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Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana


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Name: Nancy Milman


po box 10540 Accra-north 00233 Ghana-West Africa Phone# 233 246 664 649

Other Comments:
This woman is very very good at her job I even have been talking to her on the phone.... She is very patient and has some really good stories... She did make a mistake after 1 month of being in love and true to only me she slipped and clicked on my name when sending a response to someone else who's name started with a d like mine... Hell I'm still in love with her and I know it's a scam, Thanks.......Dave

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2008-09-25, 04:27:07
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:
She is rather strang lasy never answer and has always her own story, a fake story. hr mails are fallow,

Hello, how are you? You probably are surprised that you are written by
young lady??? Be not surprised I to write to you from a site
relationplanet. It is the Netherlands dating site! I am new to this
Internett dating so I dont really know what to expect from it but I
have decided to give it a try and I am very openminded. I must stress
the fact that I am very serious about my search for a future
life-partner and I am not here just for fun or to play games. I am
very honest and I disslike liars allot and I cant stand cheaters. I
have a very strong personality but I am a very considerable lady. I
have a big heart and allot to give. I am tired of being alone. So if
you are serious and true in your intentions and you think i have the
qualities you are looking for I would be very happy to hear from you
letter. Irina.

Hello and thanks for you answer Dearest,
How are you doing today? I
hope you having nice time, as for me am cool. Thanks for the quick
respond, you sound nice and honest. Im new to this online thing please
bear with me. I have removed the structure on dating site! I hope that
knowingly! More about me I am single never married born in Sverdlovsk
city (Ural area) country Russia., obtained my degree in the University
of Chuvashiya, and recently move down here in city Novocheboksarsk. It is
young city! The city has been founded no more than 50 years ago! I am
work now not by a trade! I into the Sales of female footwear and
underwear. I`m 5`6 '. 117 athletic built, physically fit, a bunch
of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, and God Fearing. I am
real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I enjoy chilling with
my friend/family, I like going to the movies, or watching movies in my
room, I like swimming, fishing, listening to music and dance to any
kind of music, travelling, going bowling and also am a good cook. I am
a family oriented person and there is more, I am really interested in
wanting to know about what makes you the special person you are today,
I want to know more about your family, your background, your life
experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams, your
interests, and anything else you want to tell me. I want to learn
about you and what makes up your heart and soul, as the friendship I
want to build with you I want it to be like no other you have ever
shared in or experienced. This friendship I want to build with you
will be filled with substance, quality, spirituality and potential
ultimately built on LOVE. I look forward to hearing from you soon

How you morning???? friendly hey from russia. At us weather has
exchanged! Now much more warmly! Yesterday there were +27 degrees!
What weather at you???? Today there will be +24 degrees! to be honest,
it's really kind of u to not pass by. how you?... i hope it would be
really right to name you Dear. so.. let me tell u a little about
myself. you can call me Honey, i like this name very very much. It is
pleasant to listen to it! :) I not so love when me name my real name
Irina. I am glad that you have not rejected my letter and is very
happy that again I write you. I with the big interest read you letter.
I very much want I shall learn about you as much as possible to try to
write to you all about myself as much as possible. I want that you
have studied me as it is possible better and were not mistaken in the
choice. I very much would like that you were that person of whom I
searched for all life. I always appreciated in men nobleness and skill
to stand the lady. It seems to me if two persons in all are fair to
each other and they have mutual understanding that him the fine future
and long love is provided. I very much want to learn about you all in
the smallest details. In how many you rise, what is the time at you
leaves for work, that you like to eat, as you will spend the free
time. Now I want to write a little about myself as at me passes usual
day. in fact i live alone in rented one-room apartment. my family is
small, no.. i'd like to say ' too small ' and it consists of me and my
old father and mother. i and my family, we live apart. But I try to go
each week to them on a visit! I am for 5 years as live separately from
the parents. Usually I wake up at 5:30 clock in the morning and I go
in bathing. After that I go to have breakfast, for breakfast I eat
sandwiches and I drink tea with milk. At 8 I leave from a house and I
go on a stop. My job to be not so far, and I quickly reach.... I Try
to not go in public transport.. It is better to me to be passed and
besides it is useful for my heart.... :))))))) Sometimes at a stop
there are many people and I go for work on foot. In general I like to
take a walk before my job from a house of 20 minutes of walking. My
working day lasts from 9 o'clock till 20 o'clock. To sell lady's wear
very difficultly and tiresomely! But I to not have yet other work! But
I in search! After work I come very much tired and at once I go to
accept bathing. After that I feel restoration of forces. I hope to you
boring my letter you will not seem and will write further to me Dear.
I hope, that I write clearly enough and much about myself. I shall try
to answer all your questions. If I shall not answer your question mean
I could not to understand it, do not take offence at me and write it
once again. I think, that you understand Dear , that the overall
objective in my life is to find that only thing, my second part of me
with which I can go through all difficulties of life. On it I want
to finish the letter and with the big impatience I shall expect your
answer. Your letters, Dear kindle ice in me and kindle a fire in my
heart. Your friend from Irina or Honey!!
P.S. I was born on September, 2nd, 1982!
Today rainy week end Dear! I wished to go to my parents on a visit as
at me today free day from work! But probably it is necessary to
postpone my trip up to tomorrow! Today probably the rain will be all
the day! My parents live beside in city! They live in City Kanash! It
about 230 kilometers from my house! Each time when I to wish to visit
my parents to me it is necessary to go by the bus! Three years ago
there was also very rainy day! The Automobile line was very wet and
slippery because of a rain! The Bus driver has disturbed a high-speed
mode and has not coped with management! The bus has overturned in a
ditch! We have remained miracle are alive! I with crisis of four edges
and the open crisis of a leg have been delivered in hospital! I was in
hospital 2 months! Was a lot of suffered with heavier traumas but
nobody was lost! After that I am afraid of a case to go by the bus in
rainy weather! It in my subconsciousness and I cannot get rid of this
phobia! But tomorrow weather forecasters promised good weather and I
shall be capable to visit my parents! I work in shop in two day! It
means that two days I work and then two days I have free days from
work! But these of day and nights are not so pleasant for me! On work
to me is more cheerful! As for my nights. My nights are being spent in
a cold bed where I'm alone only. All right I shall not be about sad! I
hope that I have not frightened you of the letter! I do not search for
pity! I search understanding! I hope that you understand me! You for
me are not indifferent also I shall be validly concerns to your
opinion! It sounds is banal but you like me and it is not necessary to
think that I naive or the girl of easy behaviour! I the considerable
girl! I do not need to write about it but it wanted to me! I hope you
like me being a real woman. I wish you good week end! I Shall try to
write tomorrow! Sincerely! Irina.

