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Dating scammer Juliya from Kirov, Russia


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Name: Juliya


Claims to live in Kirov Russia. No postal address given.

Other Comments:
Initiates contact by email without invite, and immedicately claims you are her man, and how love exist between you and her. She used an email address that leads to a dummy web page and serves no function. She pushes for an emotional involvement, sending pictures to spur an emotional attachment. It is called 'stringing the target along'.


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2008-04-03, 17:29:27
anonymous from Australia  
Yes she has been busy. Thank you Sydney Aust. for the Website address. Yes i did get a 3 min phone call at mid night Wed. Same voice as on the MP3.
2008-04-04, 03:14:56 from Sydney, Australia  
No Probs Mr Anonymous from Aust. Happy to share the info.
Did you actually speak to her when she rang? Can you share any content?
I actually got a call at around 1.00am on Thursday morning, (went to my voice mail unfortunately) perhaps just after she rang you. Maybe she was doing a ring-around to everyone after not emailing for several days??? Isn't it strange that at that time in Kirov it would have been around 4.00-5.00pm. Gee she goes to the Internet Cafe & Phone Box at strange hours as this is not consistent with her eamiling times.
I also got another MP3 message with her email to me today (at lunch time which would have been at 1.00am her time) and yes the same voice. Also I note that some of the pictures she is sending were taken in April 2006. Sometimes the properties of the picture will state when it was taken and what sort of camera was used. Boy some of this stuff is educational. Cheers and keep them coming.

2008-04-04, 16:58:04
OJAS from United States  
Info for newbie Oz mates http://www.delphifa..?p=0#72710
2008-04-04, 17:11:35
anonymous from Australia  
Well how can one person suck at least 10 or more Aussie guys in? I suppose we all have the same thing in common. We all are explorers and want to explore the same part of Tassie? If she does exist we all had a dream so we better move on and find someone who is not so deceitful and us guys noy so gullible?
2008-04-04, 21:04:27
OJAS from United States  
Oz mates who may not have seen your visa requirements, please read
http://www.delphifa..?p=0#72420 Whenever you find general info for Aussies, please post and support Crikey's thread mentioned 2 posts above.
2008-04-06, 02:21:19
Chris from Australia  
Guys, she's back, got an email from her yesterday.
I sent her this:

You're kidding, right?
Do you read the emails I send you?
Read the last one and act accordingly or I will find it very difficult to take you at face value any more.
Let me see your response soon.

She responded with:

Hello Chris!Thanks you huge for your letter Chris I was very glad to receiveyour letter today with your answers. Certainly I would like to knowmore that you have written to me, but in any case I am glad, that youtried to answer my questions. And now I shall try to answer itselfthose questions which I have written in the last letter to you. Onmyself I you love a word very difficult on sense. When I write to youthis word it is absolutely unessential, that you understand it in thesame understanding as well as I. Let it will be little bitphilosophical but so it and is, and you should agree with it so infact Chris?
And a whole lot more garbled crap

Damn she is either getting really sloppy or I'm such a sure thing that she isn't doubting her ability to scam me. the on ly up side was a new photo.

2008-04-06, 05:02:35
anonymous from Australia  
Yes i to received a letter today to. It also was written in a strange way compared with the others i think it maybe a different person answering them as they seen to be on a different wave link? I also got a photo but has been seen on this site once before. At least the emails have slowed down a bit.Will keep you updated on the Nelya saga once i hear more. Only the phone call at this stage.
2008-04-08, 17:14:41
More Julia photos ..... finally hit with the scam - Parents in road accident. Dad ok, Mum seriously injured .... who jokes about things like that !!
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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2008-04-08, 17:16:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Note the rings on her fingers .. this suggests she is married ??
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia

2008-04-08, 17:21:16
anonymous from United Kingdom  
She doesn't always wear her rings .. just to sucker us in !!

Not hears from her since I said I had no money ...... What a surprise !!!

2008-04-08, 22:22:00
anonymous from Australia  
thanks guys i was seriouly about to commint sendiong money t help her out , in her case it was to buy a computer to beter communicate with me, I am very revieved, thanks you for your wisdom & ability to post this site, embarrassed but wiser 'H'
2008-04-09, 01:16:57
Chris from Australia  
Read this, it is her most recent email to me. It arrived this morning.
Has anyoneelse had something like this?????

My love Chris!!!

I am glad you have understood me. Today at us warm solar weather.
It brings pleasure to my heart. But the big pleasure is brought to
me by you.You are in very high position in my opinion. I am happy
to hear these words and explanation from you. We have common
interest in many things. I like this.

