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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk

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2008-04-13, 16:01:54
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-04-14, 11:10:45
anonymous from Egypt
2008-04-14, 11:32:52
anonymous from Egypt
2008-04-14, 11:37:03
anonymous from Egypt  
Hi i like know you

2008-04-14, 11:37:55
anonymous from Egypt

2008-04-15, 08:44:00
anonymous from Germany  
i have recievd an email from a woman which is also known here as a scammer.
lets see how far we will bring this and when she is asking the first time for money.
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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

Keywords: blonde blue tube top white jacket
2008-04-15, 08:49:25
anonymous from France  
Valentina Yagodova 15 April 2008

She wrote :


It is very a pity to me that I do not receive from you the letter a plenty of time. I do not know why you do not write to me, I hope that at you all well. Can be borrowed you on work or there is what that other reason why you do not write to me??? Probably you have met other woman which more to you approaches. Write to me the reason on which you to me do not write. You have very much liked me and I would like to have dialogue with you. I wait for the letter with impatience.

2008-04-15, 09:13:12
anonymous from France  
Hi Michel!!!

First of all I want to tell to you Michel, that it was pleasant for me to receive your answer to my letter to you! I want to continue our correspondence, and I want to learn you better. You make good impression, the clever and interesting interlocutor.

In this the first letter to you, I want to tell to you a little about myself: As you already know my name is Valentina, and I was born in small industrial city which is located in the European part of Russia and refers to Cheboksary. Our city is on distance of 435 miles from capital of our country - the cities of Moscows. I think, that it will be interesting to you to find out also, that I was born on August, 25, 1979 and now to me of 28 years. Now I work as the secretary in the small trading company of our city. Our company delivers various food stuffs on the markets and in shops of our city. Before, I worked in an elementary school, with small children. It was pleasant for me to be engaged in it because at me it very well turned out. I love children and easily I find common language with them, and it seems to me, that children love me also! I should inform you Michel also, that several years ago I have received higher education on a speciality the manager on social work, but unfortunately till now I have not found work in accuracy adequate to my speciality, therefore now I work only as the secretary in firm, but I hope, that in due course I shall move ahead on a service ladder only upwards.

Now I live together with my parents. My father Ivan Nikolaevich works as the driver of public transport, he goes by a shuttle bus in our city, my mum Inna Petrovna, she works as the children's doctor in the Chuvash republican polyclinic of our city. At me very good and kind parents with whom we are good friends. At us very amicable family. My parents support me in my undertakings, they aspire to that I had the best life, than they.

Unfortunately, I have no native brothers or sisters. But, but, my parents had very big families and consequently at me many relatives.

During free time from work I like to read books, most of all I like classics and detective novels. From ꫠ񱨪the Russian literature I prefer Michael Bulgakova, I very much like his book ? the Master and Margarita ?, you read it? Besides I also like verses and poems of great Russian poet Alexander Pushkina and stories of the Lion Thick. From masters of a detective genre I prefer Aleksandra Marinina and Edyard Topol, by the way, Topol he issues the novels in the USA, very known, you heard about it?

Besides at leisure I like to go in for sports, I also like to spend productive leisure and to meet my friends. In our city many beautiful places where it is pleasant to be. I like to walk in green park of our city, or to pass on quay in the center of our city. These are very romantic places, they very much like me.

Michel, I think, that now you ask to yourselves a question that this young, beautiful and interesting woman on the international site of acquaintances does, I should tell to you, that else recently I asked to myself the same question. Now I can tell to you, that I try to find really serious and kind person who could grow fond of me and with which we could create strong family relations. I should tell to you, that in my life already there were serious relations, more precisely to tell, that it only I thought, that at me with my young man serious relations, but later I have learned that he changed to me on an extent of already long time! It was the present impact for me! It was one year ago. But since then I was disappointed in our men. Recently we with my mum looked a telecast about the international marriages. I very much liked that foreign men very pleasantly speak about Russian girls. I think, that foreign men are brought more up and gentle with the beloveds, I was possible therefore has decided to try to find loved in such a way. I want to tell to you fairly, that I was persuaded also by my mum to place the photo on our site of acquaintances, it is completely new and unfamiliar thing for me, therefore I ask you Michel if you want to ask something me do not hesitate! It will be pleasant for me to answer your questions.