Privet my Dear! Have you ever heard a Russian word 'PRIVET' ('Hello'
in English)? Yes? No? How you week end was????
Today very could and also a rain! I and did not manage to visit my
parents! Yesterday all the day long there was a rain also ! yesterday
all the h day I sat in an apartment as weather was very vile! But
today I should go on my work to shop! Here is the poem that i dedicate
for you. Please Read and feel it.

my secret love I've sat alone a million times
while listening to midnights dulcet tones
cried with the pounding of the waves below
I've bathed alone in moonlights creamy glow
secret passions of you stirring deep within
burning up my heart and soul like a wicked sin
the thought of you brings desires from the deep
knowing you don't feel the same i begin to weep

the candles dancing flame begins to loose its glow
as i wonder when rejections pain will finally go
I hear the solemn chimes again for midnight
the stars above like diamonds sparkle bright
I can only dream of you again this lonely night
to see your smile, kiss your lips hold you tight
how i hate this wicked feeling of unrequited love
deaths release i pray dear god take me high above
but he does not answer me each time i ask
when i see you, ill hide behind the friendship mask
i want to tell you how i feel but I'm to scared to tell
If you say no I'd die of shame and so i live in hell

the velvet petals of the rose clasped tight among the thorns
you angel of mine could take my devil by the horns
passions demons swell and burn me to the core
i love you its hurts me so, but i crave you more
in the sunrises redden burning hue
i slowly wake after a night of being with you
you did not stay within my arms, nor within my bed
but brushed my dreams with lovers dust instead
my secret love i keep the secret deep inside
my love is real but in my heart it must reside

as i cannot tell to that this is how i feel
because rejection by you i could not deal
i would rather die my love by knife or pill
than be rejected by you this alone would kill
my soul would slip away my heart would break
frozen heart stone cold no more it will take
the darkness all at once then would come for me
as forever alone in death alone again for eternity

so as the clock chimes for midnight once again
my prince of love will come and passions dragon will be slain
a night of bliss and happiness
if only in reality it was this.
Ok i am go to home now! To me need go to my work soon! Always Yours,
My new photos for you!

Its Irina. Sorry me please Dear but I could not write earlier! I have
caught a cold! I had a bronchitis! Now coldly and heating for the
present have not given in an apartment! To me also I letter today am
little bit better could write to you! Today I will not go for work! I
still will be treated today! I will go for work tomorrow! To Me it was
very sad alone at home! You probably have lost me??? Now with me
everything is all right! Tomorrow I will write longer letter also I
will try to send new photos! I think of you all my time! Kiss! Irina.
How are you doing and Happy good morning over there, also I know that
you are the Love of my heart and I will always respect! To Me today it
is much better! I should go on my work! I have very much got tired! A
vacation are necessary to me! I to feel disgustingly! I the whole year
and all the summer long worked without holiday! The last summer I went
to have a rest on the sea in Turkey! Not so it was pleasant to me!
Very much a heat! The European climate is more preferable to me! This
summer it was not possible to me! But I shall ask my boss that he has
given me a vacation in October! What do you think in this occasion????
I to have the passport for travel abroad! I Hope that he not delayed!
But I can prolong the passport! You to wish to meet me??? Think before
to write the answer! I to ask seriously! It is the big step in
relations! At us still it is a lot of time that all is good to
consider and make a decision! You agree??? Forgive for not modest
questions! I understand that I hurry events! But I to not play game
and to wish to know your intentions on the future! I like in advance
all to plan! Then you make less mistakes and you do not injure
yourself and relatives Morally! I shall look forward to hearing to my
questions! I hope to receive the fair answer! You very much like me
also I to want serious relations! I should go now on my work!
Unfortunately I shall be capable to write only to Monday in the
morning! Earlier I shall not have such opportunity! I shall go tonight
on a visit to my parents! If that is possible I would like to send the
regards to them from you! If you not against! Therefore I cannot write
till Monday! But me it will be pleasant that if you will write to me
some letters! It will deliver to me great pleasure! I wish you good
week end and good mood! Kiss you! Irina.