I want us to look into all positions.
I enjoyed the discussion of love. And in this letter I'd like to
express my view on sex. It is an important part of relationship as
well. Is love an art? If yes, then it demands knowledge and efforts or
perhaps love is just pleasant feeling that can be tried by chance -
something a person gets as his fortune. Sexual desire demands union
but physical attraction is based not only on desire to get rid of
painful tension. Sexual desire might be inspired with love, trouble,
solitude, craving to conquer and be conquered, and vanity, need to
pain and even destroy.
It turns out to be that sexual desire is aroused or easily united with
any other strong emotion, only one of which is love. Therefore sexual
desire in most people mind is combined with the idea of love. People
are easily deluded that they love each other when they feel physical
attraction. When desire of sexual union is evoked by love, love-making
is deprived of greed, need to conquer and be conquered but is full of
tenderness. If desire of physical union isn't produced by love and if
erotic love isn't supplemented with brotherly love, this never leads
to the unity that would become something more than orgy unity coming
by. Sexual attraction creates an illusion of unity for a moment that
burns down without love. Such a brief unity keeps people strange as
they were not having been acquainted. They even hate each other cause
after this illusion goes away they feel aloofness stronger than
before. I want us to understand each other in bed. It is significant
to me, you see. Sometimes I fall asleep and see erotic dreams where
you act the main role. I take pleasure in doing this in my dreams. I
may awake during night because of pleasure. Don't laugh at me, please.
I think you know me and take in this seriously. I am telling you my
dream. Listen… Evening. Your empty apartment in which I sit absolutely
having started missing. Suddenly a bell at a door … It you Chris. I
open a door, standing in a transparent blue vest and shorts. You
undress, and we is passable in a hall. Here that all also begins … you
I approach to me behind and gently embrace me for a waist... You Start
to tender kiss very much me in a neck: cautiously you concern lips to
a neck, and at once you hear a silent sigh of pleasure. After even
several kisses I become soft and pliable... My body began to relax
gradually. You get the hands to me under a transparent vest, and touch
beautiful elastic breasts. Gently and easy you start to kiss and play
language with dummies which began to increase from forthcoming
pleasure. You hear silent my groan. You feel, how shivered and my legs
began to be turned in. And any more in forces to restrain, I base two
hands on a table. I slightly bend down forward and I touch wonderful
sing to already elastic member. Slowly and very sexually I be
afraid... Thus it is even more raising you … Then I turn to you the
person, and you enjoy all picture seen. I already stand everything,
being exhausted, and my dummies have strongly bulked up under a vest.
You gently remove it, simultaneously caressing me. And here I shy
speak: « I want you Chris », and we merge in a passionate kiss. You
embrace me even more strong, and we begin ' game - languages '. At
this time you rumple my to the priest and hear, how I to groan from
excitation. And your fingers have touched my shorts. I sharply and not
falteringly sigh, and during too time you start a hand to me under
shorts. At once you will feel, as I all have got wet from desire and
an anticipation of the further events. The aperture of a vagina so
wet, that drops of a moisture flows at me on hips. Then you take me,
about a table, on hands and carry on a sofa. Accurately you put me on
a sofa and under the priest to me you put a pillow … Then you pull
together from me shorts. And having rejected them aside, you start to
caress lips and language my hips, already exhausted from excitation …
gradually you approach a vagina... And gentle kisses you start to kiss
my sexual lips … gradually you start them to bite, and then language
to make the way as I was possible further in me … to groan all more
strongly and more strongly … you have gently turned me, bend a little
bit forward … You remove jeans and then few times you will spend the
member on expiring from desire to my aperture … Then you have entered
it into me, and I there and then scream … I start to drive quietly
sing forward back, gradually that, raising, that, lowering it … it
brings to you the even greater pleasure … then I place legs even more
widely and slightly I lower the to the priest that you could as it is
possible to enter further into me … You are straightened and take my
to the priest to yourself in hands... Some times you knock quietly on
it … and then again you begin progress. My body starts to beat
gradually in convulsions orgasm, but to me of it was a little and in a
flash we are overturned, and I already on you. Already I began to set
a rhythm, I jump on an elastic member that more quickly I stop … not
much We exploit ourselves... Gradually business approached to an
outcome … I, without a word, rise and accurately I take your member in
a mouth and I start it to tender kiss and immerse as it is possible
more deeply in a mouth... You start to finish.. Jets of sperm filled
my mouth when eruption has ended you feel inexpressible sensations of
ease and pleasure at once … and I having licked the lips and the head
of your member swallow all that filled my mouth!! At this point I wake
up and think of you. I miss it. I many times imagined our first
intimacy. Thinking of it my body flinches from excitement. Drop me
some lines what ideas you have got about me concerning sex. Write me
your fantasies. It would be pleasant to me to know them. I love you, I
can't without you, dearest love !!! I start to understand that my life
is not meaningful without you because I love you I I think, that
during that time, that we are familiar with you at us much in common,
the feeling has appeared, I think that we are necessary the friend for
the friend. I constantly think of you, you have accepted a place in my
heart. I spoke with mum, that I shall probably leave her and I shall
arrive to you. My mum is very pleased for me. She wishs us of good luck
and blesss us. Today I all the day long thought only of you, about that
as we with you shall meet. I present it to myself as you meet me at the
airport as we search each other eyes, we find and we rush in embraces
each other.
Today fine day, but me it is sad because we with you so far apart. I love
you and for ever in your ideas. I wait your letter. It will be very
important for me.