Today I also would like to ask you Michel that you have told to me more about yourselves and about the family also! I also have some to know about your life and about your hobbies. You like to read? Than you like to be engaged at leisure. You what time try to meet the love?

I with impatience shall wait for the new letter from you!!!

With the best regards Valentina.

2008-04-15, 22:46:05
anonymous from United States  
i asked her where she found my email address and this was her reply: Hello my dear , thank you for your kind letter!
At first I think I have to say that I am new in cyber space and I have
only good intentions. you should know that I am not very good writer in english,please be patient to read my
messages and see many be fair I don't know what you want to know about me,in principle
I am usual girl.I think I should tell you about me, my interests,tastes and hobbies.I think I will tell you
about things I want to know about you and you will know my future questions.
I am 25 years old,my birthday is 28 April 1982.
I so much don't want to get older ,when I can see old women I am
getting crazy to think that it is my future .I do all the best to keep my youth and I keep my body well.In spite of all
difficultes here I am trying to be in good condition and I do a lot of exercises to be in good shape!
I am about 174 cm tall (5.7) and my weight is about 56 kg. I've been told I look well enough ,
and I think that all women have own beaty. I have never been married and I don`t have chldren.
I have one youngest sisters and it is great problem for us because we
have only two rooms can't imagine what does it mean to be born
in small town in Russia,there are not any chances
to live well,to get a good job.All young people leave towns to search
great luck in big cities but nobody waits for them
there. I want to leave Russia,I know it sounds ugly but I know that I
will be lost here like many young girls before me.
It is not place to grow children and have stable future.I want to meet my right man .
I think in future I can work as fitness trainer I have a certificate.
My mother is my great problem too,she has a great dream to see me
married and she wants to make me happy but I think
it is only my business I am not a little child. She tells me every day
that I should get married very soon...
To be fair I am not sure I am able to explain all in first message I
want to say so much!
I just want you to know that I am not afraid to work,I am fairly goal
oriented and I am sure you will be not
disappoined to meet me in real life.I am going to spend three months
abroad to work in any good place,agency promises to help me
because it is only the way I can leave Russia.I will have all documents
to travel in a few days and i will travel to St.-Petersburg then,from St.-Petersburg I will
travel to you and they ask me about name of the city i am going to work,if you don't mind to meet me please
tell me the name of your city and nearest international airport! I will book my flight from St.-Petersburg !
I think it would be so great to meet my love and stay there forever.I know that
it is not so easy like I think but I think it is possible that I meat my real love.
I want to love and to be loved I want to build our own happiness,only me and my man there.
I don't smoke,I tried to smoke when I was younger.I may have a glass of
red dry vine,sometimes it helps to relax. I try to take care of my body and face. I know it is all I have. My
soul may have any itnterst for you later, I thinkso.I am not a little girl and I know that at first almost all men look
at body ,legs and face.God created males such persons. Well,I think I am lost in my letter,I am not sure you
understand my goals,please feel free to ask.
I live in Russia,town Yashkino, Lukovaya 3 ,it is near big
industrial city Kemerovo, Siberia.
My town is rather far from St.-Petersburg. St.-Petersburg is a the second city of my country.
I want you to reply if you understand my mind,my intentions,my soul,if
not please reply too,I will continue my
searching. Well,I will close this letter,I think you are tired to read
it.and If you think that I should write
shorter letters please tell me. I write from internet cafe in
Kemerovo because there are not cafes and possibility to
use internet in my small town,we have 4 digital phone number and we
can't call abroad.Even to call in any big town here in
Russia I have to order the call in advance.and I would like to say
please don't worry if I keep silence sometimes I have no
time to travel ,it is about 50 minutes by bus from my town till
Please tell me more about you,your tastes,likes and dislikes .also I
have a few impotant questions----do you
like strong drinks too much?can you be very drunk?very ofthen?can you
be rude with women?
Well,I have to stop or I will write without ending.Kiss you !see you
later. In my next e-mail I will write you more things about myself and
more details about my trip and work.