Dear I am at home now! I have just now arrived!!! I need to have time
to have my breakfast and then to go to my work! Today I shall ask
holiday from work! If my boss will not allow to take to me holiday
that I shall leave from this work and to search other work! I not the
slave to work without holiday! Many emotions have gushed over me and I
have not made progress to welcome you and to wish you kind morning!
Good morning my love! I hope that at you all well??? How has yours
week end??? My parents were very glad to my visit! They worried as I
have not arrived in last week end! We in village do not have telephone
line! she was but the telephone line was damaged with a lightning when
there was a strong thunder-storm! Our village is located near to city!
But the government of city have forgotten about us! Has passed 3
months but till now a problem have not solved! I to wish to buy a
mobile phone! But it is not so necessary to me I already has got used
to live without phone! But sometimes it is very necessary! My parents
abuse me because of it! If at me it will turn out to agree with my
boss that to me have given holiday in October then we can have a
meeting! My boss the woman! Therefore with her it will be difficult to
agree! If there would be a man then problems were not! I always
dreamed to visit the Europe! Unfortunately except for Turkey and Egypt
I did not go in other countries! Not always opportunities coincide
with desire! Ok I shall go now! By the way write to me the full home
address! If you want that I shall write to you the address! OK? Kiss
you! Irina.

Good morning Its Irina my love! I think you sleeping now! At me very
good news! I managed to receive holiday from work in October! My boss
has allowed to take holiday since October, 13th! My holiday short is
very a pity that! Only 21 day! I not long had to persuade her! she
almost at once has agreed with me! You are glad for me??? I hope yes!
Now I can have a rest with benefit for myself! If you not against that
I with pleasure would arrive to you on a visit! I think that it for us
chance better to know each other! Today at me free day from work and I
will be engaged in documents! I have a passport for travel abroad! I
need to learn all about the visa! I hope that it not difficultly and I
will be capable to learn all today! If all will be good that we will
soon have a meeting! Excuse me for the short letter but I should go! I
will write to you tomorrow all that I could to learn! Kiss you match!

How are you my Future Guy!!! Dear, I'm very glad to write you again.
Yesterday there was very successful day! I went to travel agency, and
all have very well learned concerning my trip to you, my dear, this
oldest agency in our city. Make the visa, it is possible in two ways:
It is very important! Travel agency offered me to solve the problem
and it will take me less time if I use Full Package of Service (FPS.)
FPS includes additional payments for a category of the visa, consular
services, preparation for interview with commission, completely paid
tickets, class economy a class. I Can fly to you from Moscow or Kazan.
FPS the package enters the insurance (at refusal issue of visa, the
insurance company will pay money for FPS, for a minus 35 EUR) FPS
costs 1200 EUR/1700 USD, only 1700 USD., the visas agency remove all
the problems and thus increases the chance of getting a visa without
excessive delays (I can get a visa in a 5-7 days after payment). The
travel agency, gives a firm guarantee in reception of the visa, and an
insurance policy, will defray all charges if me to not give the visa.
I thought for a long time and came to the conclusion that this variant
is the only right for me. Condition obligatory, payment FPS to make
for 10 days, up to my start to you, my dear. Otherwise they will not
accept documents concerning the visa. I have never been in the Europe.
but now I have a chance to meet you. I should, say you, fairly, I to
not think that my trip to you costs so expensively. For me it very
much a big sum of money. My loved, to arrive to you It is necessary
for me 1200 EUR. I have no so many money. To me to do payment for job
for a vacation and then I have small accumulation, But I have enough
money independently to pay FPS. Forgive, I cannot arrive to you if you
will not help me. I very much to regret, I have no all of money for a
trip to you. Such big sum of money to me who will not give. The Most
part of my friends cannot earn for the whole year, such money.
Therefore I have no opportunity, to borrow this money from my friends
or my parents. For our Village it is big money. It's a dream. I very
much to ask you about the help! I need to pay all till Monday! I shall
save money with everyone the of wage payment to return to you back! If
you can send me today 600 euro. It will be big help! Other part of
money I shall find! I to go to travel agency and to learn, how you can
send me of money. The tourist agent to me has told, that more simple
and The easy way consists in that it is probable to send, me money,
through branch moneygram. But I to not have Money Gram in my city!
Then to me have suggested to use system western union! It also quickly
and reliably! In the agency to me to tell, that it will be a
convenient and fast remittance. I can receive such transfer in 10
minutes after you me to send Money. In our village there is no such
branch. western union, is in next City Novocheboksarsk, In this city I
have registration! these are 20 minutes by the bus, and in this city
there is branch western union. my full name: Irina Soloveva. The
country: Russia city: Novocheboksarsk. Chuvashiya republic. Street:
10I PYATILETKI. # 15. Possibly, it and remains, only my dream. Mine
not real dream. You are my friend, and friend sometimes meet each
other. I think it will be great, wonderful, fantastic. I just want to
met you. I suppose you have not changed your attitude towards me after
this letter. I'm looking forward to seeing to calm down my heart.
Please tell me you will be happy to face me? I hope you'll!!! PS. My
loved, I to wish to tell to you, that yesterday I went make a copy of
my passport. I want send at once to you. I you very much ask to trust
me, All what I to require is in you and an our meeting. I am finishing
my letter now, my dear and I am smiling :) here for you! I miss you!

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2008-09-25, 04:28:31
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:
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2008-09-25, 04:29:10
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:29:48
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:30:21
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:30:55
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:31:29
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:32:14
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:32:46
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:33:18
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:33:56
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:34:29
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:35:03
anonymous from Netherlands  
Irina Soloveva
Russia city: Novocheboksarsk.
Chuvashiya republic. Street:

2008-09-25, 04:52:55
anonymous from Netherlands  

Mobil nr: 7 9278792858

Irina Okulova
Said Galeeva 25
420000 Kazan

may be possible this address too

sovetskaya street 47-76
yoshkar ola

Please help me because i have her paid 692 euro's or call the police or any mean else. She is very clever lady and agressive and dangerous. It is crimenal world. so please becareful.

