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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk

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2009-05-16, 16:02:21   (updated: 2009-05-16, 16:06:27)
Steve_dux from Australia  
The main reason I said 'you have good eye sight', is because, the one you speak about was
the hardest [(so far) LARISA - Alsu Burhanova] to ID. They are so similar, Also the others
you've asked about were also very similar. In this case it wasn't until I noticed the forehead
protrusion of LARISA's. Also the slightly different smile shape. I took at least 1/2 hr to make
a decision.
I often try to be diplomatic! Some people look at things differently, that's all. When I was
about 25 yrs old my mother, in describing me to her friend (in my presents) as being critical
in observations.

About your Security concerns: In tests over the years there's been about 4 that change
positions. In the last few yrs there's been an increase in Internet security programs. Why I
use Kaspersky is the control I have with every aspect, it's also one of the best. Here's a link
to the latest results: http://www.virusbtn..2008/09_02 I use Virus Bulletin, because
it tests more security programs using more criteria.
2009-05-16, 18:53:47
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
This started with a kiss too... Same IP as Katya. And... No X-Mailer in the Header...

Van: 149foreveryours
Datum: 05/16/09 15:24:11
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: to dear Dirk

Hello, my dear friend Dirk!!! Thank you that you paid attention on
me…it’s really very pleasant for me!!! Dear, thank you very much for
your photo, you are very attractive man for me and I will be happy if
you will send me more photos!!! From the beginning I would like to let
you know that here, in Internet, I’m looking for my beloved man…of
course I understand that it’s impossible to tell “I love you” at once,
it’s necessary some time, but it’s very important for me to explain my
intentions now, for don’t have any misunderstanding in future…Well,
dear Dirk, what about myself, as you know, my name is Larisa, and I’m
26 years old, in summer, on the 15th of June will be my birthday. I
live in small town Tulchin, to tell the truth I’m not sure that you
heard about this, but if you are interested it’s situated in Vinnitsa
region. I live there alone, my mother died 7 years ago and in 2 years
after her death I lost my father too…it was terrible time for me…but I
know that my parents wanted to see me good person and I did my best
for finish University perfectly, found job, I have a lot of friends,
I’m trying to live on conscience…I really miss them very much…it’s sad
page of my life and I would not like to continue this topic now…What
about my job, I’m working as a secretary in small firm in my town, we
are working with the hothouse equipment, it’s interesting for me,
because every day we are communicating with a lot of people – our
clients…I like it very much!!! :) But of course my life it’s not just
my work, there are a lot of other things, which is interesting for me
and which I like!!! For example swimming, do you like it, dear Dirk???
I think it’s very important to care about health, do you agree with
me??? In the same time I’m sure that it’s necessary to perfect not
just body, but soul too that is why I’m trying to read a lot…what is
more it’s very interesting for me!!! I like theatre and cinema, I
visit it often together with my friends, you know in spite of I live
in small town we have it everything here. So, dear, I think it’s
enough for first letter about myself…it’s your turn :))) I will be
waiting for your answer with great impatience, dear Dirk!!! My
friendly kiss for you, Larisa

Received: from K6 ([]) by with ESMTPS id
g1sm485500muf.56.2009. (version=SSLv3 cipher=OTHER); Sat,
16 May 2009 06:24:04 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Sat, 16 May 2009 16:24:36 +0300
From: 149foreveryours <>
Subject: to dear Dirk
In-reply-to: <4A0D6A02.00001A.01976@cp1052231-a>
To: Dirk van Dellen
Message-id: <>
MIME-version: 1.0
Content-type: multipart/mixed; boundary=----------11A6F473384505A
X-Priority: 2 (High)

IP address:
Reverse DNS: [No reverse DNS entry per]
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Unknown]
ASN: 30822
ASN Name: MAGEAL-AS (Enterprise Mageal)
IP range connectivity: 2
Registrar (per ASN): RIPE
Country (per IP registrar): UA [Ukraine]
Country Currency: Unknown
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Kiev, Kyyiv
Country (per outside source): UA [Ukraine]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No


2009-05-16, 18:55:58
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
IP address: (Kiev, Ukraine)

2009-05-16, 19:00:19
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Coming from the same source (IP address:


2009-05-16, 19:27:10
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Tulchin in Vinnitsa Region...

2009-05-16, 21:10:39
OJAS from United States  
I wish scam would be discussed
2009-05-17, 04:14:47
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Maybe it is. Let's have a tour of Kazan...

