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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk

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2008-03-09, 08:39:41

...question must be if she can handle me... one more pic today...looks like a real one ....maybe I find some more time today later on....

2008-03-09, 11:08:54 from Netherlands  
I want meet a beauty girl
2008-03-09, 11:14:04 from Netherlands  

All men


She is a very big lier
becare full

2008-03-10, 05:40:47
Droog from Russian Federation  
Hi, excuses for unpardonable intrusion. Just did not find better way how to let
know about info he was interested some time ago if its not too late http://www.delphifa..#comments
All the best!
2008-03-10, 07:52:16
OJAS from United States  
''Hi, excuses for unpardonable intrusion. Just did not find better way''

No need to excuse, feel free to post any time, anywhere
1) This is OUR friend Fjellhare thread
2) You have as much rights to delphi as the 6 billion others
3) If you are worried about a hostile reaction just because of your flag, not at all! Any hostile posts against you will elicit a strong response, not just from me, but all of delphi!
4) Just relax, and remember you are among friends in delphi! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!
2008-03-10, 11:22:20
anonymous from Germany - she found my profile at msn dating /
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer krtisy
Dating scammer krtisy
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2008-03-10, 11:50:49   (updated: 2008-03-10, 11:58:12)
Peter from Germany  

My name is Marina. I am 28 old. I see you profile now, I write to you because I like your profile. I search good friend, I use dating site first time, I do not know what write here, but I want to communicate with you. You can see my profile too. If you want to communicate with me that I allow to you mine e-mail:
I think we can have dialogue on e-mail, I think it it will be interesting for us. I shall wait your letter.


Hello Paul! I am glad, that you have answered my letter to you. It is
very pleasant to me to receive letter from you. I tell to you about me
now. My name is Marina. I am 28 old. My tall is 165sm and my height is
57kg. I live in Russia in famous town Kazan. It's about 600 miles from
Moscow! Our town not small here lives about 1000 000 people! We have
13 cinema 6 theater and some museums! I like to live in this town it
is my native town. I have finished Kazan pedagogical institute. I
understand English well, I taught it at school and in institute. I
work as the tutor in children's establishment. I bring up children in
the age of from 3 till 7 years. I prepare children to school, and to
their further future life. I like my work, I like to communicate with
children. I have not children, I am single. About my parents now. I
live with my mom! She work as seller in the big shop. My father has
died of illness of heart when I was 9 years. I think I write to you
about me later more.

I want to ask you about your city. How many people lives in it? How
big your city? How look your city? How your city differs from others
cities in your country? I was not farther Russia earlier. It is
interested for me. When I was small I dreamed to travel in interesting
places. I hope that my dream will be executed in the future.

I will be very glad to know somethings about your life, work and
anything you would like to write me! In my next letter I promise to
write you about my hobbies and interests!

Bye for now!

P.S. I send to you my photos. I hope you like it, I will be glad to
see your photo.

2008-03-10, 11:57:34
Peter from Germany  
Still 'Marina', with different addy:

And a new pic of her:

2008-03-10, 12:07:43
Peter from Germany  

Hi, I saw your questionnaire on a site of acquaintances.
I like your questionnaire. I think that you interesting
man and I would like to learn you better.
If you also want to learn me on:
I shall wait for your letter.