Good afternoon my favourite, careful Mughal. At me all is normal. Weather in the street cloudy, sometimes
leaves the sun. Favourite mine how passes at you the day off? I hope, that you will well have a rest, and
with new forces will meet new week. In an apartment repair has ended, but workers have admitted one
marriage, at me in an apartment workers have torn an electric wire which was in a wall, now the electricity
does not work for me in one room, on Monday will have to cause the master that it repaired electric posting.
Yesterday there was very strong rain, on roads went a lot of water. Favourite I Mughal, today has dreamed
me, such remarkable dream, to me has dreamed, that we sit with you, very long we sat and looked against each
other, about something spoke, and then somewhere have gone, have come to any place which is not known to me,
it was coast, we have approached to water and looked at a dawn, the sun rose from horizon, the sun was such
big and bright, and we stood and looked, and in our eyes was visible, that we are happy, in our eyes
sparkled sparks of happiness. My darling, in this dream all was so really, that when I have opened eyes in
the morning I not at once have understood where I am, I of minutes 15 came to the senses, and when I have
come to the senses, to me became so it is a pity, that it was a dream, but to me it was pleasant, for any
instant I was with you, and I am happy, it was very remarkable dream. Favourite mine, I expect appointment
to you, favourite mine Mughal, remember that there is a person to which you is dear and there is a heart
which you loves, know it! I do not ask many, easier to be with you beside, to be your wife, I do not
represent a life without you, I too love you, yes I love! I can forget everything, but except for our days
which will be at us, your hands and eyes, I love you, and I shall love, with the big pure love.
Good afternoon my favourite, that which I always expect favourite mine Mughal. At me all is normal.
Favourite mine, yes I am going to leave Russia to live with you, to be with you always because I very
strongly love you. My darling, I am going to go to Moscow to do documents, approximately in one day I shall
go to Moscow. In the street there is very hot weather. People are hidden from the hot sun who where, someone
in water, even at all fountains it is a lot of people, on street the heat, today + 34 degrees of heat has
come sharply. I today all the day long sat houses because on street to leave very much heat, during such
time it is good to be at water on the river or on the sea, and to me far to reach the river, I spend time in
bathing. Favourite mine, you are in my ideas, and I cannot simply take and throw out you from the ideas
because I love you, you to me are very dear, I appreciate your care. And when we shall meet, I shall touch
you, You will shudder, and the sweet shiver will fill your body, I shall kiss your eyes, You will smile, I
shall whisper, Kind night, native, I shall wish Beautiful and color dreams, I always shall be a number, I
shall be with you in pleasure, and minutes of sweet, I shall see your smile and grief, I shall divide with
you all your emotions, I want that you was happy with me, I do not wish to give you of an occasion for
frustration, on the contrary want that in our life always there was a happiness, pleasure and the consent.
Favourite mine, I wish to construct with you such strong family which will be the strongest fortress that no
troubles could break our love, and let all troubles which exist bypass us the party, I with you shall
struggle for our happiness. With the big love, a kiss
Hi my favourite, careful husband Mughal. C great pleasure I read your letter, you are very pleasant for me.
At me all is normal, with feeling what be fast we can together. How days off have begun at you? At us in the
street good weather, all also costs a heat + 33 degrees. Today again went in a garden, to water flowers, has
returned in the evening. Went on the river, water very warm bathed, in the evening, only it is a lot of
mosquitoes, I was quickly expiated in the river, have put on and have run home. Yes favourite mine, it will
be very good, if I shall start to do documents, but for this purpose will be necessary money, and the more
likely I shall receive money, the documents that I could go to you will be more quickly ready. Favourite
mine, I shall love you while my heart fights. Favourite mine, the way to my heart is opened only for you,
for others the door is closed, all the night long, days for you, only you in my life, it would be desirable,
that you have looked in my eyes and have understood, that you are necessary to me only, instead of money and
popularity, I love you, it is heavy to look every day at you and to cry, I want, that you looked only at me,
the darling, favourite you the best, I sincerely wish your of good luck because you of it deserve, and all
the same you will be happy with me or with other girl, the main thing that your eyes were shone, and I
always saw your smile, happiness to you lovely, and the big and light love smiled only to me, held my hand
in the hand and never released. With strong love, a kiss. I wait
Hi my careful Mughal. Today in the street good weather. At me all is normal. I very much would like to be
with you. How at you business? I hope, that you by way of. Favourite mine, you for me are more than simply
friend, I love you, but I would not like to afflict you, that I cannot arrive to you. You know at me there
is no money, and to me is very sick from it. Day at me passes in full loneliness, only with ideas on you I
do not feel lonely, and I regret for that distance which divides us. For me you, my lovely, kind, gentle and
strong person! Since then when we have got acquainted, to me it is hard one, without you. I began to think,
that all life was engaged not in that. The repentance and a regret, fear has suddenly come, that behind a
back there are more than past without you years, than ahead with you. All life I am engaged in the device of
another's lives, was a victim, searched to myself for forces in weakness of others. Silly to ask questions,
I do the destiny, and anybody to me does not prevent to go, at all to you, and in emptiness. But forces are
not present, the belief is not present, ahead of I see nothing, even you. Though you this greatest
happiness! You unique for the sake of whom I on morning open eyes. What to do, where to go? In fact at me
never such feeling was and any more will not be. I do not require the rich house world where there is no
you. As madly it would be desirable to touch you! Kiss you! Really you do not feel, how I grieve in the
distance as I am pleased to your letters as I all is overflown by you and as I all each section you.
Favourite mine, me it is very lonely, and I very strongly experience for us, for our meeting. Also know,
that I have very strongly grown fond of you. The whole it is gentle
Hi favourite, careful, my most true husband Mughal. Today at me good mood. My darling, what mood at you? I
hope, that at you also as well as I'm fine. Today in the street good weather. I have decided to not sit at
home, and to go to walk in park to breathe fresh air. I went on park in fine dreams of you, of us, of our
meeting, but I do not wish to tell what there were at me desires, you only do not take offence, I want, that
my desires have come true, I trust in it. Favourite mine Mughal, I much that I can tell to you, but you
should hear these words, instead of read through, I wish to speak you looking in your eyes, and I do not
know who at our meeting will speak the first, but nevertheless I think, that the first will be spoken by
you, yes you my favourite. While all this in my representations, but I trust, that shortly we shall not
write any more each other the letter, and we shall speak all fine words looking each other in eyes, we can
show the feelings, and these feelings are fine, yes feelings of love are fine, and I shall be very happy to
show the feelings to you. Favourite mine, I shall pray for us, for our fine future that at all of us it has
turned out. With love, set of sweet kisses. Your favourite, Irina.

