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Dating scammer Juliya from Kirov, Russia


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Name: Juliya


Claims to live in Kirov Russia. No postal address given.

Other Comments:
Initiates contact by email without invite, and immedicately claims you are her man, and how love exist between you and her. She used an email address that leads to a dummy web page and serves no function. She pushes for an emotional involvement, sending pictures to spur an emotional attachment. It is called 'stringing the target along'.


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2007-01-19, 11:48:45   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

Keywords: black hair pink background
2007-01-19, 11:48:45   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2007-01-19, 16:55:04
Mark from Canada  
I am the originator of this new page of this scammer named Juliya from Kirov Russia, at least so is her (or his) claim. Below I will post her emails, to assist others in matching the pattern used by scammers and I will post all the pictures sent to me. These pics are of a very lovely looking person, but below I will give reasons why I do not believe these photos are borrowed or stolen for the use by scammers.

2007-01-19, 16:55:49   (updated: 2007-01-19, 17:28:58)
Mark from Canada  
This first email I received was uninvited. I never met this 'Juliya' anywhere on the web, not even by email. This unsolicited contact revealed some very questionable events that were taking place.

First, the email that I used was an address I created with Yahoo specifically for this reason, to communicate with females that may be scammers, because I was a member of a dating web site. Thus I never used this email address for any other reason, never used it to contact legitimate people, and never posted it on the web anywhere. Juliya was the fourth women (or man) who contacted me and tried to scam me with false words of love and relationship.

Second, her unannounced email told me she got my email address from another scammer, or that it was obtained illegally. I never gave it to her. This also revealed a possibility that it was the same scammer from previous times trying again with a new twist and photos. Even though she ( - using the feminine reference for convenience sake), claimed she had no remembrance of where she got my email address. This was a false claim, as it was clearly an convenient slip of memory.

Third, she moved far too quickly into comments that tried to move me into an emotional attachment or involvement. Calling me 'her man' without having known me. Even in life, when a person attach's (at least by words) to another person so very quickly, trying to illicit an emotional commitment, shows to be a problem person.

As a note, meeting someone and instantly knowing he/she is the one for you, does not fit into the same category of someone who immediately attach's emotionally.

Fourth, after a few emails she began to ask for my telephone number, suggesting a meet sometime in the future, and suggesting that such meets will cost money. She made the conversations in such a way that it can lead a person to feel as if it is a really serious relationship. All this in just a few emails to someone (me) who she has never met and lives across the world.

Fifth, I was half her age. She posed her age as 26 years and very attractive. In my life no such event had ever occurred that a woman half my age would walk up unannounced and initiate contact for the purposes of a serious long-term relationship. As much as emails can lead a person to feel safer to be brazen, such legitimate events as the attractive woman has not happened in my life, unless I already know her from before.

As well, it leaves to question of why she cannot find someone her age in Russia with the population there? If she was so brazen to contact an unknown person by email, she can easily be brazen to walk up to a good looking man her age in Russia. Thus, this alone placed her into the scammer category.

Below I will post the emails as they were received, along with my replies, all in order.
2007-01-19, 17:30:48   (updated: 2007-01-19, 17:41:42)
Mark from Canada  
(Juliya's first email initiating contact)