Yours Natalya
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2008-04-16, 06:46:19
anonymous from Australia  
Hello my lovely Alan!!! How are your days?!!!

I have a nice mood today!!! Today I went to find out what documents
are necessary for our meeting. Appeared that I need many
free-of-charge and paid documents. I already began to make out some
free-of-charge documents. I constantly think of our meeting and I
spoke with mum about it. She wish us happiness and good luck in our
joint life She is sad a little that I leave, but she is very happy
that I has found a kind gentle tender and decent man. She will pray
for our future. Mum speaks that we should meet and even better learn
each other. My mum trusts you and thanks the god that he has
acquainted me with you. We should not prove that ours feelings are
real. I know, that the god has blessed our relations. WELL, now I want
to tell that I have found out about trip to you. We have firm in our
city which makes the documents for people who want to leave the
country. I asked about moving to your country and I got the answer
that I need the visa, foreign passport and some other documents for
registration. We have defined a type of the visa and it's type which
allows to marry in the future but if it will be not realize I must
return to my country after ninety days it's limit for visa. I asked
about prices and was very surprised, first I ask about time of
performance and they said that there is many people who wants to make
documents and leave the country but if I'll make the application now,
and pay for it now, they will make all documents not more than 1-2
week, and if I'll not make the application, documents will be prepared
not earlier than two or three months because there are many people who
wants to do it. I was very much surprised with the prices of services.
I was told that I can go to you when I issue all documents. It will
take about one month. my love Alan for trip to you and
registrations of the visa and the passport for travel abroad I need in
the following documents And the price for this service:

1 - The passport for travel abroad. 90 euro
2 - Medical test. 40 euro
3 - Consular gathering is paid in addition. 60 euro
4 -Two photos (5x5). 20 euro
5 - The insurance. 35 euro
6 - The information from a place the slave. free
7 - Documents about the real estate. (a maximum of docks). free
8 - The certificate of birth. free
9. Consultation before submission of documents in embassy and before
interview. free
10 - After submission of documents by us - interview. It is necessary
for me for registration of these documents 225 euro.

Cost of all documents makes: 470 euro

It's make me little suppressed and disappointed I don't have so much
now. I was make application but I must pay for it. I asked my mother
about our savings she said that the money should not be a barrier
between two people which love each other. I counted my sum and I found
out that I have only about 90 euro and my wages will be not soon. I
asked my friends about helping me and they said that have not at the
present moment. I asked the advice my mother and she said that maybe
you can help me because you loves me. I know now, that exists reliable
and fast company which makes remittances in world and it's western
union. I remember that I saw advertising this company on tv. I take a
directory book and found the address of it and it's not far from me. I
went there and I asked them about service. They said that sender must
go to the western union or money gram, give them information: the name
and last name of receiver, country they make transfer and bring the
ten digits secret code to sender. The receiver must know ten digits
for receiving money. They say that the branches of it must be
everywhere worldwide.

