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Dating scammer Natalya from Kolpino, Russia


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Name: Natalya


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Hello XXX,

I am so glad receive answer from you. In this world there is a person who wishes to acquaintance with me. Excuse me beforehand if my letter will be a little bit incoherent. I am timid therefore I is not capable to begin acquaintance. But I hope that we can find out each other better. But if I start write to you, I shall write in this letter a little about me. I shall also send of my photos. I was born 22 of February and I am now 28 years old. It is a lot of fo me? I live in a small apartment with my parents. I haven't brothers and sisters and I haven't own children. And I think about my future life. I want to have own family. I want to bring up own children. I was born and have grown city Kolpino, this city to be not far from St.-Petersburg Russia. My daddy works in militia. It too most, that at you police. My mum works in to city hospital. She works there in a first-aid as medical sister. I work in children's city hospital too. It near to hospital where works my mum. My task on work is to define the diagnosis of disease and to appoint treatment. If necessary I should send my patients on various medical testing. My work with children forces me to be more attentive.
My work with children is more difficult than with adult people. And my work is more pleasant me. And I have pleasure that I can help children. Probably the love to children has come to me with my age.
And now I have understood the children - is our future. Therefore I would like to have my own children. You will ask me why I have chosen you? Why I shall not find the man in the own country? I do not know how answer you. But I already spoke that I am timid therefore I is not
capable to begin acquaintance. And I can not simply strike up in the street an acquaintance with the stranger. My girlfriend, my fellow worker has offered me to find acquaintance with the help of the Internet. And now I write you from Internet cafe. Because I haven't own computer. It is expensive very much. And I can not allow this luxury. In our country not so many people have a personal computers at home. Probably the level of our life does not allow to live so that to afford much. No, I don't complain of bad life in Russia. I earn enough that to live in Russia. Well, I shall finish this letter. You having read my letter and if you agree to continue with me acquaintance.

Yours faithfully, your new familiar Natalya.

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2007-06-09, 09:51:52
[hidden] from United States  
Just waiting for my nuke pic

here the new update pic

the first letter:

How are you?
I am very glad, that u have written to me the letter.
I had problems with the Internet and I could not answer u at once.
But it is very pleasant for me, that u have answered me, and have
become interested in me.
I think, that I shall write a little about myself.
And I very much hope, that u will answer me and we can make friends
with u, but probably and more.
My name - Anna, and me of 28 years.
I was born and I live in Russia, in the small city of Kolpino, near to
Saint Petersburg.
I live in a separate apartment which I rent. After death of mine from
the father who was lost in accident, in my life there was only unique to
me a dear person, she is my mum, my mum very remarkable person who
understands me in all. My mum lives nearby to me.
So it has turned out that I now am in searches of the soul mate with
which I can create strong relations, and family and consequently I am now
here on a line of the Internet. I do not know as it will go, but I
heard histories from the friends much, that the Internet helps in search of
the soul mate, and I have decided to make attempt in it.
I am very confused and I do not know what to write:)
Tell to me about itself and ask, that u want to know.
I shall wait for your letter,
Your new girlfriend Anna.