Hi !!!
Since the first lines of the letter many thanks that have answered me wants to tell you and have shown the interest.
When I considered structures of people, I have seen your structure, and it to me has seemed to the most interesting.
I admit, that you have very much interested me.
Though I was not sure, that I shall receive the answer, being based on that that, I shall not interest by some criteria of a choice,
I do not know, whether it will be interesting to you to learn about why I have chosen acquaintance by such unusual image.
I have decided to take advantage of advice of the girlfriend and to find the love and the destiny.
Young years irrevocably leave and it is already desirable to find persons understanding, close on spirit on mood, and on interests.
For this all time I have not found the worthy person with kind heart in Russia. And consequently has addressed in agency to find persons outside Russia.
I want to inform you slightly about myself. I 26 years of age my name Juliya,
I when was not married, but a vein in a civil marriage 1 year, and then we be dispatched. I do not have children.
I live in city of kirov. Now I live in an apartment with my parents.
I have finished economic faculty of our university on a speciality economic.
In free time from work we with friends gather and play bowling and billiards. But, unfortunately, my work does not allow me to relax frequently.
I send you a photo in this letter that you knew about me. I hope, that they will like you, and you will love my photos.
I want to ask you that you too have sent me the photo. I shall be very pleased to see them.
If want to know about me more, ask, please, do not hesitate, I with pleasure shall answer your questions.
And I as have to you questions.Inform me about your city where you live? Likely it is very beautiful and quiet city?
You were ever married? Whether also there are at you children?
I think, that you to me write about myself.
I hope, that at you time will answer me. And I hope, that this beginning of our correspondence.
And we might study each other on means of correspondence.
I shall inform you about myself directly in my following letters.
I expect your letter.

Your friend Juliya.
2007-01-19, 17:41:15   (updated: 2007-01-19, 17:48:04)
Mark from Canada  
(My reply to Juliya's first email. My first name appeared with the email address)

How did you get my email address?
2007-01-19, 17:49:00   (updated: 2007-01-19, 17:49:45)
Mark from Canada  
(Juliya's second email and reply)

Hello Mark!
I today am very pleased, that you have answered me.
You have pleased me the letter.
You have not sent a photo. Please, I you ask to send me your photo.
I really want to see and look at you. I shall expect your picture.
Mark, when I see your letter at me there are ideas that I have interested you.
It is very pleasant for me. You believe, what I nice in a photo and attractive?
If yes, I, certainly, to you shall send other photos in the subsequent letters.
Mark as you are going to spend week-end.
I any more do not remember where I saw yours profile!!!
I cannot precisely tell to you!
But I shall try to recollect it!!!
I have dug many agencies where that was pleasant to me and where that is not present.
But having seen I at once have written your profile to you.
I think, that you read my structure and so might see, that I am interested in serious attitudes with the good person at whom kind heart.
I shall try to inform about my character. Speak that I very kind, open and easygoing girl. As I very romantic person and gentle.
I estimate the following features in people: a fidelity and honesty, an openness and kindness. I think, that you have these qualities.
I love romantic attitudes among the man and the woman, and I think, that all women want it.
Acquaintance to the good person and to have romantic and serious attitudes it is a gift of destiny.
But very much frequently these attitudes are short, and I think, that such attitudes not for me as I am very sensitive also me injure breaks.
Long-term and strong attitudes are necessary for me.
But, unfortunately, I have not met here in Russia of the person with whom would like to cast in the lot.
I lived in a civil marriage with the person one year. But it did not appreciate me and did not respect.
It to me very much frequently changed and many saws. And consequently it injured my heart.
And I any more do not want to have the attitude with the Russian person. And long time I am in loneliness.
But I now dream to find such person who will appreciate me and to respect, and the main thing to love such what I am.
I think, that for the woman work and its success should remain on the second place.
Most important for the woman reliable family and the dear person about whom she may care.
There may be I have not found the loved person because of that that I too spend time to work much.
I work as the ordinary bookkeeper on a private concern.
Our firm not big also is engaged in retail trade.
This work to like me, certainly, pay very little at us in Russia difficultly to find work with high wages.
I work not long as the bookkeeper, all year and while all arranges me.
I do reports, balances. All work basically is connected to documents.
I go to banks in tax bodies, I hand over declarations on payment of taxes that enters into my duties.
To me very much to like, I love the work. And where you work? Inform me about the work, what you do for residing?
But now I have addressed in agency to find the destiny, persons of whom I shall care. Probably you that person.
Inform me, please, you want to meet what woman?
I hope, I do not confuse you such frank questions, but I really want to know about you.
And it will be interesting to me.
I shall wait from you for the letter.
With the best Regards, Juliya!
2007-01-19, 17:50:49   (updated: 2007-01-19, 17:52:00)
Mark from Canada  
(My reply to her second email)

Dear Juliya:

Thanks for the email and photos.