I write to you favourite mine, good evening Mughal, today I am very tired, and I write late to you the
letter, in the street is already dark. Today in a garden at neighbours burned the house, there was a fire.
We for a long time did not have rains, a lot of the dry grass in the street is very dry, and someone is
visible has thrown a stub and the fire when the house at neighbours has lighted up has turned out, I was
still at home and did not gather to go anywhere, but suddenly to me in an apartment have knocked at a door,
I have opened and have seen the woman in the form of, it was the fire inspector, it has told to me about
happened, and has asked to go with it to me to a garden. When we have arrived, I have seen an awful picture,
I have seen as at neighbours burnt down the house, fire could pass to my small house, and firemen watered my
house in a garden that it has not lighted up. Firemen could not extinguish the house at neighbours, there
have arrived two fire machines and both of them were without water, then they have gone on lake behind water
while they went the house already all has burned down. Neighbours were not, they somewhere have left to have
a rest, when they will arrive, for them it will be awful news. Favourite mine Mughal, but you do not
experience, I'm fine, I only am a little tired, but I feel perfectly. How at you passes today day? I hope,
that at you all is good. Now I write to you the letter, and in a head weight of memoirs, pleasant memoirs,
memoirs on you, you know, pictures arise in itself, here we go along the street, we talk, here we sit at
lake, coldly, you embrace me, and I am warmed from your hot body. I am a lot of all wish to tell to you, I
would like to feel when you will hold me for a hand when you embrace me as I shall forget about all near to
you, and to me will want that time has stopped, that this time did not come to an end, that you did not
allocate an eye that did not disconnect embrace. I speak my God as strongly I wish to be with you! My
darling, you the first to whom I wish to open. Yes it so, also know I from it it is very happy, I am happy
to that there is you. Favourite mine, now I finish this letter in hope, that soon we shall meet. With love,
set of embraces, kisses. Your love, Irina.
Hi my favourite, careful Mughal. I ask from you a pardon that did not write to you. My computer has failed,
I very much worried. But now all is good, it was very a pity to me, that I could not write to you, and read
your letters. Favourite mine, I all time think of you, you likely were very disturbing, because did not
receive from me letters. I wish to tell to you many thanks for your care. Weather in the street became bad,
in the street it is raining and cool, it is necessary to put on warmly. Favourite mine Mughal, know that you
to me are not indifferent, that I strongly, strong love you, I speak you in all sincerity, you live in my
heart, and I trust, that soon we shall together. My darling, I very strongly wish to embrace you, I very
much would like to nestle on you. I so am glad, that I can write to you this letter, and I want, that you
knew, that I love you, and to me very much it was not pleasant, that I could not write to you, to me very
much was not quiet on a shower. Favourite mine, I wish to feel your breath, I very much would like to feel
on myself warmly, tenderness of your hands. My darling, I once again ask from you a pardon, and I wish to
ask you that you were not upset that you knew, that I shall not throw you because you became very native,
most close person for me. Favourite mine, all at us will be good, I trust in our happiness, we shall be
pleased together when we shall meet, I wish to be on your hands. With love, gently whole, your favourite,
Hi my favourite, reliable, careful husband Mughal. Today good weather, in the street + 23 degrees of heat.
My darling, is very a pity to me, that you think of me so badly, your money are not necessary to me, and I
shall send them to you back, but I want that you knew, that I'm fine, day today has passed at me normally,
but nevertheless there is no you. I am tired from single walks, but I trust, that soon we shall walk
together. My darling, how at you business? What weather at you? At you people go still to bathe? Favourite
mine, I am grateful to destiny and the curiosity that we shall be together. I wait for appointment to you,
and I trust, that it here will be fast. Favourite mine Mughal, now you are not present beside with me, but
ideas on you, always beside! I write to you from heart with all emotions and feelings. My darling, what
happiness for me will be with you beside! You my favourite prince, my hero. I so am grateful to destiny,
that it will present me a meeting with you. As though I would like to make you the happiest! And to present
you half of world, and second half to leave to itself! And to connect our two half, because together we the
whole world! I very much would like to feel your gentle kisses as reviver which fills me with forces,
emotions and feelings!!! Also know favourite mine, that I with impatience wait for our meeting, my gentle,
kind, careful, tender FAVOURITE! With love, set of caress, kisses, your favourite, Irina.