She used same

no visa she need money
close too mum

Keywords: two grils carte noire
2007-07-03, 22:26:11
anonymous from United States  
Hello my dear Bear, good day. You my happiness, you know it Bear? You bring during my life happiness, and it so.
And I am very happy that I am familiar with you, and it us was reduced with destiny my good Bear, such destiny that gives a life, and such life is now fine.
Bear, I have so got used to you, you at all do not imagine as I is happy that have met you mine Bear.
It is good. How you was today day? All is good?
I always wait your letters when I work on work, I think of you and my smile simply up to my ears, you imagine it Bear? What smile at me.
Whether I think you have written to me today but when I open the email, I shall simply go from mind with happiness when I see your letter.
From all your letters, I could understand and estimate all your kindness, I have understood from your, letters, that you serious, fair, you have kind heart, that if there was close to you a woman similar to me, you for it would make limiting, that she could feel like close to you very happy.
If you have one more woman to whom you now write also to me do not speak, that woman also is happy as I. If you do not deceive me, if you to me are fair, I am SIMPLE UP TO HEAVENS is HAPPY, THAT I NOW ONE AT YOU AS I DO NOT LOVE the DECEIT, AS WELL AS YOU BEAR.
When two persons like each other up to madness from love, always there will be in the house a happiness. You with me agree Bear???
Bear, with you my life became clearer, I have understood that there is in this world that person who understands me and answers mutually.
It is possible, that my words will seem for you too open, it is possible, that you will think, that it is impossible to learn the person under several letters.
And I agree with you, that it is impossible to study the person completely under letters.
But I think, and I hope, that you agree with me, that through our letters it is possible to understand, what conditions are the person and that is required.
As up to a meeting to you I had usual grey days, in my life, up to a meeting to you, there was nothing interesting, in me there was an emptiness, I did not know, that such happiness and what means to be.
But it - only my first impression and good opinion concerning our friendship, probably which in the future everyone will change and to remind in general, it now, I feel, pleasure in heart.
But I shall hope very much, that in the future everyone remains without changes, that our relation remains the same good and happy as now or probably, what even it will be better.
Many times I have encountered and have made in mistakes of a life, and because of it me still one at my age, and because of it I do not want more recurrence and mistakes.
If we have decided for us directly, that we should aspire to the best life so up to the end, we should go, with hope to the happy future.
Bear I want, that you now have been adjusted in feelings and desires and, were with me, is completely fair as I with you fair of all and so it will be constant, we shall be with fair of all before the friend the friend.
It in a life there - a set of failures, and I would not like it, they have happened, for which I in consequences urgently regretted and have transferred about it.
Yes I understand Bear, that with you it should not be, as I understand that you that person whom I wanted in this life. I ask you do not worry.
I do not speak you those words, I am just now happy that could to meet you, in the future we should learn each other even better to understand all.
Bear, tell to me the opinion please, I very much want to know your opinion as your opinion is very important for me Bear.
Now I shall go. I very much wait your answer Bear.
2007-07-03, 22:28:39
anonymous from United States  
I simply do not believe in that that I see your answer to my letter. This such happiness Steve. Simply in the big delight.
Your letter was simply pleasant, I could not is simply happy, your words on were beautiful so much. My head even went around.
Steve, you have simply shaken me, I never felt like so well, I receive pleasures from your letters. It is very healthy.
Such sweet your words, it is very pleasant for me that I of you interested. I am very happy, for me it is the big pleasure Steve.
And I can think only of that that we with you of acquaintance will very fine.
Steve, I certainly understand that I cannot frequently write to you very much, as I have no such opportunity to speak, write to you frequently such letters.
But everything, I try to make it to not offend you as I have to you respect, and I can speak only it in letters.
I love that as you concern to me, it very much to like me, and I very much am proud of it. Steve, you very amusing person, at me on it simply is not present words.
Steve, I thanks everything, for that that I have met you. I understand that it only second my letter, but I feel it Steve.
Well as has passed your day? I very much hope that have passed perfectly Steve as I only wish you it.
What will you make at leisure? How you will the free day?
I also at leisure, I like to go on walk in our city, I visit various museums, parks of culture, I can go in theatre.
Steve, you love art? I very much love art, I very much frequently want in a museum. I was in many cities of the country. Here is how I can spend time.
But I try the majority of a part of time to go to my parents, to help mum on the house as my mum comes home late, very much works much As mine the daddy comes home before mum, I can prepare to eat, that the daddy have come after work all was tasty. Mine the daddy call Dimitri.
And still I can clean an apartment that all was clean, so that our visitors at parents, were delight.
It certainly does not happen so frequently, but I try to make it that mine it was very pleasant for parents. They are very dear to me. I very much appreciate my parents.
Steve, I very much hope that you understand me, that you do not have problems to read my letters, I hope that you understand me.
Please inform me if you do not understand Steve. If you did not understand something in part, you can ask again me.
Steve, now I am oppressed with our weather here, simply it is very hot, the temperature 36/37 hot, it is simple. I heard that for you it still normally.
But here it not so, it is very hot, on work it is simply impossible to work, our director cannot make anything. Simply very greedy person.
We have made assemblies that our director has made something with this problem. As in the winter on work it is cold, it is hot in the summer.
Steve, you probably understand, as people are simple, that wanted that and have made. But you understand that it is Russia instead of Paris and not the USA, etc.
I shall be compelled to finish this letter, and with the big hope I shall wait for your prompt reply.
There is still a set of all which I would like to write and tell to you about me directly and a private life.
But too many times which I have no and therefore I should finish this letter are required.
I hope, that this letter also will give you, it is a lot of happiness and smiles on your person and this letter will make our friendship much more urgently Steve, I shall wait very much your answer.

