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Dating scammer Vlada from Russia, Moscow - possible current location


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Name: Vlada from Russia, Moscow


Age: In her 20s
Location: Russia, Moscow
Natural Hair Collor: Brunette
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: Slender
Fath: Christian
Education: University degree
Profession: Model

Other Comments:
I had already posted about a story on this women located in the Vicktoriya section. which was before I found out that i can posted a new scammer profile and sense I already posted the story about her. I don't really need to posted it again. But here's a little more info on her that you see above the comment. but thoe on the side of the story. A little more to know about this women. But be aware that she may appear on dating sites within locations like Russia, Ukraine or any other within the European nationality population. or could be any kind of chat sites you may come across her. be careful tho! She may think she's clever with the whole scammer smartness thing. but on the second hand not as clever as she thinks she is. When you meet she'll be kind sweet. Maybe with some of her touchable words to soften you up with. like all scammers, that is the way of there ways in saying that I've got you where i want you routine act. Basically you all know the rest. The scammers pretend to fall in love with you, they pretend to care, later break your heart, take your money and fly like the wind. And huh... where all thinking there such little angels. hummm... I wonder maybe there working for a club called sin city.... I'll may be scratching my head for months on this one.. hehe.:D - Take a look below, these are Vlada's friendly E-mails back in 2005 to 2006. The first email starts off where she saids 'Oh, _____i like it too.' she was prefering to a movie me and her where talking about. And within these emails most of her messages are replys to my messages. but for some number of messages not viewable to share for public. And there for they are private! ----------------------------------------------
Wed 11/02/05
Subject: Re:
Oh, _____, i like it too. Hope it wasn't the last time we talked.

Unfortunatly, i don't have good photo, i'll send it later.

will wait for u impatiantly in my pvt.

Yours Vlada. Kiss.
If your wondering what she met by 'will wait for u impatiantly in my pvt'? please don't ask long story to tell not really much to getting in to that subject.
Mon 11/07/05
Subject: Re:
hi _____, it's ok

kiss u my truely _____

When she said 'it's ok' It was something i was apologizing for.
Tue 11/08/05
Subject: Re: Re:
hi hun

I can't send u my e-mail , but i hope to see u in my room

kiss u

Your probele wondering of this question 'i hope to see you in my room'? It's part of the long story included. and also a puzzle. Will put all togetther later.
Wed 12/07/05
Subject: Re:

maybe someday


kiss u
The e-mail i sent her to that message i aksed her if she want's to send me a birthday card sometime.
Wed 12/14/05
Subject: Re: no subject
_____ is your mail myway. com ? if that its so great... i m very happy to have such friend as you are... kiss vlada
Tue 01/24/06
Subject: Re: _____-Lover: Hey Beautiful
Hi _____, sweety!

i miss you too very much!

may be u are joking again with me and hide under other nickname))

yes i wasnt on 2 shifts recently, because i was a little busy in model agency, but now i will work again by schedule

thank you for worrying about me

kisses sweety

miss you

For that message she was appcent from work. And i was concern for her missing.
Mon 02/06/06
Subject: Re: _____-Lover: Hey Beautiful
Hi sweety!

_____! you are the best! i dint know what would i do without you in my room! U are the best!!!! i love you!!!!

take care baby! i need u!

Tue 02/14/06
Subject: Re: _____-Lover: Hey Beautiful
hello bb again:))

just finished my shift.

wanna say u Happy Valentine once again;))))


AND THnk U that u defend me from beggers:)
Wed 02/15/06
Subject: Re: _____-Lover: Hey Beautiful
Hello _____...:)

I didnt get your e-card... try to send it again...



Thu 02/16/06
Subject: Re: Hey Vlada Beautiful... Here's Your Card...
ok _____!!!!!

i willo mcheck it') thank u')

love dear _____...
O,k Now for this next message. of her story wich i was touched by it and thought she was serious. But i guess i was wrong.
Tue 02/21/06
Subject: Re: hi, vlada beautiful...
_____, i have to cheer u up:)

Im allowed to appear twice a week on this, i work in another field of activity, but I dont want also leave this present job.

so we will be meeting here, rarely but it's the only one waay for us to keep in touch ..for now

dont worry baby, if i will decide to quite this job we will keep in touch through my personal e-mail.


Yours best friend,

In that story not just touched. i believed in her potential all that i thought was true. But all it was just a lye!!!
Wed 02/22/06
Subject: Re: hi, vlada beatiful...

bye bb:) my personal guardian Angel:)
Tue 02/28/06
Suject: HI BB
hi babe!!!!!!!!!!

how are you?

kisssssssssssssssssss....................... VLADA

Thu 03/02/06
Subject: Re: RE: HI BB
hey bb... i m so happy to get ur reply.....u are mine sweety

Thu 03/02/06
Subject: Re: RE: HI BB
hey _____... i hope u ll visit me todays shift

i ll wait for u bb

kisssssssssssss Vlada
Those e-mails sound convincing. Which it did to me. I sympathized all in her liking me and her trust. I thought the whole relationship was worth it... But it's obvious, she didn't! back before i found out she was a scammer. she asked me for something. But it was something i couldn't give her at the time because of the circumstances. but it was a photo she asked for. I couldn't get one for her. I didn't have a scanner or any other way to send any at the time. but it all really doesn't matter now. Sense i have seen her true self of what she really is. but my side view of fact. I was thinking that was the reason for her calling off the friendship. But the truth has already been said and done. can't get any truer then that. In all chances If she would, she would probele well have taking my money. For all others she may all ready have... For some of the emails with the lins in them, that is my name being scratched out of them. If you find any comments not understanding well enough. please feel the need to comment. or If you have any photos with your suspicious and suspecting that may be her in the photos, Feel free to submit them! Thank You!