Greetings my LOVE Ghulam!!! How you? What interesting occurs in your life? With me all is
good, not including that that you are not present near to me. I very strongly hope, that
we soon shall together. And two loving hearts soon will incorporate. I am full of hopes
and I cannot wait that moment when I can embrace you and is strong kiss in your sweet
lips. Today I to rise with very good mood, with hope, that my life will soon change. My
love will change because of you!!!! I very much very much love you. I at all do not
present, as though I lived further without you my love. You are very dear to me. You
really my prince, my love, my hope for the future. I cannot pick up words at all to
express my big love to you!!! I wait for yours with impatience of your letter. With huge
love and kisses to you

Hi my dear, Ghulam my the most favourite in the world the man! Lovely mine, how at you an
affair? In hope, that at you all is good. At me all is normal, Weather in the street good,
heats the sun the beams, such feeling as though you touch to me the palm, weather varies,
as if mood of the person good bad all this so is interesting, the person and the nature
should live a single whole. Loved mine, you very much get me the letters, I read them, and
it seems to me, that I hear them really, here is how as if you stand beside and speak to
me. With good mood went on walk, walked with dreams of you. Wandered on park, silence,
sing birds, I very much like to listen to singing of birds, it is a pity only, that I do
not understand language of birds, it is interesting to me about what they sing. Loved mine
Ghulam, I constantly think, when there will come a meeting with you, I very much would
like to be with you, I cannot hold everything, that has collected at me in soul, I want to
share with you all love, pleasure. Yes it is banal sounds but how to write differently if
heart transfers in a brain only one word I like from him occur such as loved, road,
gentle, tender. It happens me terribly, that all this fine during one moment can
disappear, but you know lovely I do not believe, that the destiny so can simply raise
bridges of our ardent feelings. And I so would like, that all this was eternal. Know,
loved I am ready yours to be eternal. Lovely I, my love to you, she burns in me and burns
all me from within. I simply do not know how to describe all that I so faithfully store.
Here is how I love you loved. Also I ask only one, to help to meet to me you. Even on one
milliard share, let me a few on to live you. Loved mine Ghulam, I very strongly wait with
you a meeting, now my life which I is ready to give to your hands belongs to you, take me
to itself. I loved mine madly love you you madly good and kind person, lovely mine I want
to arrive to you I want to be with you, lovely mine you can help me with my trip. I love
you, I transfer you the tender kiss, your love

Good afternoon, you my favourite, careful husband Mughal. At me all is normal. Yesterday day has passed
easy. Favourite mine, how at you business? I very much hope, that at you everything is all right. I went to
hospital, learned as my girlfriend feels. The doctor to me has told, that it will be soon healthy, but now
it is better for not disturbing, with my girlfriend the doctor the psychiatrist is engaged, it speaks, that
it the strong girl, but I do not know it spoke it, that its guy was lost or not, I do not know it, likely
yet did not speak, but it is better to it to know when to speak, in fact it the doctor. Weather in the
street good, heats the sun, temperature in the street + 26 degrees of heat. I think to go a little to walk
in park, I need to calm down, here if you were a number, I know, that to me with you it will be good, you
will not allow me to be upset. My darling, ours with you acquaintance was accident for which I am grateful
to destiny. Now we not together, but I trust, that soon we shall a number with each other. Only you me
understand, favourite mine, to me any more with whom to speak, only with you I can speak, it is a pity to
me, that we speak only by e-mail, instead of looking each other in eyes. Favourite mine Mughal, you are
necessary to me, I do not have not enough your gentle embraces. You are very necessary to me of caress,
kisses, I wish to hear your gentle words. Favourite mine, without you days pass painfully, in the evenings I
began to drink many coffee though I do not love it, but coffee it me most of all warms, was not present
heats not coffee, I am am warmed with ideas on you, I represent you beside with me. The biggest happiness
for me to rise in the morning and to see beside such native, your sleeping person. My darling if you wish to
learn my love to you give me only one chance, and is no time you will feel necessary, you always will be we
love, and you are very necessary to me. One I shall tell from you without mind. Also know one, I wait for a
meeting with you. With love, with ardent kisses, your loving, Irina.
Hi my favourite, careful, my husband Mughal. It is pleasant to me to see your letter, it is necessary for me
as never, your support is very necessary to me. At me all is normal, only here last night the head still was
ill, but today in the morning all has passed. In the street there is a cloudy weather, + 18 degrees of heat.
In 15 one o'clock in the afternoon I am going to go to hospital to the girlfriend, it is necessary to learn
as from it state of health. When it will be healthy, it will be difficult to it to realize, that has
occured, it in fact yet does not know, that its guy was lost, and I cannot tell to it about it, I will not
have not enough forces. My darling, how your business? Favourite mine, it is very pleasant to me to look at
your photos, you calm me, I want to you. You have spent time pending my letters, I understand, that it is
heavy, and I once again ask from you a pardon. Favourite mine though I now am in bad condition, but I wish
to tell to you, that I strongly love you. My darling Mughal, in my life very much much has exchanged, with
the advent of you in my life, the loneliness was gone, I began to understand, that I have my favourite
person, yes is, and it you. I love you! You the most beautiful, the most gentle, the most tender, most most
most the best and unusual. I wish to lead with you all life, you-wash ideal the man!!! You very much do not
suffice me, day without you seems eternity. I love you and always I shall be near to you that happens, I
shall support you in everything, and I shall help you. My darling, I think, that absolutely soon we shall a
number, it is necessary to wait very little! I know precisely, that in one language of the world there are
no words which could express my love to you. Mughal to love you it how to breathe, I cannot simply stop.
Favourite mine, you know, that I cannot without you, and I wish to tell to you, that I wish to lead all
further life only with you, favourite, to be for you the most lovely, favourite, unique and desired girl on
a planet. I trust, that that time when to us will not have will come to leave you even for the night. I very
strongly love you, and I wish you to give nobody, my darling, I do not wish you to lose. I with the big hope
wait for our meeting. With pure, gentle love, a kiss. Your favourite, Irina.
Favourite mine Mughal, in the first I ask from you a pardon, I could not write to you. I had very complex
days off. On Friday I with the girlfriend was going to go to a garden, we have gathered, but we have gone
separately, I have left before the girlfriend by the bus, and the girlfriend has gone with the guy by the
machine, and in road to them there was an accident, they have got in failure, I saw when they took away the
machine on which went, it was the heap of scrap metal, I could do by nothing with myself, at me was a shock
when I has arrived on a place of failure, the girlfriend with its guy have already taken away in hospital, I
was in hospital of all this time, the guy at the girlfriend has died through 7 hours after operation, it has
strongly damaged a head, and the girlfriend lays in reanimation, and it yet does not know, that the guy at
it was lost, I simply do not know as it is signs, for it it will be a hard blow, and I do not know as it to
inform on it. Favourite mine Mughal, I very much experienced, how you there are far from me? I understand,
that you very much experienced, but understand me, that I did not wish you to offend. Favourite mine, I love
you, and to me was very sick on a shower, that I could not write to you, I wished to write even to you the
short letter, but my condition was very heavy, and I hope for your understanding. My darling, you perfectly
know, that I wish to be for you that person, that person which to you is necessary and that I to you am
favourite. Favourite mine Mughal, you know, that I breathe only you, I live only you, I rise with a unique
idea that I shall see you, and I fall asleep with hope to see you tomorrow. Favourite mine, every day I
whisper the ridiculous recognitions to a wind and I hope, that it when be will inform them up to you. And I
want, that you lived, loved, that lived really as we always want. Also I wish to ask you, trust in dreams,
you my God, trust, together our dreams will come true, the main thing that we trusted in us, in our
happiness, in miracles, without them to live not interestingly. You my fidelity. Favourite mine, I wish to
rise with your name on lips. I love you. With the big love, a kiss. Your favourite, Irina.

