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Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana


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Name: Nancy Milman


po box 10540 Accra-north 00233 Ghana-West Africa Phone# 233 246 664 649

Other Comments:
This woman is very very good at her job I even have been talking to her on the phone.... She is very patient and has some really good stories... She did make a mistake after 1 month of being in love and true to only me she slipped and clicked on my name when sending a response to someone else who's name started with a d like mine... Hell I'm still in love with her and I know it's a scam, Thanks.......Dave

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2010-04-26, 18:41:42
anonymous from Canada  
watch your wallet por evelyn boake has to get money to leave the country because she is way to special to be in amongst blacks she says and she also has to pay to write her lawyers test for her diploma that was the lie that took the cake western union here she comes

2010-04-26, 18:45:53
anonymous from Canada  
which way to western union say evelyn boake she needs money for her lawyer diploma and she says she hates ghana and needs money to leave to go back to australia away from the blacks she says EVELYN BOAKE SAYS IT WOULD BE ALOT BETTER IN GHANA IF SHE COULD JUST FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE THE BLACKS LEAVE

2010-04-26, 18:48:31
anonymous from Canada  
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Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana

2010-04-27, 10:02:19
anonymous from United States  
anyone can tell me who this is and i will post another one under it need to know if she is susan like she says??
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana

2010-04-27, 10:04:30
anonymous from United States  

This image was also posted here:
Another dating / chat scam - USA/ Nigeria connection

2010-04-27, 11:25:25
OJAS from United States  
Canada, update the Raven Riley Thread http://www.delphifa..=30#137245
2010-04-28, 13:55:15
[hidden] from London, United Kingdom  

2010-04-29, 04:39:16
m_girl124 from Canada  
Evelyn Boakye

Ghana, Accra
40k, Kotobabi
zip 00233

phone #

Knows her way around Western Union.
She will want Money for: A Visa Renewal
Student Coats (to write her accounting exam)
For a plain ticket
For a new computer

She prays for you relationship
Her father calls
And your bank account to her never closes

the relationship is one way, you pay for all.
Her input is taking the money.

So if your reading up on this I ask you how many more time will this 38 year old get to graduate college???????
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana

2010-05-02, 13:14:07
anonymous from United States  
In regards to a earlier post on this site, sashasam64@yahoo.comHi gentlemen, this is madashell again, this girl sasha sam just won't go away. In a earlier post I stated losing 34 hundred over the course of three months. Now yesterday the guy that is suppose to be getting all her paperwork in order to come to america, his name is Roger Adams ( calls me and says in the begining he made alot of mistakes, now he rechecked everything and she only needs 900 to come to America to be my wife. Says she is losing weight & crying all the time since her mom pasted away last month, because she is so lonely. All this after I have been telling her for a month she is a scammer. She states she knows someone stole her pictures off a site she sold to a company a long time ago. But here are the facts, if you go to that site and look at all the pictures of sasha sam, she has a birth mark on her left arm, the girl camming me does not. The girl scamming me doesn't compare side by side to sasha sam's video's on her site, but the girl camming me side by side is a exact match up of the porn star Raven Riley. Last time she cammed me I put up a raven riley video & while myself & my friends were watching, it was a exact match. Here is the latest email from Sasha Sam, using my last name on her signature.

Hello my dearest John,
How are you doing this day,i hope you are doing fine like i am doing here sweet love,i have this great joy in my heart and i just know where it is coming from and i want to share that with you.
Yes darling if you care to know its just because its time for our hearts to get together finally,once and for all my love,yes i am very happy today more than all my days i have spent on earth because i slept with so much happiness and woke up smiling too.!
Darling you have made me who i am today and i say that thanks to you from my heart.! I called Roger today and was talking and warning him that if we have some more money to bring up he should let me know but he said that we need nothing more apart from the 900 and he told me that he will be calling you himself today in his free time to talk more about how we are not going to need anything more apart from the 900usd my love..
I want you to know that i am online as i write you this email but looks like you are fast asleep and would leave you to do just that okay so please i would be back for you in about 12noon my time to talk more to you as i am missing you from the tablets of my heart.I am yours and you are mine and i will love you till the end of time sweetheart,take care and always know that you have a pretty lady here who will always die for please take care of my cute heart..
love you always
Sasha Sam Alexander!!

These are the new phone numbers being used by Sasha Sam 011-233-548-087-018 & 011-233-245-425-574

I can't list all the IP addresses because I have over 100 emails, but here is some

2010-05-03, 22:31:55
anonymous from Canada  
TO: dlp42633 in the US
Regarding, the pictures you posted in January 2010
Mavis Puplampu / Mary Tindandoog
I knew her as Eunice Cudjoe of Accra Ghana
Very smooth operator!!!
2010-05-05, 10:56:06
m_girl124 from Canada  
Consumer ethics is a growing area of research that focused almost exclusively on consumers in the United States and, to a lesser degree, Europe and Asia. In this paper, we introduce an African element to the consumer ethics discourse by drawing on survey responses from over 300 Ghanaian consumers to explore their ethical beliefs and judgments. We analyzed these data using regression techniques.


While Ghanaian consumers recognize the value of moral rules, they are prone to suspending their ethical positions as they deem necessary in a particular context. Implications for marketing strategy and future research are discussed.

I ask you to please note the sentence in capital letters, please note that this is a culture to live in that world you must be like that.

2010-05-05, 17:03:27
anonymous from Tallinn, Estonia  
Blacks leave Ghana?? Ha ha - The country is africa, mostly populated with black africans.
It is easyer to empty Sahara for sand.
It is actually one problem by being white girl in west Africa, and that is not the skinproblem, but the religion. This country have a big muslim influence, and this religion controll the womans posibility to do like they want a lot. So a lot that is natural for a girl from west (like western Europe and USA) is not to be taken as granted in a muslim influated sosciety. Like swim in bikini, or go on disco alone.
Why have your girl not told you this, because it is a scammer of muslim african background.
Rule number 1, most white girls with conection to westAfrica (like Nigeria and Ghana) that contact you on datingpages is just another scammer.
It is almost none white girls in west Africa, but on datingpages is it tousands of them.
And if you look at details on the photo do you often see small details like interioure, productbrands etc that tells you that the photo is probelly taken on another place of the clode (like UK, USA, Russia, or Latin America).
The scammer often steels photo of a white girl, because they know people often want a partner that have some of the same look as your selfe.
The reasson is that we male primates often choose a female that looks somewhat simular to oure mother (if oure mother was a good mother, of cause). And girls often looks for personlality that is simular to her father, but often less controlling.
Black girls with higher education in UK, France USA and Canada on datingpages that search for older man, and conection to Ghana/Nigeria/Ivory Coast is often a scammer from Africa.
Why do scammers tell their conection to westAfrica in their false stories? Easy enough
They know the IP-adresses can be tracked, and the man relax if the country is fitting or almost fitting.
A other reasson is that they want money over Western Union /Moneygram soon, and here is it easyest for them is the reciver is from the country where they are. They have to pay a person in USA to pick up the money, like 'Jennifer Houton' that wanted the money sendt to her aunt in California. This was a Ghana Scammer, that paid a pickup-girl to do the job in USA

2010-05-05, 23:37:50
anonymous from United States  
2010-05-07, 07:16:38
mad as phuk from United States  
Kathy heres she is! I know her by talking to her for 1 monthHeres pic she sent me . BY way is brother name Larry??

2010-05-07, 10:52:18   (updated: 2010-05-07, 10:53:47)
mad as phuk from United States  
UP DATE!!!! is same as Mary Ansong +many others! Her real face is on pg 27
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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