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Dating scammer Juliya from Kirov, Russia


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Name: Juliya


Claims to live in Kirov Russia. No postal address given.

Other Comments:
Initiates contact by email without invite, and immedicately claims you are her man, and how love exist between you and her. She used an email address that leads to a dummy web page and serves no function. She pushes for an emotional involvement, sending pictures to spur an emotional attachment. It is called 'stringing the target along'.

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2008-03-21, 20:15:46   (updated: 2008-03-21, 20:21:21)
anonymous from New Zealand  
Here is Juliya Pereskokova again using the email address

'Juliya Pereskokova' <>

I told this scammer that my name was Wayne King - after an exchange of emails in which she loved me after number two - I told her that I needed some proof that she was genuine (yeah right) and told her not to write to me until she had a photo of herself - holding a sign saying 'I love Wayne King'

I told if she did that then i would come to Russia and meet her (of course I had lots of money - or so I told her)

2008-03-22, 03:05:34 from France  
I received my first 'introductory' email from Juliya :chanderjit maureen []. Juliya then asked to be contacted at, and in the next email changed it to is writing to so many men, I am not at all surprised that she forgets the name of her 'electronic' BOX!!!
I have never given my details to any agency on the web, and just wonder how Antone got hold of it. I have replied to his email on 2 occasions, but have had no reply.Has anyone else had a similar 'introductory' email, or can one of you computer experts use this address to confront him?

All these addresses e-mails are of the same person: Juliya emploie aussi le nom Nelya Kruglova et l'email <> de Kirov la Russie, MANY Last name:Olga Sutyagina (Kotelnich) / Juliya Pereskokova Age:27 Maria Webpage:Maria (id=78898)
Nelya Kruglova from Kirov Russia
chanderjit maureen []

Different links which speak about the same person, with the same e-mails:

I had exactly the same letters, up to the tenth, alone the forename of the addressee changes, between February and March, 2008 I have exactly the same photographs, almost all album.

The same letter to everybody, and in the same order, but how can an only one anybody follow all these e-mails?

Excuse translation, but I pass by a translator

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Dating scammer Juliya from Kirov, Russia
Dating scammer Juliya from Kirov, Russia
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Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia (modified photo)

2008-03-28, 00:01:33
[hidden] from Netherlands  
I was contacted by 'the same' Juliya the emails are the same but the photo's are different, this is probally a guy who is after your passwords or money. and uses these girls to get it. I will keep you updated
Best regards, Antonio
2008-03-29, 01:15:31 from Sydney, Australia  
I am based in Melbourne Australia and have been getting the same messages from Nelya Kruglova and others. I got similar messages to the guy in Adelaide.
Could be from an operator with different email addresses and photos of nice woman.
2008-03-30, 00:30:00
anonymous from Australia  
I'm waiting for email 16 from 'her'.
I've been working on getting her naked. I'm almost at the point of just saying outright that if see gets them out I'll send her something.
If I get her top off, I'll post the picture here for everyone
2008-03-30, 04:33:40 from Sydney, Australia  
Hi Guys
Been doing a lot of searching on the net and came across a site and guess what I found, a 'Julia Pereskokova', the Julia is spelt without the y. Some of you probably know this site but geez it is great. (This site gives you the home address of some scammers, photos used as well as their known email addresses). And I found one who had also been contacting me called Alexandra Tamalina with her address that she also gave me. I should drop in there for a cuppa!!!!! But when I traced her photos, obviously they were different.
Anyway back to Julia (or Nelya), this photo I am attaching is different to Nelya's so we are obviously dealing with more than ove scammer???
Let's keep sharing the info.
Cheers Jack

Julia Pereskokova
Street: Gaydara 35, Apartment 79, Kirov, 610006, Russia

2008-03-30, 04:43:30 from Sydney, Australia  
Hi all once again
These are the email addresses that she has been usiing over time. The one at the moment she is using is:
Juliya Pereskokova

Icq :
E-mail :,,,,,,,,,

2008-03-30, 04:51:01 from Sydney, Australia  
I checked her IP address on her latest email address and it is from Moscow, Russia which means that yes she probably lives in Kirov, then again that is the diffeent addresses in Kirov she is using.
Has she asked anyone for real money yet or is she going to ask us all at once so she can try to scoop the pool?
2008-04-01, 03:06:50 from Australia  
i've been e-mailing neyla for months now, still no cash asked for... i wonder what the scammers angle is working me this long
2008-04-01, 03:55:55
phil from Bassendean, Australia  
she has gone very quite since when she mails saying she loves me and please why dont you write etc etc ,I kept asking for a topliss photo with my name written on her with lipstick !
2008-04-01, 23:18:20
anonymous from Australia  
Has nelya finally given up on Australia. Seven days straight emails and nothing for five days? Maybe she has found her sucker?
2008-04-02, 15:46:30
Chris from Australia  
After 21 emails 'she' has gone to arrange travel to come to me. But it has all gone quiet since then.
She included an mp3 with the last email. It was called 'for you' and seemed to carry a Trojan. When I tried to open it my firewall and virus software went off. Apparently it is a tracking program so be careful opening anything from this person.
2008-04-02, 19:25:18 from Australia  
With the MP3, gmail allowed me to play it through them, it's just sum chick saying hello my dear i miss u very much etc etc...
2008-04-03, 00:34:49
Chris from Australia  
And I'll bet it about as convincing as a three dollar note.
I reponded to 'her' by telling her that I wasn't happy and I wanted proof she was who she says she is. Her response was a lot of waffle about how she needed help to come to visit me. You would think that who ever she really is would at least read some of the letters we send, just to make sure we're still a potential mark.
2008-04-03, 07:07:39 from Sydney, Australia  
Well, well, well!!!!!!!!
I think I know why our Nelya has gone quiet for about 5 days, because if you go to the Russian Detective site, she has been very busy emailing to the other batch of blokes on her book of email addresses. If you read the emails on this site I am sure you have all read or seen them before, even some of her verses, although I did miss out on some of the verses, perhaps they will come soon?
The website address is:
If you cannot get on just do a 'nelya kruglova' search on yahoo.
She also uses a different email address to these blokes.
So I think what she does is have a batch of blokes that she contacts in different waves at different times. But she uses the same email message for about 80-90% of the text, she just changes the blokes name and sometimes the final part of her message.
Boy O Boy! She must spend a lot of time emailing, but then again it is easy to cut and paste her messages.
Also just another tip for everyone; I click on the email message to enlarge it and it will tell you what time the email message was started to be compiled, i.e. when your addrees was inserted into the outgoing message, I then check the time the actual message was received in my inbox. Sometimes there is a huge dealy in time from when she starts the email message to when it gets sent. Next time try it for yourself. Maybe she compiles a few at a time??
By the way has she phoned any of you guys yet? Or planned a trip to visit you.
P.S. I love the idea above about sending a topless photo, even the lipstick idea was creative. Until the next Nelya message, cheers.
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