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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia


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Name: Natalya
Address: Russia,town Osinniki
Voevodina street 49,flat 17

Near big city Novokuznetsk

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2007-10-31, 07:35:40
anonymous from Nigeria  
2007-10-31, 14:27:14
Fjellhare from Norway  
new baiting stuff:

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Subject: it`s claire
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hello, I am pretty russian girl, bored tonight.
would you like to chat with me and see my pics?
if so then email me at

2007-10-31, 14:30:39
Fjellhare from Norway  



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Subject: hello Peter!
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hello Peter!It is pleasant for me, that you answered my letter. I understand,that my English language wishes to be better, I shall try to becorrected.

I ask an apology for my English language. I think, that your letters help me to correct the mistakes of the English language.

I am still poorly familiar with work on the Internet, but this invention of the person starts to like me. I understand, probably the

Internet at you for a long time and you does not surprise it, and at us it while a new thing. It is pleasant to me, that we with you can write letters each other and they come so quickly, allowing us to write.

I now cannot present myself as earlier people used simple mail and wrote letters each other.

It borrowed a lot of time and forces.

You know I for a long time with anybody did not talk on souls and I now would like to talk to you. You know, to me so bothered to be closed in the small world. In my life occurs nothing.

All is monotonous.

Work the house, the house work. It would be desirable any changes and therefore I dared to write on a site of acquaintances and to get acquainted with you friend.

It is interesting to me to learn as people live in other country that do , than live.

I do not want to tell, that at me all is bad. At me good girlfriends, good

work, beautiful city in which I live, but all this starts to bother me.

I start to understand and look at the world in the course of time on another. I start to understand, that it is not necessary in empty to spend time, the life. I start to understand, that it is necessary

to build the small world, the family. It seems to me, that it comes in the course of time. There comes at everyone such stage in life to make the own world. Tell to me please about the ideas in this occasion?

I shall tell to you about myself and about the life. I wrote to you,that I live one in the apartment. My senior sister already married and live the life.

I lived with mum, but now was not present my mum also I live one. At me my cat lives with me. I very much love him. I

come from work, and he meets me and starts to caress and be rubed about me, wants that I stroked him, know as warmly to sleep with him.

I lie down to sleep, and he gets to me into legs , to lie down.

This fluffy sphere of me understands and likes. I shall send you a photo of it.

In my life it turned out so, that I one, at me was not present my second half.

I gave a lot of time to study and work and not enough time gave private life. At me simply did not remain to time

for private life. Is not present certainly, I walked with friends, went on discos, and I had admirers, but it is all was not serious. I not had men on which I could rely and make the family.

I understand,that it can seem to you strange, that such beautiful girl and one.

You simply do not know men at us, one is necessary to them only - sex.

Love for one night - that is necessary for them. There is no I not against sex, I only for. Simply I do not present sex without love.

They I do not think of feelings and the present love, they do not think of the future. I want, that in my life there was a present love,now the present love is shown frequently at cinema.

But I the romantic person also believe in the present love and I sometimes would like,

that at me all was beautiful as at cinema. I think, that you too sometimes have such ideas. Write to me about the love about the desires, I want to learn you better.

Now I have not enough time to continue to write to you, but I shall wait for your letter to answer you.

Your Natasha

2007-10-31, 14:31:52
Fjellhare from Norway

2007-10-31, 14:35:52
Fjellhare from Norway  



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Hi my love Peter! I think, that I not bad talk on English. I like hot
chicken. Your love and attention to me force me to test excitement
when I write to you this letter. In each letter I want to tell to you,
that I love you and we with you love grows. With each mine the letter
to you, my love grows and forces me to feel the desired woman. I see
in each your letter, that I desired and the beloved. I am loved and
desired you. As it would be good if we with you now were together and
could touch the friend the friend. We could look each other in eyes
and tell I of you I like. When I write to you this letter I recollect
wedding the senior sister. When she married I was there. I so was
happy and glad for her, that could not constrain some tears. I saw
pleasure and happiness which is tested by the loving person in her
eyes. At that time I was overflown too with feelings and I wanted then
that at me too loving me the man sometime was. The husband loving me.
You forced me to recollect the most good moments in my life, you
forced me to feel, that it can be once and with me. I love you ?????.
In your letters I saw heat and care which you can give children, to
the wife. You the most remarkable the man and I hope, that we with you
sometime will have family. I can care of you, I want to care of you
and to give you the caress and love. I am very glad, that I you met
you. With each letter of me overflows desire once to meet you and to
give you all love which you so for a long time waited and did not
receive earlier. I understand, that all this is similar to dream. But
we with you exist and we live the while a life. We lived earlier with
you, everyone the life. We did not know, that the person which also
somewhere lives searches for the love and hopes for a meeting
sometime. Now I do not present the life without you. My life now is
not meaningful without you. Ours with you lives now are bound in one
chain. We with you now as a single whole one uniform. Two loving
hearts kindle a fire but if one loving heart loses another the fire
dies. I wish, that with you the fire never died away ours, that we
with you could kindle a fire in our hearts. I love you. I hope, that
we can meet you and I can arrive to you. I think, we already need to
prepare for our meeting. I love you .