2007-01-25, 00:43:21   (updated: 2007-01-25, 00:46:32)
anonymous from United States  
hi, I'm the one that put this post on here. the subject line suposed to say, Dating scammer Vlada from Russia, Moscow - possible current location Kiev Ukraine. It seems to not fit a long subject I guess. But here's a photo of the scammer. You'll find in the Victoryia section with a few others posted by me. This image here a little more smaller then the original i posted before.

Keywords: blonde pink neglige
2007-01-26, 21:29:42
anonymous from United States  
Here are two new photos I have here of this scammer. with wig as I said in the story I posted within the, section. Pretty much the same old, same old Vlada scammer. Nothing new about her... Ha. scammers . once a scammer is always a scammer. And as a scammer, they are suce bitches with bad attitudes! That gives them selves a bad name!!! In scammer history.

2007-01-26, 21:31:33
anonymous from United States  

2007-03-12, 20:30:10
anonymous from United States  
Hi, I'm back and with another pic of Vlada. the pretending that I care scammer girl. which i am now so over her. i found this one once off a website. And under a different name as Inna. is the name of the site... And for the pic not a best quality because i had to print it off the site and now scanned it from the print out. I have also two others from the website. but sense this one not in good quality, The other 2 not all in good quality ether. and may not be submitting those any time soon yet. You can still see the pic i have here. But not in clearness as it should be. I may posted more update to keep you guys posted if any other info appears to me... Later!

2007-03-31, 21:59:56
anonymous from United States  
Hi, It's me and back with one of the other pics of the scammer that i said i wasn't going to submit yet. and now ready to submit it. Found it on along with the one that i submit before this one. and as like the one i submit before this one is not in best quality picture. There's one more from that site. But I will submit it in another time as well! ~ T.T.F.N.

2007-04-22, 17:50:59
anonymous from United States  
Hello everyone i'm back. and with the last pic i got off loversplanet... Basically the quality of the picture as all the same as the previously two. Not great.. But still the same scammer. C-ya.

2008-01-07, 02:21:19
anonymous from United States  
Hey Guys it's been a while sense last posted but back with another pic. but another that is not so good quality like the last previous ones. But it should do... Laters.

2008-05-06, 00:01:25
anonymous from United States  

2009-06-13, 07:50:20
anonymous from United States  
Hey, you all it's been awhile or so sense last posted. i never had a chance to explane how or when i met vlada. It's a few years or so now sense i first met her. back in 05 to be exact. I met her off from a model site a virtual model site. i log on as the name guest with a number beside it, don't remember what it was,, but that's not importent. I talk to her nicely.. i was nice to her and always had been sense the beginning. She seem nice and she was nice. she never gave me her persional email as i said before. But i email directly to her to the email address she had set up while she worked there. the month i may of met her could of been between september or october of that year and the friendship i thought i had eneded in the beginning of 06 which may of been march of that year,, i think. I been honest with her tons from the start. i once never used her or to pretend the feelings i had for her was real. i had a feeling that she was honest with me which i thought. I never knew she was dishonest with me the whole time. for all the times i spent with her. and all other,, i never lied. But i had a feeling that she thought that i was dihonest with her of lying. which i had a good reason she thought that. For one thing she wanted a picture of me. i couldn't send her one. I didn't have a scanner yet.. at the time i was still new at computer stuff and was still learning about computers of things you can do with them. And besides the point to top it off i don't think she believed me. but i don't care what she believed. All i know is that i was telling the truth. but sadly enough she would never know sense now she is gone from out of my life. That was then and this is now. which is my life without vlada. Which i am all for that now and totally over her. i wouldn't want to be involved with something like that. Who dosen't care to show compassionate and true feelings for whom she's friend's with or datting. her speed is much more as want. take. and have. In other words,, grab. take. and steal. these types of scammers.. what do they do?.. what are there motives?.. Oh. here's what. they one day pretending they care. pretending to be honest But then one day soon they just take your heart. stomp on it. break it. and walk away as the perfect good thing they had was nothing. With no care of what they had done or what they had left behind. for the record this an't about my ass. It's about saving some poor sucker from losing there money spent and wasting there time on them. or before there heart breaks in two. And saving the pain for doing so. take my advice.. those who do not want to get hurt. shall not fall in love. Unless your one of the lucky ones that hasn't happen to yet. otherwise advice well said. I'm sure i'm not the only one telling the whole thing the way it is. there's others as well enough as me telling it but in different words of wisdom. Which as making points, speaches and advices. sometimes taken the right words can smooth out the differences in life. Sometimes trying to find the right foreign love.. can be hard. Even if it's for friendship that will respect you and honer upon your wishes without the heartache, the pain and the tears. this not just speaks out for us men it also speaks out for the ladies to. About the same as us men. another pice of advice.. do not spent a single dime wasted on them if you some how feel she or he is not to be trusted. That is the end of the lesson.
2012-12-24, 19:45:29



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