Van: lenapaleno
Datum: 17-5-2009 6:21:21
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: My City

Hello Dirk!
Again you please me the letters, warm me the ideas. It is very pleasant to me to realize,
that we become is more close to each other, I can already open to you in some questions,
you to me become the close person whom I very much value. And I very much hope for that as
you to me as concern.
I to you already about myself have told much and now I want that you have found out about
my very beautiful and great city. As I already wrote to you, my small native land is not
Kazan, and the small village which to be in 80 km from Kazan.
When I was small, my parents in a month of times carried me in city in a zoo or circus.
Native and close in Kazan at us was not, therefore we came not for a long time. I never
shall forget these happy moments of the childhood.
When parents have divorced, me very seldom drove in city and consequently in zoos and
roundabouts I remember myself only at small age.
When I have arrived to study in Kazan, in 1998 after small village the big city has seemed
to me very terrible and dangerous. I did not know that where to be, the only thing that I
knew it road from college on station and back. About one year I at all did not know city.
But now has passed more than 10 years, this city to me became as native, now I know, each
house, each lane, each court yard. Very much to like me my city. He very beautiful in him
is a lot of sights and a historical value. In 2005 all Russia celebrated 1000 year of my
city. My city with very rich history and I am proud of it. Still in Kazan to be the
greatest mosque in Europe Qul-Sharif. Heard about such mosque?
I to you have a little told about the city that you knew in what beautiful and great city
I live. I still wish to tell to you that my city an ideal place for enamoured. That can be
better than night street Kazan with his bright fires, beautiful houses and the brilliant
river. I often walk on the city, sometimes even one, I walk from that that to like me this
city, his inhabitants, streets shops like. And me to become well from such walks, but I
would be even better, if I admired all it with my favourite person. We together would walk
in the evenings and went keeping for hands. And I would be the happiest on the ground.
Earlier about it I would write with grief, but now I have you very close to me the person
and now I know that when to me to become sadly, it is enough to me to think only of you
and to me to become better and I am grateful to you for it, grateful for that that you at
me are.
On it I am compelled to finish the letter and I want that also you have told about the
city, about his history and sights.
Your close person Marina

Note: Marina's IP changed to Yoshkar-Ola...

Received: from ([]) by with ESMTPS id
y15sm4841199fkd.23.2009. (version=TLSv1/SSLv3 cipher=OTHER)
; Sat, 16 May 2009 21:21:15 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 08:18:28 +0400
From: lenapaleno <>
Subject: My City
In-reply-to: <4A0EB5F8.000023.03068@cp1052231-a>
To: Dirk van Dellen
Reply-to: lenapaleno <>
Message-id: <>
MIME-version: 1.0
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v1.62r)

IP address:
Reverse DNS: [Timeout]
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Unknown]
ASN: 41786
ASN Name: ERTH-YOLA-AS (ZAO 'ER-Telecom' Company' Yoshkar-Ola ISP AS)
IP range connectivity: 3
Registrar (per ASN): RIPE
Country (per IP registrar): RU [Russian Federation]
Country Currency: RUR [Russia Rubles]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Yoshkar-Ola, Mariy-El
Country (per outside source): RU [Russian Federation]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No


2009-05-17, 04:21:51
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  

The Project Honey Pot system has detected behavior from the IP address consistent with that of a mail server and dictionary attacker. Below we've reported some other data associated with this IP. This interrelated data helps map spammers' networks and aids in law enforcement efforts. If you know something about this IP, please leave a comment.








2009-05-17, 04:24:13
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Kazan sightseeing
by 'Marina'
IP (Yoshkar-Ola)

2009-05-17, 04:25:19
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Kazan sightseeing
by 'Marina'
IP (Yoshkar-Ola)

2009-05-17, 04:26:54
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Kazan sightseeing
by 'Marina'
IP (Yoshkar-Ola)

2009-05-17, 04:27:46
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Kazan sightseeing
by 'Marina'
IP (Yoshkar-Ola)

2009-05-17, 04:28:35
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Kazan sightseeing
by 'Marina'
IP (Yoshkar-Ola)

2009-05-17, 04:29:31
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Kazan sightseeing
by 'Marina'
IP (Yoshkar-Ola)

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2009-05-17, 04:30:21
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Kazan sightseeing
by 'Marina'
IP (Yoshkar-Ola)

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