p.s. I send you one more photo,
it is very pleasant for me, what I like you, I too want to see many your photos, allow me it well???
2007-07-03, 22:30:13
anonymous from United States  
another fron Irina

2007-07-03, 22:31:25
anonymous from United States  
I give my heart,
my affection,
my devotion,
and adoration
to you.
People say that nothing
lasts forever,
but they're wrong.
Some things are meant
to be,
and I know that
this love
I feel for you will
burn in my soul
for the rest of my life.
I was born to be
with you.
You are my first love,
and my real love;
you are my one and only,
and I give all of my love
to you.

2007-07-04, 10:45:31
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Definitely the same one that got me!! Irina Prigunova!! Same letters, same style of writing, different pics, but I'm sure it's the one!
2007-07-04, 11:12:35
anonymous from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Please send as much information you can?! I lost a bundle on this one!! And I want to get her or whoever is behind this scam!! Beware, guys, she/he can be very convincing!!!

PS The girl on the following pic is NOT Irina. It's Ann Angel, a teen porn star.

PPS The visa is a fake! And..... The same copy was sent to Belgium. I have both copies.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina Prigunova

Keywords: fake scammer ID
2007-07-07, 01:36:55
anonymous from United States  
She sent me the letters about how happy she was about my letters, and U my bear, and the poem. She never changed on word in any of them(except my name). Here is another one:
Hello my the most native men Bill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My sweet, at you all is good? How your work? I am very happy again, again and
again happy when I see your letter.
This time your letter is even warmer, it is simple so beautifully so it is
class. At me inside in my body such heat such pleasure.
I seem to me that the happiest person on this ground. Such you charm Bill, from
such charm it is possible to be only the happiest woman on this ground.
Your letters I feel all positive energy, high temperature, but the most
important, I feel you, I feel everyone written your word, it gives me a lot of
and it - all remains in my heart and with each your letter, my heart is filled
with happiness and love.
And therefore, when I start to write to you the answer, I do not operate me, my
heart writes to you.
Not to everyone the man, given an opportunity to write so it is beautiful
letters, think, and express ideas through.
But you with which it has managed to be made, you have managed to transfer
through the letter all which could be in your heart, and I could feel it,
I could feel you, your gentle contact as though all this occurs to me actually.
You have brought love and laughter by my empty, sad and boring life. My heart
knew only emptiness about one day, you arrived and have filled in my heart to
overflow with your cheerful ways.
Your sense of humour has transformed my gloomy sight into a smile.
You taught me how to like again, you taught me to give and receive love,
trusting you and belief. You taught me to go additional mile.
And though there are miles between us, I never stop to think of you, you have
brought change during my life, and my heart for ever yours.
I never can forget you, or hold ideas about you from my opinion. I think of your
sweet lips and kisses, I feel them as though it was yesterday.
Ideas about you warm my heart. You finish me, you - all my intimate desire.
It - that receives me during every minute, that I - with you.
And the child, you do not know that I would give a kiss to your lips, to feel
your contact, or even only to see you
It seems to me that such can be only in dream when the person sleeps, and all
this to dream, it simply charm, but dreams be real, I know it.
But to me for the present Bill, anything such did not dream, I only could dream
of you there is no, if it not a dream, I want to sleep all life.
My good Bill, I know that all seems to you quickly, I know that you have to me
such feelings, but I all the same think of you and I feel you.
All my girlfriends speak, that I become inattentive. Sometime we shall be
together and everyone will be good.
Please, tell to me all that you think, I very much ask you, as it has already
gone very far, I see that that all very seriously at us with you Bill.
I very much am glad to this Bill, I want the greater for us, I want that we were
happy Bill. I want you to make happy Bill.
Bill, my good, my dear I now should go, but I very much hope that you will write
to me very quickly that I did not worry.
I very much wait your letter Bill.
2008-04-05, 00:00:59
Name: Natalya