As for my photo, I am reluctant or hesitant to send one of my photos someone that I never met before, and suddenly contacts me by email. It would be nice to hear as to how you chose me when I never saw you before or never heard of you before. I had bad experiences with such emails with Russian women. I hope you understand.

So bear with this until I resolve my apprehensions.

2007-01-19, 17:52:56
Mark from Canada  
(Juliya's third email)

Hello Mark!
When I have come on work I first of all have checked up the mail and
became very pleased, when have found out your letter. Many thanks that
do to me pleasant. Under our letters we learn each day each other much
more. You very interesting person. And I am glad, that I correspond
with you. You are afraid to send me a photo. Why I do not understand.
You wish to have serious attitudes{relations} or not. Tell to me it if
there is no that I more to you I shall not write. Well In this letter
I send still the pictures. I hope, that you will love it. I very much
love flowers and at me houses very many colors. I like to look after
them. I send a picture of me where I water flowers. At me many such
photos. One of my loved hobbies is cultivation of colors, I like to
plant flowers. It is very beautiful. And you so consider? And what is
your hobby? When to us there come visitors or relatives I like to give
them the flowers. At us it is a lot of relatives, but they live far,
and we is rare with them we see. I would like to learn about your
family more. Tell to me about them, please. You have many relatives?
And you support with them good relations and how frequently you with
them meet? My family is very friendly, and we have very much close and
warm attitudes with each other. I have senior brother it the vladimir,
and it serves, somewhere in the north. And we very seldom see it. Last
time I it saw two years back and now I do not know when it to us will
arrive. My mum does not work during several years and she watches the
house. We are very amicable with family. Sometimes we leave city for
entertainment and rest. In the summer it is a beach, a campaign with
tents, catching of a fish. Me daddy has learned to fish. I did not
think that it so funny. In the winter skating and skiing. I very much
love it. Loved my season is winter and summer. And what your loved
season? Concerning me I the independent person also can take care of
itself. I wanted to live separately from parents earlier and to rent
an apartment. But my parents have asked me to remain with them some
time, and I have agreed. They have told me, that I shall feel like
lonely. As soon as I a meeting to myself of the loved person, I shall
leave their apartment. I lonely also search for serious attitudes , am
similar to you. Among people around of me there is nobody who may be
good for serious attitudes. The number of good men in Russia
decreases, and men of other countries have completely other mentality.
They are able to respect women. And so painfully to be disappointed in
the man which has met and the suitable candidacy thought that it.
Probably, for this reason I have decided to try service of acquaintance.
I search for the man which is am more senior, than I. I think, that men are more senior than me have good life experience and will manage with it to share with me.
Young people are not ready to serious attitudes and are not able to appreciate the woman. I think, that sometime I shall be happy.
I already become happier when I see your letters.
On it I finish the letter. Later I shall inform about myself more.
Mark, I wait for your letters.
Hope that I shall receive from you the answer quickly.
Yours Juliya!
2007-01-19, 17:58:34
Mark from Canada  
(My reply to Juliya's third email. I replaced personal information with '****').

Dear Juliya:

Thanks for the photos, but sorry that I cannot yet send any of my photos, I need to get to know you better. I am reserved this way with the Internet, that even my own web site does not have any photos of me. In your first email to me, you signed yourself as a 'friend', well as a friend I ask for your patience for any photos. Since you chose to contact me without any photo to see first, that indicates you are willing to accept without a photo - at least for a while.

I still find to hard to accept a female of your attractiveness interested in me who far more aged than you and for you to live across the world, and you without having met me first. Do you remember in my second email to you that I had said that I had bad experiences with Russian women? All of those Russian women before you have been young like you saying the same thing as you, but they were not sincere and not true. All they wanted was money. So those other people who contacted me by email, giving photos, being young, saying they are interested then hurt me, are the same people who made it difficult for you. Therefore, that is why I reserve myself in sending a photo and first wish to correspond with words only. This means you do not need to send photos, only reply by written word.