Hi my favourite, fine husband Mughal, you surround me with the pleasant care for me. I'm fine, that and I
wish you. Favourite mine, it is very pleasant to see you, you for me are very important, I very much wish to
be with you and when I look at your photo, I cannot constrain myself. And why us hold for our long-awaited
only money. In the street weather became more less, the rain has ceased, but the sky in clouds. Today I go a
little to walk in park, I shall sit down in a silent place and I shall think, dream of us. My darling, I am
interested always, how your mood? What at you? Today went on park, in park damp air, has sat on a bench,
dreamed of you as it is fine, that you are. Fairly I speak, I do not have not enough your caress, your
touches, I wish to feel your tenderness which I see in your letters. Everything, that you speak in the
letters me very much does happy. Sat on a bench, and the small kitten has approached to me, it spoke
something to me on cat's, and I have understood, that it is hungry, I descended in shop and have bought
milk, have given it and it with the great pleasure drank milk, and I sat and looked at a kitten and you
thought of you, has thought what tender, and me would be desirable to look after you, me would be desirable
to lead a hand on your back to inhale a smell of your body, to nestle person to your hair and to enjoy,
enjoy, enjoy you. To stand and look together at these fine stars, to stand at night and to feel a warm years
breeze which something whispers. Favourite mine Mughal, soon autumn, and it will be very pleasant to me to
stand and look together at these fine stars, to stand at night and to feel a warm years breeze which
something whispers. I so am glad to that you have appeared in my life, not to everyone allowed to test that
I have tested during dialogue with you. You the remarkable person and all good, that were between us, the
true happiness and true comprehension of has presented me that I live, that I live now not one, and there is
at me my favourite, you my favourite person, in the future my husband. And now I speak you good-bye, in
dream, that already soon we shall together. With flaring love, a kiss. Your favourite, Irina

