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Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana


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Name: Nancy Milman


po box 10540 Accra-north 00233 Ghana-West Africa Phone# 233 246 664 649

Other Comments:
This woman is very very good at her job I even have been talking to her on the phone.... She is very patient and has some really good stories... She did make a mistake after 1 month of being in love and true to only me she slipped and clicked on my name when sending a response to someone else who's name started with a d like mine... Hell I'm still in love with her and I know it's a scam, Thanks.......Dave

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2009-03-07, 00:25:36
anonymous from Australia  
i have lost $5000 dollars to a scammer from ghana she wanted marriage and money for plane ticket. then few day's latter she wanted more money for imigration. she sent my document that looked real but after looking closer they were fake. can any one tell me how i can get something down about this. her name is Grace Jonson

2009-03-07, 03:51:07
anonymous from Canada  
Never send money to people in Ghana..It is most likely a scam..
2009-03-07, 06:00:42
anonymous from United States  
@ Australia about Grace Johnson: here is the girl from your photo...

na mail

2009-03-07, 09:08:30
anonymous from Spain  
Lera Malware web site!
Lera Malware web site!
Lera Malware web site!
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2009-03-10, 01:50:52
anonymous from Germany  
Hello to all i wan show you also pictures from a women she is called monica or mandy from ghana she told me her father is very rich and has a lot of gold and she loves me but to sen the gold to me i must pay fee and when i sell the gold i can buy a ticket fo her to come to me..lets see the pictures

2009-03-10, 01:53:29
anonymous from Germany  
Hello to all i wan show you also pictures from a women she is called monica or mandy from ghana she told me her father is very rich and has a lot of gold and she loves me but to sen the gold to me i must pay fee and when i sell the gold i can buy a ticket fo her to come to me..lets see the pictures
2009-03-10, 01:54:58
anonymous from Germany  
hello thats mandy

2009-03-10, 02:01:10
anonymous from Germany  
do you kno susan cohan she also from usa but stay in ghana her email adress is

Susan Cohn (
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2009-03-10, 15:42:56 from United States  
Hawa Musa scam or not. She got a passport and visa and wants $1500 to leave the country.

2009-03-10, 17:39:59
anonymous from United States  
Hey Everyone.
Well here is another one to look out for. For Accra, Ghana-- She go's by the name of Cintia Dede. And after we talked for about 8 months. I thought all was well. And asked her to come to me. And I sent here $ 1300.00 to cover the plane ticket. ( Dum Ass)/ And then she said There was a family problum and she could not come. So, I asked for the money back. But she said I did not love here any more. And not to IM or email here again. And she did use her uncle to help pick up the money. He go's under the name/s Abdallan Abubakar and Jibril Musah. And we first meet on . I have told here how to stop me from doing this. But no words. So, watch for her.

2009-03-11, 00:11:00 from United States  
The girl on page 51 with the name of Rahel Thompson AKA Tess and Theresah Amankwaah Also I know her as Saudia. She is actually a model on ATK model site
2009-03-11, 16:13:58
anonymous from Spain  
Hi! I have been tricked too. What is with Accra? Well my sister met this man on the internet before Christmas. He introduced himselfe as Frank Williams. He assured he was 48 and he was looking for the right woman to get married. So she believed him. They were chatting for one day and he said he loved her and he wanted to marry her. He said he lived near London, Shropshire. He owned his own company and he dealt with cars, selling and transporting them too. He said he wanted to come and visit her. So she believed it too. But he had to go first to Germany for business. While he was in Germany he said he had to go to Ghana. He seemed terrified with the idea. But afterwards he was ok. So they kept talking. He said he was an only child, no relatives, no parents, no family at all. My sister invited him for Christmas Eve's dinner and he assured her he would be there. But things got complicated and he asked me for money. Well, she doubted everything then and they split, if it is possible to split with shereone you haven't met even in person. But last 6 march she got in contact with him again. It was her own fault. She contacted him hoping they could be friends. He said he was still in Ghana and he needed money to get out of there and be in the UK. But she had no money to offer. So...then she felt anxious and had an attack of anxiety although she thought it was the heart. Anyway I was dealing with him while my sister was at the hospital. He assured the story, the whole story and I sent the money for her. 400 euros. Can you believe it? Well, since Monday, no news from him at all. Phones don't work. I even doubt he is from London. His email address:

phone numbers: 00233272638060 / 00233247970477 / 00447031748522

Well he said he lives in Wem, but the address does not match with any Frank Williams living there. So I kind of think he lied about that too. You know my sister was very naïve and innocent but I blame myself. Because my sister is dead. She killed herself because of this guy. He swore he loved her and wanted to marry her and now....well, I am going to find him. I just want to know if someone recognizes the name PRINZ OFOSU, as I sent the money to this person and he or she, i dont know collected the money. Sorry for my English, my sister was the one good with languages. Can anyone help me? I need to be at my parents to get the pictures of this guy, but once I get it I will upload it.

I have lost 400 euros. But more important: I have lost a sister and my father is at the hospital after suffering a heart attack. This man i want dead. I am sorry, but this is the way I am feeling right now. If anyone can help, please contact me:

thank you very much.
2009-03-12, 16:19:06
anonymous from Spain  
hi! Well I have been a victim of this guy too. But I sent the money the same day! Oh my god! this guy is really smart. He tells those stories. And now there is a new one. We have been talking on the internet and he asked for more money as he says he's bankrupt! So he got 400 from that lady, and 400 from me, that makes 800! Well, I warn you ladies. Beware this man! He is really smart. And he says anyone he loves them and he tricks them to get the money. Thank God I dont believe him anymore. I have lost 400 euros but i have learned a good lesson: DONT EVER TRUST STRANGERS.

Good luck
2009-03-13, 15:25:39   (updated: 2009-03-13, 15:56:50)
anonymous from Spain  
Hi. It is Susan White again. This guy is really smart. He is asking for more money now. I want to do something. Can anyone help me? I hope so. Because even as my father is getting better, my sister is dead and I want revenge. I want him to be in prison.

Thank you.
2009-03-14, 00:59:10
anonymous from United States  
Name:Belinda Dzidzor
Greater Regon Of Accra
zip 00233
5th road sentre Maria
Her uncle and best man FRED ATITOH
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