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Dating scammer Naomi Jones from Nigeria


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Name: Naomi Jones


she emailed me from saying she was from Alabama but when chatting with her on IM she says she's from Texas but no city. Then starts talking about her mother moving to Nigeria. Found her email address on several other sites, all with bogus stories. One is from Utah and she says she's from UK. The other she says she lives in Dallas. Once I started asking about all of these other listing, the IM ended and she/he closed down.

Other Comments:
Good evening!
My name is Naomi, and I loved your profile and photos and would love to get to know you better. I'm not sure where to begin, but in life, I have always believed that risks are worth taking. And so I write, in the hope that you will read my profile below, and if I sound like the kind of woman to whom you would be attracted, then this tiny risk may be returned with multiple rewards.
I'm truly sorry that my profile is not posted, and please don't take that the wrong way (I am not married!) But I suppose it's because I'm a bit more private, but I have cut and pasted my profile information for you, should you care to read it. I'm an attractive woman, and I say that with humility, and I love life, adventure and hope you'll grant me the adventure of getting to know you better.
Anyway, here is my profile, and if I sound like someone in whom you might be interested, I would welcome the chance to get to know you!
Here is my profile:
It seems as though my earliest childhood memories are in black and white, and very happy. For as long as I can remember, I have had the feeling that life is an incredible journey, an heroic adventure, and even in the worst of times humbling, enigmatic, and well worth the price of admission. The adventure has led me here, in the search for someone special with whom to share the journey.
A while ago, I was talking with some friends and we began to talk about how difficult it is to meet people these days, even though there are millions of us running around. So, here I am, and there you are reading these words, and for a moment our paths have somewhat crossed - so Hello!
But who the heck am I anyway? Iím just a woman. But I am a woman who loves to think, and who loves to think about the things that I think. I love to explore new ideas, new ways, new adventures, so you can imagine how much I love life.
I have been told that I have abundant energy, and I suppose that I have enjoyed it my whole life. I feel deep passion for many things, including God, life, family, nature, art, creativity, and the unexplained.
At night, I can look in the mirror and say that I am an honest woman, and I am not afraid to say that I am compassionate and sensitive as well. Iíve found that sensitivity is a two edged sword that makes the best moments in life more amazing and the worst a little bit harder, but Iíve come to realize that both are integral parts of life that complete the whole picture.
I work hard but incidentally i got retired but I am blessed in that I realize the need for balance in my life, and so I embrace free time and I can easily relax and I love to travel and to explore new places, no matter how near or far.
I love to write, and I would hate to leave the planet before I have a chance to finish a book. I really love movies, especially those with a strange twist, exercising for health, eating healthy food, sharing my ideas, helping those less fortunate if I can, creative writing, and many, many other things.
I hear so many of us talking about what we are looking for in someone we hope to meet, and I used to think that I knew as well. In reality though - I think we all have a general idea somewhere in our hearts and minds, but the possibilities outside of the realm of what we imagine are really endless. So now, I would say that I would just like to meet someone who I can love, and who can love me in return. Itís really that simple.
I want a man that will be loyal and faithful, one that I can trust
it might take a longer time for my pic to appear on this site as the site adminstartor said but below is my pic links to see who and how i look like
If you want a woman to be with you to the end of time I am
the one. So I have a track record of loyalty and faithfulness.
I can bring maturity and wisdom to the relationship.
Older men make good companions.
If you value financially responsibility, then consider me. I have
a good home .
I can be a good friend, and the smart man will see that I would
also make a good Wife.
There are miles between us, but roads and planes were built to
solve that problem. well my email address is and also i got yahoo messanger so we
can chat and get to know each other better my id on yahoo
messanger is coolestcick
Can we talk?

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2009-02-07, 05:45:06
new story, naomis mom works at an orphanage in nigeria. had a car wreck and needs 13000 for the surgury. same story though, dont have a cam, cant find the camera for pictures. bla bla bla...she almost had me, glad I dug a little deeper. She is now going as Naomi

2009-02-15, 22:19:30
anonymous from United States is the email address she gave me. I met her on only talked with her once. in her response she noted how much she liked my profile and thought she would like to get to know me better.
said she was a model in nigeria. in the begining of the letter she said her name was jenny, but at the end of the same letter she signed naomi. i wrote her back asking if her name was jenny or naomi, and never heard back from her.
On the same day she wrote me i got another email from someone else on claiming to be Felicia Boman.
Felicia claimed to be a model in nigeria. I got 2 emails from two different profiles on, both claiming to be modes in nigeria. hhhmmmm. and i live in nashville,tn and i also got an email from another woman, claiming to be from the UK. Her name was Sandra Decker. She claimed to be from the us visiting her mother after her father had died. I asked myself 'why are all these women writing me from other countries. What's up with that.' Glad i looked up their names on the web. thanks for all the posted comments. makes for less suckers. i almost got sucked.
2009-06-27, 03:01:53