Email: ,

City / Area / Country : Yoshkar-Ola , Mari El, Russia

I am very glad, that you have answered my small letter.
I ask to read very attentively my letter, it is important for me to
know your opinion About that that I write. Because under your answers I shall look has
whether sense To continue to us dialogue is farther or not. Simply I do not love when
me Ignore. Simply it happens so, i tell to the person about myself, it is
possible To tell i open the soul, but me simply ignore. Send simply
Callous letters form and even sometimes overlook to change a name in
the letter. It is very insulting and I was hurt also it I do not want. Only I ask
be not frightened, I not malicious. Do not do hasty conclusions, read my letter up to the
end And already then draw conclusions. I actually good and tender,
Simply the life forces to be cautious and rough so it is a lot of
deceit and evil. You really very much have liked me I see also I to you you are
interesting time To me has written. Who knows to what our correspondence will result,
but I hope, That we with you at least shall be friends.
Before to begin dialogue, I want to tell at once, that money for a life

I earn dancing a striptease. And I not how many do not think it
shameful. If it contradicts yours morally to ethical principles and you think
Below the advantage dialogue with me you can save time
And further to not read my letter. I love people who is not afraid,
that about him Will badly think also who is not afraid of open expression of the
desires. I am sorry, if my English is not so good. I more precisely speaking
At all I do not know the English language, only that I have received
that level at school. I now use the computer program of the translator to write
This letter. I hope to you all clearly, what I speak? If not
everything, you of me Ask. I all over again type in Russian and then simply I translate
through the program. But I 3 weeks go on special rates of English and as to me have told I of month through 3 already enough not bad can write and speak in
English. The teacher has told to me, that in the best way to learn language,this
dialogue with the person For whom English is the close language. So I hope, what you will help me with studying? I shall be very grateful, I hope you to me then will not expose the account for your help? :):):):):)
I you will be sure the good teacher, I promise to be the good girl the
schoolgirl. I very much like to have fun, I love jokes, draws and I at me
very cheerful Character. With me it does not happen boringly. I very much love people
who to me is close. I very much hope, that we with you become very close, because you to me