For ever your Nelya!!!

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Dating scammer Juliya from Kirov, Russia

2008-04-09, 03:39:14
anonymous from Australia  
Well chris it looks like you won first prize but will it ever take place that is the big question. i got one not as good as that one. The only problem with your letter is i dont know if it is written by the same person as that letter is more like Xrated author where some others are like a person that struggles to put a sentence together? AS we all know by looking at the Nelya,Juliya and others in the photos there is more than one mystery women in the cyberspace world?
2008-04-09, 03:52:20
Hi my love Aldo!

I hope, that at you all is good also I write you the letter as to the
most loved person. Very much it is pleasant to me, that you write to
me such remarkable letters and send your photos which also very much
like me. My love Aldo I am very glad that that you as want will meet
me and even is ready to help{assist} me with it{this}. My love Aldo it
would be very healthy if you have sent me of money and I at once would
start to legalize papers necessary to arrive to you. Here my data:

My full name Julia Pereskokova

my full home address:

street: Gaydara 35
Apartment 79
city Kirov
postal index 610006
Country Russia

I hope that that you can send it soon as I as very much I wish to meet
you as soon as possible. And yes I know that that at me in city is
Western Union. I as do not wish to lose you my Aldo. Yesterday at me
difficult day was and I was very much tired. My boss demanded of me
too much and I asserted the point of view. Here in Russia it is very
difficult to be the woman. As we in Russia have not enough women of
politicians or borrowing high posts in the state. Work of the woman in
Russia also is estimated too in small quantity though at some
enterprises the woman performs the most difficult work. Except for
that my boss tried to make so that I performed his work not connected
with my work. And though I know, that my boss the good person, but he
also is declined to opinion that the woman should do only that she is
spoken by the man. Such system you may observe here practically
everywhere, at work, in a dining room, in our government, in family
and it yet all Aldo. You imagine Aldo, that my boss has decided to
threaten me with that can send me in long business trip. I certainly
understand, that my boss the influential person but while I have my
work I I shall work. And still I know, that we with you Aldo have
happened not and I am grateful to destiny that we might meet you Aldo!
I trust you Aldo on all of 100 of interests and very much I love you
and I ask to not hurt me if you really do not love me or I am not
necessary for you. I need in you after your letters and I think ours
love a great miracle for us with you Aldo. If to speak about trust I
at once shall tell to you Aldo, that I might not grow fond of you Aldo
if I did not trust. I should collide in my work with various people
and many come to us in hospital to find here the help. We are engaged
not only treatment of people, but also we treat also soul of the
person. And in some cases of persons itself tells that has resulted it
in us in hospital. It also failures in work or disagreements in
family. I wanted to tell you Aldo, that the trust is such brick wall
which every day grows slowly on bricks. And to draw any conclusion or
to understand, that you like (it in my case to you Aldo) me needs to
be understood, that I trust you also this wall from bricks in our
relations have reached a limit. And now here with you in this letter
Aldo I express you all my soul both my character and my life that you
knew and felt me as it is possible better. And though I understand,
that I have written to you many letters on it, but I would like, that
you knew me even better and my aspiration to know you begins more. You
see if we shall meet in the person to us you Aldo it is necessary to
speak about much. I understand, that the electronic letter is some
communication way, but I feel, that now it does not suffice me also I
wants conversation with you by the phone Aldo. I would like to know
your number at work if suddenly I shall try to call you and you do not
appear at home Aldo. I shall finish on it the letter Aldo and I shall
write to you soon. I know, that you always wait for my letter Aldo,
but I sometimes has days when I not always can write to you about all.
And I know, that your love to me also grows every day. I kiss you Aldo
and I wait with impatience of your new letter to me. I love you Aldo,
yours Julia!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer elena polyakova

2008-04-09, 04:55:13   (updated: 2008-04-09, 05:17:03)
OJAS from United States  
It appears your scammer uses a good software, but one has to register. Here is another erotic scammer http://www.delphifa..l?p=4#5209 Here is a glimpse into scam business http://www.delphifa..?p=2#69892
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