Kelly Love (7:25 PM): Hi dear, am back
T. (7:25 PM): hey, i thought you were done dear
Kelly Love (7:25 PM): Yes i am back
T. (7:26 PM): sorry, it should have been, gone dear
Kelly Love (7:26 PM): its alright
T. (7:27 PM): you were saying something about some problems. would you please repeat because i lost the transcript after you hung- ip
Kelly Love (7:30 PM): Ok honey, i said that my aunty has agreed to help me with 300usd of the flight fee and now its remaining 100usd which i dont have, and i need to hurry to london because my late parent's lawyer is a very busy man, i need to go if not he will travel to another country for his job and it will take a very long time before he can be able to make another trip to London. The company wrote to me , asking me to come as soon as possible and i wrote them back that i dont have money and accomodation and they said, they can only provide accomodation for me, where i will stay till they processings finish
T. (7:33 PM): well dear I can help you out with US Dollars One Hundred only but in london and not nigeria.
T. (7:35 PM): are you there kelly?
T. (7:36 PM): are you there kelly?
T. (7:37 PM): please answer me
Kelly Love (7:37 PM): Hi dear
Kelly Love (7:38 PM): Sorry dear am having pc problem
T. (7:38 PM): is something wrong with your connection dear?
Kelly Love (7:38 PM): what was ur last message?
Kelly Love (7:38 PM): I dont really know dear
T. (7:38 PM): my last message was, well
dear I can help you out with US Dollars One Hundred only but in london
and not nigeria
Kelly Love (7:39 PM): Oh thanks so much dear
Kelly Love (7:40 PM): But am still having problems, if u should send to London, how do i get it to complete my flight fee....
Kelly Love (7:41 PM): Yes we are good friends honey and i know someday we will be more than that. If u can help me dear i will be very grateful. I need to be in London . U know i need the money from the company to start my life . Like i told you i will never forget you if things go well for me
T. (7:43 PM): cause banking with most of the western african countries is in a matter of fact very difficult from here due to fraudulent practices and local banks do not want to do any transaction except via london, new york or london
Kelly Love (7:44 PM): Oh i see
T. (7:45 PM): tell me if you have any other alternative
Kelly Love (7:45 PM): Yes honey, do u have instant money transfer , like western union?
T. (7:46 PM): yes we do but in that case there's a lot of formalities that i know of and that takes time daer
Kelly Love (7:46 PM): whats formalities?
T. (7:48 PM): firstly, getting permission from the authorities
Kelly Love (7:48 PM): Oh i see thats really hard
Kelly Love (7:49 PM): Honey can u send to Canada?
T. (7:49 PM): yes, i can dear
Kelly Love (7:49 PM): to my aunty so that she can send it back to me with her own money that she wants to help me with, right now she is in Canada and if u can send to her in Canada she will send everything together
Kelly Love (7:49 PM): Ok
Kelly Love (7:49 PM): Will sending to Canada be easy dear?
T. (7:50 PM): yes, in that case i will have it sent from the usa dear
Kelly Love (7:51 PM): Yes u will send it in USA current Dollar
Kelly Love (7:51 PM): I will tell her later and give you her Western union info
Kelly Love (7:51 PM): So that u can send it as soon as possible
T. (7:51 PM): will you give a couple of days please dear
Kelly Love (7:52 PM): ok
Kelly Love (7:52 PM): how do u mean u will send it in USA?
T. (7:53 PM): i will need the full name and the correct postal address of your aunty before i can do anything dear
Kelly Love (7:53 PM): Ok honey i will send that to you later today...
T. (7:53 PM): also her home phone number pplease
Kelly Love (7:53 PM): ok
T. (7:54 PM): please send that to me in an email dear
Kelly Love (7:54 PM): Ok i will sweetie
Kelly Love (7:55 PM): Dear pls tell me how long do you think it will take you to get the money so that i will tell the company the day i will come
Kelly Love (7:55 PM): I really have to go soon
Kelly Love (7:55 PM): So that i wont delay the lawyer
T. (7:55 PM): how soon dear?
Kelly Love (7:55 PM): He is in London right now so i suppose to join him this week
Kelly Love (7:55 PM): or weekend
T. (7:56 PM): please let me have the day and date dear
Kelly Love (7:56 PM): The day of what?
T. (7:57 PM): within which day and date that you will require the money, that's what i meant dear
Kelly Love (7:57 PM): Honey try to understand me.
Kelly Love (7:58 PM): I need to leave for London as soon as possible...
Kelly Love (7:58 PM): The lawyer is in London now so i need to join in
Kelly Love (7:58 PM): Everything is depending on you
T. (7:58 PM): i wanted to know within which date do you need the money in canada
Kelly Love (8:00 PM): Dear i need it on wednesday
Kelly Love (8:00 PM): yes
Kelly Love (8:00 PM): Can you be able to help me out on wednesday?
T. (8:03 PM): please let me have the full name and the correct postal address of your Aunt i Canada, her home telephone number per return email
Kelly Love (8:03 PM): Yes it will honey....
Kelly Love (8:04 PM): ok
T. (8:04 PM): as i informed you earlier it's going to take some then it will be of no use to you dear
Kelly Love (8:05 PM): Ok dear i understand
Kelly Love (8:06 PM): i will send u the info as soon as possible... I will send u the address soon...
T. (8:06 PM): please let me have the details after which i will see what I can do
Kelly Love (8:11 PM): thats very good of you dear
Kelly Love (8:11 PM): I will be very happy if u can help me sweetie
Kelly Love (8:11 PM): I really need a help right now
T. (8:13 PM): now, if you are serious about what you said, send me the the details
Kelly Love (8:14 PM): i said i will honey
Kelly Love (8:14 PM): U know i have to get the info from my aunty in Canada
Kelly Love (8:15 PM): when she give me the address i will send it to you
T. (8:15 PM): please get the required information for your Aunt and let me know dear
Kelly Love (8:15 PM): ok
Kelly Love (8:15 PM): are u going anywhere dear?
T. (8:16 PM): yes dear
Kelly Love (8:16 PM): Ok honey i will be online later on...
Kelly Love (8:16 PM): I have to go now
Kelly Love (8:16 PM): its lunch time here
Kelly Love (8:16 PM): we will chat later
T. (8:17 PM): okay, i hope to chat with you later dear
Kelly Love (8:17 PM): ok
Kelly Love (8:17 PM): bye for now
T. (8:19 PM): bye and take dood care of yourself dear
Kelly Love (8:19 PM): ok darling thanks so much.
Kelly Love (8:19 PM): ok
T. (8:19 PM): you are welcome dear
2009-06-28, 08:51:09   (updated: 2009-06-28, 08:52:12)
wanwan from Japan  
@2007-05-18, 22:25:57 (updated: 2007-05-18, 22:27:56)