Hello Paul
I am glad that you have written to me the letter from a site of acquaintances.
It is interesting to me to get acquainted with you and to learn You.
It was always interesting to me as many people use Internet to find the favourite person
and to have serious attitudes and even family.
I do not know as me to present myself, but I shall try.
My name is Nadezhda, me of 25 years and I live in city Moscow. It is beautiful city of Russia where there are many trees
and parks. In the summer here it is always interesting and pleasant, in city many interesting places such as cinemas,
museums, parks and beaches. I always love water and a beach and consequently it is especially important for me.
I live together with my parents and my brother in one apartment.
Now I study in institute on last rate and after the ending of institute I will have diploma of the teacher
russian and the literature for children of middle classes in the age of from 8 till 12 years.
I think that it will be interesting, because I always wanted to be the teacher at school and me always
the literature liked. Sometimes when I remain houses I take the book to read. Is much
interesting books, also I hope that I shall be ready to become the teacher.
If it will be interesting to you then I briefly can tell than my parents are engaged.
My mum call Olga and she works now as the legal adviser in one of the legal companies
in Moscow. To like her this work and she constantly tells to us in the evening of news for day and that
occured at them on work and what clients to them address.
My daddy call Vladimir, works as the security guard at the enterprise for manufacturing metal doors.
He always gets tired on the work and works 6 days per one week.
If it will be interesting to you to learn more about my parents then you can ask me about it
And I shall tell to you.
And it is interesting to me to know than you are engaged at leisure? And as whom you work?
How you will spend the days?
And really interesting question :) you believe that in Internet really it is possible to find present
Love? It is interesting to me to know your answer because I try it the first time and I do not know as it can
To turn out.
My English not absolutely bad? I studied the English language at school and in institute
And now I try that at me well it turned out to write and speak in English.
And why you speak to me what you will not send me any money? Really I asked you concerning it? I have enough of money for myself.
Well, I have written already big letter and I shall finish now.
I wait for your answer. Write to me.


2008-03-10, 12:20:44
anonymous from Germany  

Hello!!! My name is Liudmila! To Me of 25 years! I write to you from Russia and I live here. I am glad to write to you as you at me have shown interest to! Certainly I hope that you will love me. I am in searches of the man to get love attitudes and my intentions really very serious. I nevertheless hope that at us from simply acquaintance that greater will turn out that. I do not wish to be mistaken in the choice and I hope that during acquaintance we learn each other more and then we shall see that will turn out. What do you think? I wish to tell a little about myself. Every morning I leave on jog, I do not smoke and I do not drink. I shall be really glad if you will write to me on mine E-mail! Here my address:! I shall wait for your letter and I hope that I also am interesting to you! I shall give you other my photos and I think that you also swill give me it! :) Well? I Hope our acquaintance it will appear very pleasant! Write to me!!!! I wait... :)


Hello dear Paul!!!!! I am very glad that you have answered me. I liked
yours On this site and I have decided to write a structure to you. I
search for persons with which I might To lead all life. My intentions
very serious. I live in Russia in city of Morki. It is very beautiful
average in the sizes city. To tell the truth I already have despaired
to search for my present love, my prince here, And I have decided to
try to search in Internet. I shall tell to you about myself. My growth
of 165 centimeters, weight of 54 kgs. To me of 25 years. I was never
married. I have education of the cook And higher education on a
speciality economy and marketing. But in the present Time I work as
the cook in a dining room. I have no children.At me very beautiful
eyes, I think that you will estimate My sight on a photo. On the past,
that I work as the cook some part a free time I, I give this, I help
small children to stay without parents. In my city there is a
children's home in which at present lives 127 children from
unsuccessful families and those at whom are not present relatives. I
very much love children and consequently I indifferently can not look
at how children 5 - 12 years wander on streets, starve. Therefore
receiving I all ways try to save the small salary to direct some money
for the benefit of children's home. And how you treat to charity and
various charitable actions?????? And on days off at leisure I go to
children's home to give though a little heat and care to children that
they felt that they are not lonely in this severe world. I understand,
that my efforts are incomparably small with that quantity of children
requiring in parent caress. Unfortunately in our country children's
homes are badly financed. Therefore kind people which have still
remained presently try to help homeless children. But the quantity of
such people every day decreases and all the same I hope, that my
efforts are reasonably useful. Such sad position at us in city and as
a whole practically in all country except for large cities in which
money are allocated in enough. I probably have tired you this history.
Will suffice about sad. I like to go in for sports. I frequently go to
a training hall and in fitnes club I Like to hold Itself in the form.
I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol. I think that it is a pledge
of youth, Beauty and health.I think that you with me will agree. I
hope that my photos will like you. I ask you to send me your photos.I
think that appearance not the most important. On mine the main thing
in the person his soul And his private world, but me is very
interesting to see yours Photo. I live with mum. I have told her, that
today to me the letter from the person has come from other country.
She has told that it well, but it is impossible to trust at once. We
should understand the friend It is better than the friend. We should
pass a long way that in the end we shall understand together whether
or not. But I think that we shall well.I shall help you to study about
me. I well talk in English.At me the good teacher was and I was the
provisional schoolgirl, And the knowledge of English remained at me
from school. I think that you can understand all my letters. If
something to you will not be clear, Tell me about it. Your letters
will help me to teach your language better. I have no the domestic
computer, because it very much Dearly for me. I shall write to you
from the Internet of the centre. I shall tell to you about the city. I
in it was born and have grown Morki.It is located about the river
Volga and Kama. It is very old city. I to love the city. To me to like
to walk on its streets to attend museums. At us in City there are many
theatres, museums, houses of culture. We with girlfriends frequently
visit cinemas and we look various films. It is more In total I to like
when to come spring. On streets water flows and kids let The paper
ships, sing birds, the sun shines and heats. The nature anew is born
also I I feel that new life begins. My girlfriend has advised me To
look his only thing in Internet. I did not expect that you will answer
me. I thought that it simply a joke. I hope that we with you well
learn each other Also the computer may, it is simply impossible, will
help us to find each other. I want to know more concerning you. Tell
to me about your habits, Friends. Tell to me where you live. What you
like to eat? I ask it because I very well am going. Write to me all
about itself, Ok? Do not hesitate to ask, I shall try to answer all
your questions. I shall wait for your answer. Your friend Liudmila
from Russia

