think of me as a god or something too? i am just a guy that got a mail from a russian girl claiming to be looking for a friend at first, then that girl went nuts telling me that she loved me and wanted to come to my home town in america, but i always told her i was not in the us. moreover i did tell her i am married and have a 5 year old son whom i love so much. i just was interested in meeting some body from another country, just to make friends from all over. that`s the point of this site, to uncover scam. or was i wrong to think of it as a scam after seeing her passport with 2 or 3 different names on? thats when i thought she was a fake thing. so, if you are a real natalia, mail me, i am not afraid of getting to know people. here my email:
lets see what happens.
2007-03-21, 06:11:13
Natalia from Russian Federation  
Hmm)) I'm really Natalia. I am working always so I cannot be poor. And do not have time for chat. I had bad expirience with american on-line. He wanted after 1,5 year see me on cam and just masturbate for him every time. He did not want just to watch. He must be still dreams about it. Pervert. I thought he liked me. Because I don't have much friends in real life. But I was wrong. So 'gooood' and 'sweeet' americans.
You can find friends on ICQ or Yahoo. I don't use e-mail for chat. It's weird. That is why scammers are there. And one more. Nobody anymore use internet cafe. Even small towns have phone. We even do not use dial-up anymore. So, think about it.
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