Your Natasha

2007-10-31, 14:37:22
Fjellhare from Norway

2007-10-31, 14:41:38
Fjellhare from Norway  



From Wed Oct 31 04:53:46 2007
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Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007 14:53:46 +0300
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Hello Peter
Dear I very much love you. Fine I very much want to be close to you.
Dear I all has learned, I have learned travel to you, how many will be
Cost. Fine my documents cost 450 euros. Charges of the visa 115
Euro, passport 80 of euro, tickets up to Moscow 80 euros and 270
The euro to me will be necessary, enter this sum in which I could live
Moscow also eats, as I should be there while my visa is made. All mine
Documents will be ready from 5 till 7 days. As I should buy the ticket
Which cost from 350 euros. If you can send me of money tomorrow me
Will arrive to you in 10 days.
Fine I love you. I shall make all for the sake of you! I know
precisely what exactly you my destiny. With
you I want to live all life! Only with you I can be happy on the
present! Joaquin I have no such big money,
so all mine
Hope for you. Tell, what you can help me?
Fine I do not know, that with me will be, if I not shall close to
You. Fine I very much want it!!!!
Yours Tanya.

2007-10-31, 14:44:18
Fjellhare from Norway  



Wed, 31 Oct 2007 13:38:48 +0300
From: 'Pretty' <> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: no time for large header!!!!!!!!
Subject: Re: Hi sweetheart!!
My honey Peter!!!!!!!!!!!

it is me,can you believe I am in Moscow. I can't believe ,it was

wonderful flight and they gave red vine in plane,wow,I have never tried

such tasty one!!!!!

I was in travel agency today, but my documents are not ready yet, it

will be ready in 2 days.

So in 2 days I will go to travel agency again to get all info about my


And of course, when I will get it - I will send it to you!

It is such great city

and it takes a few hours to travel from one end to other. I took a taxi

from the aiport to the flat i rented for few days.

They have such nice taxis ,it is Ford - Focus -not new one (1998 ) it was so

nice jorney from airport to the flat.

So comfortable car,I have never been into such car!

Taxi driver showed me some nice places in Moscow while he was taking me down

to the flat. Such a great city it is. I have no words to explain.

you can't imagine how great Moscow is,to be fair I wouldn't like to

live here,a lot of cars,people ,

voice and pollution.Ugly traffic and people with crazy eyes.

When I get off plane in airport Moscow policeman asked about

passport and he looked at me like I am any enemy,

I think all people here are a little crazy at terrorism.

Life here in Moscow is expensive. I was going through some shops today

and it is much more expensive than in our town. Food and all the general

things. It is the same country but different prices, what a great change.

I think people living in Moscow are very cautious ,I think so.

But I think that I have done my choice and to be fair I don't want to

live here,it is not the city of my dreams.

you know I am not coward I am not afraid I know it is my chance to meet

kind man .I do hope I am right.

and I think you are too kind to make any bad things I feel it.

Well,I will close this letter ,please write as soon as possible!see

you soon!KISS . Great kiss from moscow!!!!!!!!!!Dina!

ps. I have some more photos of me for you!!

2007-10-31, 14:45:44
Fjellhare from Norway

2007-10-31, 14:46:22
Fjellhare from Norway
2007-10-31, 14:46:24
Fjellhare from Norway
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2007-10-31, 14:48:08
Fjellhare from Norway
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2007-10-31, 14:49:11
Fjellhare from Norway

2007-10-31, 14:49:57
Fjellhare from Norway
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2007-10-31, 18:23:05
OJAS from United States  
If you're a newcomer who found this thread via Google or whatever, PLEASE READ THIS:
New US Passport processing time as of this post: 6 Months
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@Oldbies, once in a while check these links as they may be
1) Removed from external pages
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