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Country fraud profile: High
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Country (per outside source): RU [Russian Federation]


2008-03-10, 12:21:39
Peter from Germany  
Still Liudmila

2008-03-10, 12:33:00
Peter from Germany  

Hello!!! My name is Natalia. I very much would like to find the interesting person. I do
not understand as so it has turned out, but to me wrote only men with strange questions.
Basically I received messages with questions on that as I like to be engaged in sex or
what color my bottom linen... I am very tired from such letters and have decided to
proceed in active actions. I have decided to try itself to get acquainted with interesting
people. You my first \'purpose\'. It seems to me, what exactly I would like to communicate
with you, but if you too \' the sexual maniac \' I at once ask you to not answer me. I am a
serious girl and need only serious relations, or even friendship. I shall be very grateful
if you write to me on mine email and will send to me a pair of your photos... As I have
written to you in my structure - if you are lonely, YOU ARE WELLCOME!!! Bye. my email: with impatience I shall wait from you for the answer!


Hello Paul!!! I would like to write you reply and I hope that it my letter will not
without your reply. I hope that you can soon write to me the answer because you have
really interested me. I already wrote to you that I live in city Kazan ' which is located
in the center of Russia approximately in 1000 kilometers from Moscow. It is very beautiful
city. How has dared to search to itself of the partner in life on the Internet? It was not
absolutely my decision because I have one girlfriend which now too corresponds with the
man from other country and she has told to me that men from others your country appreciate
women than Russian men more. I do not want to have the Russian husband because then I will
be expected with bad destiny. I shall think only of that how to provide the family because
in Russia the salary even having formation of university is impossible to have normal. I
have formation of university by a trade marketing and advertising, but unique work which I
could find it the seller in small shop. I do not want to tell that I do not like my
country, but it not seems to me that here I really can have a good life for myself and my
future children. Besides I had some bad experience of attitudes with Russian men. I think
on the Internet I can I shall find the man of my dream with which is happy to create
family. I am 25, my birthday is 21th, june. I have long light brown hair and blue-grey
yes, but I hope you will see more about my appearance on my photo that I have send you
with it letter. Are you like it my photo? Please writó me about it in your reply. I also
want to learn more about you, your country, your work? I want to know how you live, please
send me photo of you, may be of your home and may be some else photo. I would like to see
What to you still to tell about itself? I very much like to dance and read interesting
books. My favourite genre of books are adventures, sometimes I even like to read
children's books. I like to listen pop or classical music depending on mine mood. I have
been never married and I have no any children. All my family is only my mum who now lives
in Zelenodolsk. it approximately in 40 kilometers from Kazan. I frequently visit her. I
rent an apartment and unfortunately I have no here phone but if you want to speak with me,
you can send me your phone number and I shall try to call to you from a telephone
exchange. If you are interested about me with something specially you can ask me about it
in your following letter and I shall try to answer all your questions. I hope that the big
distance between us will not prevent us to start to build our attitudes, by the way if you
want you can name Natacha. so I am named by all my girlfriends. By the way which I send a
photo to you my girlfriend did. I shall try to tell to you little bit more about my work
one of the following letters. (I hope it not last my letter to you and this beginning of
long attitudes between us). I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. Your
new girlfriend Natalia if you want.