Has very much liked. It is rare with me it happens, that at once
somebody would like me. I am very legible in people. But in you of me at once, something has involved. I do not know that. Simply you have liked me at a subconscious level. You know as it happens, one person
It is pleasant, another is unpleasant. All at a subconscious level.
I very well understand in people. I do not want to brag of it, but it
so. Though to me it is not a lot of years, but I had difficult life and I
had to mature early. Simply should from whom wait for protection and fell only on itself.
But it has learned me to be pleased to each instant of a life and to
not despond and to not complain On destiny. In fact we creators of the destiny. You agree with me? I already communicated on the Internet and I already have
experience and want to tell at once, That if my intimate photos are necessary for you only and I at all do not interest you as the person. It is not necessary for me to write that more. Many tried to receive a deceit my photos. Spoke, that love me, did any compliments, promised many money, But if to not like me the person I shall not do such photos. And as soon as they understood it they at once disappeared. It was hurt
me and it is insulting. I not against such photos, I even very much would want to do them. To me to like, when Me admire, it raises me. But I would not want that forced me.
When I shall want I shall make such photos and I shall send them to you
if you will want it. I already with this letter wanted to send my intimate photos, but I
think I know you not too good yet and while I am not sure in you.
So patience a little and do not hurry event ??? I promise you my intimate photos and if you certainly want? I want to tell a little about myself, but in this letter I shall
not tell too much. You can in me disappointment after that letters and I shall vainly try.
But I hope I still to you I shall be interesting to you and you will
want more to find out about me? I the orphan.I no have what relatives. I from infancy grew in a shelter. It were very difficult years, very much it was not easy for me. But it
was mostly my life. I now with horror recollect my life in a shelter. Poverty, famine,
constant insults. It is hurt to me to recollect these years and it is insulting.
In fact I have one relative, she is my grandmother. But when my parents were lost, she has not wanted me to take to herself. She has given me to a shelter.
She has told, it not my child, I am not obliged him to bring up, I want
to live for myself, Superfluous problems are not necessary for me. I cannot understand why she so have made. I am absolutely healthy, I do not have any problems with health. She I think simply the egoist. I not when so have not made. But let to her the god will be the judge. I simply hate her. Though so it is impossible to speak. It is a sin. But I all the same should do that with myself. It was very hard for me and if she has not thrown me it all would not be.
Two weeks ago she has died. At me inconsistent feelings. Her death
certainly it is very tragic. And I probably should test to mountain. But it is not present.
I do not speak, that her death of me pleases. It is necessary to be for it simply cruelty. But after she with me has acted, she for me Absolutely another's person. Shortly before her death to me there came her girlfriend. She to me has told,that to my grandmother it is very bad and that she dies. She has told, that she all this time very much suffered and it was very a shame to her, For that as she with me has acted.She would want that I have visited her. She felt the death and wanted, that I would come to her and have
forgiven her. The egoist. I think she was afraid of terrible court at the god and wanted to implore at me pardons, what To appear at the god innocent and clean. She has wanted to see me only before death. She not to time has not visited me in a shelter, at all to time has not taken an interest in my life, And only before death has decided to clear the soul. I did not want to go to her, But all the same I to her went. I did not begin to talk to her. I simply to her have told,That I forgive her and still I to her have told, that the God all the same sees all and only to him to decide.
I nothing more did not speak, I simply left. I do not know, whether
correctly I have acted.But I do not want to speak more about it, all this is very hurt for me and unpleasant. I now want to tell where and as I live. I live in city
Yoshkar-Ola. It is capital of republic Mari-El.My city to be approximately in 800 kilometers from Moscow. I do not love my city.City big, but not so inhabitants. All the same it is cold. The city to be in northeast from Moscow.When I have finished a shelter the state have given me an apartment. Very small, but nevertheless it
Only my and I is very glad to this. I have made all apartment to the
taste and desires. It has turned out very cosy the apartment and it very much to like all.
I work in a night club as the dancer and show a striptease. But I do
not want that You thought, that I what be the prostitute. I not such. I am not
engaged in sex for money.Also I despise such girls. I not when have not agreed to it.
Dances and striptease - it absolutely another. I no how many am not
ashamed, that I do it.I doubted to write to you about it in the first letter or in general
about it to not speak.But I for honesty in relations and always speak the truth and I hate liars.It is not a shame to me with my work. I like to dance and I love good
music.And at me a beautiful body. Would be a crime to hide it under clothes.
I am happy that someone looked at me and was pleased and had trousers
tent:):):):):)It very much flattered my vanity, to feel like necessary and desired.
I hope I do not shock you? I not have complexes and I think it well.
Complexes do a life boring. Only do not think, that I dissolute.
I very vulnerable and gentle and I very true. I the one-woman man and
if whom I love for me not whom Does not exist more on light. I simply very much love a life and I am glad to each moment. But I try to live adequately, that would not be a shame. In fact the god sees all. Now I temporarily do not dance in club and I do not show a striptease. I miss on my work, but earnings is not so great, it became simple to me to not suffice moneyAnd one more important point simply to me has bothered, that me Frequently considered only as a body and a little who interested my
soul.Very few people understands me. I want to find the person close to me
on spirit.The adherent, the friend and hope love. I only am not sure,
That it is possible to grow fond on the Internet. Probably personal meeting and long dialogue is necessary.I want children, family and at last to find a place where I can feel,
that me love,Value and understand. I want to find a support in a life, it always so
did not suffice me.At present I work as the seller in supermarket, I do not love this
work,But it is necessary as that to earn money and to have to work as the
seller. I do not love my city, I do not love Russia and at all I do not want
to live here.Here it was too hurt me. The native land has not brought to me not that
good.Therefore I am interested in other cultures and the countries. And I
hope when beTo leave from here for ever. Russia to not care of citizens of the
country. I do not want here to live. I feel, that I was born not in that place.
To me here it is uncomfortable. It definitely not that place where I
would like to live. To me is with what to compare.I the third year go in the summer
successivelyTo have a rest abroad on rest. I was in Egypt, in Greece and in
Finland.It was simply wonderful. It were the best moments of my life.This year
probably to fail:(:(:(I think you ask myself, what for I have written to you???
I to like new meet, give dialogue and during dialogue we shall decide
that we want.It is more than dialogue, to exchange a photo, to learn each other.
It is very interesting to me to learn you I hope also to you too
better.If our relations will well development, I shall be glad if you will
come to me on a visit,If you will certainly want come to me a visit me. You admit such
variant???Perhaps we can dialogue with the help web cam. You want see me on web
cam?I have web cam, recently have bought, I only did not use it earlier.
I think we can make it with help Yahoo Messenger.But I do not know speed of the Internet will be enough, I hope will enough, I learn about it.Hey Anders wake up:)!!!!! Figured you fell a sleep reading this letter:)I think the letter it has turned out too big and you are tired it to read.I shall finish the letter. I hope is still interesting to you
Also I hope to see your letter as soon as possible.It would be very interesting to me to hear more to hear about you!!!!!And at me to you the big request to answer all my questions and In general to know, that you think of all that I have written.
It is very important for me. Do not forget me, write as soon as
The best regards to you!!!!!
Your new familiNatalya