Sender(flow chart )

IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
-96.5446 57049 -06:00
Net Speed ISP Domain

IDD Code Area Code Weather Station

IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
Longitude ZIP Code Time Zone UNITED STATES NEW YORK NEW YORK 40.7488
-73.9846 10001 -05:00
Net Speed ISP Domain

IDD Code Area Code Weather Station
1 212/646/718/917 (USNY0833) LONG ISLAND CITY

IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
Longitude ZIP Code Time Zone ISRAEL - - 31.767
35.233 - +02:00
Net Speed ISP Domain

IDD Code Area Code Weather Station
972 - (ISXX0010) JERUSALEM

IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
-122.089 98052 -08:00
Net Speed ISP Domain

IDD Code Area Code Weather Station
1 425 (USWA0367) REDMOND

IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
-76.9331 20866 -05:00
Net Speed ISP Domain

IDD Code Area Code Weather Station

IP Address Country Region City Latitude/
Longitude ZIP Code Time Zone ISRAEL - - 31.767
35.233 - +02:00
Net Speed ISP Domain

IDD Code Area Code Weather Station
972 - (ISXX0010) JERUSALEM

IP Information - address:
Reverse DNS: [No reverse DNS entry per]
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Unknown]
ASN: 7018
IP range connectivity: 1
Registrar (per ASN): ARIN
Country (per IP registrar): US [United States]
Country Currency: USD [United States Dollars]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: Normal
City (per outside source): North Sioux City, South Dakota
Country (per outside source): US [United States]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS: 12.. 02


IP Information - address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Could be forged: hostname does not exist]
ASN: 12491
IP range connectivity: 2
Registrar (per ASN): RIPE
Country (per IP registrar): IL [Israel]
Country Currency: ILS [Israel New Shekels]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Unknown
Country (per outside source): IL [Israel]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No
Link for WHOIS: 81.199.. 157

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2009-09-12, 22:50:01
I would like to just let people know, that this scam artist has taken a new route. It is now posing as a man on sites such a, but using the exact same e-mail that was the source of this whole conversation, with a few minor changes. He/she is now posing using various accounts containing
. I was curious when some of the contents of his e-mail went from well written to a drastic uneducated text that was hardly legible, so I persued my intinct by good old fashioned copy, paste, and google, and ah ha, here I found an e-mail matching the one I just recieved. I would like to thank you all for keeping this going so I had more to go off of when I was investigating this person.
2009-12-04, 14:21:09
tomtomturnaround from United Kingdom  
Oh yeah. Looks like another Nigerian scam. That is NOT a pic of the woman---or possibly man? that's trying it on here. Peeps in Nigeria don't usually look like that. They're usually black.
2009-12-04, 14:26:18
tomtomturnaround from United Kingdom  
Just as a follow up, you can tell by the language used, she(he) is not a natural English speaker. Plus, anyone that uses terms like 'sweetie' is either a hooker or an escort. Gotta watch these sites carefully.
2016-07-08, 00:06:42 from United States  
Great post , Incidentally , people are looking for a IRS 433-B , my boss discovered a sample document here <code>>.

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