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Natalia if you want

2008-03-10, 12:46:10
Peter from Germany  

Hello! How are you doing??? If it is fair, but when I have seen your structure. I have very much become interested in such person as you. I hope that we we shall make friends. I wish to find my unique person and I диаю that I was not mistaken when to you have written. Besides it you good I still while do not know anything, but I would like to learn about you more I do not know, that you will answer me or not, but I shall hope, that we we shall be good friends. But again and again I would like to tell a little about me directly. My nickname Katty. To me of 30 years, I single also have no children, but very much would like!!!! I very much love a life, and I try to receive great pleasure from a life, I very cheerful to love jokes. I am independent enough. And work be able to pay for things I wish to have in my life I do not know, you will answer me or not. But I shall hope,that tomorrow I shall see your letter. I shall expect. A kind t
o you of day. Please, write to me on my address


Hellooo! I am pleased, thank you for contacting me. I hope you have
time to send me some messages and we could to learn each other.
well... Now about me though you already know a little from my profile.
I am 30 years old, my name is Katty, but the truth, it only friends
name me so. I was never married I live in a apartment of my parents. I
have good job. I work as as the nanny for children. It is very
difficult work, but i like it. Here at work are good collective, I
work with good people. most of them my friends. Tell to me about the
work. Do you like your work? I also like to travel and i like new
different places, but my work does not allow me to travel often. I
have many friends, we spent time together, usually we go to the cafe
to the movie to the concerts, we have many other entertainment. Also I
prefer healthy style of a life. 2-3 times in week I visit the gym (and
sometimes it is less :^) ) I hold my body in the healthy form. And you
have any sports in the life now? Tell to me. I send you my pictures i
hope you like. Also i want that you send to me some your pictures. And
tell about you about your interesting things what you like to do, your
hobby, what your character? I hope we shall have time for writing
other interesting letters to each other. We shall look what will be...
Write to me, I shall wait your letter. Your friend Katty

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Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 11:26:00 +0300
From: berrybaby78 <>
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Subject: Hello!!!
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Country (per outside source): RU [Russian Federation]

berrybaby Katty

2008-03-10, 12:48:41   (updated: 2008-03-10, 12:49:23)
Peter from Germany  
Still berrybaby Katty (It I .jpg :-)

2008-03-10, 12:53:15   (updated: 2008-03-10, 12:55:19)
Peter from Germany  
Evidence for the last five:
They all answered very seriously to the following letter:

Hello dear xxx,
certainly I will love you. I swear I was looking for you, yes excactly you for my entire life. I looked at your profile and then out of the blue something very strange happend to me. I was overwhelmed by a very strong feeling. My body was shivering and knew: This is she! The one and only one I was waiting for so desperatly and so long.
So please, answer as soon as possible to your road. I do not feel complete without you. You are my second half. Don't let me die of loneliness.
With impatience I wait for your reply,

And a last one from Katty:

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