I can name you my friend, true friend?????
I am pleased to receive the letter from you,
And I am glad that you want to continue our dialogue.
I in the last letter have forgotten to apologize, that I so long did
not answer.You could think, that you have ceased to me to be interesting, but it
not so.Simply my financial situation not was very good and I simply
Had no an opportunity to write to you and the more so to send my photo.
I certainly could to you simply write the letter, but could not
To send my photo. But I promised you to send a photo and me it was not
convenientTo send to you the empty letter without a photo. I think to you not
clearly, what I have in a kind???Simply it depends on payment of the Internet, I shall explain to you it later in the letterAnd you then all becomes clear. Now simply I want to ask you pardon, that long did not answer. I have written to you at once as the opportunity has appeared. You do not take offence at me Anders???
I send you the new photos which I did at the end of the last year when
went to a sauna!I hope to you my photo have liked? I hope they to you to like and me it is important to know what it makes impression.Also I want to see more your photos, and I hope you will make it.Thanks you for your kind words and support. You very sensitive and attentive. You wonderful.I spoke that well I understand in people.
I very much want dialogue with you on web cam. Letters it is certainly very good.
But I think it would be very wonderful to see each other and dialogue,
How you think????? You would like to see me on web cam?????????????
I promised you in the last letter I can find out to use web cam.
At me two news one very good and another not so good.
With what you would want to begin???? I think with good. And it. We can