Hi my favourite, careful, gentle husband Mughal. I'm fine. Weather in the street cloudy, it is raining, but
marvellously at me good mood, at me good mood, and this all owing to you, your care, love to me which warms
me which gives me all tenderness, I receive all this from you, I am very happy. Favourite mine, what weather
at you? How your state of health? This help which you offer me at me takes doubt, I do not trust travel
agency, they have got used to take money from people, and their destiny does not interest, I shall do all
only through the state, I do not trust private concerns. My darling, today in the street it is raining, I
look out of the window, on road it is a lot of water, machines float as the ships, in some places it is
impossible to pass road if only by a boat, here such weather has stood out this summer, now weather as in
the autumn. I have decided to do cleaning of the house though and it is pure, but I need for something to
borrow myself, I cannot sit without business. Here if I now was at you then I would find than myself to
borrow, I could make for you a supper, meet you when you will come from work, and to lead with you
surprising evening, this all so is fine, and while I speak you all in the letter, but I hope, that already
soon I can see, feel you. I never thought that I can feel so much tendernesses, that I once shall be so
steadfastly to peer at photos, trying to study each hyphen of your native person. I wish to become simply
ideal, to meet you. I want that you have understood that I and there is your most, the most favourite. I
very much wish to meet you, you my unique dream! With the big love, gently whole. Your love, Irina.
Hi my favourite, careful husband Mughal. It is very pleasant to me to see your letter. At me all is normal.
I have been very upset when we hardly was have not left, I endured a heavy pain in my heart, but now I hope,
that at all of us it will turn out. My darling, how your mood? Today good day, in the street warmly. I go to
walk on coast of the river Volga, I wish to breathe river air. I sit on coast and as fiduciary from all I
dream of us. Since morning on the river the silence, only sometimes passes a steamship, and I like to look
in a distance, to see as a steamship all departures further and further from coast, and I would like to
catch up with it and to float on it to you, and the steamship vanishes in a distance and it it not becomes
already visible to me, and I again remain one, I sit, I think, and in my ideas there is you, and I am not
lonely. Favourite mine, I dream, as we shall sit on coast, you will embrace me, will cover from a cool wind,
and I shall strongly nestle on you being afraid to release you, I sit silently, silently and I listen, as
you breathe, as your heart, exactly, divinely fights, I see, how shiver your fluffy eyelashes and as you
gently smile in fact to us so well to be together so to be good for me your wife, is my fine dream to be
with you, during such moments of my dream for me is not present anything more important, I wish to be your
favourite wife. I cannot present the heart which fights far from yours! You my slice of the happiness who
has become for me by the award from destiny. I close eyes and where I would not be, you always beside,
always desired my, my favourite Mughal. I love you very strongly, and I wish to do you happy on the present,
and to give you the love and up to last drop. You at me the best, the most favourite, the most desired on
all light! I love you, very strongly I love! Set of caress, kisses, my most gentle embraces. Your favourite,
Hi my unique, favourite, my Mughal. At me everything is all right, yesterday at me the head hurted, I did
not know where myself to lose, I suffered a pain, I could drink a medicine, but I do not use a medicine. But
today I have risen early and I'm fine, the head does not hurt, all has passed. In the street cloudy weather,
all the night long there was a rain, only for the morning has ended. My darling how at you business, than
was engaged? My darling, yes certainly it is very heavy to me to forget you, I have grown fond of which
person did not see, but you in my heart have taken the important place, and I wish to be with you. Today
since morning as has risen from bed has gone has taken a shower, did a few gymnastics, cooked a buckwheat
cereal, wished to eat, I had a feeling of famine, likely because I yesterday did not eat it, only drank a
lot of tea, but today I am healthy, as though I was not hurted yesterday with a head. And since morning so
it wanted to me to go on walk, and I have gone to park. When I walked in park air has seemed to me such
soft, warm, that I at once have thought of you, and to me it became even better, I was in the dreams of you,
all in my dreams with you such fine, that I forget about all bad, about all pains, and I in the dreams of
you am happy. Favourite mine Mughal, I am warmed by one ideas on you. I want, you I shall love, love all
heart, all soul. Because, you have started up a light beam in my heart. My darling, know, that You unique to
whom openly my heart, I shall be, I wish to be with you. My darling, help me to arrive to you, it not the
request, I beg you. Favourite mine, I wish to be with you not only in dreams, and I wish to be, live with
you. I always wish to be near to you. I want, that my breath became Yours. I Love You, I trust, I hope and
very much I wait for a meeting. I love you, the whole, your love, Irina.

Good evening my darling. Excuse me that I did not write long time to you. I had problems with my computer.
But now all was settled. I very much missed you and your letters. I experienced for you. I hope that you
will read through my letter soon and will answer me. I look forward to hearing from you.

HI my dear Ghulam. I have been very afflicted by yours the letter. Unless you do not trust me, do not
trust in my love? These words you break to me heart. I considered, that our attitudes are under construction
on mutual honesty and mutual understanding. For all time of our correspondence I very much have grown fond
of you and have understood that you for me the most dear person on light. But I could not imagine in any
way, that you will not render me trust. I am very afflicted. But all I shall try you to assure of that that
my feelings - the presents. I in the whole days think of you, I do not forget for a minute. You - the unique
person in my life for the sake of which I are ready on all. I very much wish to be with you, to see you
every day, to enjoy you, to spend with you the best moments of gold days. I wish to be with you!!!! The
darling, I completely understand all your fear. I understand you. The darling, but, you unless has not
noticed my sincerity in my attitudes to you? I did not deceive you, I always spoke you the truth. To me was
always your life I is interesting as very much experienced for you. To me to not spit on you. I love you,
and I always share with you all that at me in heart and in a shower., yes if at me this dirty money I would
not ask for you not copeck were Dear. I would take tickets both have made the visa and would arrive to you.
But the darling, by virtue of my hopelessness, was necessary to ask me for you the help. You have answered
me that you not against to help me with money for a trip to you. The darling, understand, I from you not
that do not demand, not what money. I only have asked, whether you can help me? And you have answered me
yes, on what I very much am grateful to you. Your money are not so necessary to me, I only wish to be with
you and to love you, understand, greater it is not necessary for me. All gold of the world is unnecessary me
even, you are necessary to me only. I shall hope. That you will be in earnest to me and at last that will
understand, that in ours with you attitudes there is no not what game, our attitudes it is a reality. The
darling, I shall hope for yours of understanding, read through my letter closely and draw conclusions. I
shall wait for your answer. With the big love and hope for understanding Irina.

Good afternoon!!! How you? How today your day?? I'm fine!!! Except for that that you are not present beside!
The darling I am very strong on you I miss!! I do not have not enough your caress and love!! Lovely I every
day asked by a question when we shall be together??? I cannot wait that moment when I can look to you in
eyes and I can embrace you!!! Up to you my life was grey weight, in it should pleasures, not light, it was
boring and in it there was no love!! The darling you to me has given all of that to me did not suffice!! You
have given me hope for ours with you the future!! I trust that we shall be together and not that will not
separate us!! I wish to love you and to be favourite! I trust you and completely to you I trust the heart! I
love you!!

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2008-09-25, 04:54:05
anonymous from Netherlands  
Mobil nr: 7 9278792858

Irina Okulova
Said Galeeva 25
420000 Kazan

may be possible this address too

sovetskaya street 47-76
yoshkar ola

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