To tell you a bit about myself, I live in Canada, and I work part-time. It is not easy making a living for myself here because of my age. Not many employers hire a *** year old so I live from pay to pay. Not easy, but I manage. The reason why I am not fully employed is because I divorced in **** and since then I lost my job, had to move and found this part time job. There is no family here where I live, my kids are mostly grown and on their own. I do have relatives in ****, but have not spoken to them for a long time.

I did search the dating sites on the Internet for a new relationship, but that has been very poor response. Not many women want to be involved with a man who has little money and is religious. Are you Catholic?

So tell me more why you cannot find a man of your age in Russia where you live and take such a risk contacting someone by email that you never met? Also, I still wait for the answer as to how you got my email address, because I do not give this one out easily.

Hope to receive more letters from you.

Mark :-)
2007-01-19, 17:59:55   (updated: 2007-01-19, 18:00:29)
Mark from Canada  
(Juliya's 4th email, getting frustrated because I would not give in so readily)

I wish see your photos I cannot to correspond with the invisible being.
If you are afraid of all that you should sit at home.
If you will not send a photo I to you I shall not write more.
2007-01-19, 18:01:36
Mark from Canada  
(My reply to her 4th email)


You contacted me without seeing any photo of me, and I have chosen to reserve a photo until there is more established between us. Since you were willing to choose me, without any photo, you should be then patient to get one.

If you are so intent on a photo so soon, go into, my name there is '****' and so is a photo.

My reservation about giving a photo is also to see if you were sincere enough and serious enough, but I suppose that is not so.

2007-01-19, 18:03:21
Mark from Canada  
(Juliya's 5th email)

Hi my dear Mark!

I would like to tell to you much but as you are not present with me close I
To send you my card. And I understand, that my card cannot
To tell to you much Mark as I! But let it will be small
Gift for you Mark for Christmas or New coming year.
Let in yours New to Year all will come true, all your desires and all yours
Life will find new sense. I am sincere and on all soul I congratulate you
Mark. I wish you all the best in your life. Probably
It is a gift for me, that I have got acquainted with you Mark and now we
Not together! But despite of everything, I would like, that you have received from
Me my modest gift this card. And let this card will be
Close, while I was not present near to you. I wish your a lot of a lot of good luck and
Love in New to Year Mark!
2007-01-19, 18:04:42
Mark from Canada  
(Juliya's 6th email)

Hello my miracle the person Mark!

I am very glad that met such person as you I are very glad that I have
found such person in it to year and now I only am very glad that you
that person which are necessary to me and that there is a person where
that far to which I am necessary which thinks of me and it so my soul
and my body heats that to me simply is very good from all that you do
for me. You that person which are necessary to me in this life. And I
congratulate you Happy New Year!!! It is the big holiday in my country
and I think that in your country too the big holiday which you like to
mark it. And which I have written this my congratulation to you by
hand and I hope you will read through it I scanned it in the Internet
of cafe where I was helped by the manager the Internet of cafe. So now
you can have it and read I hope you like to read it. As I wished to
speak you that recently I thought of you much and have solved. That I
wish your only good luck and health and not important there will be
you with me or there will be only with other woman the most important
for me that you were happy and that at you in your life all was good
and as you want. I very much do not have you in my life but I
understand really that the distance stirs to ours with you to
relations so be always happy and that in your life always there was
only a success and pleasure.

I shall wait yours for the letter and I hope that soon we with you
could speak I wait and I hope soon to be with you. Yours and only
yours Juliya!!!!
2007-01-19, 18:05:40
Mark from Canada  
(My reply to her 5th and 6th email)


Thanks for the photos and the photo of that note you sent.

Did you get the e-card I sent you?

Did you get my photo from

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