Dialogue with the help wcam: ):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)):):):):):):)
I am very glad to this and I hope also you now when I informed it has
jumped upUp to a ceiling with happiness, I am right??? I hope you is glad to
this news.You can not want in general me to see and we should be limited only
Letters, you only tell also I shall not insist, but I want to hope,
As you all this want. This desire should be mutual. I hope indeed.
At me now rather good Internet, the separate line, name ADSL.
To me have told that speed of my Internet quite should suffice for work
Web cam. But have told that probably, that speed will not suffice for a
sound.Me have assured, that the image will be good, but probably it is
necessary to disconnect a sound.As there will be no speed. But I think it not so terribly.
But I think we should try with you and all at once will be clear. Can
Speeds of the Internet will suffice both on the image and on a sound. I
very much want to try it.The second news not so good. Now I to pay everyone Mb the traffic of the Internet.Such tariff. And if to use web cam with such tariff, it will be very
expensive.I cannot use for a long time webcam: (:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:(
But I all the same want dialogue with the help web cam. Though there is
a variant, to useOther tariff. This tariff without limit, I can use the Internet
Without restrictions, and the price of the Internet will be fixed. But
every month for thisThe tariff it is necessary to pay the certain sum. Basically it is very
good.Once a month has paid money and you use the Internet without
restrictions.We could communicate much more more frequently. It would be very good,
your opinion???By the way, with this tariff speed of the Internet is much more and
problems with a sound will not be.But at present it is too big money for me. I cannot allow myself of it.To tell the truth it is not so big money, it costs 2500 roubles. I
precisely do not know how manyIt in Euro, but It approximately 70 Euro. But with my present work I cannot to myselfIt to allow. Now I receive approximately 6500 roubles for my work of the seller a month.This money me suffices, on a meal clothes and in general on residing. But on other chargesTo me will not suffice, to me it will be simple there is nothing to
I do not complain, it not bad money.But all this is equal a little.
When I worked dansing a striptease I earned more than 650 Euro
In a month and this money was much. But I now do not work, I spoke you.
By the way, I was name on a scene the WILD ORCHID. To you to it
like?????I to you in the last letter have not told, but the main reason, that I
more there do not work,This that that us began to compel to be engaged in prostitution, I have not agreed to it,And me have told, that any more do not want to work with me. And I left. To us openly did not speak,
That we should be engaged in sex for money. To us have simply
explained, that we nowShould, at will the VIP of clients show a striptease at their place
alone.I think clearly, that it is meant also by me have refused, it is
unacceptable for me.But all the same I miss on a striptease, I would want that me
admiration, it is simple to meIt is necessary. It gives to me of forces, pleases me, I very much love it.I very much would want to make it for you if you will want it. We can
make it on Yahoo Messenger.Well I hope all have clearly explained and wanted to continue further.I
want little to tell about myself.
I try to support the figure, me to like to be engaged in sports. Most
of all, I
I prefer easy run on mornings, but in winter I go on stadium, to be
rolled on skates. On mornings I always do gymnastics. I try almost each day to visit
pool. I very much like to float.During float all groups of muscles work and it is very useful for health. Anders you like to float?Only I do not like when someone start up bubbles in pool, do of pool Jacuzzi:) I hope you understand about what I. In general that it is cheerful,Only a smell not so pleasant. I hope you now have not dinner,I am
afraid has spoiled to you appetite:)In generl I for a healthy image of life. How you treat to sports? The truth recently I very much get tired on work, and at me simply does
not remain forces. There was many meal fast food and began less, movement simply my work now such.And I have a little lost my figure, but there are again occupations by
sports and all Will be again excellent.In the following letter I would like to tell
about my last relations with menFrom my country. All that I can tell now, it has not brought to me anything good.Now at me not who is not present. And it is very difficult. I young also have Very big sexual appetite. And to have to be content toys, dildos and
masturbating.I hesitate about it a little to write, but I hope you it does not
confuse???I do not think, that I do, something unnatural. I simply want also to
me it it is necessary.I think it naturally and I should not hesitate of it. That is natural,
is not ugly.I am very pleased that we can to continue our dialogue further.
Please write to me more about itself, it is very important for me.
I hope that it letter has found you in excellent mood.
I hope to receive the answer from you soon.
Your Natalya.Your WILD ORCHID

2008-04-19, 18:41:22
anonymous from United States  
2008-04-19, 18:42:12
anonymous from United States  

2008-04-25, 20:03:18
anonymous from United States  
2008-04-25, 20:04:22
anonymous from United States  
2008-04-25, 20:05:18
anonymous from United States  
2009-11-14, 18:27:07
hey yh i think shes now using another name 'Evgeniya' on '' her story seems remarkably familliar to whats on here.
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