Here is my information:
My Country - Russia,
My City - Kirov
My full Name - Ninel It is reduced (Nelya)
My Lastname - Kruglova
The information of bank with branch of Western Union:
The bank name is 'UBRD'
The address: 610016, KIROV, VOROVSKOGO, 21A

In bank to me have told that for reception of your remittance I should
know: your full name, the full address, 10-digit a code of a
remittance. I had dreams about us: The moon is shining brightly here,
glistening off the new snow. I think how much I would enjoy walking
with you through the snow, building snow people, having a snowball
fight, rolling passionately to the ground and kissing each other on
top of the frozen snow, with the stars and the moon above. Then going
inside and keeping each other warm. Kissing each other's lips, feeling
your soft lips on mine. Removing our clothes and feeling your body
against mine. My hands roaming your body, feeling every curve. Kissing
each other, rolling around for hours and then falling asleep in each
other's arms. I long for the day when we can be together, to do things
together, take walks together, talk for hours face to face. I very
much missed without you and all time thought only of you As it is sad,
to love and to be far apart! I saw you in dream and we with you were
kissed It was very much nice. Now I want to be kissed with you on the
present!!! I very much love you! This dream has doubled my love to you
and I already never can without you! Promise that you always will love
me and never not will offend me!? I want to engage with you infinite
love. I at first shall kiss your eyes, then cheeks, your gentle lips
are farther, I shall get over then to your breasts! I shall kiss yours
further stomach and very slowly I shall be...... In me so much love
now has collected, that I can burn out all world!
All that I should arrive to you it is the visa some documents and the
ticket of the plane and it is all that is necessary that you could see
me in a reality and I could see you. So give with you we will simply
try? But to solve all the same to you and last word for you as you to
me you will speak and will be. Now I only in such painful expectations
and I very much worry that you will tell to me what there will be your
answer. I think that I cannot sleep today and I will try to come into
the cafe Internet once again so I hope to read your answer very soon.
And bad news my mum hard was ill as now in Russia became cold also it
has caught a cold so now I still should look after for my mum. As I
thought as we with you could speak is more often on phone and at me
some idea has come. You could send me any old phone on DHL or EMS
mobile I the card could make here this and we could to be constantly
on communication and could speak constantly with you on phone.

I again give you the home address where you could send this phone:

My name Nelya, surname Kruglova.
street VOROVSKOGO, 20
Apartment 41
city KIROV
postal index 610020
country RUSSIA.

So if you always wished to speak with me on phone that you could send
the cheapest phone and so we could speak on the phone with you. I was
so is glad to hear your voice every morning every day and every
evening you simply do not represent as I wait and I hope soon to meet
Also it is all only yours! Only for you! For my sole husband! I with
impatience wait for that day when at last we shall be together and I
can give you it! I wait with impatience of the answer Looking forward
to your letters, Yours always Nelya Kruglova (Ninel Kruglova)

P. S. As would like to inform you that I have replaced a post server
and have made for you a new box as on old a lot of spam here the name
my new e-mail I you I come hope will
understand me simply wished to send you the letter from my old box but
and could not make it{this} so sent you this letter from my new box.

2008-04-16, 07:07:22
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-04-16, 08:20:39
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-04-16, 12:15:41
OJAS from United States  
Nelya Kruglova, Dirk references in http://agencyscams...lkina.html is actually my scammer (Elena Kashkova for me !!) http://www.delphifa..?p=1#83358 All you guys don't bother sending her travel money ... She is still waiting impatiently for my money ... and keeping her boyfriend busy ... http://www.delphifa..?p=5#61450
2008-04-16, 13:50:20   (updated: 2008-04-16, 14:06:06)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

The Masters Meet. Get him!!! The Dagger is on your side!

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2008-04-16, 19:39:35 from United States  
I have been in contact with Ekaterina Lak-

I see that you have a picture of her and a letter similar to the first one I received. I have received many others without any attempt to get money from me.I told her I was possibly going to Europe soon, and she said she did not know if it was possible for her to leave the country-that it was difficult. She says she is an accountant and can pay her own way. I know it might be bait for later- 'oh-I am short part of the money' I am trying to figure out what you know that leads you to believe she is a scammer- she found me on, same as the person who sent her information in. Has she asked for money-what is she up to. I just do not understand what all of the lines ond code you have listed with her photo mean. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this-why are you saying she is a scammer?
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